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NAMES: James JOHNSTON of Woodvale, Co. Louth; Dr. William JOHNSTON of Dundalk; Elizabeth JACKSON nee McCULLAGH of Urker, Co. Armagh; Rebecca HALL of Dublin, Edward TIPPING of Mounthill, Co. Louth; Catherine TIPPING nee HALL, Richard JONES of Dollardstown, Co. Meath; Elizabeth JONES nee HALL, John JOHNSTON late of Urker deceased, John JOHNSTON of Longfield, Co. Monaghan; Thomas JOHNSTON, deceased; George JACKSON, Patrick & Owen KEENAN, David JACKSON. R, COULTER on cover. OTHER PLACES: Liscalgot
NOTE: The Liscalgot-JACKSON-JOHNSTON connection also interests me because of Mary E. JOHNSTON (who married BREMNER). She was a governess for the GILMORE family of Liscalgot. In physical appearance, she resembles many JACKSON family members and it would seem she held lands from John JOHNSTON of Woodvale. Another connection is that an Anne JACKSON, daughter of George JACKSON (1718-1782) married a Richard JOHNSTON.
Sharon Oddie Brown. July 19, 2007.
Updated October 2, 2009
Updated footnotes March 19, 2010


NOTE: The name R. COULTER on the lower right hand corner. NOTE: This is the document that is transcribed beneath. Both these documents are in a family collection. I really should revisit them to double check and complete my transcriptions.


James Johnston [1] of Woodvale [2] in the County of Armagh Esquire and William Johnston [3] of Dundalk in the County of Louth Doctor of Medicine


Elizabeth Jackson [4] of Urker [5] in the County of Armagh Widow



Indenture made 2nd Sept 1830 between James Johnston of Woodvale in the County of Armagh Esquire and William Johnston of Dundalk in the County of Louth Doctor of Medicine of the first part and Elizabeth Jackson of Urker in the County of Armagh Widow of the second part. “Whereas by indenture of Lease of the first day of November in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and sixty eight and made between Rebecca Hall [6] of the City of Dublin spinster, Edward Tipping [7] of Mounthill in the County of Armagh Esquire and Catherine Tipping [8] otherwise Hall his wife and Richard Jones [9] of Dollardstown [10] in the County of Meath Esquire and Elizabeth Jones [11] otherwise Hall his wife - of the one part and John Johnston [12] late of Urker in the County of Armagh deceased of the other part the said Rebecca Hall Edward Tipping and Catherine his wife Richard Jones and Elizabeth his wife did for the considerations therein mentioned  Demise Grant.... unto the said John Johnston  his heirs and assigns ALL THAT the lands of Liscalgot [13] ... in his the said John Johnston’s actual possession then being as therein TO HOLD to the said John Johnston his heirs and assigns from the first day of November one thousand seven hundred and sixty eight for and during the natural lives of John Johnston [14] Thomas Johnston [15] and James Johnston therein described (and which said John Johnston of said lives therein named is now of Longfield [16] in the County of Monaghan Esquire and said Thomas Johnston one of the other said lives is now deceased and which said James Johnston the third life therein named is one of the parties to these presents) .... yearly rent of forty-five pounds sterling ... and whereas by indenture of lease bearing date the nineth day of April in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and seventy BETWEEN the said John Johnston for the considerations therein mentioned DID grant demise sett and to farm let unto the said George Jackson [17] and David Jackson  both of Liscalgot [let] .. lands bounded on the south by Claranagh on the West by Drummuck and part of Liscalgot on the North by the charter lands [18] and John Johnstons two acres of meadow and on the east by the river and Patrick and Owen Keenan’s [19] holding containing by estimation  forty two acres three roods profitable land ...and seven acres  and three roods of brown bog... and then in the actual possession of George Jackson  and David Jackson ...TO HOLD to the said George Jackson  and David Jackson [20] .... for and during the natural life of John Johnston the eldest son of John Johnston the lessor now of Longfield aforesaid and for the term of thirty one years to be computed from the first day of November one thousand seven hundred and sixty eight provided the lives in said John Johnston’s the lesors lease of said lands of Liscalgot should so long last  AND AT subject to the yearly rent of thirteen shillings and sixpence  .. for each and every plantation acre contained in said demised premises  amounting to twenty eight pounds seventeen shillings and three half pence together with twelve pence a pound receivers fees {and because John Johnston is dead, then James & William Johnston carry on and transfer the lease] ... and for the price and sum of two hundred and thirty five sterling  to which the said Elizabeth Jackson hath agreed ...


