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NAMES: Rev. William REID of Belfast; Eliezer GILMORE of Liscalgot; Mary REID née McCULLAGH; Sarah WHITESIDE née McCULLAGH; Rev. William Sherlock WHITESIDE; James McCULLAGH of Derryvalley; Eliza JACKSON née OLIVER of Urker; Sarah GILMORE née JACKSON; Margaret McCULLAGH née JACKSON of Slieveroe; Elizabeth BROWN née JACKSON; Thompson BROWN; Mary GRIFFIN née JACKSON; John NORRIS; Andrew Coulter Bradford JACKSON of Fostertown; Sir Thomas JACKSON; Andrew Coulter BRADFORD; Andrew Hugh Gilmore JACKSON; William Richard CORR; J. O'CONNOR; James QUAIL; Walter H. PAGE; John NEIL. OTHER PLACES: Annaghvackey; Cavananore.
Sharon Oddie Brown. October 31, 2011


ROD 1902 62 92 REID to JACKSON

1902 Aug 27


The significance of this memorial is that the long running JACKSON-McCULLAGH-BRADFORD family dispute over Cavananore is finally settled. Essentially, Sir Thomas JACKSON bought out all the other family members who had claims that resulting from the will of Andrew Coulter Bradford in 1847. SEE: http://www.thesilverbowl.com/documents/1847_will_AC_Bradford.htm


A Memorial of an Indenture made the 18th day of July one thousand nine hundred and two between the Rev. William REID[1] of 39 Cedar Ave, Antrim Road Belfast in the County of the City of Belfast Presbyterian Minister. Eliezer GILMORE[2] of Liscalgot[3] in the County of Armagh farmer of the first part. Mary REID[4] otherwise McCULLAGH wife of the said William REID the said William REID and Sarah WHITESIDE[5] wife of William Sherlock WHITESIDE[6] of the parsonage Santa Maria Santa Barbara County, California United States America and James McCULLAGH[7] of Derryvalley[8] Ballybay in the County of Monaghan, Gentleman of the second part. Eliza JACKSON[9] otherwise OLIVER of Urker[10] in the County of Armagh widow. Sarah GILMORE[11] otherwise JACKSON wife of the said Eliezer GILMORE, the said Eliezer GILMORE Margaret McCULLAGH[12] otherwise JACKSON of Slieveroe[13] in the County of Monaghan, widow. Elizabeth BROWN[14] otherwise JACKSON wife of the said Thompson BROWN[15], the said Thompson BROWN and Mary GRIFFIN[16] otherwise JACKSON of Urker aforesaid widow of the third part. John NORRIS[17] of Cairns in the state of Queensland in the Commonwealth of Australia Blacksmith of the fourth part. Andrew Coulter Bradford JACKSON[18] of Fostertown[19] in the County of Meath of the fifth part and Sir Thomas JACKSON[20] of Stanstead House, Stanstead, Essexshire, England, Banker of the sixth part. Whereby after reciting as therein it is Witnessed that in pursuance of the said therein recited Agreements and consideration of the payment of the said principle sums therein before mentioned (the receipt thereof is thereby acknowledged) The Rev. William REID Eliezer GILMORE and Thompson BROWN as Trustees at the request and by the direction of the parties thereto of the second third fourth and fifth parts respectively do and each of them according to his or her respective estates shares powers and interest as herein before appearing and all other (if any) their respective estates shares powers and interests did thereby grant convey and release unto the said Sir Thomas JACKSON. All that and those the one divided moiety of the Land of Annaghavacky[21] otherwise called Rochdale in the Upper Half Barony of Dundalk and County of Louth and the one divided moiety of the town and lands of Cavananore[22] in the Barony of Dundalk and County of Louth so devised as aforesaid by the therein recited Will of Andrew Coulter BRADFORD[23]. To hold the same unto and to the use of the said Sir Thomas JACKSON his heirs and assigns freed released and discharged from the annuities or rent charges so charged on the hereditaments of the herein before recited Will of the said Andrew Coulter BRADFORD and from all actions, proceedings, claims and demands in respect thereof or any part thereof respectively or for or in respect of anything in any wise relating to the premises and further as therein which said indenture as to the  execution thereof and of this Memorial by the said Eliza JACKSON and Mary GRIFFIN respectively as witnessed by A. H. G. JACKSON[24] Solicitor’s apprentice and W.R. CORR[25] LLB Solicitor both of Crossmaglen in the County of Armagh and as to the execution of said Deed by Eliezer GILMORE is witnessed by A.H.G. JACKSON, solicitors apprentice & William R. CORR Solicitor both Crossmaglen and executor of said deed and of this Memorial by the said Eliezer GILMORE is witnessed by J. O’CONNOR[26] Solicitor and A.H.G. JACKSON Solicitor’s apprentice both of Crossmaglen. In the said Co. of Armagh and as to the execution of said deed and of this Memorial by the said William REID is witnessed by James QUAIL[27] and Walter H. PAGE[28] Solicitor’s Clerk both of Belfast in the County of Antrim and as to the due execution of said deed by said Mary REID is witnessed by said James QUAIL and Walter PAGE of Belfast aforesaid and said deed as to execution by the said Sarah WHITESIDE is witnessed by the said A.H.G. JACKSON and John NEIL[29] solicitors Asst. of Dundalk, Co. Louth…. [more legalese about signatures – nothing of substance]

