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This updated version is the full transcript with annotations. The previous version was merely notes and not a full transcription.
Sharon Oddie Brown, May 30, 2005

In the name of God, Amen.

I, Elizabeth Bradford [1] of Cavananore in the County of Louth Widow do make and publish this my last will and testament herby revoking all and every former will or wills by me at any former time heretofore made. I leave and bequeath unto my granddaughters Eliza Oliver [2] and Mary Jane Oliver [3] the sum of Fifty Pounds Sterling each said sum to be paid to each of them, my said granddaughters on her attainting the age of twenty-one years or day of marriage which shall first happen and in the case of the death of either of them, my said granddaughters  under the age of twenty one years and unmarried, I leave and bequeath the share of her so dying unto the survivor of them , and in case of the death of both of my said granddaughters before attaining the age of twenty one and unmarried, I leave and bequeath  all the two several sums of fifty pounds sterling hereby before bequeathed to them to their brother Andrew Oliver [4] . As to the rest residue and remainder of my estate and effects  of what nature or kind soever of which I shall die possessed, or to which I may be then entitled unto and not otherwise disposessed of , I leave and bequeath the same unto my daughter Barbara Donaldson [5] , widow. My daughter Margaret Bradford [6] , my son Andrew Coulter Bradford [7] and my granddaughter Sally McCullagh [8] and to their respective Executors, administrators  and assigned in equal shares and proportions, the shares and proportions of each to be at their own disposal and for their sole use and benefit, except in the case of my granddaughter Sally McCullagh my will and desire is that her proportion shall not be paid to her until she attains the age of twenty one or be married, but should she die before she attains that age and unmarried I bequeath her share of said property to my daughter Barbara Donaldson and Margaret Bradford share and share alike each of my daughters to have their own share at their own disposal and free from any control.  I hereby appoint my nephew James Birch Gillmer [9] of Belfast and my nephew Andrew Coulter Bradford [10]   Executors. Of this my will. I have hereunto put my hand and affixed my seal this 21st day of June in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and thirty three. Eliza Bradford.[seal] Signed sealed published and declared by the said testatrix as and for her last will and testament in presence of us who at her request in her presence and in the presence of each other have hereunto subscribed our names as witnesses the day and year above and before written 21st June 1833. E.B. Gillmer [11] . E. Donaldson [12] .


21 June 1833
CODICIL –The legacies and bequests left and stated in the above will are to be paid out of the money due and owing to me by Jas McCullagh [13] of Ballybay & Thos McCullagh [14] of Derryvalley on their bond for Five Hundred Pounds Sterling dated the first day of January 1832 two. I also order and direct that the sum of fifty pounds which I have above bequeathed and willed to Eliza Oliver [15] otherwise Jackson  shall be vested on real security and none other by the above named executors to this my last will and codicil and that they the said James B. Gillmer and Andrew C. Bradford as trustees for her shall receive the interest and hand it over to her yearly for her sole use and benefit. Dated this fifteenth day of August one thousand eight hundred and forty  Eliza Bradford [seal] signed sealed and published by the Testatrix in our presence as a codicil to this her last will and Testament on the day and date above written ----- Anne Jane [or “June] Quinn & Thomas Duffy.

NOTE: Her will was proved October 30, 1845.

[1] Elizabeth BRADFORD née BREAKEY(1758-1845), wife of Thomas BRADFORD (1739-1790) and mother of Barbara, Mary, Elizabeth, Andrew Coulter and Margaret BRADFORD. Daughter of Elizabeth BIRCH and William BREAKEY.

[2] Elizabeth OLIVER (1815-1903) wife of David JACKSON (1814-1899) of Urker Lodge.

[3] Mary Jane OLIVER (1821-1875) of Cavananore. Never married.

[4] Andrew Bradford OLIVER married Anne HANNA and had three children: Margaret, Benjamin & Bradford.

[5] Barbara DONALDSON (1783-1865) widow of William DONALDSON (1768-1815) of Freeduff

[6] Margaret BRADFORD (1786-1874), never married.

[7] Andrew Coulter BRADFORD (1788-1847)

[8] Sally McCULLAGH (1816-1857), daughter of Thomas McCULLAGH and Mary BRADFORD and wife of Thomas McCULLAGH of Ballybay.

[9] James Birch GILLMER (1808-1877), nephew could be confusing, but it does apply. He is a descendant of Elizabeth BRADFORD’s mother through her mother’s second husband (who was not her father). He is the son of Eliezer Birch GILLMER, son of Alexander GILLMER & Elizabeth BIRCH.

[10] Andrew Coulter BRADFORD as a nephew is confusing. Her son, Andrew Coulter BRADFORD was still alive and he never married as far as I can tell.

[11] Probably Eliezer Birch GILLMER (1762-1834), the half-brother of Elizabeth BRADFORD.

[12] This could be Elizabeth DONALDSON (1806-1851), the daughter of Barbara BRADFORD and William DONALDSON

[13] James McCULLAGH of Ballybay, brother of Thomas MCCULLAGH (see next footnote)

[14] Thomas McCULLAGH of Ballybay, husband of Mary BRADFORD daughter of Elizabeth BRADFORD

[15] See footnote 2





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