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NAMES: Robert DICKIE of Rochdale; Mary Anne DICKIE (WALLACE) of Rochdale; John Thomas DICKIE of Clonaleenan; William CHARLTON of Philipstown; Thomas BRADFORD of Carnbeg; John DICKIE of Casino, Malahide, Dublin; Robert DICKIE; Samuel DICKIE of Killen. OTHER PLACES: Annaghavackey; Sheelagh.
The transcription of this piece was likely tedious - just looking at the script that it was rendered in makes my head spin. Thanks to Wendy Jack for this. The footnotes - errors and all, are mine.
Sharon Oddie Brown. February 7, 2009


Last Will and Testament of Robert Dickie, M.D.


I Robert Dickie[1] of Roachdale[2] in the County of Louth M.D. being about to depart for India and knowing the uncertainty of this life do make this my last will and Testament In the first place I leave to my mother Mary Anne Dickie[3] otherwise Wallace an annuity of six pounds sterling during her lifetime which annuity at her death is to be disposed of as will be hereafter mentioned the said annuity to be paid out of the rents of my land in Annaghavarky[4] at present set yearly without lease to John Thomas Dickie[5] William Chorleton[6] and Thomas Bradford[7] and producing thirty pounds sterling per annum In the event of my mother being compelled or wishing to leave Roachdale House[8] and live elsewhere It is my wish that she should also have that acre of land at the School House of Annaghavarky called the Meeting House and during her lifetime to be enjoyed by her as she may think proper which acre at her death is to be given to my brother John Dickie Secondly I give and bequeath to my brother John Dickie[9] all my land in Annagharky containing thirteen acres and a half Irish plantation measure, which land is bounded on the North by the lands of Shelagh[10] on the South by the road leading from Dundalk to Castleblayney on the east by the road leading to Ballebinaby Bridge and on the West by the road to Crossmaglen Subject however to the before mentioned annuity of six pounds sterling and all my just debts and to his heirs executors and assigns for ever, at my mothers death the said annuity of six pounds is to go to my Brother John Dickie and his heirs executors & assigns I also leave to my Brother John Dickie the before mentioned meeting house acre subject however to the previous arrangement as far as relates to my mother It is my wish however if the before mentioned acre should be claimed by the Presbyterians Annaghavarky at any time hereafter for the purpose of building a Meeting House on it and that the said Meeting House is built and Divine Service performed regularly by a Presbyterian Minister in that case the said acre is to be given up to the Presbyterians of Annavarky as long as it is used for the before mentioned purpose. Should it be used for any other purpose the heirs executors or assigns of said John Dickie shall repossess it In the event  of my debts not being paid at my death and should my land be sold to pay them then my Mother is to get the Meeting House acre during her lifetime whether she lives in Roachdale House or not I also give to my Mother all my books and chattles with what money or any other property I may die possessed of to be divided by her among all my brothers and Sisters[11] in whatever proportions she may think proper and I appoint Mr. John Thomas Dickie of Clonaleenan and Mr. William Chorleton of Philipstown[12] my Executors to see my wishes carried into effect Dated this nineteenth day of August one thousand eight hundred and forty two -- Withness my hand and seal

Robert Dickie M D -- Witnesses present -- Robt Dickie[13] -- Samuel Dickie[14]


In the Prerogative Court of Canterbury

            In the Goods of Robert Dickie deceased

Appeared Personally Samuel Dickie of Killen in the County of Louth farmer and made oath that he is one of the subscribed Witnesses to the last Will and Testament hereto annexed bearing date the nineteenth day of August one thousand eight hundred and forty two of Robert Dickie formerly of Roachdale in the County of Louth in Ireland but late of Kamptee in the East Indies Doctor of Medicine Assistant Surgeon in the East India Company's Service on the Madras Establishment deceased and he further made Oath that on the nineteenth day of August aforesaid the said Testator duly exercised his said Will by signing his name at the foot or end thereof in the presence of this appearer and of Robert Dickie the other subscribed witness thereto they being both present at the same time and this appearer and the said Robert Dickie then attested and subscribed the said Will in the presence of the said Testator and of each other and having now with care and attention viewed and inspected the said Will and particularly noticed the words "executors or assigns" written between the tenth and eleventh lines from the bottom of the said Will he this appearer further saith that the said writed interlineation and alteration was written and made in the said Will in manner as it now appears previous to the execution thereof -- Samuel Dickie  --  On the 28th day of November 1846 the said Samuel Dickie was duly sworn to the truth of this Affidavit by virtue of the annexed Requisition before me -- Joseph Rudeligg [?]


