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NAMES: Launcelot COULTER of Ballmascanlon; Montifort LONGFIELD; Charles James HARGREAVE; George CRAWLEY sr. of Killeen; George CRAWLEY jr.; Elizabeth COULTER; Elizabeth OLIVER, née Elizabeth CRAWLEY; William CRAWLEY; John COULTER; Joseph CRAWLEY; Esther HILL née COULTER; Anne CRAWLEY née COULTER; Mary JOHNSTON née COULTER; Dr. William POLLOCK of Caravilla; Joseph CRAWLEY; FOSTER; Edward TIPPING; Maria WILSON; Thomas WILSON; Joseph DICKIE; WIlliam GIBBON. OTHER PLACES: Clontygora, Edentubber aka Edentober; Culfore; Monascrobe aka Monascreebe; Bellurgan; Proleek; Dundalk.
Sharon Oddie Brown. May 21, 2011.


1873 will of Launcelot Coulter


NOTE: In terms of situating Launcelot COULTER in relation to other COULTERs, I find it helpful to look at maps. In the southern part of the parish of Armagh, going from west to east are the parishes of Creggan, then Forkhill, then Killevy, where Launcelot had significant holdings at the time of Griffiths Valuation, many held in common with Elizabeth CRAWLEY, his sister.


In the name of God Amen. I, Launcelot Coulter [1]of Ballymascanlon[2] in the County of Louth, Esq., do hereby make and publish this my last will and testament in manner following, hereby revoking all former wills or other testamentary dispositions by me at any time heretofore made. For as by deed of conveyance dated the fourth day of November 1854 Mountifort Longfield[3] Esq. L.L.D, and Charles James Hargreave[4] Esq. Q.C., to the Commissioners for sale of Incumbered Estates in Ireland for the considerations therein expressed grant unto George Crawley[5] and me the said Launcelot Coulter then both of Killeen[6] in the County of Armagh, Millers, and co-partners in trade, the lands of Clontygora[7] in the County of Armagh, and Edentubber[8] in the County of Louth containing in the whole, 1631 acres, two roods and 16 perches, statute measure or thereabouts. To hold to us, the said George Crawley and Launcelot Coulter our heirs and assigns for ever as joint tenants. And whereas the said George Crawley died on or about the sixth day of January 1862 without any partition having been executed of said lands and having previously made, and published his last will and testament in writing bearing date the 21st day of December 1861, and thereby gave devised, and bequeathed unto me and his wife Elizabeth Crawley[9] since deceased, and the survivor of us, and the executors and administrators of such survivor of amongst others, all this chattel real and freehold and personal estate of every kind so ever other than household furniture. Upon trust for the purposes in said will mentioned, the said testator intending to include in said device the undivided moiety of said lands of Edentobber and Clontygora and probate of said will was afterwards granted to the said Elizabeth Crawley and me and we as executors and trustees thereof accounted for the one moiety of the said lands belonging to the said George Crawley as if the conveyance thereof had been made to him and me as tenants in common. Now I hereby satisfy and confirm the said will of George Crawley so far as the same relates to the undivided moiety of said land of Edentobber and Clontygora intended to be thereby devised, and I hereby direct that the said moiety of said lands and premises shall be held and enjoyed by the persons to whom same was divided by said will, and their respective lives and assigns in the manner thereby directed but without disturbing or interfering with any dispositions or sales which may have been since made by any of the disease under said will. And whereas I am seized and possessed of the other undivided moiety of said lands of Edentobber and Clontygora and also of certain shares in the undivided moiety thereof so comprised in the will of said George Crawley, deceased, as also all part of the lands of Ballymascanlon, Culfore[10] and Monascrobe[11] of farms in Ballymascanlon, Bellurgan[12] and Proleek[13], and of certain lands, houses, tenements, and premises on the town of Dundalk[14] and County of Louth. Now I hereby give and bequeath unto my nephew George Crawley[15], son of George Crawley, deceased, the sum of £1000. To my niece Elizabeth Oliver[16] I give and bequeath the sum of £1000. To my nephew William Crawley[17], son of said George Crawley, I give and bequeath the sum of £400. I give and bequeath unto my brother John Coulter[18], and to his heirs and assigns forever by lands, tenants, houses, and premises with the appurtenances situate in the town of Dundalk, subject to an annual sum of £50 to my said nephew Joseph Crawley[19] for and during the term of his natural life, and also subject to the sum of £150 to each of my three sisters Mrs. Esther Hill[20], Mrs. Anne Crawley[21], and Mrs. Mary Johnston[22] and their respective executors and administrators. And also subject to the sum of £100 free of legacy duty which I hereby give, and bequeath unto my kind friend William Pollock[23] Esq. of Caravilla[24] Surgeon and I charge said annuity, and several legacies specifically upon the said lands and premises in Dundalk so devised to my said brother John Coulter. I give devise and bequeath unto my said nephew Joseph Crawley[25] the farms of land in Ballymascanlon and Bellurgen which I hold as tenant to Messers Foster[26] and Tipping[27] respectively and of which lands my nephew is in possession. I also devise to my said nephew my farm of land in Proleek. I give and devise onto my niece Maria Wilson[28] wife of Thomas Wilson[29] by lands of Clontygora and Edentobber, and Ballymascanlon, and all other lands of which I may die seized and not here in before disposed of (subject as to the lands of Clontygara and Eventobber to an annuity of fifty  pounds payable to my said niece Elizabeth Oliver during her natural life which I hereby specifically charge on said lands) to receive and take the rents issues and profits thereof (subject to said annuity of 50 pounds as aforesaid) for her own sole use and benefit for and during the term of her natural life and not subject to the debts, control or engagement of her present husband or any, husband she may hereafter marry, and from and after her decease I give and devise said lands to and amongst her children in such shares and properties or dispositions and subject to such limitations, and to take effect at such time or times as she may in her discretion notwithstanding her coverture by her last will and testament or by deed to be duly executed by her limit and appoint and in default of such limitations or appointment or in as far or same may be incomplete than two and amongst her children in equal shares and proportions as tenants in common and not as joint tenants, and in case she should have no children living at the time of her decease, then from and after her said decease, I give and devise the said land unto her husband Thomas Wilson his heirs and assigns absolutely, and I point my said niece Maria Wilson so residuary devisee and legatee and her husband Thomas Wilson executor of this my last will and testament. In witness whereof I hereunto subscribe my name the fourth day of September 1873.


