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I am still incorporating these new additions to my deeds research, but since that will take weeks (there are 46 pages of transcripts here – and several family lines to pin them to), I thought that perhaps we all might benefit by sharing what we know before then. Some of the inevitable spelling errors will be thanks to my typos (I go like a bat out of hell when I take down these notes – my time is so limited). Other errors may have been in the record that I was working with.
Sharon Oddie Brown. June 5, 2015


2015 New Notes on Deeds added during trip to Ireland.






Transcriptions & Notes





WHITE’s Will

Soloman White and wife Ann White als Sanky … lots of  lands in Co Down (Not sure why I had it)




1722 May 8


Richard JOHNSTON of Clonaghan Co Down & Richard JOHNSTON of Ballywillwill Co Down… not needed.




1723 Jul 9


Indenture Tripartite btw James McCULLOCH of Grogan Co Antrim Gent & William McCULLOCH his son of the one pt & Patrick AGNEW of Killwagter John SHAW of Bush Gent Clotworthy Upton of Castle Upton & John SHAW of Antrim gent in said Co. of the 2nd pt Margaret SHAW of Ballygelly Co Antrim relict & widow of William SHAW late of Ballygally Gent deceased & Dorothy Beresford SHAW spinster her daughter of the 3rd pt whereby the said James and William McCULLAGH in consideration of a marriage to be had between the said William McCULLAGH and the said Dorothy Beresford SHAW… granted part of the lands of Rackland cont 23 A 14P in townland of Crekyrer 205A 14 P in Lissary als Lissawry 80A in Cornecery 71 A in Carrickeinony 109A in Mongcleagh 86 A in Glassdrumenagh 86A 1R 12P in Camlagh 3577A 2R cont 77A in Barony of Fewes Co Armagh… and all the said James McCULLAGH’s right title… sand also the townlands of Ballygrogan Ballydunnall Ballynelenulla Moneyrod Ballydonnellan Itragh and the half town land of Cloo and the Corn mill and mills standingin Derryhullagh & Ballymatoskerty with the grist thereto belonging lying in the Barony of Toom & Co Antrim…




1723 Jun 27

DAWSON-DAWSON Book 43 (1708-1738) 1708-1738

Deed btw John DAWSON of Killeron, Co. Monaghan Esq. of 1 pt & Richard DAWSON of City of Dublin Merchant of the other part. Reciting that by a Quadripartite deed  of release for marriage settlement Dec 15, 1716 .. long list of townlands … vested in the said John DAWSON and now in his actual possession subject to an annuity of  200 pounds payable to Frances DAWSON mother of the said John DAWSON… reciting that John DAWSON and his wife Elinor had lived separately from each other …




1723 Feb 25

Indented deed of Lease and release between Thomas ASH & John ASH als RAINEY Eldest Son and heir of said Thomas ASH both of Magherafelt in Co. Londonderry of the one part and Thomas Jackson of the City of Dublin Esq. & David Wilson of the said City, Gent  of the other part… released to said Thomas Jackson & David Wilson and their heirs in their actual possession  then being on moiety of all that in those in the Lower Ballymote containing one hundred and three acres plantation measure be the same more or less/ Ballygaltam containing one hundred acres of like measure be the same more or less/ Grangewallace cont by est 186 acres…/ Grangebane containing by est 128 acres/ and the yearly rent of 10 pounds  annually growing due and payable out of the Mill  of Grangebane Ballyhassett containing by estimation 77 acres/ Milltown of Ballyhassett containing by estimation 215 acres/ Lower Ballyclender containing by estimation 121 acres/ Upper Ballyclend containing by estimation 132 acres/ Ballywarren containing by estimation 210 acres/ Tobermoney containing by estimation 133 acres/Together with the Mill Mullture & Toll thereunto belonging & that quarter of  Ballea in the possession of Charles Stewart & Henry Savage next and adjoining to Upper Ballyclender containing by estimation 57 acres/all which lands tenements  & Heritiments are situate in the Manor of Downpatrick Co. Down. In the presence of George Perry of the City of Dublin Gent & John Downing of the same….




1728 Aug 4

Lease & release btw Esther RUSSELL of the City of Dublin widow and relict of James RUSSELL late of the same City of Dublin deceased Gent of the 1 pt  & Rev William JACKSON of the same City Clerke & Rev John OWEN of Bovevagh in Dioces of Derry clerke of the other part… tripartite deed … lots of lands in Clonfeel Co Tyrone… three page memorial




1733 Oct 24


Marriage between Thomas JACKSON of Holywell near Antrim & Rose CUNNINGHAM daughter of Daniel CUNNINGHAM of Ballymacilhoyle– 200 pounds marriage portion.. Witness: Joseph ERWEN of Killead & Hugh MULIN of Ballym’hole both in said county yeomen & Memorial witnessed by Hugh MULLAN & Nicholas WHITE of Drogheda, Gent




1733 27 Dec


BAILIE, Wm-BAILIE Andrew BAILIE sen. & William BAILIE his son both of Tirneskea, Co. Tyrone




1734 Oct 28

JACKSON Book Index 1730-45 1734 Dec 7

Lease & Release between Thomas JACKSON of Holywell, Co. Antrim Gent & James JACKSON of Antrim in said County Gent... in consid of 85 pounds pd by James JACKSON  2 half tenements on North side of Street of Antrim formerly in possession of James KING late of Antrim Merch. dec’d & lately in possession of James King’s widow & her undertenants.... Source: PRONI D2489/8 Thomas JACKSON of Holywell, Co. Antrim & James JACKSON of Antrim.

Lease & Release between Thomas JACKSON of Holywell, Co. Antrim Gent & James JACKSON of Antrim in said County Gent... in consid of 85 pounds pd by James JACKSON – assign  & release  2 half tenements on North side of Street of Antrim formerly in possession of James KING late of Antrim Merch. dec’d & lately in possession of James King’s widow & her undertenants....the said two half tenements being bounded on the East with the two half tenements formerly in possession of Matthew BOTHOLLSON and late of Antrim deceased and his undertakers and on the West by a tenement in possession of James SHORTRIGGS and his undertenants  and also fourteen acres of land English measure… in the occupation of William WALLACE being part of [??] bounded on the North by a parcel of land now in possession of the said William WALLACE & William WILKINSON on th south with a small brook which runs from the Steeple of Antrim, on the East by the way leading from Antrim to the farm in possession of James GILCHRIST  and undertenants and on the west by the Highway leading from Antrim to Drumsough which said fourteen acres of land and the two half tenements are situate in the parish and County Antrim and assigns forever… in the presence of Robert CLARK and James BOYD both of Antrim in Co. Antrim Gents.




