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NAMES: William McCULLAGH of Dundalk; James BEATTIE, Rev of [Knockakean?] Lodge, Co. Armagh; Samuel BRADFORD of Cavananore; Samuel BRADFORD late of Dundalk; Bridgit McKENNA; John NICHOLSON; Edward TOWNLEY; William Robert ROGERS; William HILL; John TOWNLEY; Lucas SHERLOCK.
Sharon Oddie Brown. July 9, 2009


1839 Nov 13

DEED 1839 23 125


NOTE: I made the spelling of McCULLAGH the same throughout, although it varied in the Memorial.


To the register appointed by act of Parliament for registering deeds wills conveyances and so forth.


A Memorial of an indented deed of mortgage bearing date the 13th day of November in the year of our Lord 1839 made and executed by and between William McCULLAGH[1] of Dundalk in the County of Louth merchant of the one part and the Rev. James BEATTIE[2] of [Knockakean?] Lodge in said County Presbyterian minister and Samuel BRADFORD[3] of Cavananore in said County farmer executors named in and appointed by the last will and testament of Samuel BRADFORD[4] late of the town of Dundalk aforesaid deceased of the other part whereby after reciting that the said William McCULLAGH was possessed of and entitled to the premises therein and hereafter mentioned under and by virtue of the indenture of lease bearing date the 29th day of September 1837 in the manner in said indenture of mortgage recited and that the said William McCULLAGH has Indebted to the said James BEATTIE and Samuel BRADFORD as executors of the said Samuel BRADFORD in the sum of five hundred pounds and that the said William McCULLAGH in order to serve the payment thereof with interest as therein has proposed and agreed with the said James BEATTIE and Samuel BRADFORD to execute to them a mortgage of the said premises for said term to be payable with interest as in said deed mentioned the said Indenture of which this is a Memorial witnessed that for and in issuance of the sum of 500 pounds due as aforesaid and in pursuance of the said proposal and agreement and for the other considerations in hand deed mentioned he the said William McCULLAGH had and by hand and gave granted bargained sold assigned released and transferred and made over to the Rev. James BEATTIE and Samuel BRADFORD and the survivor of them that piece or plot of ground situate between Mrs. McKENNA[5] and Mr. John NICHOLSON[6] holdings in Clanbrassil Street[7] in the town of Dundalk Barony of upper Dundalk and County of Louth containing in front to Clanbrassil street 33 feet and at the rear thereof 30'1" and from front to rear 195 feet -- be all the [?] admeasurements more or less bounded on the West by Clanbrassil street on the East by _____  on the South partly by Brigit McKENNA’s holding and partly by the County Gaol and on the North partly by the John NICHOLSON’s holding and partly by Edward TOWNLEY’s[8] holding and as the fair premises are more particularly described by a map a [?] thereof annexed to the said hereinbefore in part sealed Indenture of lease of the 29th day of September 1807 together with the two  [?] dwelling houses [occupied?] by the said William McCULLAGH upon the said premises and all the houses and edifices buildings yards gardens privileges advantages and appurtenances to the same belonging and also all the improvements made upon said premises as fully as the said several premises are now or lately were in the possession or occupation of the said William McCULLAGH or his undertenants which said premises are situate lying and being in the town of Dundalk Barony of upper Dundalk and County of Louth aforesaid and all deeds relating thereto due  the rents issues and profits thereof and all the estate and interest of the said William McCULLAGH therein and thereto to hold unto the said James BEATTIE and Samuel BRADFORD and a survivor of them as exors as aforesaid and exors admons and assigns of such survivor to the early proper use and [?] of the said James BEATTIE and Samuel BRADFORD and a survivor of them and the exors and admons and assigns of such survivor as such [?] as aforesaid for the residue of the said term of 999 years yet to come and Unexpired granted by the said indenture of lease of the 29 September 1807 subject to the promise or consideration of redemption of the new mortgaged premises upon payment of the said sum of 500 pounds with interest and costs at the time and in manner in said Indenture of Mortgage mentioned which said deed contained several other clauses and covenants and use to the exors thereof by the said William McCULLAGH James BEATTIE and Samuel BRADFORD the same is witnessed by William Robert ROGERS[9] of Dundalk in the County of Louth attorney at law and William HILL[10] of Dundalk in said County writing clerk and this Memorial as to the exors thereof by the said William McCULLAGH by virtue by the said Robert ROGERS and William HILL William McCULLAGH. [Seal]


Signed and sealed in presence of Robert ROGERS William HILL. The above named William HILL maketh oath and saith he is a subscribing witness to the deed of which the above writing purports to be a Memorial and also to this Memorial and deponent saith that he saw said deed duly signed and sealed and delivered by William McCULLAGH James BEATTIE and Samuel BRADFORD the executing parties thereto and also saw this Memorial duly signed sealed and delivered by the said William McCULLAGH the executing party [?] that the said that the name William HILL subscribed as a witness to said deed and this Memorial really is this deponents proper name and hand writing William HILL sworn before me at Dundalk in the County of Louth to 16 December 1839 by Virtue of a Commission issued out of this Court of Chancery to be directed for the registering of affidavits in said County and I know deponent John TOWNLEY[11]. 15 sheets a true copy Lucas SHERLOCK[12].


