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NAMES: Peter COLEMAN of Dundalk; Robert COULTER of Dundalk; Thomas COLEMAN of Dundalk; Thomas READ; Dr. HAMILTON; Major BROWNE; Robert BROWNE; Rev. Elias THACKERY; James PARK OF DUNDALK; James ROWAN; John TOWNLEY.
Sharon Oddie Brown. September 27, 2009

1834 May 6

1838 05 048


SNAPSHOT: The memorial refers to a debt owed by Peter COLEMAN to Robert COULTER secured by lands adjacent to Carnbeg. Note that there is a lease of 16th August 1787 that I don’t yet have which mentions lives connected to this memorial.


To the Register appointed by Act of Parliament for registering deeds wills and so forth.


A Memorial of an indented deed of mortgage dated the sixth day of May 1834 and made between Peter COLEMAN[1] of Dundalk in the County of Louth Esquire of the one part and Robert COULTER[2] and Thomas COLEMAN[3] both of the same Esq. Of the other part. Whereby after reciting as therein is recited and particularly reciting that the said Peter  COLEMAN stood indebted to the said Robert COULTER, Thomas COLEMAN in the principle sum of £1300 secured by said Peter  COLEMAN's bond and warrant of attorney for confessing judgment Share payable to said Robert COULTER and Thomas COLEMAN and bearing equal date with said deed of mortgage and that for the further deed and permanent security and repayment of said sum of money with interest at 5% the said Peter COLEMAN had proposed and agreed to make said deed of mortgage the said indenture so now in Memorial witnessed that said Peter  COLEMAN for the reasons aforesaid and in consideration of said sum of £1300 to him therefore well and truly paid by said Robert COULTER and Thomas COLEMAN and partly secured as aforesaid the receipt whereof is thereby sufficiently acknowledged the said Peter  COLEMAN did thereby for him his heirs and assigns grant bargain sell assign transfer and make over alien release and confirm unto the said Robert COULTER and Thomas COLEMAN in their actual possession then being as therein mentioned, and to his heirs and assigns all that lot of ground or tenement[4] formally occupied by the late Earl of Clanbrassil as a nursery whereon Thomas READ’s[5] dwelling house afterward stood together with the dwelling house office and other improvements made thereon and also together with the new buildings and improvements lately made thereon containing by a survey three roods and 30 perches more or less bounded on the East by the late Dr. HAMILTON's[6] afterwards Major BROWNE's[7] Meadow and on the North by the back Lane on the North by the Glebe tenement[8] formally occupied by said Robert BROWNE[9] then occupied by the Rev. Elias THACKERY[10] and on the South by the quay roads together with the right members and appurtenances thereunto belonging situate in the Corporation of Dundalk and County of Louth and all the estate right title interest property profit and benefit of renewal of said Peter COLEMAN into or out of same. To hold said promised premises with the appurtenances and the rents issues and profits thereof to said Robert COULTER and Thomas COLEMAN their heirs and assigns during the natural life and lives of the three persons named in and by the herein before recited indenture of lease of the 16th August 1787 and during the life and lives of all and every such other person and persons as should forever thereafter be added to the term and time granted by said last mentioned [said deed?] of lease pursuant to the Covenant for perpetual renewal therein contained subject however to the yearly rent of £60 late currency and to the covenants and agreements contained in deed therein before recited indenture of lease of 16th August 1787 and subject also to the proviso or condition of redemption therein after contained and said Peter  COLEMAN did thereby for him his heirs and assigns covenant and promise to pay to Robert COULTER and Thomas COLEMAN their heirs or assigns said sum of £1300 when required so to do so by them at also the interest thereof at the rate of £5 Per Centum Per annum and said Robert COULTER and Thomas COLEMAN did thereby for them their heirs and assigns covenant and promise to and with said Peter  COLEMAN his heirs and assigns upon payment by him or them of said principle’s sum of £1300 and of all interest due thereon with all costs and expenses attendant thereon to said Robert COULTER and Thomas COLEMAN their heirs assigns said deed so now a Memorial as well as said Bond of equal date thereonto and execute collateral therewith should cease and become null and void and the said Robert COULTER and Thomas COLEMAN their heirs and assigns should thereupon (at the expense of the said Peter  COLEMAN his heirs and assigns) perfect and deliver to him or them the requisite reassignment of said deed of mortgage and to such other deeds they should thereafter be perfected in aid thereof by said Peter COLEMAN his heirs and assigns and should thereupon perfect the usual warrant to satisfy any judgment on said bond and should thereupon deliver to him or them said deed of mortgage wills bonds and any such further auxiliary deeds as aforesaid and should also at same time hand over to him or them such deeds or [muniments?] appertaining to said premises as should have been at any time received by said Robert COULTER and Thomas COLEMAN their heirs or assigns by virtue of said deed of mortgage and said deed of whereof this is a Memorial and this Memorial as to the execution thereof respectively by the said Peter  COLEMAN Robert COULTER and Thomas COLEMAN respectively are respectively witnessed by James PARKS[11] of Dundalk aforesaid printer and James ROWAN[12] of same place aforesaid prentice. Peter COLEMAN. [Seal.] Signed and sealed in presence of James PARKS James ROWAN the above named James PARKS aged 21 years and upwards maketh oath and says that he is a subscribing witness to and saw the deed whereof the above writing is a Memorial and also the above Memorial respectively duly executed by the above named Peter  COLEMAN Robert COULTER and Thomas COLEMAN respectively and saith the name James PARKS subscribed as a witness to said deed and Memorial respectively is this deponents proper name and hand writing James PARKS sworn before me at Dundalk in the County of Louth the sixth day of May 1836 by virtue of a commission fourth of his Majesty's High Court of Chancery in Ireland to me directed for taking affidavits in the County and I know the deponent. John TOWNLEY[13] Commissioner. A true copy

