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NAMES: Edward OWENS; Sarah COULTER; Samuel COULTER; Rev. Daniel Gunn BROWNE; Simon OWENS sr.; Simon OWNES jr; Robert DICKIE; J. PURCELL. PLACES: Castlebellingham, Co. Louth; Dowdallshill, Co. Louth; Glenburn, Co. Armagh; Julianstown, Co. Meath; Killen, Co. Louth.
Sharon Oddie Brown. June 19, 2008
Thanks to Steven SIMS, my footnotes have new info. June 20, 2009

OWENS  COULTER Marriage Articles
Registry of Deeds: 1829-08-178


To the Register appointed by an Act of Parliament for Registry of Deeds Conveyances Wills etc. A Memorial Indenture Deed of Marriage Settlement bearing date the 24th day of February in the year of our Lord 1838 and made between Edward OWENS[1] of Castlebellingham[2] in the County of Louth Esquire of the first part Sarah COULTER[3] of Dowdallshill[4] in the County of Louth aforesaid spinster of the second part and Samuel COULTER[5] of the city of Dublin Dr. of Medicine and the Rev. Daniel Gunn BROWNE[6] of Glenburn[7] in the County of Armagh trustees named and appointed for the purposes therein mentioned of the third part. Whereby also reciting that a marriage was intended to be shortly had and so [intended?] between the said Edward OWENS and Sarah  COULTER and further reciting that the said Sarah  COULTER was entitled to the sum of £1000 of the late Irish currency and also further reciting that the said Edward OWENS did in or as of [?]town 1838 obtained two separate judgments against Simon OWENS[8] the elder and Simon OWENS[9] the younger both of Julianstown[10] in the County of Meath Esquires each for the sum of £2000 penalty and that there was then due and owing on [?] of the two separate judgments the principle sum of 1000 sterling besides costs and that [?] the [?] for the said intended marriage it was agreed upon that the said Edward OWENS should assign the two separate judgments to the said Samuel  COULTER and Daniel Gunn BROWNE the trustees therein named and appointed. Said indenture witnessed that the said Edward OWENS did and in consideration of the said marriage and other marriage portions [?] of the said Sarah  COULTER by deed bearing equal date therewith assign transfer make over unto the said Samuel  COULTER and Daniel Gunn BROWNE and a survivor of them and the exors and admons of such survivor the said two separate Judgments as by the memorials of such deed of assignment and interest in the proper office [?] upon the trusts & for the end interests and purposes therein express to and mentioned and said indenture contains the usual Covenant and for further assurance and the Execution of said deed and of this Memorial respectively witnessed by Robert DICKIE[11] of Killen[12] in the County of Dublin Esq.

Edward Owen seal

Signed and sealed in presence of

Robert Dickie

Samuel  Coulter


The above named Samuel  COULTER maketh oath and says that he this deponent did see the above named Edward Owen duly signed sealed and delivered the deed of which the above is a memorial and that he did also see the said Edward OWENS duly sign and seal this memorial and that deponent is a subscribing witness to the execution of the said deed and of this memorial respectively and that the name Samuel  COULTER thereunto respectively subscribed is this deponent's proper name and hand writing Samuel  COULTER sworn before me at Dundalk in the County of Louth 22nd day of March 1839 by Virtue of a Common fourth of her Majesty's Court of Exchequer in Ireland to be directed for taking affidavits in said County and know the deponent J [?] Purcell[13] Commissioner.

[1] Edward OWENS (b abt 1800) d 7 Aug 1883 Queensland, Australia; 2nd of 5? sons of Simon OWENS & Christina McGEOUGH. His will does not have much of Irish interest except perhaps that he still held £1000 of property there. Edward & Sarah emigrated to Australia with their 10 children on the Saldanha in 1862. SOURCE: Steven SIMS email June 20, 2009.

[2] Castlebellingham , County Louth

[3] Sarah COULTER b 1812.She died 18 Jan 1880, Queensland, Australia; she was the youngest child of Joseph COULTER and Jane IRWIN. Her father died when she was 3 years old.

[4] Dowdallshill in the County of Louth

[5] Samuel COULTER.Doctor of Medicine in Dublin. He was the older brother of Sarah COULTER. They were children of Joseph COULTER and Jane IRWIN. Also (thanks to Steven SIMS): Alumni Dublinenses COULTER, SAMUEL, Pen. (Mr Neilson), Oct. 16, 1820, aged 17; s. of Joseph, Agricola; b. Louth. B.A. Vern. 1825. M.A. and M.B. Vern. 1828. And: Coulter, Samuel, Medical Doctor of Dublin; Formerly of Dowdal's Hill, County Louth. Transcript of Probate granted 1839 at Prerogative Court. NA Reference: Prerogative Grant Book/F/199b.

[6] Rev. Daniel Gunn BROWNE (1808-1892). It is interesting that he would be made a trustee. His wife was Margaret JACKSON of Urker.

[7] Glenburn in the County of Armagh

[8] Simon OWENS the elder (b abt 1770) married Christina McGEOGH 28 Apr 1796, St Mary, Dublin. He died abt 1838 at Julianstown, Nobber, Meath. His will was probated in 1845, some time after his death: NA Reference: T/14919.

[9] Simon OWENS the younger – a brother of Edward OWENS. born about 1799 Ireland, d 25 Sep 1879 Julianstown,
Nobber, Meath; m Mary HINDS 24 Sep 1840 Trim. Meath. Probably buried 29 Sep 1879 Ardbraccan, Navan, Meath. SOURCE: Steven SIMS email June 20, 2009.

[10] Julianstown, Nobber, County Meath

[11] Robert DICKIE. Probably the Robert DICKIE (1804-1880), son of James DICKIE & Euphemia PATTERSON of Killen, Co. Louth. He emigrated to Australia

[12] Killen. I am unsure of which Parish – Ballymascanlon or Kane, both in Co. Louth. I suspect the reference to “County of Dublin” is an error and Kane is most likely.

[13] J [?] PURCELL



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