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NAMES: Samuel COULTER of Molesworth; Alexander DONALDSON of Philipstown; Humphry STEVENSON; Joseph COULTER of Dowdalls Hill; DOWDALL; QUIGLEY; GEMON; FITZSIMMON; Samuel COULTER of Kingstown, Dublin; Thomas Elder FLEURY of Dublin; Walter GLASSCOCK. OTHER PLACES: Dowdalls Hill.
Sharon Oddie Brown. August 30, 2009


1838 March 10

Deed: 1838 05 111


To the register appointed by act of Parliament for registering deeds conveyances wills etc. etc.

A Memorial of an indented deed of assignment by way of mortgage bearing date the 10th day of March the year of our Lord 1838 and made between Samuel COULTER[1] of Molesworth street in the city of Dublin Esq. Dr. of Medicine of the one part and Alexander DONALDSON[2] of Philipstown[3] in the County of Louth Esquire of the other part. Whereby after reciting as therein said indenture witness that the said Samuel COULTER did for his consideration of the sum of £500 to him and hand paid by the said Alexander DONALDSON at or immediately before the sealing and delivery of the said presents the receipt whereof is thereby acknowledged, bargain sell assign transfer and such over unto the said Alexander DONALDSON his exhors admons and assigns all that and those that part of the lands of Dowdalls Hill[4] containing by survey 53 roods 20 perches Irish plantation measure be the same more or less bounded on the North by part of Dowdalls Hill aforesaid formerly held by Humphrey STEVENSON[5] on the East by the late Joseph COULTER’s[6] holding in Dowdalls Hill aforesaid on the south by the road leading for the marsh on the west by holdings formally in the possession of DOWDALL[7] and QUIGLEY[8] in Dowdalls Hill aforesaid and GEMONs[9] and FITZSIMMONs[10] holdings and the part called Sheeran’s field which said premises are situate lying and being in the parish of Dundalk Barony of Upper Dundalk and County of Louth aforesaid. To hold to the said Alexander DONALDSON his exhors admons and assigns for and during the rest residue and remainder of a term of 999 years in and by a certain indenture of demised therein recited of the 11th day of November 1781 granted subject however to redemption as therein said indenture contains the usual Covenant for further assurances and quiet enjoyment and the exoneration of said deed and of this Memorial respectively are witnessed by Samuel COULTER[11] of Kingtown[12] in the County of Dublin Esq. and Thomas Elder FLEURY[13] of Fitzwilliam Sq., East in the County of the City of Dublin attorney at law. Samuel COULTER [seal]. Signed sealed in the presence of Samuel COULTER Thomas Elder FLEURY the above named Thomas Elder FLEURY of Fitzwilliam Sq., East in the County of city of Dublin attorney at law Samuel COULTER [ seal]. Signed sealed in the presence of Samuel COULTER Thomas Edgar FLEURY the above named Thomas Elder FLEURY maketh oath and says that he this deponent did see the above named Samuel COULTER duly sign seal and deliver the deed of which the above is a Memorial and that he did also see the said Samuel COULTER duly sign and seal this Memorial and that the same Thomas Elder FLEURY thereto respectively subscribed is this deponent’s proper name and hand writing and said he hath delivered the said deed and Memorial to Walter GLASSCOCK[14] Esq. aforesaid Registrar at the Registry Office Kings Inns Henrietta St., Dublin at or near the hour of 3:30 o'clock in the noon of the 10th day of March 1838. Thomas Elder FLEURY. Sworn before me this 10th day of March 1838 Walter GLASSCOCK. Eight. R. Eight sheets A true copy. RW THOMPSON[15].


[1] Samuel COULTER (1802- abt. 1839) of Molesworth street in the city of Dublin Esq. Dr. of Medicine

·         Son of Joseph COULTER and Jane IRWIN and an older brother of Sarah COULTER. There was a Samuel COULTER b 1802 who was a brother of Sarah.

·         He was described as an infant shortly after the death of his uncle, Samuel COULTER in 1801. SOURCE: A Man Who Can Speak of Plants.

·         Also (thanks to Steven SIMS): Alumni Dublinenses COULTER, SAMUEL, Pen. (Mr Neilson), Oct. 16, 1820, aged 17; s. of Joseph, Agricola; b. Louth. B.A. Vern. 1825. M.A. and M.B. Vern. 1828.

·         Coulter, Samuel, Medical Doctor of Dublin; Formerly of Dowdal's Hill, County Louth. Transcript of Probate granted 1839 at Prerogative Court. NA Reference: Prerogative Grant Book/F/199b. NOTE: I have not looked at this yet.

·         See also: SEE: Deed: 1829-08-178 http://www.thesilverbowl.com/documents/1838Feb24-OWENS-COULTER.html

·         NOTE: There was also a Coulter, Samuel, Esq., M.D., Carney Dispensary, Sligo SOURCE: Lewis’s Topographical Dictionary.

