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NAMES: Elizabeth JACKSON née McCULLAGH of Urker Lodge; John JACKSON of Liscalgot; Rev. Charles MASSÉ; Thomas TERISON Esq.; James McCULLAGH sr.; James McCULLAGH jr; Andrew Coulter BRADFORD of Cavananore; John GILLESPIE; James SMYTHE; John SMYTHE; David JACKSON. OTHER PLACES: Drummuck, Ballybay, Co. Monaghan.
Sharon Oddie Brown. October 31, 2011


Jacksons Deed Poll 26 May 1860



A Memorial of a Deed Poll bearing date the twenty fourth day of May One Thousand Eight Hundred and Sixty and made by Elizabeth JACKSON[1] of Urker Lodge[2] in the County of Armagh formerly McCULLAGH Widow of John JACKSON[3] of Liscalgot[4] in the County of Armagh Gentleman whereby (after reciting therein an indenture bearing date the eighth day of July One Thousand Seven Hundred and Ninety Six made between the Rev Charles MASSÉ[5] of the City of Dublin Clerk surviving trustee named and appointed in and by two acts of Parliament therein particularly mentioned of the first part. Thomas TERISON[6] Esq. of the second part and James McCULLAGH[7] formerly of Shanlenagh[8] in the County of Monaghan gentleman therein after called James McCULLAGH senior of the third part and also reciting that by Indenture of Marriage Settlement bearing date 24th day of April One Thousand Eight Hundred and Eleven[9] and made and entered into by the said James McCULLAGH senior of the first part the said Elizabeth JACKSON therein described as Elizabeth McCULLAGH of Shanlenaugh aforesaid spinster daughter of the said James McCULLAGH senior of the second part and James McCULLAGH[10]  of Ballybay in the County of Monaghan junior Gentleman and Andrew Bradford[11] of Caranasar [12][Cavananore] in the County of Louth Gentlemen Trustees for the purposes therein mentioned  of the fourth part after reciting as therein  was recited said indenture witnessed that  that he the said James McCULLAGH senior for himself his Executors Administrators  for the considerations therein mentioned did sell assign transfer and make over to the said James McCULLAGH junior and Andrew BRADFORD (in their actual possession then being as therein mentioned) and to their Heirs and Assigns  one Annuity or yearly sum of Thirty pounds sterling issuing and payable and charged  on all that part of the said lands of Drum____ [13]aforesaid as previously held by John GILLESPIE[14] deceased and as lately in the possession  of James SMYTHE[15] and John SMYTHE[16] and situate in the Barony of Cremorne and County of Monaghan….and further reciting as therein the said Elizabeth JACKSON in exercise of and by virtue of the power of appointment reserved to her in and by the said therein related Deed of Marriage Settlement of the Twenty fourth Day of May One Thousand Eight Hundred and Eleven as aforesaid and by virtue of every other power and authority thereunto enabling did by said Deed grant limit and appoint unto her son David JACKSON[17] his Heirs and Assigns… yearly sum of thirty pounds…

[1] Elizabeth JACKSON née McCULLAGH (1788-1880), mother of David JACKSON.

[2] Urker Lodge, Parish of Creggan, Co. Armagh.

[3] John JACKSON (1780-1817) son of David JACKSON & Margaret BRADFORD, and husband of Elizabeth McCULLAGH.

[5] Rev Charles MASSÉ

[6] Thomas TERISON Esq.

[7] James McCULLAGH Sr, father of Elizabeth McCULLAGH. He seems to have started life at Derryvalley and ended it at Shantonagh. His wife Sally McCARTER came from Shantonagh.

[8] Shanlenagh aka Shantonagh, Co. Monaghan. There are two such townlands: one in the Parish of Aghnamullen, and one in the Parish of Ballybay, both in the Barony of Cremorne.

[10] James McCULLAGH (?-1865), brother of Elizabeth McCULLAGH. He married Eliza WALLACE and they had 13 known children.

[11] Andrew Coulter BRADFORD (1788-1847). He died unmarried and the debates over aspects of his will spanned generations.

[12] Caranasar aka Cavananore SEE:

[13] Drum___ - presumably, this is the townland of Drummuck, Parish of Ballybay, Barony of Cremonre, Co. Monaghan. This was a townland that the McCULLAGHs had an interest in.


[15] James SMYTHE. NOTE: There were SMYTHEs who also resided at Urker.

[16] John SMYTHE

[17] David JACKSON (1814-1889), father of Sir Thomas JACKSON.



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