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Thanks to the kindness of Ken GARDNER for the copy of this will that I used as the basis of this document. The digital transcription and annotating of it represents my addition, hence all errors are likely mine.
This will represents my first steps in trying to situate some of the Ballybay BROWNE connections to the rest of the family tree.
Of interest, is another document involving the sale of lands in Ednafirkin in 1880 relating to the estate of John Wallace McCULLAGH. It mentions a William and a James BROWN as tenants adjacent to the McCULLAGH holdings at Ednafirkin.
SEE: 1880 March 18
NAMES: Archibald BROWNE and his children: William, John, Archibald, Benjamin, Robert, Samuel and Eliza Jane; Witnesses John McCLATCHIE & William JAMIESON. TOWNLANDS: Ednafirkin, Co. Monaghan; Tullywalter AKA Tullywaltry, Co. Cavan & Drumcondia, Co. Cavan.
Sharon Oddie Brown. July 2, 2008
Updated March 24, 2010


1845 Will of Archibald BROWNE


In the name of God, amen.  I, Archibald BROWN[1] of Ednafirkin[2] Parish of Tullycorbett and County of Monaghan, do make, publish, and declare this my last will and testament in this manner and form following, that is to say, I leave to my oldest son, William[3], all my lands and properties in the townland of Tullywalter[4] and Drumcondia[5], both of which are in the County of Cavan.  I leave to my second son, John[6], the sum of five pounds sterling to buy a decent set of mourning.  I leave to my third son, Archibald[7], the dwelling house and offices, in which I now reside, together with 22 acres, 16 perches Irish Plantation measure of my farm in Ednafirkin being that part formerly held by my late father[8], and which is to be laid off to him by my executors but the same to be liable to the annuity and legacy hereinafter mentioned to my son Samuel.  I leave to my fourth son, Benjamin[9], three acres plantation measure of the part of my farm at Ednafirkin formerly held by William WALLWOOD[10], subject to the payment of the one half of an annuity given by me to my son John, for 12 pounds sterling per annum at the time of his marriage.  I also bequeath to said Benjamin seven acres of plantation measure of my farms to be laid off by my executors in a part contiguous to the part of WALLWOODs.  I leave to my sixth son, Robert[11], the remaining three acres of plantation measure of William WALLWOOD’s former holding subject also to the like payment of the one half of the annuity I made to my son John of 12 pounds per annum.


I also leave to my son Robert, the new house and remaining seven acres plantation measure, of my farm in Ednafirkin to be laid off and arranged in a convenient manner by my executors.  I leave to my fifth son, Samuel[12], an annuity of 20 pounds sterling to be paid to him and his heirs and assigns yearly and every year forever out of that part of my farm herein bequeathed by me to my third son Archibald.  I also leave my said son, Samuel, the sum of 130 pounds sterling to be paid to him by my son Archibald out of the farm bequeathed to him aforesaid.  Also I leave Samuel the sum of 100 pounds sterling to be paid by my executors out of my goods and chattels.


I leave to my daughter, Eliza Jane[13], the sum of 250 pounds sterling to be paid by my executors out of my goods and chattels, the interest thereof to be applied to her maintenance until she arrives at the age of 21 years.  So to the rest or residue of my goods and chattels and deaths due and owing to one after paying my just debts, funeral expenses and legacies bequeathed herein, I leave the said residue or remainder share and share alike to my two sons Benjamin and Robert and it is my will and I so-order that if it should so happened that my son Samuel or my son Robert or my daughter, Eliza Jane, should die before attaining the age of 21 years without having lawful issue, then and in that case I shall leave the several legacies and properties of him or her so dying, share and share alike to such of my sons as should then be living.


I constitute and appoint by two sons William and John executors of this my last will and testament revoking any former will or will's made or allowed by me at any previous time and a testimony thereof I have here onto affixed my hand and seal this fifth day of July in the year of our Lord One thousand eight hundred and forty five. 1845

= Archibald Brown.

