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NAMES: Thomas BRADFORD of Carnbeg; Margaret WALLACE of Roachdale; Robert DICKIE of Roachdale; John BRADFORD of Cavananore; Robert BAILLIE Esq.; Samuel BRADFORD; Andrew Coulter BRADFORD; Hugh McCULLAGH; Owen DUFFY; Robert COULTER of Dundalk; Walter GLASSCOCK. OTHER LANDS: Shortstone.
Sharon Oddie Brown. July 10, 2009


DEED 1835 3 125


1835 Feb 5


To the Register appointed by act of Parliament for registering deeds conveyances and wills etc.etc.

A Memorial of a Marriage Settlement bearing date the fifth day of January in the year of our Lord 1835 and made between Thomas BRADFORD[1] of Carnbeg in the County of Louth Esquire of the first part Margaret WALLACE[2] of Roachdale in said County spinster of the second part. Robert DICKIE[3] of Roachdale and John BRADFORD[4] of Cavananore[5] in said County Esq.'s trustees named and appointed for the purposes therein mentioned of the third part. Whereby for the considerations therein mentioned the said Thomas BRADFORD did grant and release of the said Robert DICKIE and John BRADFORD and their heirs all that and those that part of the lands of Cavananore containing by 30 acres Irish plantation measure more or less bounded on the North by the lands of Shortstone[6] the property of Robert BAILLIE[7] Esq. on the East by the lands of Andrew Coulter BRADFORD Esq. and on the South by lands in the possession of Samuel BRADFORD[8] and said Andrew Coulter BRADFORD[9] Esq. and Hugh McCULLAGH[10] farmer and on the West by the lands of Robert DICKIE Esq. Owen DUFFY[11] farmer and said John BRADFORD Esq. or howsoever otherwise the said lands tenements and premises now are or heretofore were known called or described together with all and all manner of right rights privileges advantages and appurtenances whatsoever to the said lands tenements hereditaments and premises belonging or in any wise appertaining all which lands tenements in premises are situate in the Parish of Creggan Barony of Upper Dundalk and County of Louth aforesaid. To hold to the said Robert DICKIE and John BRADFORD and their heirs forever on the trusts therein mentioned and contained and the exons of said marriage settlement and this Memorial respectively are witnessed by the Rev. James BEATTIE of Dundalk in said County of Louth Presbyterian minister and Robert COULTER[12] of Dundalk in the County of Louth gent Thomas BRADFORD. Seal. Signed and sealed in the presence of James BEATTIE Robert COULTER the above named Robert COULTER maketh oath and says that he did see the marriage settlement of which the above is a Memorial duly signed sealed and delivered by the above Thomas BRADFORD and that he did also see the said Thomas BRADFORD duly sign and seal the above Memorial and that deponent is a subscribing witness to the exors of said marriage settlement and of this Memorial registered and the name Robert COULTER's thereto respectively subscribed as witness is this deponent's name and hand writing and deponent saith that he hath delivered the said deed and Memorial respectively on to Walter GLASSCOCK[13] Esq. Assistant Registrar of the Registry Offices Henrietta St., Dublin about the hour of four o'clock in the afternoon of the 16th day of February 1835. Robert COULTER. Sworn before me this 10th day of February 1835 Walter GLASSCOCK Assistant Registrar. A true copy.

[1] Thomas BRADFORD (1800-1872) son of Samuel BRADFORD & Margaret HENRY. It is interesting that already by age 35, he was at Carnbeg (He was likely born at Cavananore).

[2] Margaret WALLACE (1811-1885) of Roachdale, daughter of John WALLACE & Jane DONALDSON of Cloghog, Co. Armagh. At the time of her marriage to Thomas BRADFORD, she was likely living with her sister, Mary Anne WALLACE, wife of Robert DICKIE of Roachdale as both of her parents were deceased.

[3] Robert DICKIE of Roachdale This is likely the Robert DICKIE(1782-1840) who was the brother-in-law of Thomas BRADFORD & Margaret WALLACE.

[4] John BRADFORD of Cavananore. This is likely the John BRADFORD, uncle of Thomas BRADFORD. He was still alive in 1837 as he ordered a copy of Lewis’s Topographical Dictionary of Ireland.

[5] Cavananore, 219 acres in Co. Louth, Upper Dundalk. In 1768, there were agreements on August 4th between John Coulter, farmer of Cavananore, and Andrew Coulter of Cavananore, re lands in Maghban, Dungooley and Anaghavackey held in joint lease; witnessed by Nathaniel Coulter & Thomas Bradford. According to Amy Oliver (Jackson) Lloyd: Cavananore (Round Hill of Gold) was granted to the Coulters after the Battle of the Boyne - from there to twin Bradfords, and then to Sir Thomas JacksonSEE: http://www.thesilverbowl.com/maps/Cavananore.htm

[6] Shortstone. There are two townlands: Shortstone East & Shortstone West, both in the Parish of Roche.  I would expect that Shortstone West is the townland in question. In the 1854 Grifffiths Valuation, pretty much the whole townland is owned in fee by a Robert BAYLEY. The only part that is not is a house and small garden held in fee by Mary COULTER, who would have been the widow of Samuel COULTER who was murdered in 1851. He maiden name was BAILIE and I suspect that she was a sister of this Robert BAYLEY.

[7] Robert BAILLIE Esq. I am guessing that he is the Robert BAILEY (1808-1895) who married Dora (last name not known).

·         SOURCE: http://www.faughart.com/inscriptions-page5466.html  In memory of Robert Bailie ESQre Shortstone Died April 26th April 1895 Aged 87 years. Deeply and deservedly regretted. Erected by his sorrowing daughters. Also Dora Bailie his loved wife died April 16th 1906. Peace perfect Peace.

·         PRONI Will abstracts:  Probate of the Will of Robert Bailie late of Shortstone County Louth Esquire who died 26 April 1895 granted at Armagh to Robert Ellis Bailie of Castleblayney County Monaghan Solicitor.

[8] Samuel BRADFORD This is likely the Samuel BRADFORD (1803-1881), son of Samuel BRADFORD & Margaret HENRY.

[9] Andrew Coulter BRADFORD Esq. (1788-1847) of Cavananore was the brother of Elizabeth BRADFORD and brother-in-law of Benjamin OLIVER (1765-1831) of Ennislare & Killynure, Co. Armagh . He would also have been an older cousin of the aforementioned Thomas BRADFORD. He died unmarried.

[10] Hugh McCULLAGH. I do not yet know how he ties into our known McCULLAGHs, but I suspect that in time, he will.

[11] Owen DUFFY

[12] Robert COULTER of Dundalk. He is likely the Robert COULTER (1801-1861), son of Samuel COULTER & Anne DICKIE. Mr. Joseph A. Coulter, JP, of Dowdallshill and Roden Place (the second son of Mr. Robert Coulter solicitor and first Secretary of the Lighting Paving and Improvement Committee, 1832), spent the early part of his life abroad, in the service of the Hudson's Bay Company and elsewhere, and at one time acting or Deputy Governor of Vancouver Island. He was with the escort who late accompanied Lady Franklin on her last expedition in search of her husband, Sir John Franklin, the Arctic explorer. his family has been connected with this county for seven or eight generations. For many years at up to the time of his death in 1901, he was the able Secretary of the Dundalk Gas Company.  He married the daughter of Mr. John McDowell of Mullaharlin.  His eldest son, Mr. Arthur S. Coulter, B.A., Solicitor has inherited his father's practical commonsense and integrity. SOURCE: Tempest Annual Centenary 1859-1959

[13] Walter GLASSCOCK Esq.



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