[1] William McCULLAGH of Dundalk. There is a William McCULLAGH (1805-1864) Merchant of Dundalk who married a Rose Anne BRADFORD (1806-1853). Her parents were William & Ann BRADFORD of Ravensdale. This branch of BRADFORDs is not yet connected to the larger tree. As for William McCULLAGH, I can’t track him back any further, but he may be the son of a William McCULLAGH & Jane COULTER.

[2] James BEATTIE, Rev.  M.A. (1800-1851) From gravestone inscriptions, we can surmise his wife was named Elizabeth. Some of his children (who died young) would have been: Joseph, Matilda and Albert. (SOURCE: Tempest Jubilee Annual 1909  p33.) Of Mr. Beatty's labours and personal worth we need Bay nothing. His ministry left a hallowed influence behind, for he was an earnest preacher and devoted pastor. He was cut down in the prime of life by typhus fever contracted in the discharge of his constant ministerial duties, and died in December, 1851, aged 51 years. He is interred within the precincts of the church he laboured to build, and over his remains a handsome monument was erected which tells of his life and work in connection with this congregation. He was a subscriber to the Topographical Dictionary of Ireland  by Samuel Lewis. He was the Presbyterian Chaplain at the Dundalk County Goal in 1830. Given the possible connection of the Samuel BRADFORD of this will to Ballymascanlon Church, it is perhaps relevant that a will dated 1834 for Elizabeth Mary BEATTY mentions her pew at that church – and also has references to McCULLAGH witnesses (Anne & Margaret). Other sightings: The Armagh Guardian January 28, 1845 The death of his son: Of inflammation of the lungs, at the age of three years and five months, Albert, son of the Rev. James Beatty, Dundalk

SOURCE: http://www.jbhall.freeservers.com/st__nicholas_dundalk.htm SACRED To the memory of the children Of the late Revd James Beatty Presbn minister Dundalk, and Elizabeth Beatty his wife This Tomb is erected by a fond Mother To her son Joseph Who died 22nd of Jany 1823 aged 8 Yrs And to their daughter Matilda Who died 29th of Jany 1843 aged 6 yrs Also to their son Albert who died 15th of Jany 1845 aged 4 Yrs.

[3] Samuel BRADFORD of Cavananore. This was most likely the Samuel BRADFORD (1803-1881) who was the son of Samuel BRADFORD Margaret HENRY. As Wendy Jack points out, "His nephew Samuel (of Carnbeg) would only have been a toddler at this time, and the other Samuels were dead by 1838."[email Jan 31, 2008] He would be living in the correct time frame and would also have connections to Cavananore –as it was also his family home. A land agreement of 1876 also mentions the McCULLAGHs.

[4] Samuel BRADFORD late of the town of Dundalk. He died June 9, 1838. I do not yet know how or if he fits in to our known connections, but I suspect that his wife, since she has gone unmentioned may be the person in the following grave memorial at Ballymascanlon Church: BRADFORD. IN MEMORY/of Barbara Maxwell Bradford/who died on the fifth day March 1831/ Aged 27 years/This monument was erected/out of Grateful Regard to departed/worth by her affectionate/Hufband Samuel Bradford of Dundalk/WILLIAM JOCELYN BRADFORD, M.D./Died 14th August, 1869/Aged 42 years/Keep your eye fixed on/the Lord Jesus Christ. I suspect that the WILLIAM JOCELYN BRADFORD entry was added later SEE: http://www.thesilverbowl.com/documents/1838SamuelBRADFORD-Will.html

[5] Mrs. McKENNA Is this the same as Bridgit McKENNA?


[7] Clanbrassil Street. In 1909, a J. BEATTIE had a confection store on Clanbrassil Street and advertized oatcakes in Tempest Jubilee Annual 1909. An Arthur ROGERS who died in 1860 was a draper on Clanbrassil Street.

[8] Edward TOWNLEY

[9] William Robert ROGERS. Is this the same as Robert ROGERS? He served as an elected Guardian with William McCULLAGH. His son, also William Robert ROGERS was also a solicitor. SOURCE: Tempest Jubilee Annual 1909.

[10] William HILL

[11] John TOWNLEY. A John TOWLEY was elected a Commissioner in 1855 and was a Steam Packet Director in 1859. SOURCE: Tempest Jubilee Annual 1909.

[12] Lucas SHERLOCK



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