1736 Mar 16

GRACE Book Index 1730-45

 Deed of Lease & Release  btw Mark BARNES son & heir of Jocelyn BARNES late of Gerrardstown Co Meath Clerk of 1st part; John JACKSON of Marshallrath Co Louth son & heir of Arthur JACKSON late of Marshalrath, Co Louth Esq deceased  of 2nd pt  & Rev John GRACE of Navan Co Meath Clerk of 3rd pt… 350 pounds to John JACKSON




1737 Mar 26

DUMAGAN Book Index 1730-45

 Lease btw Henry JACKSON of City of London Cordwainer of the 1 pt & James DUMAGAN of the same Baker of the other pt. Jackson demised for the term of 23 years for rent of 14 pounds sterling a Dwelling House or Tenement wherein Richard CALLOGHAN formerly dwelt on Charles Street in the Suburbs of the City of Dublin. WITNESSES:Owen Chapman brewer of Dublin & Joseph THOMPSON of same Gent




1737 May 18

PEARSON Book Index 1730-45

Rev John JACKSON of Clanshagh Co Dublin Clerke of 1 pt… town and lands of Holywoodrath 140A in Barony of Castleknow,  Co. Dublin




1739-1742 Jul 9


Lease of townland of Ballymoney, Parish of Dunboe, Manor of Clothworkers is set to farm to James WILSON, James RANKIN & Wm LOUGHRICK all of Ballymoney also that townland of Ballymoney now in their possession… term of 35 years.. yearly rent of 5 pounds 5 s 6p with duties to wit 30 sacks of turf of their own cutting and winding and every sack containing ten bushels or else 7s 6d in Lieu to be delivered yearly at the Mansion House near Colerain. WITNESS: William CHURCH & Samuel MOOR both of Colerain Memorial witnesses Samuel MOOR & John BOYD.




1744 Oct 4

McCULLOCH Jas & Dorothy Beresford SHAW orse McCULLOCH

Dorothy Beresford SHAW orse McCULLOCH of Antrim of one pt & James McCULLOCH of Piedmount, Antrim of other pt reciting deed made May 1, 1706by Charles O’NEIL and John O’NEIL of Shanes Castle & Charity O’NEIL his wife, and Henry ECHLIN of Co. Dublin Knight of the 1st pt.. Patrick McCULLOCH of Grogan in said Co. Antrim gent of  the 4th pt [lots of lands in Barony of Tom, Co. Antrim] demised to James McCULLOCH of Grogan for three lives renewable forever… lots more lands…… also included 357 a 2r 30p in Camlough and  77 acres in Tullyvallen – both in Fews, Co. Armagh




1744 May 28

BENNETT-JACKSON  between KINKHEAD-JACKSON deed & related ones

Btw John BENNETT of Colerain, Co. Londonderry Gent of the 1 pt & William JACKSON of the same Esq. of the 2nd pt. reciting an earlier deed March 2 1724 made and executed by the said William JACKSON… JACKSON had demised to BENNETT the garden & tanyard & waterside in the Parish of Killowen Maner of Clothworkers, Co. Londonderry which had been late of the possession of Samuel CORBETT deceased… BENNETT assigned this all back to JACKSON. WITNESS: Hercules HEYLAND of Castleroe, Co. Lonmdonderry Esq & by the eldest Robert GIVEEN of Kiltowen  in said Co. linen draper & by John M’ALESTER of Colerain Gent. JACKSONs seal was affixed.




1741 Apr 13

CORRY-HYLAND & ors Book Index 1730-45

William JACKSON of Colerain, Co Londonderry.. [other names] … reciting earlier deed Oct 13, 1729, the Clothworkers of London had demised to Richard JACKSON of Dublin Esq all the Manor of Clothworkers in the Kingdom of Ireland for a term of 51 years dating from May 1, 1720… reciting that the said Richard JACKSON had by his deed bearing dated Oct 13, 1729 declared that the said indenture so made by the Master Wardens & Commonwealth aforesaid was made in trust for the said William JACKSON by way of a better security  for the sum of 2,050 pounds  4 shillings and sixpence which the said William JACKSON then owed unto him… William CARY & William JACKSON discharged the debts and assigned [list of townlands] to Hercules HEYLAN.. WITNESS Connolly MCAUSLAND of Fruithill Esq. & John M’ALESTER of Colerain Gent & Dominick HEYLAND of the same Esq.




1745 Jul 31

ROBINSON Book Index 1730-45

Indenture of a lease btw William JACKSON of the City of Dublin Gent eldest son and heir of Michael JACKSON late of said City Clothier deceased and devisee of the last will and Testamant of  of the said Michael JACKSON of the 1 pt & George ROBINSON of Earl St in the Liberty of St. Thomas Court & Donore & County & City of Dublin Tape weaver of the other part… JACKSON let to ROBINSON the messuage or tenement late in the possession of John COGHLAN on the north side of Tapilloin in the Liberty of Thomas Court & DOnore with the backside behind the said house which said premes are meared and bounded as follows: on the East to the holding of Francis BYRNES; on the west to Michael KINDLEY’s holding; on the north to Tripillo aforesaid & on the south to Jackson’s alley together with all rights ways easements… WITNESSES: John BLAND John SMYTH & Arthur CRAWFORD all of the City of Dublin. Mmeorial witness John SMYTHE 7& James KIDD.




