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NAMES: John TOWNLEY of Ballymascanlon; Launcelot COULTER; James Wolfe McNEALE; James MOORE; Thomas Coulter DICKIE; James STOKES; Robert ROGERS; John HANBURY. OTHER PLACES: Mountpleasant aka Mount Pleasant; Culfore.
Sharon Oddie Brown. May 21, 2011
NOTE: The initial transcription is thanks to Wendy Jack. I will add to footnotes as I learn more.


ROD Reference:  1861 Book 12, No. 38

Townley To Coulter


Regd. 10th April 1861 8 ms to 3 oCl.

To the Registrar appointed by Act of Parliament for registering Deeds Wills and so forth in Ireland

A Memorial of Indenture bearing date the fifth day of May in the year of our Lord One Thousand Eight hundred and Sixty and made between John Townley[1] of the Cottage Ballymascanlon[2] in the County of Louth Esquire of the one part and Lancelot Coulter[3] of Ballymascanlon in said County Esquire of the other part Reciting an Indenture of Release of the fifth day of February One Thousand Eight Hundred and forty four made between James Wolfe McNeale[4] of Ballymascanlon aforesaid Esquire of the first part Malcolm McNeale[5] eldest son and heir apparent of the said James Wolfe McNeale of the second part and James Moore[6] then of Ballymascanlon aforesaid Esquire of the third part Reciting one other Indenture of the thirtieth April One Thousand Eight hundred and fifty eight and reciting further as therein is recited and amongst other things that the Rent and Reversion of and in the premises therein after mentioned had come to and was legally vested in said Lancelot Coulter party thereto it is Witnessed that in Consideration of the sum of Two hundred and Twenty Pounds to him paid the said John Townley did thereby Surrender give and yield up unto the said Launcelot Coulter his heirs and assigns All That and Those That part of the Lands of Ballymascanlon with the Cottage and offices thereon containing by estimation nineteen acres one Rood and fourteen perches late Irish plantation measure be the same more of less bounded on the East by Lower Proleek on the West by the Road leading from Ballymascanlon to Dundalk and by the Lands of Mountpleasant[7] on the North by the Lands of Culfore[8] on the South by the Road called Skulk situate lying and being in the Lordship and Parish of Ballymascanlon Barony of Lower Dundalk and County of Louth together with the Houses buildings and Gardens thereon and all and singular the ways easements priveleges and appurtenances thereunto belonging or in any wise appurtaining and the reversion and reversions remainder and remainders yearly and other Rents issues and profits of the said Hereditaments and premises and all the estate right Title and Interest property claim and demand whatsoever as Law or in Equity of him the said John Townley in to and upon the same premises and every or any part thereof to the Interest and purpose that the said Estate for life or life interest therein mentioned of the said John Townley and such further Interest as upon the Contingency mentioned in said herein before first recited Indenture of Demise and suurender thereof as therein before mentioned the said James Moore his heirs or assigns might have been intitled to demand of or from the said James Wolfe McNeale his heirs and assigns might merge in the inheritance and become absolutely extinguished said Indenture contains several Covenants and as to the execution thereof and this memorial by the said John Townley the same are respectively Witnessed by Thomas Coulter Dickie[9] Gentleman and James Stokes[10] writing Clerk both of Dundalk in the County of Louth John Townly (seal) Signed and Sealed in presence of Thos C Dickie Dundalk Jas. Stokes Now Thomas Coulter Dickie of Dundalk in the County of Louth Gentleman aged Twenty one years and upwards maketh oath and Saith that he is a Subscribing Witness to the Deed of which the above writing is a Memorial and also to this Memorial and that he saw the same duly executed by the within named John Townley and Saith that the name James Coulter Dickie Subscribed as a Witness thereto and hereto is this Deponents proper name and hand writing Thos C. Dickie Sworn this 25th day of March 1861 at Dundalk in the County of Louth before me a Commissioner of Her Majestys High Court of Chancery in Ireland for taking affidavits in and for said County and I know the Deponent the words "and the within named Lancelot Coulter" being first erased from the above affidavit  Wm Robt Rogers[11] Master [Ety]

A True copy  Ten folios  John Hanbury[12]


[1] John TOWNLEY. I know little about him, except that he was a Dundalk merchant who died at Tullyvin House, Co, Cavan January 28, 1870. His wife was named Charlotte. SOURCE: St. Nicholas Churchyard, Crossle Records.The MOORE family was also associated with Tullyvin House. Fromthe will of Matthew FORTESCUE, it also appears that he was the Manager of the National Bank at Dundalk.

[2] Ballymascanlon aka Ballymascanlan is a townland in the Parish of Ballynascanlon. Launcelot COULTER leased various buildings including a corn mill as well as land valued in all at £187.0.0 at the time of Griffiths.

[3] Launcelot COULTER. In Griffiths, his name is often rendered as COLTER.

·        He died Sept 28, 1873, age 60. SOURCE: Ballymascanlon Churchyard.

·        He bought lands at Ballymascanlon and Proleek after the famine.

·        In the 1842 Voters List, he is described as a “rentcharger” resident at Skyhill. SOURCE: http://www.jbhall.freeservers.com/1842%20Voters%20A%20to%20G.htm

·        He was a substantial landowner with substantial holdings in the parish of Killevy, Armagh.

·        After an extensive fire in 1836, these premises [Ballymascanlan Corn Mill] were repaired and within two years were leased to Launcelot Coulter who kept the mills open dany and night for three months of the year and for twelve hours a day on average for the remaining nine months. After the Famine, Coulter purchased the grain from local farmers, dried it in kilns, ground it into flour and sold the finished product to bakers in Dundalk ...To cope with the linen boom of the 1860s, Coulter had installed a scrutch mill at Ballymascanlan which had processed 333 stone of flax by the end of 1864. On his death in September 1873 the mills passed to his relative, Joseph Crawley, who sold his interest to Francis Boyle. SOURCE: Post Famine Economy of the Flurry Valley. Don Johnston. p235.Co. Louth Archaeological and Historical Journal. Vol. XXVII, 2, 2010.

[4] James Wolfe McNEALE son of Robert McNEIL or McNEAL & Margaret REID or READ.

[5] Malcolm McNEALE, son of James Wolfe McNEILE.

[6] James MOORE

[7] Mountpleasant aka Mount Pleasant, in the Parish of Ballymascanlon was the resident of James Wolfe McNEALE.

[8] Culfore, Parish of Ballymascanlan, Co. Louth

[9] Thomas Coulter DICKIE (1807-1908) a solicitor and husband of Maud Katherine Elizabeth McNIECE.

[10] James STOKES

[11] Robert ROGERS

[12] John HANBURY



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