Seal, signed, sealed, published and declared by Testator as, and for his last will and testament in presence of others. 


William JAMIESON[15]

[1] Archibald BROWN Died after 1845. It is of interest in terms of ancestors or earlier relations that another Archibald BROWN of Ednafirkin d. 7 Nov 1810 (1st Ballybay graveyard). Also that John BROWNE of Ednafirkin recorded births of Samuel (1801), Margaret (1804) and another Margaret (1806); Robert BROWNE had Anne (1800) Benjamin (1803) Robert ( 1806) and Flurry (1810); Samuel & Mary had sons Thomas (1820), James (1823) and Archibald (1825). Mary BROWN of Ednafirkin died a widow at age 66 (last name PARKE?) on 8 Dec 1862.

Also of interest are the seeming connections to both Rev. Daniel Gunn BROWNE and Thompson BROWNE - both in my 2008 all-in-one tree.

Derryvalley records show a baptism of William BROWN son of Thomas BROWN of Ednafirkin on Feb 3, 1822.

[2] Ednafirkin Parish of Tullycorbett. AKA Edenafirkin, 192 acres. The townland borders or is close to a number of townlands that figure in the family history of JACKSONs, BROWNs, McCULLAGHs and other who tie into our family tree. Townlands such as Shantonagh, Creevagh, Derryvalley, and such. The family members of these townlands were predominantly Presbyterian and worshipped at churches in Ballybay.

[3] William BROWNE. Born: 1814 SOURCE: 1st Ballybay Presbyterian has a record of the birth of a William to an Archibald BROWNE of Ednafirkin.

[4] Tullywalter AKATullywaltry, Parish of Knockbride, Co. Cavan

[5] Drumcondia This is a townland name that I do not recognize. It could be Drumconra – of which there are two such townlands, on in the Parish of Kinawley, the other in the Parish of Annagh, both in Co. Cavan. Then again, it could be Drumacon, Parish of Drumlane, Co. Cavan.

[6] John BROWN. Born: 1816 There was an earlier John born to this family in 1812, but it is to be presumed that he died as an infant. SOURCE: 1st Ballybay Presbyterian has a record of the birth of a John to an Archibald BROWNE of Ednafirkin. The daughter of this John BROWNE married Matthew Macauley RUTHERFORD.

[7] Archibald BROWNE. Born 1818 at Ballybay. SOURCE: 1st Ballybay Presbyterian has a record of the birth of an Archibald to an Archibald BROWNE of Ednafirkin.He died Oct 11, 1895.

[8] At present, I do not know who his father was although a previous Archiblald would be a good bet.

[9] Benjamin BROWN Date of birth unknown. He died Feb 7, 1893. He was a shopkeeper in Ballybay, Co. Monaghan.

[10] William WALLWOOD. The name crops up in Co. Leitrim, but I found nothing so far in Co. Monaghan,

[11] Robert BROWNE Born abt 1831. He was age 80 and still living at Ednafirkin according to the census of 1911..

[12] Samuel Bell BROWN, Rev.. Born September 20, 1827 SOURCE: Brown Family History by Ruth Brown. Samuel attended Belfast Royal Academy in 1847 and then graduated from a theology program at Edinburgh university in 1851. He served as a Presbyterian minister. SOURCE: 2007 Dec 8 Ken Gardner email. NOTE: The middle name of "Bell" is interesting. A Rev. David BELL, son of Rev. Thomas BELL of Mosside, a native of the Ballybay area, was ordained in 1839 "but resigned in 1853 partly due to the pressure froma Tory element in the congregation. He did hold strong liberal views and strenuously advocated "tenant Right", which eventually led him to resign from the ministry. He became involved in the Fenian movement and worked earnestly for that cause in England and America, where he evntually died. He is buried in Flushing Meadow, New York." SOURCE: p. 114 "At the Ford of the Birches" James H. & Peadar Murnane. 1999.

[13] Eliza Jane BROWNE born between 1827-1845


[15] William JAMIESON



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