1745 Aug 6

JACKSON, Abigale Dame-COCKS Book Index 1730-45

Indentured deed btw Sir Oliver CROFTON of the City of Dublin Bart & Dame Abigail CROFTON otherwise Buckley otherwise JACKSON his wife. & Jane JACKSON of the City of Dublin spinster of the other part. Thomas COCKS of Mt Cashell in the County of Clare Gent of the other part imparting that the said Sir Oliver CROFTEN Abigail his wife, and  Jane JACKSON in pursuance of a minitt or article therein mentioned have been made theretofore made by Samuel JACKSON deceased to John BETSON deceased and in consid of the rents & agreements… demised to said Thomas COCKS the town and land of Knightstown otherwise Kingstown containing therin mentioned 121a 3r 2p in Parish of Lush Barony of Nethercross & Co of Dublin for 31 years. NOTE: She is a daughter of Rev Leonard JACKSON, and Samuel JACKSON (1641-1706) was her uncle.




1745 Aug 15


Henry MITCHELL of the City of Dublin Esq. of the pt  & Alexander HAMILTON  of  said City Esq. of the other part  wherein Henry MITCHELL for consideration of payment demised etc to Alexander HAMILTON his heirs and assigns all that the town & Lands of Tullyvallin otherwise Tullyvallen  otherwise Tullyvallan or Ballyvallen Drumill otherwise Drumhill & Tullynavall otherwise Tullynavall situate in the Barony of the Fews Co. Ardmagh with the Appurs Royal  [???] and conveyed by John BALL Esq…. for lives….… other lands … lives of  Alexander HAMILTON & Hugh HAMILTON & Robert HAMILTON sons of Alexander HAMILTON as conveyed by John BALL Esq. WITNESSSES:  Robert KING of City of Dublin Gent & Robert WALLIS of the same City, Public Notary.




1747  Mar 1


A Memorial of an indenture of a lease bearing date the first day of March one thousd seven hundred & forty seven made between Thomas JACKSON of Ballyreagan in the Parish of Dundonald, Co. of Down, Gent of the one part and James JACKSON for the consideration therein did Grant Bargain Assign & Sell Alien [In fee of] and Confiirm  unto the said James JACKSON all that upper side of the Croft from the new Ditch to the House all the Potatoe Park & the one half of the Forthhill lying next to James BROWN’S house & all the rest of the farm excepting  Tenderes lying next to John GREEN’S farm & HUTCHESON’S  Set in the Townlands of Ballyregan parish of Dundonnell & Co. aforesaid According as the same was then meared and bounded & possessed by sd Thomas Jackson with the appurts To Hold to ye sd James JACKSON his Heirs and Assigns to the only proper use & behoof of sd James Jackson his heirs & assigns & forever at & under the yearly rent of seven pounds sterling besides duties which the sum of three pounds sterling pd ten sillings at the Expiration of every one & twenty years by way of relief over and above the yearly rent thereby received which said indenture of lease witnessed by John GLENHOLME of Ballymascain & Parish of Dundonald Gent & Robert ADAIR & Alexander HAMILTON of Ballyregan aforesaid Gent. This Memorial is witnessed by the said Robert ADAIR & Henry JOY of Belfast in the Co. of Antrim Printer James Jackson sealed… sworn before me this 28th day of August 1750 at Belfast in the Co. Antrim by virtue of a Commission to me directed and I know the deponent Robert WILLS- witnesses present George Macartney. Ar Byrtt

Version in Groves Manuscripts at PRONI T808/1: Bt Thomas JACKSON of Ballyreagon, Parish of Dundonald  Gent & James JACKSON son to Thomas of the other part ...description of land transferred…that upperside of the croft from the new ditch to the house all the potato park and one half of the fourth hill lying next to James BROWNs house & all the rest of the farm above excepting  timbers lying next to John GREENs farm & HUTCHESONs situated in the townlands of Ballyreagan , Parish of Dundonald… meared and bounded and possessed by Thomas JACKSON hold to James JACKSON  under yearly rent of 7 pounds sterling  at the expiration of every 21 years over and above the yearly rent. WITNESS: John GRENHOLME of Ballymascaines, Parish of Dundonald, Gent Robert ADAIR and Alexander HAMILTON both of Ballyreagan WITNESS; Robert ADAIR & Henry JOY of Belfast, Co. Antrim Printer.  




1748 Feb 5

TODD-JACKSON ***1745-1750

PRONI T808/8267-8282 Groves Manuscripts

... Andrew TODD of Carricknaveagh otherwise Toddstown, Parish Kileny, Co. Down. Linendraper.for consideration to John GIBSON of Ballymacarrett, Co Down, Farmer... land within the townland of Ballyreagan formerly possessed by John DENHAM ... within townland formerly possessed by Robert JACKSON... lands by indenture bearing date  Nov 1, 1677 were demised by James ROSSE of Portavoe in Co Down to John JACKSON of Ballyreagan aforesaid conveyed by John JACKSON to Thomas JACKSON and by said Thomas JACKSON reconveyed  to John Jackson and then by John JACKSON to his son Joseph JACKSON and by said Joseph conveyed to Robert MAGEE in trust for Joseph’s wife, Grizel, dau of Robert MAGEE & then to John JACKSON their son Hugh REED, Elizabeth his wife daughter of said Grizel & John....

Additions: John DENHAM & all that fell within townland formerly possessed by Robert JACKSON. With the reversion & Reversions [??] rents and services of the same lands by indenture bearing date  Nov 1, 1677..




1750 May 5

Earl of Tyrone-JACKSON1739-1810

Honorable Marcus Earl of Tyrone granted [long list of townlands] in Clothworkers Manor to Richard Jackson of Coleraine.




1755 Aug 18

JACKSON, James 1755 FERGUSON & ors Book Index 1758-1768

PRONI T808/8267-8282 Groves Manuscripts

Btw Annas TATE otherwise JACKSON otherwise KELL of town of Newton, Co Down widow of  the one part & Henry FERGUSON of Ballyrogan [aka Ballyreagan] Parish of  Newtown & David PATTERSON of the town & co aforesaid Chandler, of the other part. Annas TATE in consid of 6 pounds to FERGUSON & PATTERSON garden in the back street of Newtown belonging to Thomas Kennedy for use of the Old Dissenting Congregation of Newtown. Memorial witnessed by  Andrew CUMING & James THOMPSON both of Newtown & John MOOR and Jane MOOR both of Drumon parish of Aghlow & Co. Tyrone. NOTE: She was the widow of Gilbert JACKSON (1677-1723) Jane MOOR was her daughter.




