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NAMES: Samuel COULTER of Carnbeg; James DICKIE of Carrickastuck; Samuel COULTER of Dowdallshill; Robert COULTER of Carnbeg; Samuel COULTER late of Carnbeg; Joseph COULTER; Sir Robert JOCELYN - Earl of Roden; Unnamed JEFFRIE aka JEFFRY; Lennox BIGGER; Thomas COULTER; Joseph COULTER; Samuel COULTER; John CARMICHAEL; Thomas COULTER of Dowdallshill; Thomas BRADFORD of Carnbeg; Daniel BARTATILE [possibly: BASTABLE?]; Oliver MOORE. OTHER PLACES: Carnmore; Ballinahattin; Sportsmanshall; Glebe - all in Co. Louth.
Sharon Oddie Brown. September 27, 2009

1825 December 5

Deed: 811-217-546752



SNAPSHOT. This relates to the 82 acres of Carnbeg willed by Samuel COULTER (1755-1801) SEE: http://www.thesilverbowl.com/documents/1803Jan20-COULTER-DICKIE-RODEN.html It is a new lease with the Earl of Roden made by the trustees of the bequests from Samuel COULTER(1755-1801) on behalf of two of his sons: Samuel and Robert. This is some of the Carnbeg land that Sir Thomas JACKSON would late purchase in 1900. SEE: 1900 Oct31-BRADFORD-JACKSON


To the Register appointed by Act of Parliament for registering conveyances and so forth.


A Memorial of an indented deed of conveyance bearing date the fifth day of December 1825. Made between Samuel COULTER[1] of Carnbeg[2] in the County of Louth Esquire of the first part. James DICKIE[3] of Carrickastuck[4] in the said County of Louth Esquire of the second part Samuel COULTER[5] of Dowdallshill[6] in the said County of Louth Esquire of the third part and Robert COULTER[7] of Carnbeg aforesaid gentlemen of the fourth part. Whereby after reciting the Samuel COULTER[8] late of Carnbeg aforesaid Esq. deceased being seized of an estate of freehold in the lands of Carnbeg in the County of Louth and by his last will and testament[9] duly published and attested amongst other things bequeath unto the said Samuel COULTER party to said deed of the first part, his interest in said lands of Carnbeg and of his said will appoint his brother Joseph COULTER[10] therein mentioned James DICKIE / party thereto / and Joseph DICKIE[11] his brother in law Executors. That said Executors did Contract with the late right honourable Robert Earl of Roden[12] for a new lease of said lands of Carnbeg and that accordingly by indenture of lease bearing date the 20th day of January 1803[13] the said late Robert Earl of Roden deceased for the consideration therein mentioned did demise and grant unto the said Executors and to their heirs and assigns as therein mentioned all that and those the lands of Carnbeg constituting 82 acres one rod and twenty six acres Irish plantation measure be the same more or less. Bounded on the North by the lands of Carnmore[14] on the east by Ballinahattina[15] and a small part of the Glebe[16] on the South by part of JEFFRIE’s[17] land then held as town park and also by a part of Sportsmanshall[18] then in the possession of Lennox BIGGER[19] and on the West by the road heading from Dundalk to Markethill as more particularly described by the Map or Plan thereunto annexed / except as is thereby accepted. To hold to the said executors their heirs and assigns for and during the life and lives of Thomas COULTER[20] eldest son Joseph COULTER[21] second son and Samuel COULTER[22] / first party to said conveyance of third son of the said testator Samuel COULTER and the lands of their of them and for the term of 61 years to be completed from the first day of November 1804 whichever should last the longer: also at will [?uly] set to the yearly rent and covenant therein mentioned, and that said executors something so obtained said lease in trust for the said Samuel COULTER the first party to said indenture of conveyance they did duly declare seize [trust?] and put the said Samuel COULTER [?] possession of said lands and further reciting that said Joseph COULTER and Joseph DICKIE two of the said executors were deceased and that the said Samuel COULTER third party thereto was heir at law and personal representative of the said Joseph COULTER deceased and the said James DICKIE the surviving executor was personal representative and heir at large of the said Joseph DICKIE his brother deceased and further reciting that the said Samuel COULTER of first party thereto due contract with the said Robert COULTER for sale of his the said Samuel COULTER's interest in said lands of Carnbeg for a sum of £2600 of British value and currency. The said indenture witnessed that in pursuance of said contract and in consideration of the said sum of £2600 of said currency to him the said Samuel COULTER is in hand paid by the said Robert COULTER the receipt whereof is thereby [retained?] . He the said Samuel COULTER first party and said Joseph DICKIE and said Samuel COULTER second and third parties therein according to their several respective estates and interests therein respectively did grant bargain sell and [?] the said Robert COULTER and to his heirs and assigns in the actual possession than being by virtue of a bargain and sale there in recited all that and those the said lands and premises comprised in and expressed to be demised by the said therein before in part recited indenture of lease of the 20th day of January 1803 and all buildings and improvements thereon made and all the rights members and appurtenances thereunto belonging and the rents [issues?] and profits thereof and all the estate's right title and interest of the said Samuel COULTER said first party his heirs exors and admons and of the said James DICKIE as such heir at law and such surviving executor and Lessee as aforesaid and all the said Samuel COULTER said third party as such heir at law of said Joseph COULTER deceased of in and the same as any part thereof. To hold to the said Robert COULTER is heirs and assigns for and during the natural life and lives of the said Thomas COULTER and Samuel COULTER first party as aforesaid the surviving lives named in said indenture of lease and the survivor of them and also for and during the further or other estate and interest of the said Samuel COULTER and of the said James DICKIE and Samuel COULTER as such heir at law is aforesaid and therein and thereto subject to the payment of the rent and performance of the covenants in said indenture of lease mentioned and assigned and a covenant by the said Robert COULTER to pay the rents and performing the covenants in said lease of case mentioned. The execution of said deed by Samuel COULTER first party Samuel COULTER third-party and Robert COULTER fourth party is witnessed by John CARMICHAEL[23] of the city of Dublin gent and Thomas COULTER[24] of Dowdallshill in the County of Louth Esquire and the execution of said deed by said James DICKIE is witnessed by Thomas BRADFORD[25] of Carnbeg aforesaid of Louth Esquire and executor of this Memorial by the said Robert COULTER said fourth party is witnessed by the said John CARMICHAEL and Daniel BARTATILE[26] [or could be BASTABLE?] of the city of Dublin gentleman -- Robert COULTER. [Seal.] Signed and sealed in presence of Daniel BARTATILE [or could be BASTABLE?] John CARMICHAEL. John CARMICHAEL of the city of Dublin gentleman maketh oath and saith that he this deponent did see the said Samuel COULTER first party Samuel COULTER third-party and said Robert COULTER duly sign seal and deliver the said deed of which the above is a Memorial and that he did see also the said Robert COULTER duly sign seal and deliver this Memorial and that he this deponent is a subscribing witness to the execution of said deed and of this Memorial respectively and that the name John CARMICHAEL thereto respectively subscribed as a witness is this deponent's name and hand writing and that he has delivered said deed and this Memorial respectively to Oliver MOORE[27] Esq. Deputy Registrar in his office on the Inns Quay Dublin on the 18th day of February 1826 at or near the hour of one 2:15 o'clock in the afternoon of said John CARMICHAEL sworn before me this 18th day of July 1826. Oliver MOORE. Deputy Registrar.

