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Will Of Thomas McCullagh

Before I footnote this will, I have some assumptions to check out and some questions to ask. I assume that this is the Thomas McCULLAGH of Derrivalley who married Mary BRADFORD and had a daughter Sarah (1816-1857) who married another Thomas McCULLAGH of Dunraymond and then had 11 children.

My first question is why were only three of the six grandsons chosen to inherit. The first grandson, Thomas, had died at age 12, so he is excluded and the second Thomas was born in 1854 - after the death of his grandfather, so that is also reasonable. This then means that Andrew Bradford McCULLAGH (1848-1897) is the only grandson not accounted for.

My second question is who is Eliza MURREY alias DUFFY. I would guess that there may have been a Catholic parent involved, hence the mention of being "trained up and educated in the true Protestant religion".

Help here would be gratefully received.

Sharon Oddie Brown, January 26, 2006.

In the name of God, Amen. I, Thomas McCullagh of Derryvalley being of sound mind, do hereby make this my last will and Testament. First, I desire that all my just debts be paid out of my property. Second, I give and bequeat all my freehold leasehold & chattel property of all and any description in Derryvalley, Drummuck, Ann* , Bally *garry, Ednaferkin, Folsey and Ballybay, accepting four pounds hereinafter mentioned to my daughter Mrs. Thomas McCullagh for her sole use and benefit during the period of her natural life; and at her Death to her three sons, George, James and John to be divided amongst them by their father Thomas McCullagh Esq of Dunraymond, as to him may seem right but in case all these three should die before inheriting the property it shall be divided by their father amongst the surviving children of my daughter Mrs. McCullagh as to him may seem right. Third, I give and bequeath the four houses in the horse market Ballibay to Thomas McCullagh Esq of Dunraymond in trust for the use and benefit of the three children of Mrs. Eliza Murrey alias Duffy now living and Residing with their mother during their minority on the condition that they be trained up and educated in the true Protestant religion. I hereby nominate and appoint my Daughter Mrs. McCullagh and her husband Thomas McCullagh as the sole Executors of this my last Will and Testament.
Signed sealed and delivered
By me at Derryvalley
This eighteenth day of May
Eighteen Hundred & forty nine
Witnesses present
David Bell
? Gray
Thos McCullagh (Seal)
I hereby authorize & empower Thomas McCullagh of Dunraymond not only to let but to sell or otherwise dispose of the four houses before mentioned as to him may seem right for the use and benefit of the aforementioned children of Eliza Murray alias Duffy.
David Bell
? Gray
Thos McCullagh

Proving of Will Of Thomas McCullagh

By the tenor of these Present, We the Reverend Henry Maffett Clerk, Master in Art, Surrogate of the Right Worshipful Joseph Ormsby Radcliffe Doctor of Laws Vicar General Official Principal Commissary and Chancellor in and throughout the whole Diocese of Clogher lawfully constituted and established do make known unot all Men that the last Will and Testament (herunto annexed) of Thomas McCuallgh late of Derryvalley in the Parish of Ballibea in the County of Managhan and Diocese of Clogher Esq Deceased was proved and approved in Common form of law and the validity thereof decreed for and registered in the said court on the 2nd day of August in the year of our Lord 1850 and that the Burthen of the Execution therof and Administration of all and singular the Goods tights Credits and Chattels of the since Deceased, were and are granted by these Presents By us to Thomas McCullagh Esquire an Executor therin named (Saving the right of the Executor) He being first sworn on the Holy Evangelist well & faithfully to administer and dispose of all and singular the Goods rights Credits & Chattels of the said Deceased and to perform the said Will & to pay the debts and Legacies of the said Deceased as also to make a true full and perfect inventory of all and singular the Goods Rights Credits & Chattels of the said Deceased and to exhibit the same into the Registry of the Diocese of Clogher on or before the last day of January next ensuring and also to render a true full and perfect account thereof unto the said ? when he shall be thereunto lawfully required (saving the Rights of every Person whatsoever) In Faith and Testimony whereof We have caused the Consistorial Seal of Clogher to be affixed to these Presents Dated the day and year above written,
Maurice Burnell D. Reg't
Henry Moffett, Surrogate


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