1758 Feb 6

 ? CARRICK & ors Book Index 1758-1768

Btw Richard JACKSON of Forkhill & wife Nichola Anne  JACKSON otherwise HAMILTON youngest daughter of Arthur Cecil HAMILTON… many townlands




1757  Jan 6

JACKSON Book Index 1758-1768

Deed of Lease btw Hugh JACKSON of Ballybay Co. Monaghan Gent  of the 1 pt & William JACKSON of Lisnaboe, Co. Meath of the other part. Hugh JACKSON made over to William JACKSON part of the lands of Aughafarnan in Parish of Enniskeen Co. Meath cont 40 acres Irish Plantation measure to hold to  21 years




1758 Nov 15

 Memorial of a deed bearing date June 24 1754 btw Thos BALE of Cullyhanna , Co. Armagh Esq. of the one pt & John JOHNSTON of Roxborough in the said Co. Gent of the other pt. witnessing that the said Thomas Ball for the consideration demised to John JOHNSTON the Mills of Cashel with 6 acres of land adjoining the said Mills also also the strip of land known by the name of Emerinvore… for life of Richard JOHNSTON natural son of John JOHNSTON… confirmed and signed over to Richard JOHNSTON his natural son these lands. WITNESS:  Samuel GORDON of Armagh farmer & James McCULLA of Armagh & John MARMION of Atherdee in Co. Louth Carpenter.




1758 No4 24

Book Index 1758-1768  CULLENAN

 A memorial of an agreement in writing by George JACKSON of Acclare, Co. Louth gent & Edward BUTLER of City of Dublin Gent bearing date Aug 20 1756… granted to BUTLER lands of Lilmurry in Barony of Tyrawly Co. Mayo cont abt 300 acres. Witnessed by Henry KEATING House painter of City of Dublin & James TAYLOR of Biggshinstreet in sd City vintner




1763 Dec 10

PEARSON & ors Book Index 1758-1768

Robert JACKSON the younger of  Birr in Kings Co., Gent the eldest son and heir apparent of Robert JACKSON of Grange, Kings Co of 1 pt reciting deed  June 3, 1728 btw Robert JACKSON then the elder and the grandfather of the Robert JACKSON party thereto and Robert JACKSON the younger and father of the Robert JACKSON party thereto and Bridget JACKSON the wife of the said Robert JACKSON the grandfather of the one part. And James RUDDOCK the elder and James RUDDOCK the younger of Newtone in Kings Co Gentlemen and Susannah RUDDOCK the daughter of James RUDDOCK the elder of the other part.  In consideration of the marriage between Robert JACKSON the father of the said Robert JACKSON with Susanna RUDDOCK… town and lands of Grange … lengthy deed




1764 Au 21

BACKAS Book Index 1758-1768

Thomas BOYSE of City of Waterford & Margaret BOYSE otherwise JACKSON his wife…





Castles Hollaster175 Book Index 1758-1768





1764 Jun 1

JACKSON Book Index 1758-1768

Deed of Lease and release  btw Sir William PARSONS of Parsonstown, Kings Co. & Anne JACKSON of the same town and co. of the other part spinster of the other part… had demised land to Anne JACKSON bordering on the  North with James JACKSON perrewig maker in town of Parsontown… sister Eugenia JACKSON of Birr was one of the lives…




1767 Aug 17

CUNNINGHAM Book Index 1758-1768

Lease btw Francis BOOKER of City of Alderman of 1st pt Luke STOCK of same City Hosier surviving executor of Thomas JACKSON of the same City Glass Seller deceased & Testamentary guardian to John JACKSON and Richard JACKSON sons of said Thomas JACKSON deceased minor she 2nd pt Elizabeth JACKSON of the same City spinster daughter of the said Thomas JACKSON of the 3rd pt & John CUNNINGHAM of Glasgo in the Kingdom of North Britain Merchant  of the 4th pt whereby the said Francis Booker Luke stock & Elizabeth JACKSON for the consideration therein mentioned did demise and set unto the said John CUNNINGHAM his heirs etc all that the Entry adjoining the sd John CUNNINGHAMs House on the Back of the Blind Quay in the said City formerly known by the name of Thomas’ Entry containing in depth  33 feet 6 inches and in breadth 8 feet…




1767 Dec 17

WHITTHORNE Book Index 1758-1768

Deed of Lease and release  btw Peter Jackson of City of Dublin Hacklemaker of the one pt & James WHITTHORNE of the same City watchmaker of the other part…land situate on the East side of Capel Street in the suburbs of Dublin City also known as #17 containing in from to the street 37 feet 4 inches and in depth front to rere 130 feer 4 inches… during the lives of Joanna JACKSON wife of the said Peter JACKSON, Peter JACKSON his eldest son & John JAMES son of John JAMES of the Corp of Dublin Carpenter

There was mention in the index of Rev. Peter JACKSON and others.- that seems to be a red herring




1769 May 22

LUSHINTON Book Index 1768-1776

Made btw Richard GORGES of Kilbrew, Co. Meath  Esq of the 1 pt & Richard JACKSON of Forkhill, Co Armagh Esq & the Rev Digo HINZELL of Dunshaghlin Co Meath of the 2nd pt and William LUSHINGTON of City of Dublin of 3rd pt. whereby the sd Richard GORGES in consid of 2000 pounds to him pd by Wm LUCHINGTON in pursuance of a power to him reserved in and by a certain deed of lease April 6, 1768 made previous to the marriage of Hamilton GORGE eldest son and heir apparent of sd Richard GORGES. With Anne HOWARD spinster… lands of Thomastown, Smithstown Kilbrew Rush Laughlinstown Cappaghhill  Booden Ballstown and Hilltown in Co. Meath and also lands of Killsom Pumatestown Irishtownrath and Ballyhack parcel of the Manor of Kilman Co Meath… re: Marriage agreement Hamilton GORGES & Anne HOWARD





JACKSON Book Index 1768-1776

Deed of Assignment  btw George JACKSON of Clonaganna, Kings Co. gent of the 1 pt & George JACKSON of Knockinglass  Tipperary Gent of the other pt. reflecting deed made by Thomas SADLIER of Sopwell Hall, Co Tipperary Esq of the 1 pt & the sd George JACKSON then of Rahinanae in Co. Cork but now of Clonagane of the other pt.  SADLEIR had granted to George JACKSON all the lands of  Rahimane for and during the natural lives of the said George JACKSON Anna Maria JACKSON wife of said George JACKSON and Robert JACKSON eldest son of  George…. George JACKSON of Clobagona has made over to George JACKSON of Knockinglass the lands of Rahanine. WITNESSSES Isaac STONEY;  Edward WELSH; John DELANY.




