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NAMES: John COULTER of Skyhill, Co. Louth; Hannah LUNDY of Carrickmacross, Co. Monaghan; Launcelot COULTER of Ballymascanlon, Co.; Henry CRANSON aka CRANSTON of Lisgar, Co. Cavan; Thomas SHEWEL of Killeen aka Killen, Co. Louth; Edward CRANSTON of Lisgar; Lawrence LEVINS of Carrickmacross; James Neale MACNALL.
Sharon Oddie Brown. August 23, 2009
NOTE: See: COULTERs of Skyhill
Updated: September 16, 2009


1852 February 17


To the Register Appointed by Act of Parliament for Registering Deeds Wills and so forth.


A Memorial of a deed of marriage settlement bearing date of the 17th day of February 1852 made between John COULTER[1] of Skyfield[2] in the County of Louth farmer of the first part Hannah LUNDY[3] of Carrickmacross[4] in the County of Monaghan widow of the second part and Lancelot COULTER[5] of Ballymascanlon[6] in the County of Louth and Henry CRANSON[7] [NOTE: elsewhere in deed: CRANSTON] of Lisgar[8] in the County of Cavan farmer of the third part. Reciting as therein is Recited and Reciting that a marriage was about to be had and solemnized between the said John COULTER and the said Hannah LUNDY said indenture witnessed that in consideration of aforesaid intended marriage deed of 150 pounds paid to the said John COULTER as a marriage portion and in further consideration of 10 shillings paid him the said John COULTER has in order to [?] aforesaid for the said Hannah LUNDY and secure to her an annuity of 20 pounds yearly in the Event of her surviving him or in the event of his becoming a Bankrupt Insolvent granted bargained sold assigned conveyed confirmed and made over unto to the said Lancelot COULTER and Henry CRANSON the survivor of them and the Executor or administrators of such survivor all that and those that part of the lands of Killeen otherwise Killen[9] lately in the possession of Thomas SHEWEL[10] deceased containing 28 acres two roods and 20 perches Irish plantation measure to be same more or less with the rights members and appurtenances thereunto belonging situate lying and being in the Manor of Roche Parish of Roach and Kane and Barony of Dundalk and County of Louth except as in the lease thereof is excepted. To hold to the said Lancelot COULTER and Henry CRANSON the survivor of them and the executors or administrators of such survivors for the term or time of 100 years upon the uses and trusts therein after containing that is to say to the use of said John COULTER until said intended marriage would be solemnized and after the solemnization thereof to the use of aforesaid parties of the third part the survivor of them and the executors or administrators of something in trust to permit and suffer the said John COULTER to receive the rent of said lands so long as the said John COULTER would continue solvent and if the said John COULTER should become a Bankrupt or an Insolvent in trust to pay out of the rents and profits of the said lands and annuity of 20 pounds by the year to the said Hannah LUNDY if living for her natural life payable on every first day of May and first day of November in each year for her sole use without the control something of her said intended husband her own receipts to be sufficient discharged and in trust to pay the residue of the profits of said lease of said John COULTER for life and in case the said Hannah LUNDY should survive her intended husband to permit the said Hannah LUNDY out of the profits of said lands to receive the annual sum of £20 in lieu of dower or then [?] and after the decease of said Hannah LUNDY to the use of the executors administrators and assigns of said John COULTER forever -- said deed contains a covenant of distress if annuity behind for 21 days after the days upon which same ought to be paid and should there not be sufficient distress there on to countervail the rent then due that said Hannah LUNDY might enter into the receipts of the rents of said lands and to her own use till by perception thereof the said annuity should be paid and satisfied -- a Covenant that the said lands and the clear annual value of 20 pounds above the rent and that said premises for the term of years thereby granted and should [?] upon the Trusts therein stated -- a Covenant for further appurtenances a Covenant that said John COULTER may sell said lands sublet said or title a surrender of existing leases or [?] lease to take effect in possession but not in reversion at the [?] most improved yearly rents and a Covenant that on the death of the said Hannah LUNDY said deed and all the trusts thereof should become thereupon null and void -- and which deed and this Memorial respectively witnessed by Edward CRANSTON[11] of Lisgar in the County of Cavan farmer and Lawrence LEVINS[12] of Carrickmacross in the County of Monaghan shop assistant. John COULTER [seal] signed sealed and delivered by said John COULTER in the presence of us as Edward CRANSTON of Lisgar Co. Cavan Lawrence LEVINS Carrickmacross Co. Monaghan Edward CRANSTON of Lisgar in the County of Cavan farmer aged 18 years and aforesaid witneseth oath and says he saw the said John COULTER signed and sealed the deed of which the above writing is a Memorial and also this Memorial and that the said Edward CRANSTON signed thereto as a witness as this is deponents name and hand writing Edward CRANSTON sworn before me at Dundalk in the County of Louth this 17th day of February 1852. A commission for the taking of affidavits for the High Court of Chancery in Ireland and in and of said County and I know the deponent James Neale MACNALL[13]. A true copy. 14 sheets. Of [?].

