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NAMES: Thomas BARTLEY of Carrickmacross; Mary GOLLOGLY of Lossets; Catherine MARTIN of Lossets; Francis MARTIN & Thomas MARTIN of Lossets; James MARRIN (James MARTIN?); Michael BIRMINHAM.
Sharon Oddie Brown. July 24, 2009


DEED 884 413 585913

1830 Oct 1


To the register appointed by act of Parliament for registering deeds and leases wills etc. a Memorial of an indented deed of marriage settlement bearing date the first day of October in the year of our Lord 1830 and made by and between Thomas BARTLEY[1] of Carrickmacross[2] County of Monaghan shopkeeper the first part Mary GOLLOGLY[3] of Lossetts[4] in the said County widow and Catherine MARTIN[5] her niece of Lossetts aforesaid spinster of the second part and Francis MARTIN[6] and Thomas MARTIN[7] both of Lossetts aforesaid farmers of the third part which said deed recites a marriage was intended to be had been solemnized between the said Thomas BARTLEY and the said Catherine MARTIN and also reciting that the said Thomas BARTLEY was then possessed of and controlled and entitled to 6 acres two roods and 25 perches of the lands of Clogwally[8] situate in the Barony of Farney and County of Monaghan under and by virtue of a certain deed of conveyance bearing the fifth day of March 1838 made to him by James MARRIN[9] of Carrickmacross at the rent and for the term therein stated and also reciting that the said Thomas BARTLEY was possessed of a dwelling house and office is situate in the Eastside of the Main street of the town of correct lacrosse for the term and the rent therein also mentioned in which house and concern he then carried on the business of grocer and publican and which is said deed also recites that in consequence of the said intended marriage and other marriage portion of the said Catherine to the said Thomas BARTLEY a payment transferred to and made over unto the said Francis and Thomas MARTIN their heirs and the exors admons and assigns all the aforesaid lands of Clogwally with the house and offices in the town of Carrickmacross with all the personal property he was then possessed of subject to the several trusts there in mentioned and declared and further reciting that the said Mary GOLLOGLY agreed to give as fortune for the said Catherine the sum of £200 and also agreeing to make over and convey her right and title and certain dwelling house and tenements situated on the East side of the Main street of the town of Carrickmacross unto the said Francis and Thomas margin their heirs exors admons and assigns subject to the rent or the term therein also mentioned and also subject to the trusts therein declared of and concerning the said marriage which said deed contains several other clauses and covenants relation ... many more fully appear and which said deed is witnessed by Patrick BARTLEY of Carrickmacross in the County of Monaghan shopkeeper and Bernard CLARK of Mullinary in said County Hatter Mary GOLEBLY [or GOBBY?]. [SEAL] Thomas BARTLEY. [SEAL] Signed sealed and delivered in presence of Patrick BARTLEY Michael BIRMINGHAM[10]. The above named Patrick BARTLEY maketh oath and says that he saw the deed of which the above writing is a Memorial duly signed sealed and executed by the above named Thomas BARTLEY Mary GOLLOGLY Catherine MARTIN Francis MARTIN Thomas MARTIN and deponent saith that he also saw this Memorial duly signed sealed and executed by the said Thomas BARTLEY and Mary GOLLOGLY and deponent saith that he is a subscribing witness to said deed and this Memorial is this deponent’s and proper name and hand writing Patrick BARTLEY sworn before me at Kings Court in the County of Cavan the second day of June 1832 by virtue of a commission to me directed for taking affidavits in the County and I know the deponent. Michael BIRMINGHAM Commissioner. True copy.

[1] Thomas BARTLEY. NOTE: A Thomas BARTLEY was still there in Griffiths Valuations. Also in EPPI, 1846 Papers relating to the Poor Law Union of Carrickmacross, a James BARTLEY writes concerning rates due by Thomas BARTLEY and three properties were referenced: Cloughwolly, Upper; Dromond-atra & Main Street.

[2] Carrickmacross in the Parish of Magheross, Co. Monaghan

[3] Mary GOLLOGLY. NOTE: I do not know who she is. I see variant spellings: GALLOGHY and GOLLOUGHY with appearances of the surname in the vicinity in Griffiths and also in this deed: GOLEBLY [or GOBBY?].

[4] Lossets a townland of 99 acres in the Parish of Magheross, Co. Monaghan. A Thomas MARTIN is still there at the time of Griffiths Valuations.

[5] Catherine MARTIN of Lossets

[6] Francis MARTIN

[7] Thomas MARTIN NOTE: A Thomas MARTIN is still at Lossetts at the time of Griffiths Valuations.

[8] Clogwally aka Cloghvally. There are two townlands: Cloghvalley Upper with 249 acres and Clogvalley Lower with 215 acres. Both are in the Parish of Magheross, Co. Monaghan.

[9] James MARRIN. As first I wondered if the transcriber of the Memorial meant to write MARTIN, but there are subsequent births in Carrickmacross recorded with this surname.

[10] Michael BIRMINGHAM. Assistant registrar.



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