[1] Peter COLEMAN of Dundalk. A Peter COLEMAN held a lease for 3 lives of Sportsmanss Hall and Grattens Land in 1803. The COLEMAND also had various leases in Dowdalls Hill. SOURCE: 1837 Tenants in Louth by Brendan Hall http://www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~fianna/county/louth/rodn1837.html

[2] Robert COULTER (1801-1861) of Dundalk. He was the son of Samuel COULTER and Anne DICKIE. He married his cousin, Jane COULTER and they had 6 known children.

[3] Thomas COLEMAN of Dundalk NOTE: A Thomas COLMAN was one of the signatories to a reward after the robbery of Martha COULTER in 1791.

[4] Need to figure out where this land is. I suspect it is related to the lands held by Isaac READ. SEE the third map dated 1754 at: http://www.thesilverbowl.com/maps/Carnbeg/Carnbeg-history&maps.html

[5] Thomas READ. There was a Thomas READ who was the eldest son of Isaac REED. See: http://www.thesilverbowl.com/documents/1754July6-COULTER.html

[6] Dr. HAMILTON NOTE: I do not know who he was.

[7] Major BROWNE NOTE: I do not know who he was.

[9] Robert BROWNE A Robert BROWNE held a lease from the Earl of Clanbrassill dated 1 November 1786 for “all that part of Little Balrigan” ... “lately held by Neal Coleman, containing in the whole 77 acres, and bounded on the east with the river of Balrigan, the mills and the millrace, on the south and west by the Kane river, on the north and north-west by the road leading from Lurgankeel to the great road leading from Dundalk to Armagh. Term of several lives. Yearly rent of £176 with two days work of man, horse and car or 3s. in lieu thereof. If Browne builds a house with walls 2 feet thick, the house at least 40 feet long and 16 feet wide Clanbrassil will accept a yearly rent of £126 2s. 10d. SOURCE: Louth Archives: CLAHJ 10: 2 (1942). CLAHJ reference 11. Not currently available.


[10] Rev. Elias THACKERY (?-1854), Vicar of St. Nicholas Parish Church from 1801-1854 .  He was one of the chief promoters of the Literary Society. SOURCE: Tempest Annual Jubilee 1909 p 31, 44, 103. Elias THACKERY BA 1796 related to William Makepeace THACKERY, novelist who wrote “Irish Sketch Book” while staying with him.. Prior to ordination he served as Captain in the 3rd Dragoon Guards & brought Wolfe TONE to Dublin after his arrest at Lough Swilly Oct 12 1798. SOURCE: Clergy of Armagh p 467.

[11] James PARKS of Dundalk aforesaid printer

[12] James ROWAN. NOTE: I do not know who he was.

[13] John TOWNLEY



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