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NAMES: John COULTER; Patrick TREACY; William TREACY; Margaret TREACY; Mary Anne TREACY; Margaret GORDON; John Gordon COULTER; Charles COULTER; James McCOURT; Francis James TEEVAN; A. NELSON. PLACES: Carrickmacross; Ottertail, Minnesota.
Sharon Oddie Brown May 11, 2011


1919 will of John Coulter
Probate registered in Armagh.

NOTE: The name TREACY was also spelled as TRACY in some documents. They were a Roman Catholic family, recorded in the 1911 Census as residents of House 1 in Carrickastuck, Barronstown, Louth. The TREACYs mentioned in this will were all children of Ann TREACY who was widowed by 1911. I believe that her husband was Henry TREACY who died in 1876 when some of her children were still young. She was 60 years old in 1901 and aged to suddenly become 75 in 1911 – a not unusual occurrence in census data at the time. (An increase in age was often influenced by the need to qualify for a pension.) She and her children were all born in Co. Louth. She could not read & write at the time of the census, but her children all could. Their house was a three room house, which she owned in both 1901 and 1911. She also owned a more modest house in 1911 inhabited by Bridget CONNELLY. There is a compilation of TRACY material at http://traceyclann.com/files/louth.htm



I, John Coulter[1]. of Carrickastuck, Hackballscross[2] in the County of Ireland formally of Ottertail, County of Minnesota, United States of America, farmer, make this my last will and testament hereby revoking all former wills and Testaments at any time heretofore made by me. I hereby appoint Mr. Patrick Treacy[3] and Mr. William Treacy[4] both of Carrickastuck, Hackballscross County Louth executors of this my will and I direct them to pay my just debts funeral and testamentary expenses. I hereby leave and bequeath the sum of one thousand pounds which I have invested in five percent War Loans to Patrick Treacy, William Treacy, Maggie Treacy[5] and Mary Anne Treacy[6] in equal shares that is to say one fourth of the said one thousand pounds or War Loan stock to each of them. I leave devise and bequeath my farm of land consisting of one hundred and sixty acres situate in Ottertail County Minnesota United States of America and all my other property of every nature and kind whatsoever situate in the United States of America that I may die possessed of to my beloved wife Maggie Coulter[7] for the term of her natural life and from and after her death then I leave devise and bequeath the said farm of land and all the said other property in the United States of America that I may die possessed of to my two beloved sons John Coulter[8] and Charles Coulter[9] both of Ottertail County Minnesota United States America.


In witness whereof I have hereunto put my hand this 14th day of June 1919.

John Coulter.


Signed published and declared by the said testator and for his last will and testament in our presence who at his request in his presence and in the presence of each other have hereunto subscribed our names as witnesses.

James McCourt[10] Junior, solicitor Dundalk.

Francis James Teevan[11], Medical Officer. Baronstown, Dundalk.

A .Nelson[12]. The District Registrar.


Probate 2 August 1919.


[1] John COULTER (1840-1919). Born in Ireland and emigrated to America in 1870 with his bride, Margaret GORDON (1848-1922). Prior to emigration, he was a school master. His daughter, Dorothy, recalled that they had left Ireland because of religious unrest and because their flax fields had recently been burnt to the ground

[2] Carrickastuck, Hackballscross, Co. Louth, Ireland. Carrickastuck is a townland of 229 acres in the Parish of Phillipstown, Co. Louth http://www.thesilverbowl.com/maps/Carrickistuck.html .

[3] Patrick TREACY. Died Jan 7, 1922 SOURCE: Castletown Old Graveyard

[4] William TREACY (1863-1921). In 1911 Census, age 48, a farmer. b. Died June 16, 1921. SOURCE: Castletown Old Graveyard

[5] Margaret TREACY (1868-1939). Died Feb 26, 1939 age 71. SOURCE: Castletown Old Graveyard

[6] Mary Anne TREACY (1865-1925) of Shortstone, died 8th Nov. 1925 aged 50. SOURCE: Castletown Old Graveyard. Also in 1911 Census. It should be noted that John Bailey COULTER & his brother Samuel COULTER owned Shortstone. In 1911. John Bailey COULTER died in 1921. I do not know when Samuel died.

[7] Margaret GORDON. (1848-1922) b: 31 May 1848 Island Magee, County Antrim, NIR; d: 17 Nov 1922 Newton Township, Otter Tail County, Minnesota, USA), living first in Ohio, next in  Michigan, and then finally settling in Newton Township. 

SOURCE: Registrar's District of Larne 1870, Marriage solemnized at the Parish Church in the Parish of Island Magee in the County of Antrim.No. 22

When Married. 20th July 1870.
Name and Surname. John Charles Coulter
Age. Full Age
Condition. Bachelor
Rank or Profession. School Master
Residence at time of Marriage. Island Magee
Father's Name and Surname. Ralph Coulter
Rank or Profession of Father. Farmer
Name and Surname. Margaret Gordon
Age. Full Age
Condition. Spinster
Rank or Profession. ~
Residence at time of Marriage. Island Magee
Father's Name and Surname. John Gordon
Rank or Profession of Father. Tailor

[8] John Gordon COULTER (1872-1847) Notes from Elaine Machovsky: John Charles Coulter immigrated to the U.S. in August of 1870 with his bride, Margaret Gordon, who was born 31 May 1848 in Island Magee, Larne District, County Antrim, Northern Ireland and died 17 Nov 1922 in Newton Township, Otter Tail County, Minnesota, USA. Together they first lived in Cleveland, Ohio, where their first child, John Gordon Coulter, was born on 9 July 1872.  They next moved to Marquette,  Michigan, where their second child, Charles Francis Coulter was born on 7 Aug 1875.  The family had planned to moved to North Dakota, but got off the train in what was to become the town of New York Mills, Newton Township, Otter Tail County, Minnesota.  They decided it was a good place to live. 

[9] Charles Francis COULTER (1875-1941) Notes from Elaine Machovsky: Charles Francis COULTER (b: 7 Aug 1875, Marquette, Marquette County, Michigan; d: 2 Jan 1941, Kalispell, Missoula County, Montana.)  Charles Francis was an E.N.T. Physician.  He married Anna Ottila Velikanje in 1906.  He and Mrs. Coulter eventually settled in Montana where Charles continued his medical practice and served on the Board of Medical Examiners of the State of Montana for many years.  Together they had one child, Margaret L Coulter (b: 1913 Minnesota; d: 1959 Montana.)

[10] James McCOURT sr.

[11] Francis James TEEVAN

[12] A. NELSON. Registrar



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