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An abstract of this will is held at the National Archives in Dublin: IWR/1837/F715. It gives his actual death date of November 1, 1837. Inventory included bonds of ₤50; leases of ₤500.00 and stock of ₤80.00 for a total of ₤630.00. His residence was Tullymore, Co. Armagh. David Leslie was of Leslie Hill; Catherine OLIVER was of Tullymore.
NAMES: Joseph OLIVER of Tullymore, Benjamin OLIVER, William OLIVER, Mrs. HAMILTON, Mrs. McCULLAGH née ALEXANDER, John Elliot OLIVER, David LESLIE, Mary Anne LENNON,
B. Shuldhand HENRY, David COLLINS, Catherine OLIVER, Thomas CUMMING, MD, June BOYLE. OTHER TOWNLANDS: Laragh & Cornacarrow, Parish of Aghnamullen, Co. Monaghan.
Sharon Oddie Brown, June 19, 2005
Update: November 10, 2007 Footnotes done.


In the name of God Amen, I Joseph OLIVER [1] of Tullymore in the County of Armagh being in sound and disposing mind do make this my last will and testament. First I will and bequeath to my brothers Benjamin [2] and William OLIVER [3] all my interest in the Lands Mills and Premises of Laragh and Cornicara [4] situate in the Parish of Aughnamullan County of Monaghan subject to a debt of three Hundred pounds due to Mrs. HAMILTON [5] of Armagh which said debt of three hundred pounds my Brothers William and Benjamin are to pay to said Mrs. HAMILTON in Consideration of said bequest therein demised I will and bequath unto Miss ALEXANDER now Mrs. McCULLAGH [6] the sum of fifty pounds Sterling late Irish currency which sum I am due her as a lawful and just debt, I do also will and bequeath to my son John Elliot OLIVER [7] all my chattels rents and arrears of rents and other property of whatsoever kind and wheresoever situate subject to all my lawful debts. I do nominate Constitute and Appoint my brothers Benjamin and William OLIVER together with my nephew David LESLIE [8] as executors to this my last will and testament, signed by me this fifteenth day of January in the Year of our Lord one thousand Eight Hundred and thirty six in presence of Mary Anne LENNON [9] , B Shuldhand HENRY [10] – David COLLINS [11] -


I Joseph OLIVER of Tullymore in addition to the covenant as stated herein do appoint my dear wife Catherine OLIVER [12] as executrix to this my last will and testament jointly with the executors mentioned above. I also appoint her (my wife) to be guardian to my son John Eliot OLIVER till he attains his majority and of the Chattles which I have bequeathed in this my last will and Testament to my said son John Elliot OLIVER. I now leave to my wife Catherine OLIVER whatever part of the furniture of my House in Tullymore she may select for herself for her own use and benefit without being subject to my debts. Signed by me this twenty first day of October one thousand eight hundred and thirty seven in presence of –


B. Shuldhaw HENRY – Thos. CUMMING MD [13] – June BOYLE [14]


NOTE: Will was proved November 15, 1837

[1] Joseph OLIVER (1764-1837) of Tullymore. He is one of the twin sons of David OLIVER (1725-1806) of Ballyrea and Susanna OLIVER née WALKER (d. 1808). There are several OLIVER deeds that bear his name – many to do with Laragh & Derryhaw..

[2] Benjamin OLIVER, brother of Joseph and likely resident at Ballyrea, Co. Armagh. A will was probated in 1840 for a Benjamin OLIVER of Ballyrea. I have not found a copy of this will, but if it is a fit, it means he died sometime between 1837-1840.

[3] William OLIVER. (1764-1844) of Laragh. He married Mary Anne - widow of Dr. Clarendon HYDE - and they had sons William & Joseph.

[4] Laragh and Cornicara aka Cornicarrow, Parish of Aughnamullan County of Monaghan where the OLIVER family had mills.SEE: Map

[5] Mrs. HAMILTON Probably the mother of Joseph OLIVER’s first wife Jane HAMILTON. Her husband was James HAMILTON. SOURCE: Deed settlement 1804 August 31 DEED: 567-358-381199

[6] Mrs. McCULLAGH née ALEXANDER. There is another ALEXANDER-McCULLAGH marriage in the family tree, but the time frame doesn’t fit.

[7] John Elliot OLIVER (b. abt 1831 & died abt. 26 June 1850. Son of Joseph OLIVER & his second wife Catherine.

[8] David LESLIE son of Nathaniel LESLIE & Martha OLIVER, born after 1803.

[9] Mary Anne LENNON

[10] B Shuldhand HENRY

[11] David COLLINS

[12] Catherine OLIVER (1791-1866) – nee OSBORNE - second wife of Joseph OLIVER.

[13] Thos. CUMMING MD

[14] June BOYLE



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