[1] James JOHNSTON Going by references in this deed, he was likely a son of John JOHNSTON and brother of another John JOHNSTON & a Thomas JOHNSTON who died before the date of this deed.

[2] Woodvale is in the Townland of Ducavan, Parish of Roche. Ducavan is a townland of 99 acres with Shortstone East and West on its southern border, Ballinbinaby on its western border and Edenkill on its northern and eastern border.

NOTE: A Robert JACKSON of Woodvale was mentioned in DEED: 241557, 1784 Feb 10 SEAVER –BRADFORD. NOTE: In 1795 a Johnathon JOHNSTON of Woodvale sends a letter acknowledging payment for ₤31:10 to John and Andrew COULTER and other sums were paid to him at this time by Samuel BRADFORD.

[3] William JOHNSTON In the Creggan Church Register, a daughter, Anne Jane, was baptized on 1808, Dec 12

[4] Elizabeth JACKSON (1788-1880) née McCULLAGH, widow of John JACKSON (1780-1817)

[5] Urker, the townland where the JACKSONs lived in the Parish of Creggan just outside Crossmaglen.

[6] Rebecca HALL of Dublin was a sister of the Catherine HALL who married Edward TIPPING. The two sisters were co-heiresses, daughters of Francis HALL.

[7] Edward TIPPING (d. 1784) of Mounthill, Co. Louth,, husband of Catherine HALL. The TIPPING family was one of the landlord families that the JACKSONs had other dealings and intermarriages with . He ended up with several of the HALL family holdings as a result of his marriage. SOURCE: A Historical & Statistical Account of the Barony of Upper Fews . John DONALDSON “About the year 1733 several landed proprietors in the Parish of Creggan – to wit Edward TIPPING, Alex HAMILTON, James McCULLAGH, Adam NOBLE, and Randle DONALDSON, Esquires invited Presbyterians to settle on their prospective estates” NOTE: I know nothing about this James McCULLAGH, but do wonder if he was the father of Elizabeth McCULLAGH (her father was named James).

[8] Catherine TIPPING née HALL married to Edward TIPPING. She was a coheiress with her sister Rebecca.

[9] Richard JONES. I do not know the connection (except for the obvious HALL connection), but in the Creggan Church Registry an Anne JONES of Agbold, Co. Wicklow married a John JACKSON of Creggan in 1807, Aug 12 in the presence of William JOHNSTON of Clough, Wexford & John JONES, Union of Ferms, Wexford.

[10] Dollardstown, Co. Meath. It is in the Parish of Painestown.

[11] Elizabeth JONES née HALL, wife of Richard JONES.

[12] John JOHNSTON (1729-1816). This is likely the father of John, Thomas & James JOHNSTON Also SEE: footnote above for Woodvale & Johnathon JOHNSTON. SOURCE: Creggan guide to Creggan Church and Graveyard. Kevin McMahon and Jim Murphy. Page 32: Here also lieth the remains of the said John JOHNSTON, who departed this life the 12th day of December 1816 aged 87 years.

[13] Liscalgot is a townland where the earliest known ancestors of Sir Thomas JACKSON first settled in Armagh. SEE: http://www.user.dccnet.com/s.brown/maps/Liscalgot.html NOTE: Anne JACKSON of Liscalgot and/or Urker, daughter of George JACKSON married a Richard JOHNSTON.

[14] John JOHNSTON, son of John JOHNSTON. NOTE: A John and Jane JOHNSTON are recorded in the Creggan Church Registry as having a son, Graham, baptized 1814, Mar 13.

[15] Thomas JOHNSTON. d. before 1830. One of three named sons of John JOHNSTON

[16] Longfield, Co. Monaghan. There are two such townlands in Monaghan, one in Clones Parish and one in Muckno.

[17] George JACKSON. This could be George JACKSON sr. (1718-1782) or his son, George JACKSON (who died after 1806). George JACKSON jr. was an attorney in Dublin and going from records in various Almanacs, he likely died about 1836. (SOURCE: 2007 diary notes p. 59) For the earlier l;ease SEE: 1770 April 9

[18] The “charter lands” reference alludes to land held for the Charter School. George JACKSON sr. was the first head of this school. This property description helps us to site it on the land.

[19] Patrick & Owen  KEENAN.

[20] David JACKSON (d. 1796) father-in-law of Elizabeth JACKSON and great grandfather of Sir Thomas JACKSON. He was a son of George JACKSON sr. (1718-1782).



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