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NAMES: John Bailie COULTER; Henry O'CONNELL; James JOHNSTON; Hugh CALLAN; John DICKIE of Casino; John BAILIE; Robert DICKIE jr.;Robert DICKIE of Annaghvackey; Robert DICKIE; John Thomas DICKIE Clonaleenan; Samuel COULTER of Mounthill and later of Shortstone; Mary BAILIE; Samuel COULTER [jr.]; Charles McMAHON. OTHER PLACES: Annaghvackey.
Sharon Oddie Brown. September 28, 2009
NOTE: For the outcome, see: 1901 January 14


1895 Nov 23








I, John Dickie[5] of Casino, Malahide[6] in the County of Dublin Esq. age 70 years and upwards do make oath and say:-


1.      that I knew John Bailie[7], Robert Dickie Jr.[8] son of Robert Dickie[9] of Annaghvacky[10] and Robert Dickie[11], son of John Thomas Dickie[12] Clona Leenan[13] (their lives referred to as I believe in a certain indenture of lease dated 20 April 1835* made between Robert Bailey of the one part and the said John Bailie of the other part). The said John Bailie died at Shortstone or West Shortstone as I believe in the latter end of the year 1847.

2.      The said Robert Dickie Junior son of Robert Dickie of Annaghvacky who was my older brother died in India on or about the fifth day of August 1844 while doing duty as a Doctor with the 21st Fusiliers.

3.      Robert Dickie son of John Thomas Dickie of Clona Leenan who was my first cousin died as I believe and as was communicated to me immediately after his death at Williamstown Australia on the 29th day of December 1888. He was an engineer.

4.      Samuel Coulter[14] formerly of Mount Hill in the County of Armagh and afterwards of Shortstone in the County of Louth farmer was married to Mary Bailie[15] daughter of the said John Bailie and was subsequently murdered on or about the 2nd day of May 1851. There were lawful issue of that marriage one of whom John Bailie Coulter[16] the eldest I was acquainted with. I am informed and believed there was another son viz Samuel Coulter[17] the younger but I was not acquainted with him. I do not know the exact date of their births but I believe it was subsequent to the marriage[18] of the said Samuel Coulter and Mary Bailie.


Sworn this 23rd day of November 1895 at 43 Dames St. in the County of the city of Dublin before me and I know the deponent. George C. Lett[19] Commissioner to administrator oaths in and for the Supreme Court of [?] in Ireland. John Dickie



Charles McMahon[20] solicitor. 43 Dames St., Dublin. Received 25 November 1895 copy. Arthur Fleury[21].


* NOTE: I have a deed which fits this description on 1835 February 12 but not in April.


[1] John Bailie COULTER (see beneath)

[2] Henry O’CONNELL NOTE: I have nothing to add at the moment. Would love to learn more.

[3] James JOHNSTON NOTE: I have nothing to add at the moment. Would love to learn more.

[4] High CALLAN deceased. NOTE: I have nothing to add at the moment. Would love to learn more.

[5] John DICKIE (1819-1902), son of Robert DICKIE and Mary Anne WALLACE

[6] Malahide. This was a rather grand home of the John DICKIE (1819-1902) who wrote the notes on the DICKIE family that can be found at Dundalk Library (in a filing cabinet – not all staff know about them).

[7] John BAILIE (?-1847) –father of Mary BAILIE who married the murdered Samuel COULTER (d 1851).

[8] Robert DICKIE Jr. (1808-1844) son of Robert DICKIE and Mary Anne WALLACE

[9] Robert DICKIE (1782-1840) of Annaghvacky, son of  Robert DICKIE and Mary REID. SOURCE: The Belfast News-Letter (Belfast, Ireland), Friday, March 3, 1840 On the 18th ult. suddenly, Robert Dickey, Esq. of Roachdale, near Dundalk, in the 58th year of his age.

[10] Annaghvacky is the townland that Roachdale House was in.

[11] Robert DICKIE (1826-1888) son of John Thomas DICKIE and Jane WALLACE.

