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This will fragment is of particular interest because of the name DONALDSON as well as the mention of lands in FREEDUFF and for the questions it raises about DONALDSON connections with Saintfield. These are noted in the footnotes. I regret that I didn't get the whole deed and will put that on my "to do" list.
Sharon Oddie Brown, July 24, 2006


Deed Books 780-78-528013

5 April 1823

Will of Louisa Jane Kelly [1]




Spinster daughter of Rev Daniel Kelly [2] late of Killeshall Co Tyrone [3] & Sarah Kelly otherwise Donaldson [4] his wife also deceased. She leaves a sum of £1000 “to be charged and chargeable on all my estates in the counties of Armagh and Antrim which belonged to my late grandfather James Donaldson [5] and to be raised and payable on the day of the death of my Aunt Mrs. Anne Clewlew [6] and no sooner to bear interest at the rate of six per cent per annum from the death of said Anne Clewlew untill paid in trust to pay the interest of the said sum of £1000 to my aunt Sarah Maria Evans [7] [ a range of bequests follow to EVANS descendants with mention of extensive lands including Ringfad [8] and Freeduff [9] .]

... to pay unto my uncle James Randall Donaldson [10] ... annuity or yearly sum of £100/year.

... Aunt Mrs Anne Clewlew the widow of Rev James Clewlew


.... cousins John Echlin Matthews [11] and James Clewlew Matthews [12] , George Matthews [13] , cousin Thomas Kelly Evans [14] , uncle Arthur Irwin Kelly [15] , cousin Alexander Daniel Kelly [16] , uncle Col Samuel Kelly [17] , uncle Col Dawson Kelly [18] ,

[1] Louisa Jane KELLY, daughter of Sarah DONALDSON & Rev. Daniel KELLY.

[2] Rev Daniel KELLY

[3] Killeshall, CO. Tyrone

[4] Sarah DONALDSON, daughter of James DONALDSON & Hester ECHLIN . She and her husband owned land in Cloghoge and Carron. This land was put up for public auction in 1854 as the KELLY & CLEWLEW (or CLEWLOW) family died out. SOURCE: Irish Edition of Alexander ban DONALDSON.

[5] James DONALDSON “was a captain in the army and married Hester ECHLIN daughter of Reverend Robert ECHLIN of the town of Echlinville in CO. Down. She died 8 April 1807, age 77. They are buried at Ballyphillip Church of Ireland, north of Portaferry in Co. Down. Inside they have a magnificent marble memorial from floor to ceiling. The bottom is an angel over a tomb and at the top is their coat of arms. In between is a lengthy sketch of the family material.” SOURCE: Irish Edition of Alexander ban DONALDSON. NOTE. From Ros DAVIES site, I leaned: Rev Robert ECHLIN was rector at Portaferry in 1670. J. ECHLIN of Echlinville was an executor in the will of Mary GILMORE in 1839. A Rev John Robert ECHLIN of Ardquin Estate; father of Godfrey ECHLIN Esq.; erected a headstone to his bailiff, John DONALDSON in 1882 in Ardquin graveyard; husband of Mary Anne; died in Ambleside, Westmorland UK, 15 Sep 1891 aged 80; memorial in Portaferry Church of Ireland  A Mary Margaret ECHLIN died 1797 aged 76; wife of John SMITH ; buried parish graveyard could she be the “aunt” from whom Margaret DONALDSON inherited money in order to buy the horse she used as a messanger in the service of the United Irishmen?

[6] Anne CLEWLOW née DONALDSON, daughter of James DONALDSON & Hester ECHLIN. An interesting passage, Irish Edition of Alexander ban DONALDSON,

p. 245 “Donaldson, Ann married Rev James CLEWLOW, Vicar of Saintfield, CO. Down an (sic) Claremont hear Belfast. This family is now extinct. Estate went to heirs of Ann, this being her maternal Aunt Jane ECHLIN of Echlinville who married Major George MATTHEWS of Springdale near Grey Abby. Mrs. MATTHEWS willed the estate to her 2nd son John Echlin MATTHEWS and his heirs. Edward MATTEWS inherited all of the lease lands after death of Ann and Sarah. At his death he owned 809 acres in South Armagh and 1580 in C. Antrim. Several parcels of this was our DONALDSONS land in Carron and Cloghoge. Anne & James had no children. Later generations of MATTHEWS took the name and arms of DONALDSON to enable them to inherit property.”

p.304 Ann CLEWLOW, sister of Rev James CLEWLOW died in 1844 and the property that John DONALDSON (b.1772) resided on was sold in 1854. This ended this family's connection with this land.

NOTE: This Saintfield Church connection intrigues me because of DONALDSON connections to Rev.Thomas Ledlie BIRCH of Saintfield at the time of the United Irishmen movement. James CLEWLOW, born  was the son of James Hamilton CLEWLOW (Vicar of Saintfield 1756-1782) and Mary TRAIL (of Tullychin); d. 19 Nov 1809 aged 52; he was the vicar of Saintfield 1782-1809.

[7] Sarah Maria EVANS.

[8] Ringfad, Co. Down is the townland where our MARTIN and BROWNE family lived. An interesting connection. On March 6, 1748, the fifth Earl of Antrim Alexander McDONNELL (1713-1775) demised to Randall DONALDSON land in Ringfad.The two men were related although the first was Catholic and the second Protestant  (SOURCE: p.244 Irish Edition of Alexander ban DONALDSON.

[9] Freeduff, Co. Armagh is the townland and home to countless DONALDSONs and other family members.

[10] James Randall DONALDSON

[11] John Echlin MATTHEWS

[12] James Clewlew MATTHEWS

[13] George MATTHEWS

[14] Thomas Kelly EVANS. Of interest in our family tree is that there was a Jane Waring EVANS (1834-1923), daughter of Thomas Kelly EVANS (of Gortmerron, Co. Tyrone), who married George Birch JOHNSTON(1811-1885), son of Randal William McDonel Johnston (177-1838) and Isabella Ann Jane BIRCH (1784-1850).

[15] Arthur Irwin KELLY

[16] Alexander Daniel KELLY

[17] Samuel KELLY

[18] Dawson KELLY



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