[2] Alexander DONALDSON (1771-1843), of Philipstown in the County of Louth Esquire. A well to do man who started building Phillipstown House in Co. Louth in 1826. When his nephew Alexander Charleton died in 1828, he was grief-stricken enough to stop work on it. "After Alexander Charleton's death his brother William Charleton came to live with him and died there on 25Sept1875 age 77, unmarried. This William in his will dated 24 April 1872 left all his real estate to his nephew Thomas William BELL who completed building the house." The will of Alexander Donaldson (dated 25 May 1843) left his relatives Alexander McELROY part of his land - also William CHARLETON. "In 1834 he owned 30 good acres in arable state, 10 acres arable, 10 acres pasture and 2 marsh."

He also owned land in Annaletten, Co. Monaghan and in Gibstown, Co. Louth; he served on the Grand Jury of Louth and was also High Sherriff.  SOURCE: Irish Edition of Alexander ban DONALDSON p252 and 254.

[3] Philipstown. The house at Phillipstown which was begun by Alexander DONALDSON (1771-1843) was completed by his nephew Thomas William BELL who inherited it after Alexander DONALDSON’s death.

[4] Dowdalls Hill, 422 acres in the Parish of Dundalk, Co. Louth.

  • H.C. Backhouse writes in Tempests Jubilee Annual 1909  p40: In those byegone days our forefathers bivouacked and pic-nicked on the green slopes of Dowdallshill, and the " races " only added a little zest to the entertainment the day, which consisted principally of eating and drinking, with an odd free fight thrown in ; broken bottles and broken heads made things lively, yet who will say these people in the good old times did not enjoy themselves in a much more sportive way than the present generation. One of the first things I can remember being brought as a boy of nine to this " glorious carnival," not into the grand stand mark you (if such existed), but on to the free fields, and on that memorable . The races were revived and the grandstand rebuilt sometime around the late 1880s.

[5] Humphrey STEVENSON In 1781, he leased to Turner BARRETT what was then known then as the Red Cow Lands which are described beneath as being bounded by Dowdalls Hill. SOURCE: Louth Archives. A further curlicue in our extended family tree is that an Isabella BARRETT b 1790 at Dowdallshill (d.1838) married Isaiah OLIVER(1787-1833) of Derryroosk, Co. Monaghan and one of their children was named Turner BARRETT.

·         11 November 1781 Earl of Clanbrassil to Humphrey Stevenson of the Red Cow. The map shows the old Dundalk – Newry road passing across the property dividing the part of the Red Cow lands. The Old Red Cow is shown above and to north west Navan on the south west is now Strandfield. All or part of the lands formerly known by the name Mullaghadowdall of Tallon’s Cassway and now known by the name of the Red Cow Lands; and also that part of Dowdalls Hill adjoining; and bounded on the east and north east by the lands called the Old Red Cow, the lands of Faughart and Navan, on the west by the lands of Ballynahatten, on the south by Dowdalls Hill, all lying in the parish of Dundalk. Term of 999 years, yearly rent £100. Total areas 100 acres odd.

[6] Joseph COULTER (1704-1796) of  Dowdalls Hill, son of Thomas COULTER and Anne MAFFETT. He married (wife’s name is unknown to me), but left no heirs.

[7] DOWDALL. The name is long connected with this part of Co. Louth in 1735, The Very Rev. Dr. DOWDALL was the Parish Priest at the Catholic Church of St. Nicholas. SOURCE: Tempests Jubilee Annual 1909 p. 23. A Mr. Patrick DOWDALL ran the newspaper The Examiner. He was predeceased by his two sons, John and Patrick and left three daughters. An Anne DOWDALL (1780-1871) married a Thomas COULTER of Skyhill. She may be related.




[11] Samuel COULTER of Kingtown in the County of Dublin Esq.

[12] Kingtown aka Kingstown. Dún Laoghaire gets it's name from the Irish Translation, Fort (Dún) of Laoghaire. King Laoghaire was the ancient High King of Ireland before the Vikings arrived. When the English came they renamed the town Dunlary (Dunleary) to suit the English tongue. In 1821 it was renamed Kingstown by King George IV of England to honour his visit to the town that year. It remained Kingstown through Victorian times until in 1921, one year before independence, the town council voted to change the name back to the ancient Irish name Dún Laoghaire. The person most responsible for this was the Irish Martyr Patrick Moran who was commemorated with the naming of Moran Park. SOURCE: http://www.dun-laoghaire.com/

[13] Thomas Elder FLEURY of Fitzwilliam Sq., East, Dublin attorney at law. There is Fleury Bridge: file:///C:/Users/Sharon/Documents/Webstuff/theSilverBowl2/documents/newsclippings/1798Aug9.html

[14] Walter GLASSCOCK Esq. aforesaid Registrar




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