1770 Mar 3

DAVIS SHEPPARD  Book Index 1768-1776

John JACKSON of City of Limerick, Merchant of 1 pt & widow Elizabeth DAVIS of the other pt…. lengthy description of land.





Book Index 1768-1776

See above




1771 Jan 7

McCULLOGH Henry & Jane to ROBINSON 1768-1776

Henry McCULLAGH of Dunlarge, Parish of Derrynoose, Co. Armagh, farmer. George FY of Clar, Co. Cavan weaver & Margaret TY otherwise McCULLAGH his wife & Jane McCULLAGH of Dunlarge afsd spinster of the 1 pt & George ROBINSON of Cavanaca in Co Armagh, Esq. of the other pt. Reciting a lease made by  Barry MAXWELL Esq to Henry McCULLOUGH late father of sd Henry McCULLOUGH of town and lands of Dunlarge cont 21 acres plantation measure… more detail





FENNELL Book Index 1768-1776

Joseph JACKSON of Tincurry, Co. Tipperary, Clothier & Mary JACKSON otherwise Fennell his wife of the 1 pt & George FENNELL of Kilcommen of sd Co Gent of the other pt…. lands in Tipperary




1700 Nov 1

Rose JOHNSTON – LOYD 1768-76

Indenture of Mtg btw Rose JOHNSTON of Belfast spinster administrix of Hugh JOHNSTON late of Belfast Esq deceased.. lands and bleach greens all in Belfast  - NOTE: I am suspicious that the date of 1700 may be a bit early – a clerical error?




1771 Mar 29

JACKSON-QUINN Book Index 1768-1776

see above




1763 May 5

JACKSON Book Index 1768-1776

Btw Thomas JACKSON the younger of Town & Co. of Antrim Gent of the 1 pt & Luke JACKSON of Lisnaguigal in said County Gent of the other part.. Thomas JACKSON let to Luke JACKSON all that  part and parcel of land called Hollywell farm containing by estimation 82 acres English measure… situate living and being in the Sixteentowns Parish and Co. Antrim.. to hold to Luke Jackson for 21 years. For rent of 49 pounds 4 shillings sterling. Witness Hugh O’Neil of town and County of Antrim Inn Holder  and Robert Young of the same Merchant




1773 May 19

JACKSON Book Index 1768-1776

A memorial of a Certain Instrument of Writing between John JACKSON the elder of Parish & Co. Antrim Gent  of the 1 pt & Thomas JACKSON the younger of said parish & county gent of the other part. Whereby reciting the said Thomas JACKSON the elder for the Consideration assigned and made over to Thomas Jackson the younger the farm of Hollywell and Whinpark situate in the Sixteentowns & Co Antrim for and during the natural life of Thomas Jackson the younger, and thereafter to his lawful issue with the elder to be preferred before the younger and the male before the female & if he have no lawful issue then Dorah Jackson otherwise Clark the present wife of Thomas the younger, she would be paid ten pounds sterling yearly. WITNESS: John RANKIN of Town & Co Antrim gent & Robert Young f same Merchant.




1773 May 1

Indented Lease of release btw Rev. George JACKSON of Stabannon Co Louth of 1st pt John Bowes NENSON Esq. Late Capt in His majesties fifty-eight Regiment of Foot on the English Establishment heir at law of Charles BROUGHTON late of the City of Dublin Esq. deceased & John COURTNEY of Waterford Co Waterford  Gent heir at law of Edward COURTNEY late of the City of Dublin Surgeon deceased of the second part & Nathaniel LOW of Lowerville Co  Galway Esq of 3rd pt… wherein the sd Geroge JACKSON in consideration of the sum of four thousand three hundred pounds five shillings and three sterling… granted land to Nathaniel LOW in his actual possession Town and lands of Tully  in Co & Parish of Louth containing by estimation 450 acres then lately in the possession of Charles BROUGHTON…. Witness Fownes JACKSON & James CONNOLLY both of City of Dublin




1774 Jul 1

JOHNSTON Book Index 1768-1776

Lease btw Thomas JACKSON of Mary’s Alley in City of Dublin Taylor of one pt & Richard JACKSON of Capel Street in sd City Brushmaker of the other…demised stables in back of Thomas JACKSONs House in Mary’s Abbey cont in front to Bootlane 18 ft from front to rere 18 ft in Parish of St Mary’s Abbey City of Dublin




1774 Nov 23

Book Index 1768-1776


George JACKSON of Clonegan Esq  of the 1 pt demised townlands of Drumascort Co Tipperary




1720 Jul 7

Rowland JACKSON merely signed as a Justice of the Peace




1770 Feb 13

Deed of lease and release between William SALLERY of RIverstown in Co. Meath Gent of the one pt & Charles SALLERY  of Mandestown in sd Co. of the other… release town and lands of Greenhills in actual possession of Charles SALLERY in barony of Slane, Co. Meath for natural lives of William SALLERY & Charles SALLERY & Hugh JACKSON of Carrickmacross Co. Monaghan




1775 Jul 26

JACKSON Book Index 1768-1776

Lease & release of indenture 1771 between James JACKSON of Spinians, Co. Wicklow Farmer of the one part & Alexander Jackson of Strabane in Co. Tyrone [??] son of the said James JACKSON of the other part… demised to Alexander JACKSON all that part of Eadestown 154a 1r of land now in the tenure of Henry BRYAN and Thomas MURPHY in Barony of Talbotstown Co. Wicklow … for lives of said James JACKSON Hannah his daughter & William JACKSON son of the said James JACKSON…. Both James JACKSON and Alexander JACKSON signed the deed.




