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NAMES: Frances JACKSON late of Graigue, Queens Co.; Mary JACKSON; Edward Leonard JARMESON; Michael NOLAN; Patrick POWER; Robert Clayton BROWNE; Thomas JAMESON; Adam JACKSON.
Sharon Oddie Brown. October 28, 2011


Frances Jackson[1] late of Graigue in the Queen’s County Spinster deceased.

Source: Michael Purcell (c2005) Previously published in: Carlow Past & Present. ISSN 0790 555 Vol.1. No.4. 1993


NOTE: She was the daughter of Michael & Rebecca JACKSON but I am uncertain about their whereabouts before she and her brother had land in Co. Laois and Co. Carlow. Her brother Adam was baptised in the Parish of Clonmel – but there are several Clonmels to be had: Co. Cork; Co. Tipperary; St. Marys, Clonmel in Waterford; as well as Clonmelsh in Co Carlow. At this point I am going with Tipperary since the Rev. Edward JACKSON whose register this came from was himself from Tipperary. Also, there were JACKSONs in Tipperary[2] who may be useful places to look for this family’s ancestry. NOTE: I could be way out in left field with this conjecture.


Extracts from Register of Charitable Donations and Bequests, Ireland. Vol. l7, p.p. 118-121 SOURCE: Michael Purcell (C2005) Previously published in: Carlow Past & Present. ISSN 0790 555 Vol.1. No.4. 1993


Will 13th June 1859 - Death 15th June 1859 - Probate 13th August 1859

Executor: Edward Leonard Jarmeson[3] of Hermitage in the County of Carlow Esqre. the sole executor. - Effects under £4,000


NOTE: Frances Jackson’s original will, proved at the Principal Registry in Dublin on 13 August 1859, was transferred thence to the Public Records Office, and subsequently destroyed in the fire of 1922. The following extracts[4], referring only to charitable donations cited in the will, are copied from the volume cited.




I give to my daughter Mary[5] the sum of £10 to be distributed among the poor she is in the habit of assisting.

I devise that on the roofing of a new Church or Chapel in Clifden[6] being completed the balance of one hundred pounds (seventy-five pounds) he paid to the Trustees of the Building and I-devise that a sum of ten pounds he paid in aid of the orphanage at Clifden Established and Conducted by the Sisters of Mercy at Clifden and that any money I may have at present in the funds be applied in liquidation of the last two devises.

…. and as it has been long felt in this parish the want of a Lecture Room[7] for the spiritual instruction of Protestants my wish and desire is to have a neat and ornamental building erected furnished with sittings and made comfortable inside and for which purpose I give and bequeath the sum of five hundred pounds said sum of five hundred pounds to be lodged by my Executor in the Bank of Ireland or invested by him either in Bank of Ireland Stock or Government Security in his own name and in the names of the Incumbent[8] and the Church Wardens[9] of said parish of Killeshin[10] whoever they may be. The above building to be erected in Graigue aforesaid and when completed to be handed over to the said Incumbent and Church Wardens for holding Lectures on Wednesday Evenings Service on Sunday Evenings in the Winter and Prayer Meetings on Monday Evenings. I give and devise to the Incumbent of the parishes of Carlow and Killeshin[11] for the time being my three houses situate in Tullow Street[12] in the said town of Carlow and now in the occupation of Michael Nolan[13], Patrick Power[14] and ---- Nolan[15] for ever subject to the head rent of six pounds nine shillings or thereabouts payable thereout In Trust to found and endow an Asylum for destitute Protestant female servants[16] connected with said parishes of Carlow and Killeshin of good character who may be out of place or unable to obtain employment through illness, infirmness or old age and I give and bequeath to said Incumbents the sum of two hundred and fifty pounds to be applied by them towards erecting such Asylum and my wish is that said Asylum be erected in said town of Graigue Queen’s County, I give and bequeath to the Carlow and Graigue Ladies Industrious Association[17] the sum of fifty pounds to be added to the present standing fund and I give and devise to said association the sum of ten pounds per annum to be applied towards its expenses such as Matron’s Salary, ye said sum of ten pounds per annum to be paid out of my share of the Springhill[18] property in the Queen’s County. I give and bequeath the receipts of the Tolls and Customs[19] of the Fairs of Graigue (subject to the Quit Rent payable to Government therefore) which I hold by patent to the Incumbent of the parish of Killeshin and the Parish Priest of said parish for the time being forever in trust for the poor of Graigue without distinction of religion. The receipts of each Fair to be distributed by them at Christmas each year to the more necessitous. I also give and devise to the said Incumbent and Parish Priest[20] the sum of ten pounds per annum in trust for said poor of Graigue and distributed by them in like manner as said Tolls and Customs, said ten pounds per annum to be paid out of my said share of the Springhill property I give and bequeath to Robert Clayton Browne[21] Esquire Thomas Jameson[22] Esqre and the Incumbents of the parishes of Killeshin and Carlow the Museum[23] belonging to my late Brother Adam Jackson[24] Esquire with all the ancient Books and manuscripts belonging thereto also the House of Commons Journals Almanacs Army Lists etc as books of reference in trust for the public whenever a suitable room shall be obtained for it.

