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NAMES: Guy BLEAKLEY of Enniskillen; Thomas JACKSON of Lavally, Co. Sligo; Sarah JACKSON; Charles BLEAKLEY of Mullaghmeen; James JACKSON; Jason FRITH; WIlliam LITTLE; Rev. Henry LEARD; Rev. Isaac DODD; Thomas LYTLE of Gortlaunane; David BLEAKLEY.
Sharon Oddie Brown. December 17, 2011


Book 828, page 476, #557211

Transcribed by Dawn Lowe


Bleakly and Jackson

Dated 20 August 1827


Indented Deed of Marriage Settlement between

Guy Bleakly[1] of Enniskillen[2], County Fermanagh, Merchant, of the first part

Thomas Jackson[3], Lavally[4], County Sligo, Gent, and

Sarah Jackson[5] of Lavally, spinster, one of his daughters, of the second part

Charles Bleakly[6], Mullaghmeen[7], County Fermanagh, and

James Jackson[8], Lavally, County Sligo, Gent, of the third part


Which recites Guy Bleakly was seized of and entitled to part of the lands of Mullaghmeen, County Fermanagh, containing 28 acres for 31 years or 2 lives, and also recites he was seized of a tenement on the north side of the town of Enniskillen formerly in the possession of Jason Frith[9], part of Cowley’s Tenement and part of the lands of Pubble formerly in the possession of William Little[10] and his undertenant the Rev. Henry Leard[11], containing 80 acres situate in the Barony of Tuckennedy[12], County Fermanagh, for a residue of --- years granted by the Lee of Clogher[13] and also recites that a marriage was then intended between Guy Bleakly and Sarah Jackson.


Guy Bleakly in consideration of 461 pounds 10 shillings 9 pence, the marriage portion of Sarah Jackson Guy Bleakly made over to Charles Bleakly and James Jackson and their heirs and assigns all that and those Townlands and Premises …


Witnessed by the Rev. Isaac Dodd[14], Sligo, County Sligo

Thomas Lytle[15], Gortlaunane[16], County Sligo, Farmer, subscribing witness

David Bleakly[17], Enniskillen, County Fermanagh, Farmer, and Thomas Lytle = Witnesses to this Memorial


Guy Bleakly:  Seal


Delivered to Jonathan Archibald, 16 Oct 1827

Registered 22 Oct 1827

[1] Guy BLEAKLEY, Merchant of Enniskillen, Co. Fermanagh

[2] Enniskillen, Co. Fermanagh

[3] Thomas JACKSON, Gent of Lavally, Parish of Ballysumaghan, Barony of Tirerrill, Co. Sligo

[4] Lavally, Parish of Ballysumaghan, Barony of Tirerrill, Co. Sligo

[5] Sarah JACKSON, daughter of Thomas JACKSON

[6] Charles BLEAKLEY of Mullaghmeen, Co. Fermanagh

[7] Mullaghmeen, a townland of 399 acres in the Parish of Magheracross, Barony of Tirkennedy, Co. Fermanagh - part of Cowley’s Tenement and part of the lands of Pubble

[8] James JACKSON, Gent of Lavally, Co. Sligo

[9] Jason FRITH

[10] William LITTLE

[11] Rev. Henry LEARD

[12] Tuckennedy aka Tirkennedy

[13] Lee of Clogher. NOTE: I do not know what this is.

[14] Rev Isaac DODD of Sligo, Co. Sligo

[15] Thomas LYTLE, farmer of Gortlaunane, Co. Sligo.

[16] Gortlaunane, Co. Sligo. NOTE: I am unsure which townland or Parish this may be.

[17] David BLEAKLEY, Farmer of Enniskillen, Co. Fermanagh



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