[1] Rev. William REID (1829-1906) husband of Mary McCULLAGH, son of rev. William REID of Scarva.

[2] Eliezer GILMORE (1843-1919), husband of Sarah JACKSON; son-in-law of Eliza JACKSON.

[4] Mary REID née McCULLAGH (1840-1919), daughter of Thomas & Sarah McCULLAGH  of Derryvalley & Dunrimond, Co. Monaghan.

[5] Sarah WHITESIDE née McCULLAGH,(1852-1939) wife of Rev. William Sherlock WHITESIDE. She was the daughter of the late Thomas M'Cullagh, J.P., Derryvalley.

[6] Rev. William Sherlock WHITESIDE (1860-1919). He and Sarah married quickly in Creggan Parish, with the service done by his brother-in-law, Rev. William REID. They left immediately for America and 6 months after their marriage, their 1st child was born. Letters home fudged the birth date to bring it in line with respectability. They were very well connected to the family back home, and issues arose out of this.

[7] James McCULLAGH (1843-1913), brother of Mary & Sarah McCULLAGH.

[8] Derryvalley, Parish of Ballybay, Barony of Cremorne, Co. Monaghan, Ireland

[9] Eliza JACKSON née OLIVER (1815-1903), widow of David JACKSON and mother of ten including Sir Thomas JACKSON

[10] Urker, Creggan Parish, Co. Armagh. Long time residence of JACKSONs.

[11] Sarah GILMORE née JACKSON (1848-1942) daughter of Eliza OLIVER & David JACKSON.

[12] Margaret McCULLAGH née JACKSON (1853-1944) daughter of Eliza OLIVER & David JACKSON. She married 1stly Robert REID and then Andrew McCULLAGH.

[13] Slieveroe,  Parish of Kilmore, Barony of Monaghan, Co. Monaghan, Ireland

[14] Elizabeth BROWN née JACKSON (1843-1923)  daughter of Eliza OLIVER & David JACKSON. She was my great-great-grandmother.

[15] Thompson BROWN (1837-1915)  husband of Elizabeth JACKSON.

[16] Mary GRIFFIN née JACKSON daughter of Eliza OLIVER & David JACKSON.

[17] John NORRIS. This name is curious. George NORRIS (1837-?) was a husband of Martha Eliza OLIVER (1844-1872). She in turn was a daughter of Andrew Bradford OLIVER and Anne HANNA. A Donald John NORRIS was a grandson of hers. His father George NORRIS (1865-1935) was still alive.

[18] Andrew Coulter Bradford JACKSON (1846-1929) son of Eliza OLIVER & David JACKSON.

[19] Fostertown, Trim, Co. Meath. This is the farm that Andrew bought, although the family had thought he should have been given the opportunity to farm Cavananore instead.

[20] Sir Thomas JACKSON son of Eliza OLIVER & David JACKSON.

[23] Andrew Coulter BRADFORD (1788-1847). He died unmarried, and the debates over aspects of his will spanned generations.

[24] Andrew Hugh Gilmore JACKSON (1881-1918), son of Andrew Coulter Bradford JACKSON & Eliza Emily GILMORE. He was known as “Tandy”. He abandoned law, and became a successful broker in Hong Kong, although he died young of typhoid fever.

[25] William Richard CORR (1849-1911), solicitor, of Urker House.

[26] J. O’CONNOR

[27] James QUAIL

[28] Walter H. PAGE

[29] John NEIL



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