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Since I first transcribed this deed, new information has come to light.
William OLIVER died in 1873 and his brother Andrew Bradford OLIVER's legal actions relating to his will are mentioned in a 1875 October 27 letter from Eliza Jackson
SEE: Also the description of the reason for the case in an account in the Irish Times.
Sharon Oddie Brown. Footnotes updated November 9, 2007.

Vice Chancellor of Ireland Received No 2620
In Chancery the 24th day of April 1875

William Couser [1] Plaintiff
Andrew Oliver [2] , Mary Jane Oliver [3] and Andrew Jackson [4] Defendants.

Upon motion for a Decree this day made unto the Right Honourable the Vice Chancellor of Ireland by Counsel for the Plaintiff and on hearing Counsel for the Defendants Mary Jane Oliver Andrew Jackson no one appearing for the Defendant Andrew Oliver although he was duly served with notice of this motion as appears by the notice duly stamped by the proper office of this Court and on reading the notice dated the ninth day of March one thousand eight hundred and seventy five the affidavit of the Plaintiff filed the same day Probate with the will annexed of William Oliver [5] deceased granted to the Plaintiff and William Menary [6] deceased on the Eleventh day of November one thousand eight hundred and seventy three the affidavit of Elizabeth Jackson [7] filed the ninth day of March one thousand eight hundred and seventy five the answer of Andrew Coulter B. Jackson [8] filed the twenty fourth day of November one thousand eight hundred and seventy four the answer of Mary Jane Oliver filed the same day This Court doth declare that the Trusts of the will of William Oliver ought to be performed and carried into execution and doth decree the same accordingly and this Court doth order that the following inquiries and accounts be made and taken viz Number one an inquiry who were the next of kin of the Testator living at his death and whether any of them have since died and if so who is or are their respective legal personal representatives. Number Two an account of the personal Estate of William Oliver deceased the Testator in the Bill named come to the hands of William Couser the executor of his will or to the hands of any other person or persons by the order or for the use of the said William Couser Number Three and account of the Testators debts. Number Four an accounts of the Testators funeral and Testamentary expenses Number Five an account of the Legacies and annuities if any given by the Testators will Number Six an inquiry what parts if any of the testators personal estate are outstanding or undisposed of And it is ordered that the Testators personal estate be applied or in payment of this debt and funeral expenses in a due course of administration and then in payment of the legacies and annuities if any given by his will and it is ordered that the following further accounts and enquiries be taken and made viz Number Seven an inquiry what real Estate the Testator was seized of or entitled to at the time of his death. Number Eight an account of the rents and profits of the Testators real Estate and by whom received Number Nine an inquiry what incumbrances if any affect the Testators real Estate or any and what parts thereof and this Court doth adjourn the further consideration of this cause and the question of costs

Fee £2.5.0 William Teale A.K.
[marginalia] Compd ?.T.S.,

Take notice that from the time of the service of this notice you will in default of your making such application as hereinafter mentioned be bound by the proceedings in the above cause in the same manner as if you had been originally made a party to the suit and that you may by an order of course have liberty to attend the proceedings under the within mentioned order and that you may within one month after the service of the notice apply to the Court to add to or vary the order.

Dated this 16th day of August 1875
Alexander McCombe  Plaintiffs Solicitor.

[1] I know little of this person or their connection to the family. There is a mention of a William Couser serving in the jury for the County Armagh Assizes July 22, 1859 SOURCE: Portadown Weekly News, July 30, 1859. There is also a William Couser resident at Killynure mentioned in the 1876 Armagh Landowners List as owning 13 acres (as did John Couser Sr. also of Killynure own 13 acres. An LDS entry shows: John McWatters Couser, b. 5 Feb 1870, Fa: William Couser, Mo: Anna McWatters, Killynure, Armagh, Co. Armagh. Also, Letitia Couser, b. 8 Jan 1869, Father: John Couser, Mother: Margaret McKew, Killynure, Co. Armagh. From  Griffith Valuation, 1848-1864, Armagh Civil Parishes, 1864 there are 5 COUSER households in Lisnadill  (SOURCE: http://couser.50megs.com/custom2.html ) He is also mentioned as a major property owner in Bassetts Guide to County ARMAGH 188-1889

[2]   Andrew Bradford OLIVER (1818-1877) of Killylea, Co. Armagh; brother of Mary Jane OLIVER, Thomas OLIVER (d. 1867), Elizabeth OLIVER (JACKSON) and William OLIVER (bef 1811-1873).

[3] Mary Jane OLIVER 1821-3 Oct 1875, sister of Andrew Bradford OLIVER

[4] Andrew Coulter Bradford JACKSON 1846-1929,  son of David JACKSON and Elizabeth OLIVER – sister to Mary James OLIVER and Andrew Bradford OLIVER

[5] William OLIVER (bef 1811- 15 October 1873); brother of Mary Jane OLIVER and Andrew Bradford OLIVER.

[6] William MENARY (1838-7 February 1874) married Mary JACKSON. SEE: Court Case 2806.

[7] Elizabeth JACKSON née OLIVER (1815-1903) wife of David JACKSON, sister of Mary Jane OLIVER and mother of Sir Thomas JACKSON.

[8] Andrew Coulter Bradford JACKSON 1846-1929,  son of David JACKSON and Elizabeth OLIVER.


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