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NAMES: Alexander PARKER; Mary BRADFORD; Thomas BRADFORD; Robert COULTER; Samuel COULTER; John Henry RANSON; John TOWNLEY. PLACES: Dundalk; Carnbeg.
Sharon Oddie Brown. December 31, 2010.

ROD Reference:  1834 Book 4, No. 74


Parker & Bradford – Marge. Arts.

Regd 20th Febry 1834 at  ¼ to 12 OC

Transcription by Wendy Jack


SNAPSHOT: A Marriage settlement between Alexander PARKER and Mary BRADFORD, with her brother Thomas BRADFORD and Robert COULTER acting as trustees. All cash, no land is mentioned.


To the Register appointed by Act of Parliament for Registering Deeds Conveyances and Wills &c. –

A Memorial of a Certain Deed of Settlement bearing date the twenty fourth day of January in the year of our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred and thirty four and made between Alexander Parker[1] of Dundalk in the County of Louth Bootmaker of the first part Mary Bradford[2] of Carnbeg in said County Spinster of the Second part and Thomas Bradford[3] of Carnbeg[4] aforesaid Esqr & Robert Coulter[5] of Dundalk aforesaid Gentn. Trustees as therein mentioned of the third part Whereby after Reciting that a Marriage had been agreed upon and intended to be had and Solemnized between the said Alexr Parker and Mary Bradford and further Reciting that the said Mary Bradford was Entitled to the sum of Two Hundred pounds Sterling as and for a Marriage portion the said Indenture Witnessed that the said Alexr. Parker for and in Conson of the said Intended Marriage and of the Marriage portion to him paid or Secured and also for and in Conson of a further Sum of Ten Shillings Sterling to him in hand paid by the said Trustees as therein and in order to make a provision for the said Mary Bradford in Case She Should Survive him the said Alexr Parker and for the issue if any of said Intended Marriage and for the other ends intents and purposes therein mentd. It was agreed that the said Thos. Bradford and Robert Coulter should stand possessed of a Sum of Six Hundred pounds Sterling three per cent Consels on the day of the date of said Indenture transferred by the said Alexr. Parker into the Joint names of the said Thomas Bradford and Robert Coulter in the Books of the Governor and Company of the Bank of Ireland upon the trusts and to and for the ends intents and purposes in said Indenture of Settlement expressed & declared and Said Indenture and this Meml. resply are Witnessed by Saml. Coulter[6] of Dundalk in the Coy. of Louth Esqr and John Henry Ranson[7] of Dundalk afsd. Writing Clke – Alexr. Parker (seal) Signed Sealed and delivered in presence of Saml. Coulter J H Ranson. The above named John Henry Rawson maketh oath and saith that he did see the Indre of Settlement of which the above is a Memorial duly Signed Sealed & delivered by the said Alexr. Parker Mary Bradford Thomas Bradford and Robert Coulter the parties thereto resply and Saith that he did also See the above Meml. duly Signed and Sealed by the above named Alexr Parker and that Deponent is a Subscribing Witness to the Exon of said Deed and of this Memorial resply & that the name John Henry Ranson thereto resply Subscribed as a Witness is Deponents proper name & hand writing J H Ranson. Sworn before me at Dundalk in the County of Louth this 17th day of February 1834 by virtue of a Comn. forth of his Majestys high Court of Chancery in Ireland to me directed for taking affids. in said County and I known the Deponent John Townley[8] Commissioner

A true Copy


[1] Alexander PARKER, a boot maker in Dundalk. He lived on Clanbrassil Street in 1837. SOURCE: Dundalk Almanac 1840. The amount of money changing hands here – £600 -would seem to indicate that he may have been at the level of a manufacturer.

[2] Mary BRADFORD. The Belfast News-Letter (Belfast, Ireland), Tuesday, February 18, 1834

On the 24th ult. at Carnbeg Lodge, Mr. Alex. Parker of Dundalk, to Mary, youngest daughter of the late Samuel Bradford, Esq. of Cavanmore [aka Cavananore], county Louth.

[3] Thomas BRADFORD (1800-1872), husband of Margaret WALLACE and son of Samuel BRADFORD of Cavananore & Margaret HENRY and brother of Mary BRADFORD.

[4] Carnbeg, Parish of Dundalk, Co. Louth. In Griffiths Valuations, Thomas BRADFORD is shown as leasing most of the land (excluding only land used by the railway) from David DAVIDSON (Rev. DAVIDSON aka DAVISON (1795-1858), husband of Jane COULTER – it was likely part of his wife’s inheritance) and owned several modest buildings as well as one more substantial one (valued at £1.5.0. )

[5] Robert COULTER (1801-1861) who was a land agent for Lord Louth and died at Carnbeg. He married a cousin, Jane COULTER.

[6] Samuel COULTER (1802- abt. 1839) of Molesworth street in the city of Dublin Esq. Dr. of Medicine

·         Son of Joseph COULTER and Jane IRWIN and an older brother of Sarah COULTER. There was a Samuel COULTER b 1802 who was a brother of Sarah.

·         He was described as an infant shortly after the death of his uncle, Samuel COULTER in 1801. SOURCE: A Man Who Can Speak of Plants.

·         Also (thanks to Steven SIMS): Alumni Dublinenses COULTER, SAMUEL, Pen. (Mr Neilson), Oct. 16, 1820, aged 17; s. of Joseph, Agricola; b. Louth. B.A. Vern. 1825. M.A. and M.B. Vern. 1828.

·         Coulter, Samuel, Medical Doctor of Dublin; Formerly of Dowdal's Hill, County Louth. Transcript of Probate granted 1839 at Prerogative Court. NA Reference: Prerogative Grant Book/F/199b. NOTE: I have not looked at this yet.

·         See also: SEE: Deed: 1829-08-178 http://www.thesilverbowl.com/documents/1838Feb24-OWENS-COULTER.html and also


·         NOTE: There was also a Coulter, Samuel, Esq., M.D., Carney Dispensary, Sligo SOURCE: Lewis’s Topographical Dictionary.

[7] John Henry RANSON

[8] John TOWNLEY



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