[1] Samuel COULTER of Carnbeg. I am supposing that he was the Samuel COULTER (1799-1840)  who was the son of Samuel COULTER (1755-1801). Carnbeg was left in trust for him. SOURCE: A Man who can Speak of Plants p. 13. He became a wine merchant and his presence was recorded in London. SOURCE: London Post Office Directory of 1829:"Vincent & Coulter, Wine & Brandy-merch. 114 Up. Thames St.". He seemingly died unwed.

[2] Carnbeg, Parish of Dundalk, Co. Louth, 135 acres

[3] James DICKIE of Carrickastuck (1771-1835). SOURCE: Kane Graveyard: DICKIE In loving memory of James Dickie, of Killen, who died August 26th 1835 aged 64 years. And of Euphemia Patterson his wife who died September 30th aged 66 years. Also of their children, William died September 12th 1827, aged 14 years, Margaret died March 5th 1828 aged 19 years , Samuel died May 24th 1877, aged 58 years, Eleanor, died March 29th 1878, aged 61 years, Mary died March 3rd 1884, aged 82 years. And also of Margaret Junor Dickie, wife of the above named Samuel Dickie died 3rd June 1905, aged 70 years. NOTE: He was appointed one of the guardians of his brother-in-law Samuel COULTER’s (1755-1801) children. Anne DICKIE was his sister.

[4] Carrickastuck, Parish of Phillipstown, Co. Louth. 229 Acres. It is on the south-eastern border of Cavananore and on the north-eastern border of Clonaleenaghan.

