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NAMES: Hugh JACKSON of Creeve, Ballybay; John JACKSON. OTHER PLACES: Carnaveagh.
Sharon Oddie Brown. July 2, 2011


1828 Hugh Jackson and sale of lands
The Newry Commercial Telegraph
January 15, 1828



In the Town of BALLIBAY, in the County of MONAGHAN, on THURSDAY the 24th day of January, 1828.
   The interest and Estate of HUGH JACKSON[1], Esq., in the following LANDS, viz :--
   No. 1. PART of the Lands of CREEVE, NAMELY, the BLEACH-GREEN and MILLS of CREEVE, as now in the Possession of JOHN JACKSON[2], Jun., containing 44A. 2R. 20P. Plantation Measure, held for Three Lives, Renewable for Ever, at the Yearly Rent of £11 7s. 3d. late Currency.
   No. II.—PART of CREEVE, adjoining the Bleach-green, containing 40A. 3R. 1P. held for the Lives of the said HUGH and JOHN JACKSON[3], at the Yearly Rent of £36 7s. 1d. late Currency. Of these 40A. 3R. 1P. there are 20A. 1R. 12P. with the above 44A. 2R. 20P. Leased to JOHN JACKSON, jun., at the Yearly Rent of £130 late Currency, but on the decease of the said HUGH and JOHN JACKSON, the said Rent will be but £110 late Currency, for Ever.—The remainder, namely, 20A. 1R. 29P., is now Let to several under-Tenants, producing a Rearly [sic] Rent of £20 18s. 9d.
   No. III—PART of CARNAVEAGH[4], containing 15A. 3R. 30P. on which stands CREEVE HOUSE, OFFICES, GARDEN, LAWN and PLANTATIONS, held for Three Lives, Renewable for Ever, subject to the Yearly Rent of £8 3s. 10d. late Currency, and now out of Lease.
   No. IV.—PART of the same LANDS, containing 13A. 36R. held for a like Term, at the Yearly Rent of £7 18s. 7d. late Currency, also out of Lease.
   No. V.—PART of the same LANDS, containing 10A. 1R. 14P. held for a like Terms, at the Yearly Rent of £6 6s. 0d. late Currency, together with a FIELD in CREEVE, called the ASH TREE PARK, containing 2A. 2R. 15P. adjoining the said 10A. 1R. 14P. also out of Lease. These Premises are not subject to Head Rent.
   No. VI.—PART of the same LANDS, containing 20A. held for the same Term, at the Yearly Rent of £15, late Currency. Part of this Lot is occupied by Tenants who have been promised Leases.
   Nos. 1 and 2 will be Sold in one Lot, and the remainder in such manner as will suit Purchasers.
   For other particulars apply to Mr. CHARLES MEARES[5], 33, Dorset-street, DUBLIN.

[1] Hugh JACKSON. NOTE: I cannot be totally sure which Hugh JACKSON this is – more work is needed, but given the wording “Estate and interest”. I am leaning to the Hugh JACKSON (1751-1810), son of Hugh JACKSON and Elinor GAULT. Another possible Hugh JACKSON, son of John JACKSON and Sarah BRUNKER was still alive in 1828.

[2] John JACKSON, jr. (1795-?), son of Hugh JACKSON and Sarah BRUNKER. He married firstly Elizabeth TATLOW and 2ndly Alice DARLEY. He died at Athens, near Florence, Alabama, America.

[3] John JACKSON (1744-1824), of Crieve House, a brother of Hugh JACKSON, and husband of Sarah BRUNKER.

[4] Carnaveagh, Parish of Aghnamullen, Barony of Cremorne, Co. Monaghan

[5] Charles MEARES of Dublin



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