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NAMES: Andrew LYLE City of Armagh; Joseph OLIVER of Tullymore; Joseph LEE innkeeper, CIty of Armagh; John LEE probably grocer of Armagh; James ARMSTRONG of Dublin; James WATT of Dublin. OTHER TOWNLANDS: Kennedies mtg.
Sharon Oddie Brown. December 19, 2007

1824 May 28




Deed between Andrew LYLE [1] of City & Co Armagh Merchant of the one part & Joseph OLIVER [2] of Tullymore Co. Armagh Gent of the other part. The lease refers to an Indenture of Mortgage of the land of the Kennedies [3] . 6 May 1807 [4] executed by the said Joseph OLIVER to Joseph LEE [5] . Joseph LEE is now dead but in his will, he appointed John LEE [6] and Andrew LYLE  execs & since John LEE is also dead, Andrew LYLE is the sole exec.. So, for £52 LYLE made over to Joseph OLIVER  94 acres  30 perches English measure in the Kennedies. WITNESS James ARMSTRONG [7] of Dublin. Esq. & James WATT [8] of Dublin


[1] Andrew LYLE of City & Co Armagh Merchant. In the 1820 Armagh Directory, Andrew LYLE sr. is described as “gent, English Street” while Andrew LYLE jr. is “brewer, English Street”.

[2] Joseph OLIVER of Tullymore Co. Armagh Gent. He was likely the son of David OLIVER of Ballyrea and the husband of Jane HAMILTON as well as the husband of Catherine (last name unknown) and father of John Eliot OLIVER (1831-1850). He lived from 1764-1837 and was a linen draper with a house substantial enough to be included along with five other houses in Lewis’s description of Co. Armagh in A Topographical Dictionary of Ireland as a “principal seat”.

[3] Kennedies. See another lease on the Kennedies involving an earlier Joseph OLIVER of the Kennedies – this strengthens the argument that he and Joseph OLIVER of Tullymore are one and the same.

[4] 6 May 1807 lease. This lease is posted and worth revisiting in the light of this lease.

[5] Joseph LEE. In the 1807 lease, we learn that he was an innkeeper in the City of Armagh. He was alive in 1807 and died by 1824. I know little about him. There is a record: On the 6th inst [May 1818], at Armagh, Monsieur Henry DE GUERIST(AKA Henry Guerin in the 1820 Armagh Directory), French professor at the College of Armagh, to Jane Louisa daughter of the late Mr Joseph LEE of the same place. SOURCE: http://members.webone.com.au/~nickred/newspaper/np_abst24.htm There were also several records in BRADSHAW'S 1819 DIRECTORY FOR ARMAGH CITY (which are interesting since he was an innkeeper):

Elizabeth LEE Hotelier Scotch Street Roe Buck (NOTE: If a widow, Joseph LEE may have died bef 1819)

Malcolm Lee Publican English Street

John LEE Grocer Spirit Dealer Scotch Street

Oliver LEE Ironmonger Thomas Street

John LEE N&G Charter School Lane

[6] John LEE likely a Grocer Spirit Dealer on Scotch Street. According to this lease, he died before 1824. There may be no link, but in 1797 the Armagh 1st Presbyterian Church records a son James Oliver LEE born to John LEE and Margaret OLIVER. He may be the sone referred to in BRADSHAW'S 1819 DIRECTORY FOR ARMAGH CITY as “Oliver LEE, ironmonger of Thomas Street”.

[7] James ARMSTRONG of Dublin. Esq.

[8] James WATT of Dublin



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