L. Coulter.


Signed and published and declared by the said testator Launcelot Coulter as and for his last will and testament in the presence of us who in his presence at his request and in presence of each other have hereunto subscribed our names witnesses.


Joseph Dickie[30] solicitor Dundalk.

William Gibbon[31].


This will proved on the 16th day of October 1873.

[1] Launcelot COULTER. In Griffiths, his name is often rendered as COLTER.

·        He died Sept 28, 1873, age 60. SOURCE: Ballymascanlon Churchyard.

·        He bought lands at Ballymascanlon and Proleek after the famine.

·        In the 1842 Voters List, he is described as a “rentcharger” resident at Skyhill. SOURCE: http://www.jbhall.freeservers.com/1842%20Voters%20A%20to%20G.htm

·        He was a substantial landowner with substantial holdings in the parish of Killevy, Armagh.

·        After an extensive fire in 1836, these premises [Ballymascanlan Corn Mill] were repaired and within two years were leased to Launcelot Coulter who kept the mills open dany and night for three months of the year and for twelve hours a day on average for the remaining nine months. After the Famine, Coulter purchased the grain from local farmers, dried it in kilns, ground it into flour and sold the finished product to bakers in Dundalk ...To cope with the linen boom of the 1860s, Coulter had installed a scrutch mill at Ballymascanlan which had processed 333 stone of flax by the end of 1864. On his death in September 1873 the mills passed to his relative, Joseph Crawley, who sold his interest to Francis Boyle. SOURCE: Post Famine Economy of the Flurry Valley. Don Johnston. p235.Co. Louth Archaeological and Historical Journal. Vol. XXVII, 2, 2010.

[2] Ballymascanlon is a townland in the Parish of Ballynascanlon. Launcelot COULTER leased various buildings including a corn mill as well as land valued in all at £187.0.0 at the time of Griffiths.

[3] Montifort LONGFIELD (1802-1884) born in Cork, an Irish judge, economist & professor at Trinity College, Dublin. SOURCE: www.britannia.com . he was the judge in a case mentioned in an Irish Chancery report


[4] Charles James HARGREAVE. I note that a Philip HARGRAVE owns land in the area in the mid-1800s.

[5] George CRAWLEY sr.

[6] Killeen. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Killean,_County_Armagh   I am guessing that Killeen Cottage is in the Parish of Killevy where Launcelot leased a substantial house from the representatives of Henry THOMSON at the time of Griffiths Valuation. It was the home of George CRAWLEY & Elizabeth COULTER.

  • The Armagh Guardian February 11, 1845 TO BE SOLD BY PUBLIC AUCTION,   on TUESDAY, the 11th day of February next, at the hour of TWO o'Clock in the Afternoon, at the BERESFORD ARMS HOTEL (Mr. WILTSHIRE's), in the City of Armagh, KILLEEN COTTAGE and LANDS, with sufficient TURBARY ; held by Lease for Lives Renewable for Ever, at the Yearly Rent of £10 14s. 9d.  The COTTAGE--which is in excellent order --possesses every requisite for a respectable family; and the LANDS, containing about 17 ACRES Statute Measure, are of superior quality.  This property is very desirably situated, being within one mile of the City of Armagh, on the leading road to Newry, and is at present held by a respectable Tenant, from year to year, at £48 per annum.  For further particulars apply to JOHN STANLEY, jun., Solicitor, Armagh; or to JEREMIAH ANDREWS, Auctioneer, Armagh.  January 28, 1845.

·        The Armagh Guardian, August 5, 1845 TO BE LET, Armagh, County Armagh From the First Day of November next, THAT desirable Residence, Killeen Cottage, with 17-1/2 Acres of prime Land, within One Mile of Armagh, on the Markethill Road. For particulars, apply to Dr. LEEBODY, Portadown ; or Mr. BOYLE, on the Premises.

