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NAMES: Robert WADDELL of Belfast & Lisnaveane; Margaret Anne READE of Belfast; Alexander WADDELL of Lisnaveane; Rev. John WRIGHT of Killevan; Robert BARTLEY; Rev. John ROGERS of Loughbrickland; Alexander Stewart WADDELL; Stewart WADDELL; James WADDELL of Monaghan; John CHAMBERs; David CHAMBERS of Magherafelt, Co. Londonderry; Thomas Hardin CARLETON of Blaris; Cornelius Carlton BOOMER; Bennet COWEN. OTHER PLACES: Cordevlish, Co. Monaghan; Ballykeel, Queens Co.
Sharon Oddie Brown. July 8, 2009
Updated October 31, 2012. Footnote #12 has been corrected.


DEED 732  348  499483 BARTLEY REED etc

1818 July 24


To register appointed by act of Parliament for Registering Deeds Wills and so forth.


A Memorial of an indenture bearing date the 24th day of July 1818 and made between Robert WADDELL[1] later of Lisnavane[2] in the County of Monaghan but then of Belfast in the County of Antrim Gent of the first part. Margaret Anne READE[3] of Belfast of aforesaid spinster a minor then of the age of 18 years or thereabouts of the second part. Alexander WADDELL[4] of Lisnavane in the County of Monaghan aforesaid gentlemen. The Rev. John WRIGHT[5] of Killevan[6] in the County of Monaghan aforesaid and Robert BARTLEY[7] then or late a Capt. in his Majesty's 49th Regiment of Foot then or lately quartered in the city of Dublin which said Alexander WADDELL is a surviving trustee named in the last will and testament of Alexander WADDELL formerly of Lisnavane aforesaid and the said Rev. John WRIGHT and Robert BARTLEY are the heirs at law of the other trustees named in said will of the third part and Thomas Hardin CARLETON[8] of Belfast aforesaid and the Rev. John ROGERS[9] of Loughbrickland[10] in the County of Down of the fourth part. Whereby after reciting as is therein recited the said Robert WADDELL Alexander WADDELL, the Rev. John WRIGHT and Robert BARTLEY for the considerations therein mentioned did according to their several or respective estates and interest therein grant bargain and sell alien release and confirm unto the said Thomas Hardin CARLETON and the Rev. John ROGERS in their possession being by virtue of a lease for a year therein recited and to the survivor of them and to the heirs and assigns of such survivor all that part or proportion of the lands of Lisnavane and Cordevlish[11] set lying and being in the parish of Tullycorbett Barony of Cremourne and County of a Monaghan devised to said Robert WADDELL by his father containing by compn 52 acres Irish plantation measure or thereabouts be the same more or less as then or late in the possession of the said Robert WADDELL or his undertenants together with the rights members of the appurtenances thereunto belonging, to hold said lands tenements and premises with the appurtenances onto the said Thomas Hardin CARLETON and the Rev. John ROGERS and the survivor of them and the heirs and assigns of such survivors for and during the natural life and lives of Alexander Stewart WADDELL[12] son of Alexander WADDELL of Lisnavane in the County of Monaghan Stewart WADDELL[13] son of James WADDELL[14] of Monaghan and John CHAMBERS[15] son of David CHAMBERS[16] of Magherafelt in the County of Londonderry attorney at law and the survivors or survivor of them for and during the natural life and lives of all and every such other person and persons as should be added to or inserted in any renewal of the original lease by which the above lands with others were held pursuant to the covenant for perpetual renewal therein contained subject to the payment of such part of the rent fees fines for renewal and to such charges as are made payment thereout by the will of said Alexander WADDELL. To the several uses upon the several trust intents and purposes therein after mentioned expressed and declared of and concerning the same and no other and it was thereby covenanted and agreed upon that the said Mary Anne READE her heirs and assigns should be entitled to have and receive on her own receipt and without the control or interference of her said intended husband and without being liable to the payment of any debt or debts he might contract the Rent Charge or Annual Sum of £65 per annum forever devised to her by the will of her mother are rising out of part of the town land of Ballykeel[17] in the Queens County of which said deed as to the exon thereof by the said Robert WADDELL Margaret Anne READE Thomas Hardin CARLETON [18]and John ROGERS is witnessed by the Rev. Richard CARLETON[19] of Blairis[20] in the County of Down clerk and Cornelius Carlton BOOMER[21] of Belfast in the County of Antrim Gent and this Memorial is witnessed by the said Cornelius Carlton BOOMER and Richard CARLETON Thomas CARLETON. [Seal]


Signed sealed and delivered in the presence of Richard CARLETON Cornelius Carlton BOOMER.