[5] Samuel COULTER (1802-1839) of Dowdallshill. He was the son of Joseph COULTER and Jane IRWIN.  I know little about him, except from Alumni Dublinenses: COULTER, SAMUEL, Pen. (Mr Neilson), Oct. 16, 1820, aged 17; s. of Joseph, Agricola; b. Louth. B.A. Vern. 1825. M.A. and M.B. Vern. 1828. There was also a probate : Coulter, Samuel, Medical Doctor of Dublin; Formerly of Dowdal's Hill, County Louth. Transcript of Probate granted 1839 at Prerogative Court. NA Reference: Prerogative Grant Book/F/199b.

[6] Dowdallshill The townland is in the parish of Dundalk, Co. Louth and contains 442 acres. It is southeast of the townland of Carnbeg (separated by the townland of Ballynahattin).The records of Lord Roden show that on November 11, 1781 a Samuel COULTER had a lease for part of Dowdallshill. Also that Joseph COULTER in 1810 had a lease for part of Dowdallshill for 3 lives or 61 years.

SOURCE: http://www.rootsweb.com/~fianna/county/louth/rodn1837.html  "The Roden Title. Statement of Title of The Right Hon. Robert Earl of Roden to the Manor, Town, and Lands of Dundalk and Other Lands in The County of Louth, in Ireland with The Opinion of the Right Hon. Thomas Lefroy Thereon", Hodges and Smith. Dublin. No Date.

NOTE: There are other elements of family interest with respect to this townland. Joseph COULTER (1704-1796) died at Dowdallshill. He was a son of Thomas COULTER (1658-1754) and Anne MAFFETT (1671-1736) and was also an older brother of the Thomas COULTER (1709-1769) who was the father of the Samuel COULTER (1755-1801) mentioned later in this lease. Furthermore in 1761, the widow Mary MOFFAT otherwise PARK covenanted money from her Dowdallshill lease to her daughter Elizabeth at the time of Elizabeth’s marriage to Samuel DONALDSON (1725-1805).  SEE: http://www.thesilverbowl.com/documents/1761Dec1_DONALDSON.html I would suspect a family link between the father of Elizabeth MOFFAT and Anne MAFFETT – possibly siblings. Also, in 1802 a John MOFFATT was a witness to a DONALDSON deed that I have posted but not yet footnoted. SEE: 1802 DONALDSON Indenture

[7] Robert COULTER of Carnbeg. He is likely the Robert COULTER (1801-1861), son of Samuel COULTER & Anne DICKIE. Mr. Joseph A. Coulter, JP, of Dowdallshill and Roden Place (the second son of Mr. Robert Coulter solicitor and first Secretary of the Lighting Paving and Improvement Committee, 1832), spent the early part of his life abroad, in the service of the Hudson's Bay Company and elsewhere, and at one time acting or Deputy Governor of Vancouver Island. He was with the escort who late accompanied Lady Franklin on her last expedition in search of her husband, Sir John Franklin, the Arctic explorer. his family has been connected with this county for seven or eight generations. For many years at up to the time of his death in 1901, he was the able Secretary of the Dundalk Gas Company.  He married the daughter of Mr. John McDowell of Mullaharlin.  His eldest son, Mr. Arthur S. Coulter, B.A., Solicitor has inherited his father's practical commonsense and integrity. SOURCE: Tempest Annual Centenary 1859-1959

[8] Samuel COULTER (1755-1801) late of Carnbeg was the son of Thomas COULTER (1709-1769) of Carnbeg and Jane SMALL (1724-1783). He was known for his extensive library, including significant numbers of volumes on or about the Irish language. His son Thomas was known to seal his letters with United Irishmen symbols – I suspect the seals came from his father and would be indicative of his sympathies at the time. It seems that Samuel COULTER valued his Gaelic ancestry. Unfortunately, when he died, his children were all very young and his wife, Anne DICKIE, died a mere two years later leaving five children aged ten and younger who were then cared for by his brother, Joseph COULTER and his young wife Jane Irwin. SOURCE: A Man who can Speak of Plants

[9] I will post the will when I get it transcribed.

[10] Joseph COULTER, brother of Samuel deceased. This would be the Joseph COULTER of Dowdles Hill (1756-1815) brother of Samuel COULTER (1755-1801). After Samuel died in 1801 and Samuel’s wife died in 1803, this Joseph COULTER and his wife, Jane IRWIN (1785-1869) took on the care of their five orphaned children. It is worth noting that Jane was a mere 17 years old at the time, her husband being 29 years older than she was. Also, she had only recently given birth to their first born, Samuel.