·        Another curious family connection: James OLIVER, a son of Benjamin OLIVER of Lislooney married Letitia SIMPSON on June 17 1830. SOURCE:   Belfast Newsletter. At Killeen cottage on Thursday 17th inst by the Rev P. S. HENRY, James OLIVER of Lislooney to Letitia, younger daughter of the late William SIMPSON of Cavancaw. How or even if they relate to the Elizabeth OLIVER who was a niece of Launcelot, I do not know.

[7] Clontygora, 1205 acres in Parish of Killevy, Barony of Orior Upper, Co. Armagh. It is on the south-east side of the Parish of Killeen, just south of the townland of Killeen.

[8] Edentubber aka Edentober, 458 acres listed as being in the Parish of Ballymascanlon, Co. Louth. A Nov 4 1854 deed describes it as being containing four hundred and forty six acres and seven perches statute measure situate in the Barony of Lower Dundalk Parish of Faughart and County of Louth

[9] Elizabeth CRAWLEY, née Elizabeth COULTER, daughter of Thomas COULTER and Anne DOWDALL.

[10] Culfore, Parish of Ballymascanlan, Co. Louth

[11] Monascrobe aka Monascreebe, Parish of Ballymascanlan, Co. Louth

[12] Bellurgan – there are two, one in Parish of Ballyboys, the other in Castletown. His is in Castletown, rented from Edward TIPPING.

[13] Proleek, Parish of Ballymascanlan, Co. Louth.

[14] Dundalk. These may have included lots in Wellington Place. The 1854 deed also mentions holdings at Clanbrassil Street.

[15] George CRAWLEY jr., son of George CRAWLEY (1800-1862) & Elizabeth COULTER. Curiously, he is not mentioned in his father’s will.

[16] Elizabeth OLIVER, née Elizabeth CRAWLEY, wife of Turner Barrett OLIVER. SOURCE: Will of George CRAWLEY.

[17] William CRAWLEY (?-Aft 1875), son of George CRAWLEY (1800-1862) & Elizabeth COULTER.

[18] John COULTER (1818-1901)  of Skyhill, Drumbilla, Parish of Roche, Co. Louth..

·        Sacred To the memory of JANE daughter of Thos. Coulter of Skyhill who departed this life 4th June 1840 Aged 21 Years And also the above named Thomas Coulter who died on the 22nd of January 1850 Aged 72 Years Also Anne Coulter Wife of the above who departed this life on the 20th of May 1871 Also in Loving Memory of Hannah wife of John Coulter, Wellington Place, died 23rd Feby 1889 Aged 67 years John Coulter Died 20th May 1901 aged 83 years. SOURCE: St. Nicholas Graveyard.

·        http://www.thesilverbowl.com/documents/1852Feb17-COULTER-LUNDY.html

·        http://www.thesilverbowl.com/documents/1858Mar13-COULTER-COULTER.html

·        Skyhill is a couple of km south-east of Ballsmill, or slightly less than 4 km north-east of Cavananore. On January 14, 1828, the residence of George McGUSTY of Skyhill was burned down. SEE: 1828 Jul22 - Louth Conspiracy


[19] Joseph CRAWLEY. (?-1875) SOURCE: Letters of Administration of the personal estate of Joseph Crawley late of Ballymascanlon County Louth Merchant a Bachelor deceased who died 17 October 1875 at same place were granted at Armagh to William Crawley of Ballymascanlon aforesaid Esquire the Brother of said deceased.

[20] Esther HILL (1808-1880) née COULTER. I believe she was the wife of William HILL (abt 1770-1852)  of Ballsmill.

[21] Anne CRAWLEY née COULTER. She is not the wife of George CRAWLEY, so I am wondering if the two sisters may have married two brothers,


[23] Dr. William POLLOCK of Caravilla. He was also of Dundalk in the County of Louth Surgeon. NOTE: An earlier William POLLOCK was a farmer of Carrickastuck mentioned in a deed dated December 4, 1776. In Griffiths valuation, a William POLLOCK was recorded as leasing a dispensary house at Annaghavackey from Samuel BRADFORD. Going by a letter from Eliza JACKSON née OLIVER dated November 7, 1883, he may have had a daughter who married a Dr. WILSON. SOURCE: http://www.thesilverbowl.com/letters/1883Nov7 -ElizaJACKSON-Thomas.html

[24] Caravilla. NOTE: I haven’t a clue where this might be.

[25] Joseph CRAWLEY

[26] FOSTER. A descendant of John FOSTER, but I do not have him pinned down yet.

[27] Edward TIPPING of Bellurgan Park (1826-1896) let Bellurgan to a COULTER of Ballymascanlan in 1841 for a net rent of 277 annum. His ancestor Thomas TIPPING of Castletown, Dundalk had bought Bellurgan in 1723.

[28] Maria WILSON Since she is a niece of Launcelot, she must be a daughter of one of his siblings. Since George CRAWLEY did have a daughter Maria, she is the most likely.

[29] Thomas WILSON, a merchant of  Belfast, was sole executor of Launcelot COULTER’s will

[30] Joseph DICKIE

[31] William GIBBON



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