[1] John COULTER (1818-1901), son of Thomas COULTER (1778-1850) and Anne DOWDALL. A John COULTER has lands at Killen in Griffiths. SEE: http://www.thesilverbowl.com/documents/TABLES/Louth-GriffithsTable.html

[2] Skyhill, Drumbilla, Parish of Roche, Co. Louth. Skyhill is a couple of km south-east of Ballsmill, or slightly less than 4 km north-east of Cavananore. On January 14, 1828, the residence of George McGUSTY of Skyhill was burned down. SEE: http://www.thesilverbowl.com/documents/newsclippings/1828Jul22-LouthConspiracy.html

[3] Hannah LUNDY (1822-1889) of Carrickmacross. Hannah wife of John Coulter, Wellington Place, died 23rd Feby 1889 Aged 67 years SOURCE: http://www.jbhall.freeservers.com/st__nicholas_dundalk.htm

[4] Carrickmacross -  a market and post-town, and a parish, in the barony of FARNEY, county of MONAGHAN, and province of ULSTER, 20 miles (S. E. by S.) from Monaghan, and 40 (N. W. by N.) from Dublin; containing 12,610 inhabitants, of which number, 2970 are in the town. SOURCE (and more detail): http://www.libraryireland.com/topog/c1.php

[5] Launcelot COULTER (1813-1873).  He was a brother of John COULTER and John COULTER named a son after him.

·         A Launcelot COULTER died at Ballymascanlon on Sept 28, 1873 age 60 (hence b.1813). Ballymascanlon graveyard: COULTER. Launcelot Coulter/The Cottage, Ballymascanlon/died 28th Sept., 1873/Aged 60 Years. SOURCE: http://www.faughart.com/inscriptions-page22456.html

·         I have his will abstract. SEE: http://www.thesilverbowl.com/documents/TABLES/COULTER-WillProbates.html

·         Also, in Griffiths, a Launcelot COLTER shows up at Bellurgan, Castletown, Conty Louth.

·         He would likely be related to this family: Sacred To the memory of JANE daughter of Thos. Coulter of Skyhill who departed this life 4th June 1840 Aged 21 Years And also the above named Thomas Coulter who died on the 22nd of January 1850 Aged 72 Years Also Anne Coulter Wife of the above who departed this life on the 20th of May 1871 Also in Loving Memory of Hannah wife of John Coulter, Wellington Place, died 23rd Feby 1889 Aged 67 years John Coulter Died 20th May 1901 Aged 83 years.died at Ballymascanlon on Sept 28, 1873 age 60 (hence b.1813).  SOURCE: http://www.jbhall.freeservers.com/st__nicholas_dundalk.htm

·         In the 1842 Voters List, he is described as a “rentcharger” resident at Skyhill. SOURCE: http://www.jbhall.freeservers.com/1842%20Voters%20A%20to%20G.htm

·         Interestingly, in a later generation: The Times, Saturday, Jul 12, 1930; pg. 1; Issue 45563; col A COULTER. - On July 10, 1930, at his residence, Braccan, Howth, the REV. LAUNCELOT COULTER, formerly Rector of Ardbraccan for 32 years, only son of the late John Coulter, of Dundalk, aged 72. He earned his BA at Trinity College, Dublin and was a deacon SOURCE: The Times Dec 22, 1888 p. 6. He was ordained Dec 21, 1887 at Chichester. TA..

[6] Ballymascanlon is a townland in the Parish of Ballynascanlon. Launcelot COULTER leased various buildings including a corn mill as well as land valued in all at £187.0.0 at the time of Griffiths and also held a number of leases at Proleek, Parish of Ballymascanlon.

[7] Henry CRANSON aka CRANSTON of Lisgar. I do not know anything of him – except that a Thomas CRANSTON was at Lisgar at the time of Griffiths Valuation and a Henry CRANSTON was at named in connection with various townland in Bailieborough Parish at that time. It is possible that Hanna LUNDY was a CRANSTON.

[8] Lisgar a townland in the Parish of Bailieborouh, Co. Cavan.

[9] Killeen otherwise Killen, Parish of Kane, Co. Louth. At the time of Griffiths, John COULTER leased 40 acres of land there and Robert COULTER leased another 2 acres.

[10] Thomas SHEWEL A Thomas SHEWELL was in Dundalk as early as 1710. He died after making his will January 12th, 1813.  Other SHEWELLs show up in the Louth County Archives.His name is on four deeds that I have transcribed and posted so far. SOURCE: http://www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~fianna/county/louth/rodn1837.html  

[11] Edward CRANSTON of Lisgar

[12] Lawrence LEVINS of Carrickmacross. Shop Assistant.

[13] James Neale MACN[E]ALL



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