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NAMES: Thomas BLIGH of Brittas, Co. Meath; John SHEILS; James WRIGHT; Thomas Cherburgh BLIGH; James DYAS; Arthur IRWIN; William SHEILS; Edward BLIGH; Sir Ralph HOWARD; Charles William HAMILTON; Gordon JACKSON; Thomas JACKSON sr. & jr.; Philip McCORMICK; John M'ENANY; Thomas Tughe MECREDY. OTHER PLACES: Lisnagrogh, part of Ballynatinuff, Barony of Lower Kells, Co. Meath.
NOTE: This deed references several earlier agreements dating back to 1715.
Unfortunately, I have lost track of who sent me this transcription years ago. It may have been Bill Farrell.
Sharon Oddie Brown. July 2, 2011


1864 March 26.


NOTE: There are two Memorials of Deeds that relate to this deed: ROD 15 44 6704 and ROD 15 44 6706. I have referred to them in the footnotes. What is curious is that the deed number between them – ROD 15 44 6705 - is of a deed that relates to another line of JACKSONs – Robert JACKSON, a tanner in Dublin and his widow Joyce - it may be that there is a more than circumstantial connection.


Whereas, by indenture of lease, bearing date the 14th day of August, 1715[1], Thomas Bligh[2], Esq., demised on to John Sheils[3] and James Wright[4] all that part of Lisnagrogh[5], being part of the 16 polls of Ballynatinuff[6], then in the possession of the said John Sheils and James Wright, containing about 80 acres, be the same more or less, situate in the Barony of Lower Kells, and County of Meath, for the term of three lives therein named, with a covenant for perpetual renewal. And whereas several renewals of said lease have been executed, the last of which bears date the 16th day of June 1791, and was made by Thomas Cherburgh Bligh[7], in whom the Lessor’s interest was then vested, to James Dyas[8], Arthur Irwin[9], and William Sheils[10]; and whereas all the lives named in the said renewal have long since died. And whereas the said Thomas Cherburgh Bligh died in the year 1836, having by his will, dated 12th day of June, 1834, devised the said lands, amongst others, to Edward Earl of Darnly[11], the honourable Edward Bligh, and Sir Ralph Howard[12], as trustees thereof, upon the trusts in said will mentioned. And whereas the said Edward Darnley and the Honorable Edward Bligh subsequently died leaving the said Sir Ralph Howard then surviving. Now I, Charles William Hamilton[13], of number 40, Lower Dominick street, in the city of Dublin, as agent for and on behalf of the said Sir Ralph Howard, require you or other the party or parties entitled to the lessees interest in the said lands, forthwith to renew the said lease, and to pay to the said Sir Ralph Howard all Renewal Fines, Septennial Fines and interest, which have accrued due to him by the fall of the said lives, pursuant to the Covenant for Perpetual Renewal contained in the said lease, otherwise you and all other persons will hereafter be precluded from all right of renewal. -- dated this 26th day of March, 1864.





Gordon Jackson[14],

Thomas Jackson[15], Senior,

Thomas Jackson[16], Junior,

Lisnabo, Kings Court;

Philip M’Cormick[17], Kings Court;

John M’Enany[18], Kings Court;

and all others whom it may concern,

Thomas Tughe Mecredy[19], Solicitor,

7, Inns-quay, Dublin.


The London Gazette, May 20, 1864. Page 2705.

[1] SEE: ROD Deed:15-44-6704 1715 Aug 31: Memorial of a Lease for lives renewable for ever dated 31 August

1715, Thos Bligh, Brittas, County Meath Esq Ist part, Henry JACKSON, Lisnabow, County Meath, the other part.

Recites a grant from Thos Bligh to Henry JACKSON of sixteen poles Poles of Ballynaticknuff now in the possession of the said Henry JACKSON containing by common estimation 152 acres or thereabouts, situated in the Barony of Kells, County Meath with all Rights, etc. Term; to hold these lands during the term of the natural lives of the said Henry JACKSON, the Lessee, Hugh JACKSON aged about four years, eldest son of the said Henry JACKSON and of James JACKSON aged about one, son of said Henry

[2] Thomas BLIGH (abt 1654-1710). SOURCE: http://thepeerage.com/p11709.htm#i117088  NOTE: Also, see Deed ROD 15 44 6706: Lease for lives dated 1September 1715, Thomas Bligh, Brittas, County Meath Esq. To Nathan Nesbitt. . .lives of Nesbitt family.. One of the witnesses was Henry JACKSON, Lisnabow, County Meath, Gent.

[3] John SHEILS

[4] James WRIGHT. NOTE: A James WRIGHT who is the right time and place, but no other connections are known, was the son of James WRIGHT (1615-1700) and Mary SLACKE.

[5] Lisnagrogh, Barony of Kells, Co. Meath . NOTE: I haven’t a clue.

[6] Ballynatinuff, Barony of Kells, Co. Meath . NOTE: I haven’t a clue.

[7] Thomas Cherburgh BLIGH d. 1836. Son of Very Rev. Robert BLIGH and Frances WINTHROP. He lived at Brittas, Co. Meath. He was a grandson of Rt. Hon Thomas BLIGH and Elizabeth NAPER

[8] James DYAS. I would suspect he was related to the DYAS family that connected with this JACKSON family in America. Sarah JACKSON (1820-1850), daughter of Hugh JACKSON and Alicia BELL married an Alexander Jackson DYAS, son of John DYAS (1782-1862), husband of Mary JACKSON (1788-1849). They were of New Orleans and Nashville, America, but it would seem that the family connections may have gone back to earlier links in Ireland. SOURCE: http://farrell-family.org/letters-and-memoirs/MaryJackson/MaryNoteAliciaDyas.html

[9] Arthur IRWIN. SEE: ROD Deed 552-364-367425. He had two daughters, one of whom married Joseph COULTER of Dowdallshill, Co. Louth.

[10] William SHEILS

[11] Edward Earl of Darnly. Edward BLIGH (1715-1747), 2nd Earl of Darnly was the son of John BLIGH (?-1728), the 1st Earl of Darnley, son of Rt. Hon Thomas BLIGH and Elizabeth NAPIER. SOURCE: http://www3.dcs.hull.ac.uk/cgi-bin/gedlkup/n=royal?royal13449

[12] Sir Ralph HOWARD (1801-1873), son of Hon Hugh HOWARD & Catherine BLIGH, granddaughter of Thomas BLIGH, and sister of Thomas Cherburgh BLIGH. SOURCE: www.thepeerage.com

[13] Charles William HAMILTON

[14] Gordon JACKSON. Son of Thomas JACKSON & Anne GORDON. It may not be connected, but there is a marriage record of a Gordon JACKSON & a Mary ROCHE at St. Nicholas Without, Dublin on Aug 29, 1829. NOTE in 1855, a Gordon JACKSON was residing at Lisnagrow (a few miles south of Lisnaboe, Co. Meath. SOURCE: http://farrell-family.org/

[15] Thomas JACKSON (?-1796), son of Henry JACKSON and Mary Unnamed. He married Anne GORDON and they had ten children.

[16] Thomas JACKSON, Son of Thomas JACKSON & Anne GORDON

[17] Philip M’CORMICK

[18] John M’ENANY

[19] Thomas Tughe MECREDY



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