Proved at London 3rd December 1846 before the Judge by the Oath of John Thomas Dickie the Brother one of the Executors to whom Administration was granted having been first sworn by Commission only to administer Power reserved of making the like grant to William Chorleton the other Executor when he shall apply for the same.

[1] Robert DICKIE (1818-1844), eldest son and one of ten children of  Robert Dickie and Mary Anne WALLACE of Rochdale, Co. Louth. He was affiliated with the East India Company. A memorial was erected in his memory. DICKIE In memory of Robert Dickie, M.D. Assistant Surgeon Honourable East India Company Service eldest son of the late Robert Dickie of Roachdale, died on the 5th of August 1844 aged 26 years whilst doing duty with the 21st Fusiliers, at Kamptee, East Indies, and is buried there his Brother Officers having erected a Monument to his memory.

[2] Roachdale aka Rochdale. This was a place of residence for generations of DICKIEs, COULTERs and BRADFORDs who all intermarried.

[3] Mary Anne DICKIE (1795-1870), daughter of John WALLACE and Jane DONALDSON. John Wallace was an attorney at law, was the owner by lease of Kilrockan Mill, on the borders of Annaghmare and Kiltybane,  Mary Anne DICKIE died at Roachdale.

[4] Annaghavarky aka Annaghavackey, a townland of 369 acres in the Parish of Creggan, Co. Louth. In the 1854 Griffiths valuation, it seems that most of the townland is owned and leased to people who are related (DICKIE, BAILIE, BRADFORD, OLIVER). The total value was £283 1 0.

[5] John Thomas DICKIE (1787-1876). “of Clonaleenan”. Uncle to the Robert DICKIE, writer of the will.

[6] William CHARLTON (1798-1875) of Phillipstown, son of William CHARLTON & Dorothea DONALDSON.

[7] Thomas BRADFORD (1800-1872) of Carnbeg, husband of Margaret WALLACE, hence an uncle of Robert DICKIE.

[8] Roachdale House. In the Parish of Roche, Co. Louth. Several deeds place Roachdale in the townland of Annaghavackey.

[9] John DICKIE (1819-1902). He died at Casino, Malahide, Dublin and was the author of the notes on the DICKIE family tree that are held at the Dundalk Library..

[10] Shelagh aka Sheelagh, Parish of Creggan.

[11] brothers and Sisters. There were ten children in all.

[12] Philipstown, Parish of Philipstown, Barony of Upper Dundalk. In the Griffiths Valuation, a William CHARLETON was a lessor with several small parcels in the townland to his name.

[13] Robt DICKIE (1804-1880) – Possibly the Robert DICKIE who was a brother of Samuel, so it could have been him. BACKGROUND: STATEMENT OF JOHN DICKIE OF CASINO: died Australia. Sold property in Co. Down "for a bare four thousand pounds before he migrated to Australia."

[14] Samuel DICKIE of Killen, Co. Louth. (1819-1877) At least, I suspect that it is him. BACKGROUND: The Belfast News-Letter (Belfast, Ireland), Wednesday, May 30, 1877 MELANCHOLY ACCIDENT. - A coroner's inquest was held on Friday evening, at Dundalk, on the remains of Mr. Samuel Dickie, son of the late Mr. James Dickie, of Killen, County Louth, who was found drowned in a disused quarry on Friday morning.  Deceased returned to his native county, on a visit to his relatives and friends, about three months ago, after a residence of twenty years in Canada, where he managed an extensive land agency.  He was preparing to return to Canada, and on Thursday morning received information that the steamer in which he and his wife were to sail would leave Liverpool on Tuesday next.  He left his brother's house, where he was stopping, and was observed to proceed in the direction of Philipstown by a footpath along the riverside.  No. more was seen of him until the body was found on Friday in the water collected in a disused quarry which lay along the route taken by deceased when last seen alive.  His wife deposed that deceased was affected by disease of the heart, accompanied at times by a giddiness in the head, and it is supposed he suffered an attack when close to, or looking into, the quarry, and so met his death.  A verdict of found drowned was returned.



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