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May 22, 1918

Elizabeth Brown’s [1] Will: Notes by Sharon Oddie Brown
Trustees [2] : Mary, George & Herbert
To: [3] Elizabeth, Mary, Frances Oliver, Sarah Margaret £50 each
To [4] : Thompson, David, George, Thomas Jackson, Robert & Hubert Evelyn £50 each
Everything else left over to Mary who has “attended me devotedly for years”

Since son David has died – his £50 to be split evenly amongst daughters.
Witness: Edith Eileen Gilmore [5] , Sarah Gilmore [6]

Attached: Witness
Sarah Gilmore of Glenesk (widow)
24 Claremount Rd.,
Co. Dublin

Eliza Jane Kennedy [7]

Dr. H.A. Gray [8] pd £5.0.0 for attending deceased.
J.A. Wilson [9] undertaker.

NOTE: There was no mention of the farm, Killynure. Elizabeth BROWN died in 1923, and the will was probated at the Belfast Registry 17 Oct 1924. Effects £62 10s 2d.

[1] Elizabeth BROWN née JACKSON, (1843-1923), wife of Thompson BROWN (1837-1915)
[2] All children of hers
[3] All daughters of hers
[4] All sons of hers. Thomas Jackson BROWN (1879-1933) was my grandfather.
[5] Edith Eileen GILMORE 1890-1977 married RYDER. Niece of Elizabeth BROWN. Daughter of Sarah JACKSON (sister of Elizabeth JACKSON) & Eliezer GILMORE
[6] Sarah GILMORE (1848-1942), sister of Elizabeth BROWN, both née JACKSON. Sarah's husband Eliezer GILMORE died in 1919 - after her sister Elizabeth's will was written, but before it was probated. After Sarah's husband Eliezer died, their son David GILMORE inherited their farm and home at Liscalgot. He was difficult to live with, and so Sarah & her daughter Edith Eileen GILMORE moved to Dublin. William Scott McBRIDE (1908-1984) and Mary Francis McBRIDE aka Marito (1909-1931) went to school there. Edith Eileen McBride (1920-) attended kindergarden there. Glenesk was in Sandymount. SOURCE: 2013 November 28, conversation with Edith Eileen McBride (1920-)
[7] Eliza Jane KENNEDY. The only one I have in my tree data would be too old.
[8] Dr. H.A. GRAY


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