1776 Mar 22

MEREDYTH Book Index 1768-1776

Lease 7 release btw Charles JACKSON of the City of London in in the Kingdom of Great Britain Esq. and Jane JACKSON otherwise MARTIN his wife. The Rev Henry BLACKER of the City of Dublin & Sarah BLACKER otherwise MARTIN which said Jane & Sarah are executors of the last will and testament of Edward MARTIN late of the City of Dublin Esq…. much more





Miles NORTH of Whittington  in the Parish of Whittingtone Co Lancaster Esq of the 1 pt George CONNOR of [?] Castle Co Meath Esq of the other pt… released Castle town and lands of Ardlonan Castle cont 206 acres est NOTE: He was a great-grandson of Jennet JACKSON, daughter of Rev. Richard JACKSON of Kirkby Lonsdale. These were lands that had been owned by Samuel JACKSON (1641-1706) of Dublin.




1777 Jan 1

JACKSON-ROBINSON Names Index: 1777-1785

John JACKSON of City of Dublin, Gent  land in Liberty of Thomas & Donore  on the south side of Tripilo to George ROBINSON




1777 Jan 1

ROBINSON Names Index: 1777-1785

John JACKSON of City of Dublin, Gent  land in Liberty of Thomas & Donore  - two dwelling houses on the south side of Tripilo to George ROBINSON




1779 May 5

FERGUSON Names Index: 1777-1785

Deed of rent charge  btw Thomas JACKSON and William JACKSON both of town & co of Antrim Gents of the 1 pt,  & Samuel FERGUSON of Silversprings in sd Co Gent  of the other pt. Reciting that Thomas JACKSON was indebted to Samuel FERGUSON 60pounds and that William JACKSON was indebted 60 pounds… lands of Ballynadrintagh Co Antrim were offered in lieu[it seems that the rents were offered]




1774 Mar 24

JACKSON-CARR Names Index: 1777-1785

1777 Jan 1 Rev Henry JACKSON of Banbridge, Co Down & wife Jane JACKSON otherwise MILLER & Nathan CARR of Ballygoshin Co Down farmer… demised tenement on the west side of Killeaghlea… description of the land building and offices in the town and Corporation of Killyleagh, Co. Down




1779 May 26

PAULETT Names Index: 1777-1785

Bargain and sale for one year btw Henry HOARE John JACKSON and Peter BOVELLY of the City & Co.of Durham Esq. and the Robert Lord Viscount Kingsborough and Caroline Lady Viscount Kingsborough his wife of the one part an Anne POULETT of the other part… Manor or Lordship of Newcastle  Co. Tipperary…… long list of townlands incl Gurtins otherwise Coolederry… town and lands of Old Castletown… 4 pages of names of townlands and occupiers.




1779 May 26

PAULETT Names Index: 1777-1785 see above




1779 May 26

PAULETT Names Index: 1777-1785 see above




1779 May 20

McCABE Names Index: 1777-1785

Deed of charge btw William JACKSON of Randalstown, Co. Antrim, Gent of the one part & Thomas McCABE of Belfast Antrim watchmaker of the other part reciting that the said William JACKSON was indebted to the said Thomas McCABE on account of John ROBINSON of Domied in the sum of 227 pounds 17s 10d sterling re an annuity on part of the lands of Ballynadrintagh Co Antrim then in possession of Peter Jackson Mary Black widow Elias Tolan Jane Metland Widow and son…




1789 Nov 5

Anne BLACKWOOD of Moughreanan, widow of John BLACKWOOD of Maghereanan & mother of Robert BLACKWOOD. Thomas BLACKWOOD; Henry WRAY of Castle Wray; NickRed

NOTE: This could be the Anne BACKWOOD nee JACKSON (1724-1814) who was buried at Bangor.




1795 Dec 3

JACKSON, John of Holywood, Co. Down Names Index 1794-

PRONI T808/8267-8282 Groves Manuscripts

John JACKSON of Ballygraney, Parish Holywood, Co.. Down  & Andrew JACKSON of Ballygraney of land in his actual possession by virtue of a lease for a year of the other pt leased part of townland of Ballygraney totaling 55 acres Cunningham measure for lives of William PATTERSON and Jane PATTERSON otherwise RUSSELL. WITNESSES: Patrick KEARNEY of Belfast Gent and Hamilton ECHLIN  of Belfast.




1811 Jun 5


Benjamin Murdock JACKSON





1824 jan 13

Dudley OLIVER – not needed.




1785 Oct 2

DUNPHY Names Index 1786-1794

John JACKSON, High Sherriff of Co. Waterford




1814 Sep 3

JACKSON-JOHNSTON. Names Index 1813-1815

Rose JOHNSTON of Andread, Co. Antrim & John JOHNSTON of same. NOTE: Not the Rose JOHNSTON I was hoping for – the lease mentioned no JACKSON




1790 ? 5

JACKSON-YOUNG Names Index 1786-1794

Nichola Anne JACKSON of Forkhill Lodge, Co. Armagh to John YOUNG of Carlismore Esq and George ANDERSON the younger of Killishandra the younger, shopkeeper.





Hard to read – Abigail HARVEY of Youghall spinster deceased of 1pt & Mercha [?] to the 2nd Joshua JACKSON of Youghall




1790 Mar 1

SEAVER, Mary-JACKSON 1786-1793

Btw Mary SEAVERS of City of Dublin, widow of City of Dublin of one part and James JACKSON of same City Glass and Delfware seller of the other part… earlier JACKSON had released to Mary SEAVER land in her actual possession part of the said lands of Killalown




1810 May 10

Warren Hastings Rowland JACKSON Barister at Law, City of Dublin of 1 pt & John LAWLER of Ferrymount Co Waterford.




