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Thanks to the transcription of dozens of pages of notes (probably actually "hundreds") from Wendy Jack, I think I am successfully dotting a few more "i"s and crossing a few more "t"s.
In this deed, we have: NAMES: Samuel BRADFORD; Rev. James BEATTY; William Jocelyn BRADFORD; Barbara M [Maxwell] BRADFORD; William McCULLAGH; Rev. James BEATTY. PLACES: Cavanore AKA Cavananore, parish of Creggan, Co. Louth; Ravensdale, Parish of Ballymascanlan, Co. Louth.

Sharon Oddie Brown. September 3, 2008
Footnotes updated February 1, 2009.

1838 Abstract of Will Probate for Samuel BRADFORD

SOURCE: National Archives IWR/1839/F/368


Based on information in this will and information gathered from various sources that can be found in my footnotes, the relationships of this BRADFORD look something like this. I have taken a few liberties with hunches and am hoping that I have decoded the grave memorials correctly. I have highlighted the names mentioned in the will probate in red:


Descendants of William Bradford

 1   William Bradford   d: in of Ravensdale, Ballymascanlan

..  +Ann Unnamed b: 1766  d: 14 Aug 1837

.....2   Rose Anne Bradford b: Abt. 1806  d: 10 Sep 1853

......... +William McCullagh b: 1805 in of Dundalk m: 06 Nov 1832 in Co. Louth d: 22 Sep 1864

............... 3   Anna McCullagh b: Abt. 1839  d: 25 Dec 1855

................3   William Henry McCullagh b: Abt. 1844  d: 09 Mar 1871

................3   Jane McCullagh b: Abt. 1836  d: 18 May 1870

.................... +Unnamed Farquharson  

................3   Sarah McCullagh b: Abt. 1841  d: 09 Jul 1900

.... 2   John Bradford  

.....2   Isaac Bradford  

.....2   Henry Bradford b: Abt. 1798  d: 11 Jan 1835

.....2   Samuel Bradford   d: 09 Jun 1838

......... +Barbara Maxwell b: Abt. 1804  d: 05 Mar 1831

............... 3   William Jocelyn Bradford b: Abt. 1827  d: 14 Aug 1869 at Killowen

............... 3   Barbara M Bradford  






Executors/ for what purpose



Died 16th June 1838


Co. Louth

9 June 1838

The Revd Jas BEATTY[2]

Samuel BRADFORD[3]

Residence Dundalk Co. Louth


All the Property


Hd Goods             £    90 0 0

In the Funds             200.0.0

Securities                976 14 1

Stock                    1734 5 11

Other property       846 11 7

                          £ 3847 10 7



This 2/3rd to Wm [J?] Bradford[5] son

& ½ to Barbara M Bradford[6] Daughter


To the son at 21 & the Daughter at that age or marriage or [?] with [?] in default – the interest and any part of the Capital that may be necessary for the benefit in the meantime.


But should both of said children die under age without issue then £1000 (by codicil among  The child of Testors’ Brother-in Law Wm McCulloch[7]


The remainder to The Remonstrant Synod of the Clergymen of Newry


Prerog Court

20 July 1839


NOTE: Other versions of this probate may be found at the National Archives of Dublin






Date of Grant

Where proved/




NA Ref

Doc ID






Prerogative Court

Dundalk, Co. Louth





Dundalk, Louth



Prerogative Court


Prerogative Grant Book F/145a




Dundalk, Louth


20 July 1839

Prerogative Court





[1] Samuel BRADFORD. I do not yet know how or if he fits in to our known connections, but I suspect that his wife, since she has gone unmentioned may be the person in the following grave memorial at Ballymascanlon Church: BRADFORD. IN MEMORY/of Barbara Maxwell Bradford/who died on the fifth day March 1831/ Aged 27 years/This monument was erected/out of Grateful Regard to departed/worth by her affectionate/Hufband Samuel Bradford of Dundalk/WILLIAM JOCELYN BRADFORD, M.D./Died 14th August, 1869/Aged 42 years/Keep your eye fixed on/the Lord Jesus Christ. I suspect that the WILLIAM JOCELYN BRADFORD entry was added later.

[2] Rev James BEATTY. M.A. He was a subscriber to the Topographical Dictionary of Ireland  by Samuel Lewis. He was the Presbyterian Chaplain at the Dundalk County Goal in 1830. Given the possible connection of the Samuel BRADFORD of this will to Ballymascanlon Church, it is perhaps relevant that a will dated 1834 for Elizabeth Mary BEATTY mentions her pew at that church – and also has references to McCULLAGH witnesses (Anne & Margaret). Other sightings: The Armagh Guardian January 28, 1845 The death of his son: Of inflammation of the lungs, at the age of three years and five months, Albert, son of the Rev. James Beatty, Dundalk

[3] Samuel BRADFORD This was nost likely the Samuel BRADFORD (1803-1881) who was the son of Samuel BRADFORD Margaret HENRY. As Wendy Jack points out, "His nephew Samuel (of Carnbeg) would only have been a toddler at this time, and the other Samuels were dead by 1838."[email Jan 31, 2008] He would be living in the correct time frame and would also have connections to Cavananore –as it was also his family home. A land agreement of 1876 also mentions the McCULLAGHs.

[4] Cavanore. I suspect that what is meant is Cavananore.

[5] William Jocelyn BRADFORD (ABt 1827-1869). OTHER SOURCE: grave memorial from Ballymascanlon Church: WILLIAM JOCELYN BRADFORD, M.D./Died 14th August, 1869/Aged 42 years/Keep your eye fixed on/the Lord Jesus Christ. If he was 42 years old at time of death, then he would have been born in 1827 – and orphaned at age 4. Thanks to Wendy JACK, the following: The Belfast News-Letter (Belfast, Ireland), Wednesday, August 18, 1869; Issue 44485. BRADFORD - August 14, at Killowen, William Jocelyn Bradford, Esq., M.D., Lond n, aged 4  years. [The missing characters are as they appeared in the notice, not Wendy's or my typos.]

[6] Barbara Maxwell BRADFORD. Daughter of Samuel BRADFORD (d. 1839) and Barbara MAXWELL.

[7] William McCULLOCH. My best bet of how he fits in is thanks to Wendy JACK and a marriage announcement she shared: The Belfast News-Letter (Belfast, Ireland), Tuesday, November 13, 1832; Issue 9956 On Tuesday last, Mr. WM. M'CULLOCH, of Dundalk, to ROSE ANN, only daughter of Mr. William Bradford, of Ravensdale. NOTE: We are away to the races in terms of relationships when we also correlate this with the memorial: BRADFORD. Erected/BY WILLIAM BRADFORD/of Ravensdale in memory of/his two sons John and Isaac/also his son Henry died the/11th Jany 1835 aged 37 years/Ann his wife died 14th Augt/1837 aged 71 years/ Also in memory of/Rose Anne McCulloch who died/Septr 10th 1853 Aged 47 years/And to Anna McCulloch/who died Dec 25th 1855/Aged 16 years/Also to that of William McCulloch who died Septr 22nd 1864/Aged 59 years/And also to the memory of/William Henry McCulloch/who died March 9th 1871/Aged 27 years/Also to the memory of/ Jane Farquharson daughter of William McCulloch/who died l8th May 1870 Aged 34 years/ Also to the memory of/Sarah daughter of William McCulloch/who died 9th July, 1900, Aged 59 years.



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