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NAMES: Henry COULTER of Carrickastuck; Alexander BELL of Philipstown & Dublin; Catherine TRACY aka TREACY; Dennis TRACY.
Sharon Oddie Brown. June 25, 2011


1880 September 16
From the collection of Nigel Dickie.


In the High Court of Justice in Ireland, Chancery Division -- land judges.


Consolidated Final Notice To Tenants, And Adjoining Owners And Occupiers.


To all whom it may concern.


In the matter of the estate of Henry Coulter[1], owner and petitioner.


The land judges of the High Court of Justice, Ireland, have ordered the sale of part of the lands of Carrickastuck[2], containing 72 a. 3 r.6 p., statute measure, or thereabouts, situate in the Barony of upper Dundalk and County of Louth, held under lease dated 28 January, 1819, for lives renewable forever, and which premises are delineated on the map hereto annexed, and are alleged to be subject to the tenancies, leases, agreements release, rights of common, rights of turbary, rights-of-way and other rights and easements set forth in the Schedule hereto.


If any person alleges that he has any interest in said premises, not derived under said leases, agreements, or tenancies, or that his interest is incorrectly stated, or claims any right of common, or of cutting turf, right-of-way, or other easement affecting any of the said lands, and not admitted in the said Schedule or any objection to the boundaries as delineated on the said map, he must lodge his objection, in writing, with the clerk of the records of the said court on or before the first day of November, 1880, otherwise his interest will be barred and concluded by the said sale; and said map will be treated as conclusive and binding on all persons whomsoever. As such objection must be verified by affidavit entitled as above, and sworn, is out of Dublin, before one of the commissioners of the High Court of Justice, and transmitted undercover, sealed with the seal of the said Commissioner.


And notice is also given, that if any tenant on this estate is desirous of purchasing his holdings thereon, he should attend before the examiner on Wednesday, on the 17th day of November, 1880, with a proposal for the purchase of such holding, containing an undertaking to pay for same, after which no proposal for the subdivision of a lot can be entertained; and in the event of such proposal being accepted, regard will be had to same on the settlement of the rental.


A notice is also given to the owners and occupiers of adjoining premises, that I have fixed Wednesday, the 17th day of November, 1880, at my chamber, Land Judges Court’s Inn Quay, Dublin, for the settlement of the rental of the said premises when any person interested is at liberty to attend.


Dated the 16th day of September, 1880. JAMES McDONNELL Examiner. SEAL.


ALEXANDER BELL[3], solicitor having Carriage of said order, 12, lower Ormond Quay, Dublin.


SCHEDULE referred to in the foregoing notice containing particulars of all tenancies easements etc. upon or over the lands included in the aforesaid order


NOTE: I have included the acreages and rents in the second column; otherwise it would not fit on a standard page.



Tenants names and persons entitled to rights are easements

Dated description of Instrument (if any )under which tenant holds and the tenure of each tenant

Rights of common, or of cutting turf, rights-of-way and other easements admitted to exist.


( part of)

Barony of Upper Dundalk and County of Louth

the owner -- --

[Quantity of land

67 a.3 r.6p]

Catherine Tracy[4] representative of Dennis Tracy[5] and wife.

[Quantity of land

8a. 1r. 20p.

[Year’s rent £6.6.0]




Lease dated 24th July, 1816, between Henry Coulter of the one part, and Dennis Tracy and Elizabeth Tracy, for 999 years.




The said lease gives a right-of-way from the premises demise thereby to the main road. The right of the public to use, for all purposes, the roads marked on the map County Road, will be preserved in the conveyance to the purchaser.

The rights of all persons in respect of the water of the Castle town River which bounds the estate on the North will be preserved as they at present exist



[1] Henry COULTER

[2] Carrickastuck. There are deeds going back more than a hundred years connecting the COULTERs with this land. SEE: http://www.thesilverbowl.com/maps/Carrickistuck.html

[3] Alexander BELL "He was a much respected lawyer practising in Dublin." He was the son of Thomas BELL and Eliza CHARLETON of Killin & Philipstown, Co, Louth.

[4] Catherine TRACY. The TRACY aka TREACY family had long had an interest in this land and connections through leases with COULTERs and DICKIEs. It would not be surprising if there had been an intermarriage of the two families at some point. A James TREACY was a trustee mentioned in the 1851 deed wherein Henry COULTER of Carrickastuck pledged to take care of his brothers and sisters after the death of their father, Ralph COULTER in 1850.SEE: http://traceyclann.com/files/louth.htm  for mentions of Catherine Tracey, 26 June 1843,

[5] Dennis TRACY (1759-1844)



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