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NAMES: James McCULLAGH of Derryvalley; Elizabeth McCULLAGH nèe WALLACE; Barbara DONALDSON nèe BRADFORD; Eliza DONALDSON of Bloomfield Place; Thomas BRADFORD of Carnbeg; Richard HENRY of Newbliss and Clones; John Thomas DICKIE of Clonaleenan; Alexander WADDELL; George BEATTY; James McCULLAGH, jr.; John TOWNLEY; Michael MASTERTON. OTHER PLACES: Drumgavney.
Sharon Oddie Brown. July 9, 2009


1856  12  270

1856 May 14

McCULLAGH & ors-Dundalk & Enniskillen Railway.


To the register appointed by act of Parliament for Registering Deeds in Ireland.


Memorial of a conveyance dated the 14th day of January in the year of our Lord 1856 between James McCULLAGH [1]of Derryvalley[2] in the County of Monaghan Esq. of the first part. Eliza McCULLAGH[3] otherwise WALLACE wife of the said James McCULLAGH of the second part. Barbara DONALDSON[4] of Cavananore in the County of Louth widow executrix of Eliza DONALDSON[5] formerly of Bloomfield place[6] in the County of Dublin, deceased. Thomas BRADFORD[7] of Carnbeg[8] in the County of Louth Esquire. Richard HENRY[9] formerly of Newbliss[10] but then of Clones[11] in the County of Monaghan, Dr. of medicine and surgeon and John Thomas DICKIE[12] of Clonaleenan[13] in the County of Louth Esquire, judgment and creditors of the said James McCULLAGH of the third part and the Dundalk and Enniskillen Railway Company (being a company incorporated by the Dundalk and Enniskillen Railway Act 1846) of the fourth part. Whereby the said James McCULLAGH and Eliza McCULLAGH Barbara DONALDSON Thomas BRADFORD Richard HENRY and John Thomas DICKIE and each of them conveyed to the said Dundalk and Enniskillen Railway Company their successors and assigns all that and those parts of the field hereditaments and premises in the town land of Drumgavney[14] situate in the parish of Tullycorbett and County of Monaghan as the same are activated on the plans thereof lodged in the Office of the commissioners of public works in Ireland and novels numbered fair and on the plans in the Company's Office and they are on 39 and 40 which said lands hereditaments and premises contain in the whole 1 rood 17 perches Irish plantation measure be the same more or less together with all ways rights and appurtenances thereto belonging. To hold the same for the term granted by lease of the 30th May1818 from Alexander WADDELL[15] to George BEATTY[16] therein mentioned freed and discharged from Dower[17] and the judgment therein mentioned which said deed and this Memorial respectively witnessed as to the execution thereof by the said James McCULLAGH by Joseph DICKIE of Dundalk in the County of Louth solicitor and James McCULLAGH[18] Junior of Derryvalley in the County of Monaghan Gentleman. James McCULLAGH. [Seal]

Signed and sealed in presence of Joseph DICKIE James McCULLAGH Junior. Joseph DICKIE of Dundalk in the County of Louth solicitor maketh oath and says he is a subscribing witness to the deed of which the above writing is a Memorial and to this Memorial and says he saw the said James McCULLAGH duly execute sane and with the name Joseph DICKIE subscribed thereto and hereto as a witness to the deponent's name and proper handwriting. Joseph DICKIE sworn before me at Dundalk in the County of Louth this 14th day of February 1856 a Commissioner for taking affidavits for the High Court of Chancery in Ireland in and for said County of Louth and I know the deponent. John TOWNLEY[19]. A true copy. Eight folios. Michael MASTERSON[20].

[1] James McCULLAGH (d 1865)of Ednafirkin & Drummuck Cottage, son of James McCULLAGH & Sally McCARTER. He was the husband of Eliza WALLACE (1809-1895).

[2] Derryvalley, Parish of Ballybay and longtime home to McCULLAGHs.

[3] Eliza McCULLAGH otherwise WALLACE (1809-1895) she married James McCULLAGH about 1825 and they had 13 known children. She was the daughter of John WALLACE and Jane DONALDSON and sister of Jane WALLACE aka DICKIE.

[4] Barbara DONALDSON (1783-1865) née BRADFORD, wife of William DONALDSON of Freeduff. At the time of her death, she lived at Cavananore, Co. Louth.

[5] Eliza DONALDSON (1806-1851). She was the spinster daughter of Barbara BRADFORD & William DONALDSON. SEE: http://www.thesilverbowl.com/documents/1851_will_Eliza_Donaldson.htm

[6] Bloomfield place in the County of Dublin

[7] Thomas BRADFORD (1800-1872) of Carnbeg. He married Margaret WALLACE and they had 12 children. He was a cousin of Barbara BRADFORD.

[8] Carnbeg, Co. Louth. Long time home to COULTERs and BRADFORDs.

[9] Richard HENRY (1818-1898), possibly a grandson of Richard HENRY and Elizabeth DONALDSON, he married Anne Jane DONALDSON. See Henry Family tree on Peter McWilliam's website: Treasure Your Exceptions.

[10] Newbliss, Parish of Kileevan, Co. Monaghan

[11] Clones, Parish of Clones, Co. Monaghan

[12] John Thomas DICKIE (1787-1876) husband of Elizabeth McCULLAGH (1794-1819). She was the daughter of Thomas McCULLAGH of Derryvalley & Jane REID of Slieveroe. After Elizabeth died at age 25, he remarried Jane WALLACE (1806-1884). She was the daughter of John WALLACE and Jane DONALDSON and sister of Eliza WALLACE aka McCULLAGH.

[13] Clonaleenan, Parish of Dundalk, Co. Louth.

[14] Drumgavney. 211 acres in the Parish of Tullycorbet.

·         In Griffiths, WADDELLs, McMURRAYs and McCULLAGHs had a considerable presence in the townland. 

SEE: Selected townlands including Drumgavney

·         There is another WADDELL-WADDELL deed concerning Drumgavney that I did not Pursue: DEED: 491-448-319202

[15] Alexander WADDELL. I suspect that he was the Alexander WADDELLaka Alexander Stewart WADDELL who died in 1877. SOURCE: At the Ford of the Birches p 126: i.m.o. Alexander WADDELL, J.P. of Clover Hill, d 31st Oct. 1877, and his wife Margaret, d. 19th July 1900, and their son, Alexander ROSS, d. 1st Jan 1961, and his wife Elizabeth Margaret WADDELL, d. 17th June, 1960.His wife was Margaret ROSS. They married at Ballyalbany Presbyterian Church in 1861. SOURCE: Jack Storey Church records.

[16] George BEATTY

[17] Dower?

[18] James McCULLAGH Junior of Derryvalley. This is probably the James McCULLAGH who was the son of James McCULLAGH & Eliza WALLACE. He died in 1892 at Drummuck Cottage. His will was probated in 1905.

[19] John TOWNLEY

[20] Michael MASTERSON




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