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This David JACKSON was the father of Sir Thomas JACKSON. Although in the middle of the 1800s he had times when he couldn't come up with the rent, by the time of his death, things had turned around - I suspect largely due to the efforts of his wife and the support of his children.
Sharon Oddie Brown July 1, 2006

Will of David Jackson [1] of Urker

May 4, 1888


MY NOTES (the document was too large to scan):


David JACKSON appointed Thompson BROWN [2] & Eliezer GILMORE as trustees [3] .

The will was proved 28 January 1890 and the effects were one thousand and eighty two pounds and five shillings.


Bequests mentioned included:

Farms at Liscalgot [4] & Urker [5] for his wife [6] to use during her life and then put into a trust to be managed by their son David [7] who was to pay 500 pounds to James [8] or to James’ wife [9] if James be deceased.

Should David predecease, then all to Thomas [10] to manage in trust

 He had a life insurance policy with the Scottish Providence Assurance for 500 pounds.

₤100 for the following daughters:

Elizabeth BROWN [11]

Margaret McCULLAGH [12]

Sarah GILMORE [13]

₤50 to the following grandsons [14]

David BROWN [15]

David GILMORE [16]

David JACKSON [17] (son of Andrew Coulter Bradford JACKSON [18] )

and to invest for his granddaughter Mary MENARY [19] but if she should die before reaching 21, then the money to go to James JACKSON and if he should die, then to James’ wife Elizabeth Sarah JACKSON.


These bequests were to come out of the assets and then anything remaining was to go to his wife, or should she predecease him, then to their son, James JACKSON or James’ wife Elizabeth Sarah JACKSON should he predecease...


“and it is my wish should my son Thomas Jackson succeed to my farms and other property under and by virtue of the device and bequest over in his favour declared by this my will that he should make some provision thereat his discretion for my grandson Francis Jackson son of my deceased son John Jackson. I bequeath one shilling to my daughter Mary Griffin [20] and I appoint my wife Elizabeth Jackson residuary legatee...”



W.R. CORR [21] Solicitor Crossmaglen

J.O’Connor [22]


[1] David JACKSON (Feb 4, 1814-Nov 11, 1889) husband of Elizabeth OLIVER and father of Sir Michael JACKSON. Clearly, his estate shows the uplift received by the family from Sir Thomas’s days at HSBC. The family had been unable to pay rent at various times earlier in the century.

[2] Thompson BROWN (1837-1915) husband of Elizabeth JACKSON, son-in-law of David JACKSON.

[3] It is interesting that he appointed two of his son-in-laws as Trustees – not any of his own children as was often the case.

[4] Liscalgot, Creggan Parish Co. Armagh. I do not know the lease boundaries of which farms were his to dispense and which belonged to his son-in-law, Eliezer GILMORE – or whether by now any of it was freehold title.

[5] Urker, Creggan Parish, Co. Armagh. I need to consult maps to determine the boundaries.

[6] Eliza OLIVER (1815-1903)

[7] David JACKSON (1855-1903), the youngest surviving son was a banker in Yokohama with HSBC.

[8] James JACKSON (1850-?) a middle son.

[9] Elizabeth Sarah BROWNE (1847-?), the daughter of Daniel Gunn BROWNE & Margaret JACKSON.

[10] Sir Thomas JACKSON (1841-1915)

[11] Elizabeth JACKSON (1843-1923) wife of Thompson BROWN

[12] Margaret JACKSON (1853-1944) widow of Robert Hamilton REED & Andrew Bradford McCULLAGH

[13] Sarah JACKSON (1848-1942) wife of Eliezer GILMORE of Liscalgot

[14] Presumably because these parents thought ahead and named their sons after him.

[15] David BROWN (1872-1919) son of Thompson BROWN & Elizabeth JACKSON. He went on to be second in command at the Imperial Bank of Persia but died of a heart attack after he was appointed head, but before he took over.

[16] David GILMORE (1878-1959)

[17] David JACKSON (1844-1925). He also worked overseas for HSBC.

[18] Andrew Coulter Bradford JACKSON (1846-1929) brother of Sir Thomas JACKSON

[19] Mary MENARY (1872-1946), daughter of Mary JACKSON & William MENARY.

[20] Mary JACKSON (1844-1921), widow of Frederick Richard GRIFFIN and William MENARY. Does the one shilling mean that she was not forgiven for her alleged transgressions and allegedly imprudent marriage to GRIFFIN or is it because she was to stay rent free at Urker for the rest of her natural days?

[21] William R. CORR (?)

[22] J O’CONNOR?


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