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NAMES: Elizabeth DONALDSON; Barbara DONALDSON nee BRADFORD; Margaret BRADFORD; Elizabeth OLIVER; Thomas OLIVER; Mary Jane OLIVER; Sarah Birch QUINN; Sarah SMITH; Jane ORR; Robert WYON; William TOUGH; Margaret Carson TOUGH; Andrew McCORMICK of Ballybay; Messrs TOUGH, WILSON & REDMOND; Mrs. WARDLOW; Jemima and Sarah COLLINS of Lower Rutland St., Dublin; Mrs. BURKE; Mrs. TELFORD; Mrs. CREIGHTON; Mrs. LOVE; Miss FRY; Martha REILLY; John LORD; Margaret COULTER nee McCULLAGH; James HEALY; John BLYTHE; J.C.L. CARSON; Robert ANDERSON; Arthur Samuel PROCTOR; J.W. KEATING; A.J. HAWKINS.
Sharon Oddie Brown. July 24, 2009

NOTE: This will is intriguing to the Jackson/Brown family history (and others) because of the strength of the links between cousins in the early and mid-1800s.
I also suspect that Eliza is the end of the family line coming down from William Donaldson, a line which is of interest to ours for both social and inheritance reasons rather than for reasons of direct descendancy.
Sharon Oddie Brown, November 20, 2003

[June 3rd, 1851.]

In the Name of God Amen, I Eliza Donaldson [1] of number four Lower Rutland Street in the City of Dublin Spinster being weak in health but sound in mind and of disposing memory and understanding do hereby make and publish this last will and testament hereby revoking all former wills by me previously made. In the first place it is my will that all the property of every kind which I may die possessed shall belong to and become the property of my dear Mother [2] should she survive me, absolutely for her own use notwithstanding the subsequent bequests herein mentioned which I only make to provide for the due distribution of my property in case my beloved Mother should depart this life before me in which case and partly on account of which death I will have a disposing power over one thousand and fifty pounds. I bequeath to my Aunt Margaret Bradford [3] one hundred pounds. To my cousin Eliza Jackson [4] otherwise Oliver I leave three hundred pounds for her sole use and benefit free from the power or control of her husband and to be given to her at such time and manner as her brother Thomas [5] and her sister Mary Jane Oliver [6] shall consider most judicious for herself and family. I bequeath to the said Mary Jane Oliver two hundred pounds. I leave to my cousins Anne Jane and Sarah Birch Quinn [7] the sum of fifty pounds each. To my cousin Sarah Smith [8] daughter of the late Jane Orr [9] I bequeath twenty-five pounds, but if the said Sarah Smith should die before this will takes effect in law it is my wish  that her twenty-five pounds be divided equally between the said Anne Jane and Sarah Birch Quinn. To Mrs. Robert Wyon [10] I bequeath fifty pounds as a small token of my Christian love and esteem. To my friend William Tough [11] I leave twenty five pounds and to his daughter Margaret Carson Tough [12] I leave my piano and stool. To my friend Andrew McCormick [13] of Ballibay I bequeath twenty five pounds. I bequeath to Messrs Tough Wilson [14] and Redmond [15] the sum of fifty pounds in trust for the use of the ragged school in Lurgan Street to be applied as the said Trustees or a majority of them may think best for its usefulness. To my Sister in the Lord Mrs. Wardlaw [16] I leave twenty five pounds. I bequeath to the Misses Collins [17] Jemima and Sarah in whose house I at present reside the sum of ten pounds each. To my much esteemed friends and sisters in the Lord, Mrs. Burke [18] Mrs. Telford [19] Mrs Creighton [20] Mrs. Love [21] Misses Fry [22] and Martha Reilly [23] I leave five pounds each as a slight mark of my regard. To my brother in Christ John Lord I leave five pounds and to my old and faithful servant Margaret McCullagh [24] now Coulter [25] I leave ten pounds. To my kind old friend James Healy [26] I leave twenty five pounds but if both Mr. & Mrs. Healy should depart this life before me it is my wish that my Executors shall apply the twenty five pounds bequeathed to Mr. Healy to the schools and Churches mentioned in the Evangelical Christendom. I leave and bequeath all other money and property of which I may die possessed to the aforesaid Mary Jane Oliver whom I appoint my Residuary Legatee and I nominate the said Mary Jane Oliver and my kind friend William Tough Joint Executors to this my last Will and Testament ====== Eliza Donaldson ====== Signed published and declared as for her last will and testament by the said Eliza Donaldson in the presence of the following Witnesses who in her presence and in presence of each other have hereunto signed their names this 31st day of December 1850 as witnesses thereto John Blythe [27] ======= J.C.L. Carson [28] ===== Robert Anderson [29] =====

I certify the foregoing Engagement has been Compiled with its Original & is _____(?) of one that is not any alteration Interlineation or erasure contained in said original Arthur Samuel Proctor [30] .

NOTE: Accompanying documents show the proving of the will took place June 3rd, 1851. Two additional signatures of interest after Arthur Samuel Proctor are those of J.W. Keating [31] and A.J. Hawkins [32]

[1] Elizabeth DONALDSON. Daughter and probably only child of William DONALDSON (1768-1815) & Barbara Bradford (1783-1865).
[2] Mrs. Barbara DONALDSON nee BRADFORD (1783-1865).
[3] Margaret BRADFORD (1786-1874) unmarried sister of Mrs. Barbara DONALDSON.
[4] Elizabeth OLIVER (1815-1903), child of Benjamin OLIVER & Elizabeth BRADFORD, she married David JACKSON – they were subsequently the parents of Sir Thomas Jackson & others.
[5] Thomas OLIVER abt 1813-1867), unmarried, child of Benjamin OLIVER & Elizabeth BRADFORD
[6] Mary Jane OLIVER (1821-1875), unmarried, child of Benjamin OLIVER & Elizabeth BRADFORD
[7] Sarah Birch QUINN. This Quinn connection puzzles me. I do know of three daughters of  George BIRCH and Charlotte Catherine QUIN named Isabella Anna Jane BIRCH, Sarah BIRCH & Elizabeth BIRCH.. They would be half first cousins twice removed. GIven the way that families intermarried, there could be a more closely related QUIN (or QUINN) connection.
[8] Sarah SMITH - cousin
[9] Jane ORR - cousin
[10] Mrs. Robert WYON
[11] William TOUGH
[12] Margaret Carson TOUGH, daughter of William TOUGH
[13] Andrew McCORMICK of Ballybay
[14] Messrs TOUGH, WILSON & REDMOND - connected to a school on Lurgan Street
[16] Mrs. WARDLOW
[17] Miss Jemima and Sarah COLLINS of Lower Rutland Street, Dublin
[18] Mrs. BURKE
[19] Mrs. TELFORD
[21] Mrs. LOVE
[22] Miss FRY
[23] Martha REILLY and John LORD (I missed inserting a footnote for him)
[24] Margaret COULTER nee McCULLAGH, servant. I wonder if she is part of the Co. Louth McCULLAGH line descended from Jane COULTER (b. mid1700s, daughter of Thomas COULTER & Anne MAFFITT) & William McCULLAGH.
[26] James HEALY
[27] John BLYTHE
[28] J.C.L. CARSON
[29] Robert ANDERSON
[30] Arthur Samuel PROCTOR
[32] A.J. HAWKINS. This surname is of interest because of the Caesar HAWKINs in the HSBC alleged to be a cousin of Sir Thomas Jackson.


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