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1910, September 27th. Will of Thompson BROWN

NOTE: These notes come from a will at PRONI, which I shall copy in its entirety next time I am there. What is curious is that it was dated 1910 and yet Thompson BROWN died October 20, 1915. This begs the question as to why this will is at PRONI. Another aspect of the will that is curious is that it leaves two sons off the list of beneficiaries: Thompson BROWN & Thomas Jackson BROWN (my grandfather). Curious. Sharon Oddie Brown, December 10, 2004

Trustees: Elizabeth BROWN (wife); George BROWN, Herbert Evelyn BROWN (sons) and Elizabeth GILMORE (daughter).

To his wife, he left ₤500 and all silver. To daughters Elizabeth, Mary, Frances Oliver, and Sarah Margaret he left ₤350 each. To Herbert Evelyn, ₤300 and to Robert ₤100.

From the residual amount, he left ₤50/annum to his wife to be paid in 6 month instalments starting 6 months after death. The house and buildings were left in trust for his wife during her life rent free. The trustees were to manage the farm lands at Killynure and Enagh for son George. If George dies, then it was to go to Herbert; if he died, then to Robert.

The valuation of land included: Killynure: 50a 3r 20p; Enagh 40a 2r 4p.

Shares held included:

Cotton Spinners & Doublers Assoc. Ltd. ₤62.5.6
Cotton Spinners & Doublers Assoc. Ltd Prefered Shares ₤8.15.0
Imperial Bank of Persia ₤25.0.0
Calico Printers Association ₤45.0.0



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