[11] Joseph DICKIE (1774-1807) the brother in law of the Samuel COULTER (1755-1801) who married Anne DICKIE. Joseph DICKIE died at Surinam, South America.He seemingly died unmarried. SOURCE:Kane Graveyard : DICKIE Sacred to the memory of Joseph Dickie, son of Mr Robert Dickie of Clonaleenan who in the bloom of his life fell a victim to the fever of the Country, in the province of Surinam, in South America, and is there interred. He departed this life 2nd October, 1807, aged 33 years.

[12] Robert Earl of Roden. I expect this would have been the 3rd Earl of Roden, Sir Robert JOCELYN: Born 27 October 1788 Brockley Park, Queen's county, married Hon. Maria Frances Catherine Stapleton 9 January 1813 St.George's, Hanover Square and died 20 March 1870 Edinburgh.

[14] Carnmore, a townland in the Parish of Dundalk, Co. Louth, 72 acres.

[15] Ballinahattina aka Ballynahattin, 105 acres in the Parish of Dundalk, Co. Louth. At the time of Griffiths Valuation, Rev. Owen O’HARE owned most of the land not owned by the railway.

[16] Glebe, a 30 acre townland  bordered on the north by Ballynahatten, on the east by Dowdall’s Hill and on the west by Lisdoo and Carnbeg. In Griffiths Valuations they show Thomas BRADFORD leasing about 30 acres from Rev. Elias THACKERY and owning and leasing three modest buildings. SEE: http://www.thesilverbowl.com/documents/TABLES/Louth-GriffithsTable.html

[17] JEFFRIE aka JEFFRY. NOTE: I don’t know who this was.

[18] Sportsmanshall aka Sportsmans Hall, Parish of Dundalk, Co. Louth. In Griffiths Valuations, Thomas BRADFORD is shown as leasing most of the land from the Earl of Roden with the section of about 5 acres that he owned

[19] Lennox BIGGER (1769-1857) He was agent for Lady Joslin in Carnacally townland and  resided near Dundalk in 1836. SOURCE: Ros Davies. He died at Richmond House outside Dundalk. According to the Parliamentary Papers, he was a “weighmaster and taster” in 1822 as well as a freeholder. MEMORIAL:  In a vault beneath this sacred edifice rest the mortal remain of Lennox Bigger, esqr of Richmond, Dundalk. For more than thirty years magistrate  of the Co Louth where he was universally respected and esteemed he was born the 3rd of May 1769 and departed this life the 10th of Jany 1857 also that of his wife Charlotte daughter of John Eastwood of Castletown Castle, Esqr who died the  8th of June 1850 aged 89 years . This tablet is erected in grateful affection by their granddaughter. SOURCE:  Journal of the Society for the Preservation of Memorials of the Dead Vol. IX No. 2 (1917)

[20] Thomas COULTER eldest son Thomas COULTER (1893-1843) This is the famous botanist whose name lives on in the white-flowered matilija (a California tree poppy) known as Romneya couteri. He was orphaned by age ten, but went on to live a life of adventure and success as chronicled in A Man who can Speak of Plants: Dr. Thomas Coulter (1793-1843) of Dundalk in Ireland, Mexico and Alta California. . Charles Nelson & Alan Probert ,1994, Dublin (privately published in a limited edition of 500)

[21] Joseph COULTER 2nd son Joseph COULTER (1795-1812). He died at age seventeen, leaving no issue.

[22] Samuel COULTER 3rd son. Samuel COULTER (1799-1840) Carnbeg was left in trust for him. SOURCE: A Man who can Speak of Plants p. 13. He became a wine merchant and his presence was recorded in London. SOURCE: London Post Office Directory of 1829:"Vincent & Coulter, Wine & Brandy-merch. 114 Up. Thames St.". He seemingly died unwed.

[23] John CARMICHAEL of the city of Dublin gent

[24] Thomas COULTER of Dowdallshill. NOTE: It is possible that he is the Thomas COULTER, b 1802, son of Joseph COULTER and Jane IRWIN.

[25] Thomas BRADFORD of Carnbeg It is possible that this is the Thomas BRADFORD (1800-1872) of Carnbeg who would go on to marry Margaret WALLACE and have 12 children. At present, I do not have this line of the BRADFORDs connected to this line of the COULTERs – but I suspect that there is a link.

[26] Daniel BARTATILE [or could be BASTABLE?] of the city of Dublin gentleman

[27] Oliver MOORE NOTE: I know nothing about him.



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