[12] John Thomas DICKIE (1787-1876), husband of Jane WALLACE and son of Robert DICKIE and Mary REID.

[13] Clona Leenan aka Clonaleenan, a townland of 311 acres in the Parish of Creggan, Co. Louth. In the 1854 Griffiths Valuation, about half of Clonaleenan was owned by John & Thomas DICKIE. Rev John BAILIE held 161 acres and buildings valued at £6 0 0 in fee. NOTE: Another John BAILIE of Clonaleenan married a Dorothy SMITH and had eight children and a will in 1773. He could possibly be a grandfather of Robert Ellis BAILLIE.

[14] Samuel COULTER (-1851) formerly of Mount Hill in the County of Armagh and afterwards of Shortstone in the County of Louth farmer. He was the huband of Mary BAILIE and father of John Bailie COULTER and Samuel BAILIE. The first was about 4 yars old at the time of his father's murder and the second a newborn.

[15] Mary BAILIE daughter of John BAILIE (?-1847) and wife of Samuel COULTER(?-1851) of Shosrtstone.

[16] John Bailie COULTER (1848-aft 1911) unmarried farmer. Son of the Samuel COULTER (murdered 1851) of Mounthill & Shortstone, Co. Louth and Mary BAILIE. NOTE: : In later years, both John Bailie COULTER and his brother Samuel COULTER (both of them bachelors) supported both the Land League as well as the work of Parnell. They gave land on which a hut was built for the purpose of housing evicted families, on the Forkhill side of their house. It is stil known as the “Hut Hill”. SOURCE: Agrarian Disturbances around Crossmaglen. 1835-1855. Part VI. Kevin McMahon & Rory Kieran. Published in Seanchas Ardmhacha: Journal of the Armagh Diocesan Historical Society. Vol. 12 No. 2. 1987. This is an excellent article about what is known about the cause and the court cases and the reaction to the murder of Samuel COULTER in 1851.

[17] Samuel COULTER (abt 1852-aft 1911) unmarried farmer. Brother of John Bailie COULTER and son of Samuel COULTER and May BAILIE.

[18] 1846, March 24 at Phillipstown Church, Barronstown, Co. Louth.

[19] George C. LETT. In 1870, there was a George C. LETT who owned 208 acres and lived on Dame Street, Dublin. SOURCE: http://www.cmcrp.net/Wexford/Landowner8.html

[20] Charles McMAHON was the son of Mr. Charles MacMahon, of Brookfield, Clerk of the Crown and Peace for the County of Louth, from the year 1869 to 1885. [Charles the elder] was one of the leading solicitors of the County, until his official appointment necessitated his retirement from the profession. He was an eloquent advocate and sound lawyer, and enjoyed the confidence of his numerous clients. Mr. MacMahon succeeded to the office of Clerk of the Crown on the death of Mr. P. J. Byrne, in 1869; and at the retirement of Mr. Thomas Bourne in 1879 he was appointed also Clerk of the Peace. He was married to Miss Gartlan, sister of Peter M'Evoy Gartlan, and Mrs. John Gartlan. His eldest daughter was married to Mr. W. Russell, of Killough, a kinsman of Lord Russell of Killowen; and the second to the late Judge Mulholland brother-in-law to Lord Russell. His only son, Mr. Charles MacMahon, of Brookfield, succeeded him as Solicitor, and has since 1885 ably and successfully, practised his profession at his offices in Clanbrassil Street. He is married to Miss Ternan, of Drogheda, and has two children. SOURCE: Tempests Jubilee 1909.

[21] Arthur FLEURY. NOTE In 1838, an earlier FLEURY handled legal matters for COULTERs: Thomas Elder FLEURY of Fitzwilliam Sq., East, Dublin attorney at law. http://www.thesilverbowl.com/documents/1838Mar10-COULTER-DONALDSON.html There is also Fleury Bridge in Co. Louth: file:///C:/Users/Sharon/Documents/Webstuff/theSilverBowl2/documents/newsclippings/1798Aug9.html



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