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NAMES: Nathaniel LESLIE of Leslie Hall in CO. Armagh; Joseph OLIVER of Ballyrea, Co. Armagh, Gent; Benjamin OLIVER of Ballyrea, Co. Armagh, gent; William LESLIE deceased; Camack & Henry MAHALLAM; Bernard McCARTEN, Co. Monaghan; Thomas REILLY, Co. Monaghan. OTHER TOWNLANDS: Drumcanver (not sure which parish).
Sharon Oddie Brown. December 19, 2007

1836 Aug 16



  Deed of assignment between Nathaniel LESLIE [1] of Leslie Hall [2] in Co. Armagh, Gent of the one part Joseph OLIVER [3] & Benjamin OLIVER [4] both of Ballyrea [5] in Co. Armagh Gent of the second part. OLIVERs sold to David LESLIE [6] part of the town and lands of Drumcanver [7] formerly in possession of William LESLIE [8] deceased & thereto held & enjoyed by Nathanial LESLIE in Manor of Loghey [9] [?] Barony & Co. of Armagh 35 acres 2 r 30p in possession of Camack & Henry Mahallam [10] . Witness Bernard McCARTEN [11] & Thomas REILLY [12] , Co. Monaghan.


[1] Nathaniel LESLIE husband of Martha OLIVER (who was a sister of Benjamin, Joseph, William & Margaret OLIVER – all children of David OLIVER (1725-1806) & Susanna WALKER (d. 1808)

[2] Leslie Hall, Co. Armagh? I thought that Leslie Hall was in Co. Monaghan.

[3] Joseph OLIVER (1765-1837). This is just a year before his death. Curiously, if I am right about him also being the Joseph OLIVER at Tullymore, I would have thought that would have been his residence at this time.

[4] Benjamin OLIVER, brother of Joseph OLIVER. We do not know when (or even if) Benjamin OLIVER married. He died bet 1837-1840 at Ballyrea. A Mary OLIVER died March 11, 1834 at age 7 at Ballyrea and she may have been a descendant.

[5] Ballyrea, Co. Armagh was the long time home of the OLIVERs.

[6] David LESLIE, son of Nathaniel LESLIE & Martha OLIVER

[7] Drumcanver AKA Drumacanver, Parish of Derrynoose, Co. Armagh

[8] William LESLIE, father of Nathaniel LESLIE.

[9] Manor of Loghey [?] Barony & Co. of Armagh I don’t know where this is.

[10] Camack & Henry MAHALLAM  This is a strange enough name that I suspect a transcription error. Possibly McCALLUM?

[11] Bernard McCARTEN Co. Monaghan.

[12] Thomas REILLY, Co. Monaghan.




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