The above named Cornelius Carlton BOOMER maketh oath and says that he is a subscribing witness to the deed of which the above writing is a Memorial and also to the above Memorial and saith that he saw said deed to be executed by Robert WADDELL Margaret Anne READE Thomas Hardin CARLETON and John ROGERS 4 of the executing parties thereto and that he saw the above Memorial to be executed by the said Thomas Hardin CARLETON and also says that the name Cornelius Carlton BOOMER subscribed as a witness to said indenture and Memorial is deponent's name and handwriting. Cornelius Carlton BOOMER sworn before me at Belfast in the County of Antrim and 19th day of September 1818 Commissioner of his Majesty's Court of Exchequer in Ireland for taking affidavits for said County and I know deponent John BOOMER. A true copy. Bennett COWEN[22].

[1] Robert WADDELL later of Lisnavane

[2] Lisnavane. 205 acres in the Parish of Tullycorbet. At the time of Griffiths, the WADDELLS still retained considerable holdings.

[3] Margaret Anne READE of Belfast

[4] Alexander WADDELL of Lisnavane. I am guessing that this is the father of Alexander Stewart WADDELL.

[5] Rev. John WRIGHT of Killevan

[6] Killevan. Probably Killeevan Gleve, Parish of Killeevan. In 1836,  Rev John WRIGHT informed the Parliamentary Inquiry that there was a population of 8,261. SOURCE: p374 Reports from Commissioners: Fifteen Volumes (11) Poor Laws (Ireland) Appendix E. VOL XXXII.

[7] Robert BARTLEY died 15 Feb 1848 at Rathgar. His parents were Robert BARTLEY (1789-1843) & Jessy Dunbar BRUYERE (Abt 1793-1857)

[8] Thomas Hardin CARLETON of Belfast

[9] Rev. John ROGERS of Loughbrickland. Will probated 1856. Of Caskum. SOURCE: Roz Davies.

[10] Loughbrickland

[11] Cordevlish, Parish of Agnamullen, Co. Monaghan

[12] Alexander Stewart WADDELL. Alexander Stewart Waddell was the eldest son of Alexander WADDELLb. c. 1770 who married Maria Chambers.  They had 10 children.  Alexander Stewart WADDELL was born in 1808 and became a sea captain travelling to Australia and back. Three of his siblings settled in New South Wales. Alexander Stewart Waddell married Charlotte Crawford and they had 7 children, 2 sons and 5 daughters.  Alexander died in 1853 in Surrey, England. SOURCE: Email 2012 Oct 31. Roslyn Elliot.NOTE: I was initially incorrect in suspecting that he was the Alexander WADDELL who died in 1877. SOURCE: At the Ford of the Birches p 126: i.m.o. Alexander WADDELL, J.P. of Clover Hill, d 31st Oct. 1877, and his wife Margaret, d. 19th July 1900, and their son, Alexander ROSS, d. 1st Jan 1961, and his wife Elizabeth Margaret WADDELL, d. 17th June, 1960.His wife was Margaret ROSS. They married at Ballyalbany Presbyterian Church in 1861. SOURCE: Jack Storey Church records.

[13] Stewart WADDELL

[14] James WADDELL(1717-abt 1845) of Monaghan. He married Susannah HOPE.

[15] John CHAMBERS

[16] David CHAMBERS of Magherafelt in the County of Londonderry

[17] Ballykeel in the Queens County

[18] Thomas Hardin CARLETON. A Thomas CARLETON was an applotter in Upper Largymore in 1836 and was from Blaris. SOURCE: Roz Davies.

[19] Rev. Richard CARLETON of Blairis

[20] Blairis, Parish of Blaris, Co. Down

[21] Cornelius Carlton BOOMER

[22] Bennett COWEN



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