1804 Nov 5

Will of [Rufus?] CHEEVERS, on death of his mother Elizabeth CHEEVERS otherwise JACKSON who was the daughter and [?] at law of Catherine JACKSON orse GRAHAM whish said Catherine was the surviving daughter and heir at law of  of Mans GRAHAM of Anadown in Co Meath deceased… I became entitled to the free and inheritance of the said lands of Macetown Painstown and to several other towns lands thereof in said Co of Meath and Co of Dublin but which interest by means of the deaths of my parents an second marriage of my said mother my minority and inability apport my right have been unjustly detained from me and whereas I have been for some years supported and taken up by my nephew Thomas CHEEVER now Clerke and Shopkeeper to Felix Byrne of New[?]own, Merchant… note – he wants his nephew to have recompence.






David LINDSAY formerly of Colerain then of Summerhill Co. Londonderry & John GALT and Charles GALT both of Colerain… lease of lands in parish of Colerain




1791 May 13

JACKSON - BARKER Names Index 1786-1794

Robert JACKSON of Grange in Kings Co. & Richard BARKER of Parsonstown, Glazier.. Land in Duke Street  between the New Shambles and the house wherein Edward LOWRY dwelt




1829 Mar 2


 Deed of Mtg  btw Joseph MARTIN of Ballybay. Co. Monaghan merchant of the 1 pt & William RYAN of the City of Armagh, Co. Armagh  medical doctor of the other part. MARTIN had released to RYAN for £7.500  part of the lands of Anmynecre as formerly in he possession of  Joseph McCARTER and  as formerly held and enjoyed by James McCARTER the father of Joseph in the Barony of Cremorne, Co Monaghan 48 acres 3roods  16 perches





Horrible handwriting – Hans HAMILTON & other names incl Robert JACKSON re lands in ueens Co.




1791 May 14

William JOHNSTON – BALL   1786-93

Willaim BALL of Drumcondra – no pert lands




1825 Aug 30

JACKSON-MIDDLETON. Names Index 1825-1829

George JACKSON of  Mountpleasant Tipperary, Esq.




1787 Feb 19

SCOTT, William & Susanna-CARSON 1786-1793

 Deed of assignment btw William SCOTT of Luganbane, Co. Down Gent Wm CORBETT of Aughandonallon, Co. Down in sd Co Gent Susanna CORBETT otherwise SCOTT wife of sd Wm CORBETT and only daughter of Joseph SCOTT of Ballynahinch in sd Co. deceased. Susannah SCOTT otherwise COULTER widow of sd Joseph SCOTT . William WILSON of Dromore in sd Co. Merchant & James GUINEY of Dromore Co Down publican of the 1 pt. Thomas CARSON of Ballynahinch Co. Down Blue Dyer of the other pt. … reciting deed of 1762  btw Joseph SCOTT of 1 pt & Susannah COULTER of Lurganbane Co. Down Widow of 2nd pt…. James SCOTT of Ballynahinch cabinet maker… lots more detail




1811 Oct 31

Indenture of release btw Thomas JACKSON then of Carnarvan, North Wales, Great Britain but late of Fanningstown Co Limerick Esq. & Helena JACKSON otherwise HALL his wife of 1 pt. John GABBETT.. demised lands in Co Clare & Co Limerick… long deed…. More lands




1790 Oct 31

JACKSON-HUGHES Names Index 1794-

Richard JACKSON of Millmount, Kings Co. annuity re judgement




1817 Nov 12

Indented Lease of Release by way of Mtg made btw Samuel ALLEN of Lisconnen Co Antrim Esq. of the 1 pt & George QUINN of Larne Co. Antrim gent of the 2nd pt. Eliza SINCLAIR orse JACKSON widow & executrix of William JACKSON late of Larne Gent deceased & also surviving executrix of will of Reverend Robert SINCLAIR late of Kilwaghter Co Antrim deceased of 3rd pt & Archibald BARKLIE of larne Gent of the 4th pt… lands of various townlands transferred from ALLEN to QUINN. WITNESSES: William BOYD & John BOYD both of Licommon, famers & & as to the Exor thereof by the above named Eliza SINCLAIR is witnessed by John SINCLAIR of Drumahoe, Linen Merchant….




1817 Nov 12

Deed btw Jonathon BARTON of Strand Hill Co Leitrim Gent & Anne BARTON otherwise JOHNSTON his wife, son Robert Johnston BARTON….




18?8 Jul 18

SIMKINS & ors Deed

Rev Luke JACKSON late of Stake Parsonage in Co Nottingham but now of Hucknell Torkard of the 2nd part... lands in various Irish counties....Roscommon, Galway…





JACKSON Names Index 1794-

Wrong reference.




1792 Jan 31


Wm HOLMES of Antrim Co Antrim  Merchant of the 1 pt & Robert HOLMESof Belfast merchant of the other .. reciting whereby .. lands of Hollywell cont abt 50 acres of land bounded in part by the road leading from Antrim to Ballmenagh… and on the south by a farm at the Steeple formerly Peter JACKSONs and on the north by a brook… and also all that park called the Whin Park by est 35 acres.. more descry… for the lives of Miss JACKSON of Ballymena and George JACKSON son of Peter JACKSON late of Steeple




1791 Oct 31

JACKSON - HOLMES Names Index 1786-1794

Reciting deed May 25, 1773 Btw Thomas JACKSON the younger of the town and County of Antrim demised unto Luke JACKSON late of Lisnagill, Co. Antrim all that place or parcel of land called Hollywell cont 52a English measure town & Parish of Co Antrim to hold to the said Luke JACKSON. The said Luke JACKSON had since died and administration granted to Catherine JACKSON widow relict and adminstrix of Luke JACKSON late of Lisnagall to William HOLMES his executor for21years




1787 Mar 14

COULTER, John-TANDY 1786-1793

Deed of Assignment btw John COULTER of the town of Drogheda, Gent, Assignee of Luke HIGGINS of the City of Dublin, Esq. which said Luke HIGGINS is the executor of the will of Theobald BURKE late of town of Drogheda of one part & Burton TANDYof said town of Droghed, Gent of the other part




1828 Nov 29

DAWSON, Alexander & Barbara BLAYNEY - Marriage Article 1819-1832

Alexander DAWSON of Riverstown, Co Louth to be married to Barbara BLAYNEY




1817 Oct 20

Deed of Mtg  btw Sir George JACKSON of Beech Hill in the Co. of Surrey Bart of the 1st pt & Rev Robert WOLFE  of Cranley Clerk… after reciting the particulars of the Titleof the sd Sir George JACKSON of in & to all that the maner of Fork Hill in Co of Armagh several townlands  of Carrickasticken Five Crom Cloughorrie Longfield Carrickildreen Augahadnoe Ballykeel Clar Kill Lavallymore Doctors Quarter Latbriged Bureen Kurndkally Tullyonacriene Mullaghbane Shanrue &  Skean in the manor of Forkhill Co. Armagh… term of one year WITNESSES James  ARMSTRONG & George MILLER.