Courtesy of Oonagh Warke M.A. H.Dip. Archives


[1] Frances JACKSON (1791-1859) daughter of Michael and Rebecca JACKSON. SOURCE: http://churchrecords.irishgenealogy.ie/churchrecords/search.jsp?name=Jackson&name2=&location=Carlow&dd=&mm=&yy=&diocese=&parish=&century=&decade=&type=&sort=&pageSize=100&submit=Search&pager.offset=0

I know nothing more about her. It interests me that the name Frances JACKSON also turns up in connection as being a widow of the Rev Peter JACKSON, late rector of Killincool, Co. Louth, in 1739. Of course, this is a couple or more generations early for this France JACKSON, but the name may have echoed down the generations. His son was a Rev. George JACKSON (1711-1782). Also of interest is the fact that one of his daughters married an ADAMS – which if there is a connection might have triggered the naming of Frances brother Adam. NOTE: This is all in the territory of thinking out loud long shots! SEE: http://www.thesilverbowl.com/documents/1739Jul3-JACKSON.html

[2] I will soon assemble a page on likely JACKSONs from Tipperary for consideration as possible family.

[3] Edward Leonard JARMESON

[4] NOTE: At some point, I would like to see if there are other bequests listed in this record.

[5] Mary UNNAMED. The fact that her mother is a spinster and the amount of the bequest is small raises questions for me. Was she adopted or was she a “natural” daughter? Given what follows, was she perhaps in her adult life connected with the Sisters of Mercy?

[6] Clifden. NOTE: The Sisters of Mercy established a convent and an orphanage for girls in Clifden, County Galway
in 1861 at the request of a local priest. Clifden is located in a remote area approximately 50 miles
west of Galway. SOURCE: http://www.chernobylchildren.ie/test/clifden.html Curiously, the language in this bequest makes it sound as

if the orphanage was already up and running.

[7] Lecture room. NOTE: Did this ever get built?

[8] The Incumbent of Killeshin. NOTE: I do not know who this was.

[9] NOTE: I do not have the names of the Church Wardens.

[10] Parish of Killeshin

[11] Incumbent of the parishes of Carlow and Killeshin

[12] Interestingly, there is a “house, offices and yard” on Tullow street valued at £21 leased by a William JACKSON at the time of Griffiths Valuation. Since there is a possibility that she had a brother William (d 1846). It is more likely that the three houses were the ones on Tullow Street that had been owned by her brother Adam JACKSON (lots 141-3)..

[13] Michael NOLAN

[14] Patrick POWER was the lessee from Adam JACKSON of house 142 in the Griffiths Valuations.

[15] ----- POWER

[16] Asylum for destitute Protestant female servants. NOTE: Did this get built?

[17] Carlow and Graigue Ladies Industrious Association. NOTE: I know nothing of this.

[18] Springhill is on the R430 leading east out of Carlow. At the time of Griffiths, the owner of most of this townland were the representatives of Benjamin FISHER Esq. The most valuable bit was leased to James La Farrelle.

[19] receipts of the Tolls and Customs. NOTE: This would be an interesting record to pursue. I note that Benjamin FISHER of Spring Hill, Queens Co. married a daughter of the John BROWNE  -an ancestor of Robert Clayton BROWNE.

[20] Incumbent and Parish Priest. NOTE: I do not know who this was.

[21] Robert Clayton BROWNE Esq. (1799-1888) of Brownes Hill. He was the son of William BROWNE (1763-1840) and Charlotte BOURKE. He was a magistrate for Co. Carlow & Kildare and also served as High Sherriff of Kildare in 1831.He married Harriette-Augusta HAMILTON, 3rd daughter of Hans HAMILTON. They had four children. SOURCE: Burke’s Genealogical and heraldic history of the Landed Gentry, Vol 1. John Bernard Burke, Esq. London 1847. He resided at Viewmount. SOURCE: Turtle Bunbury. http://www.turtlebunbury.com/history/history_houses/hist_hse_viewmount.html

[22] Thomas JAMESON Esq.

[23] NOTE: I would like to know more about this Museum.

[24] Adam JACKSON Esq. (1784-1858).

·        He was born November 1784. SOURCE: Rev. Iain Knox , The Rev. Edward Bacon's Register , The Irish Ancestor, Vol XVII No 1 1985 p35 ff, A Registry of Baptism-.. Marriages, and Burials, By The Revd Edward Bacon. 1784 November JACKSON Adam. S: of Mr Michl. Quartermater of the 2d Horse & Rebecca his Wife, baptised in the Parish of Clonmel.







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