1791 Mar 7

JACKSON-BLACK Names Index 1794-

Btw James JACKSON Newtownards Esq. of the one part & Adam BLACK of Drumwillan in said Co. Linen Draper of the other part. Whereby after reciting that the said James JACKSON in right of his wife Isabella BLACK orwise BLACK one of devisees named in the will of Joseph BLACK late of [?ullidoney]  Gent deceased became entitled to tenements with appurts in the land of Dromore in said Co. by virtue of a lease to Joseph BLACK made by the late Bishop of Dromore for a term of [?] nine years half of which were expired on the 29th day of September then last… James JACKSON transferred to Adam BLACK all the tenements houses yards Backsides and Gardens…situate in the town of Dromore Co. Down… Witnessed: John ALLEN of Newtown Apothocary…




1812 Jun 13

 Richard JACKSON late of the City of Dublin but then of Ballyfacer in the Isle of Man Esq. demised to  Thomas DICKINSON of Drummingla Co Dublin Esq. land on the West Side of the North Strand Road in City of Dublin front to sd rd 15 feet or thereabouts and in breadth to the rere the like Number of 15 feet & in depth from Back to rere 82 feet on the North by the holding of the sadi Thomas DICKINSON & said Richard JACKSON on the east by the North Strand Road on the West by a lane in the rere & on the South by a holding in possession of George KERSHER. WITNESS: John BALL of City of Dublin attorney at law




1802 Dec 22

MAXWELL to COULTER 1739-1810 (TI Bk 73)

Memorial of an indented deed made 1802 April 30 btw Robert Maxwell of City of Dublin Es.,, barrister at law; Francis Evans of New Forest in Co Westmeath & Christopher Garstin of Bragganstornewait [?]  Co Louth Esq. & Mr. Johnston of the City of London attorney at law trustees named and appointed by the last will of Zacharias Maxwell late of Dundalk in the Co of Louth, Esq., deceased. Of the first part. John Maxwell of Lurgen Green & Fleury Maxwell of Dundalk in said County Esq., (only survivor) son of the legacies of Zachariah Maxwell of the 2nd part & Joseph Coulter of Dowdallshill Co Louth Esq of 3rd part…. Hard to read… several lands mentioned…complicated.




1795 Nov 7

Btw Thos BURROWS of Blackwatertown, Co. Armagh Gent & James HANNA of Blackwatertown, Co. Armagh, Merchant.Lands of cavan, Barony Connigan, Co. Tyrone…. Details on lives of BURROWS etc.




1810 Nov 5

Patrick OLIVER Drumkeen, Parish of Rath Raphoe, Co. Donegal

 Land in Donegal




1791 Dec 10

JACKSON - BOLTON Names Index 1786-1794

Btw Henry JACKSON of City of Dublin, Merchant of 1 pt & Richard BOLTON of City Esq of the other pt. Warehouses and prmises in Crampton Court, Dublin wherein the Brokers office was then kept… other lands incl coffee house called The Exchange “the Coffee House with a Crane and other good improvements” fronting on Sycamore Alley…. More description – lengthy lease…





Marriage arts. Names Index 1816-1818

Incorrect reference.




1794 Jan 13

JACKSON-DARLEY Names Index 1794-

James Jackson of Newtownards, Co. Down, Surgeon & Arthur Darley of Belfast, Co. Antrim gent… for two bonds – one of 300 pounds and one of 100 pounds did sell to Edward Darley flour mills etc in townland of Ballyclare, Co. Antrim. NOTE: I need to check. He is likely part of the Co. Down tree.




1793 Apr 3

JACKSON - DUNN Names Index 1786-1794

Richard JACKSON of City of Dublin engraver and printer of the 1pt … demised land together with the Coach House and Stable  in the Royal Canal and North Strand in City of Dublin … fronts the new intended street called Phillips Row  395 feet In breadth on the north side and 130 feet on the south side… fronts the Royal Canal… neighours and more description…






 Reciting 1820 deed whereby Richard HAMILTON was in debt to Jane BLACK of Antrim whole list of lands to Jane BLACK in Barony of Fews  - mention of BALL, TIPPING etc from earlier deed. Liscalgot incl.




1805 Jan 27

Deed of Assignment  31st Dec 1805 btw William DAVIS of Aghasooley in the City of Armagh farmer of the one part &  Bernard DONNELLY of Maydown  &Thomas STEPHENSON of Correhaness both in sd Co. farmers of the other part after reciting as therein recited the said William DAVIS for the consideration therein did  Grant bargain Sell Assign & set over to the said Bernard DONNELLY & Thomas STEPHENSON their Exors Admons & Assigns all that and those ihis the said William DAVID undivided share or proportion of the Corn Mill & Flax Mill in the Townland of  Tullymore & all his undivided share and proportion  of the land usually held therewith by Robert WALSH containing by estimation 36 acres 2 roods & 14 perches all which said Corn Mill Flax Mill & Mill and premises are situate lying & being in the townland of Tullymore in the Co. of Armagh aforesaid. To have and to hold to the sadi Bernard DONNELLY & Thomas SIMPSON [sic?] and their  Exors Admons and Assigns for and during all the rest Residue and Remainder of a term of seven years & for & during every further and other renewal that they may therefor be obtained thereof & which  said deed of assignment is witnessed by Francis SMYTH of Blackwaterstown in the Co. of Armagh Gent & Henry DEVLIN of the same recording  Clerk & this memorial  is witnessed by the said Francis SMYTH & Henry DEVLIN Bernard DONNELLY & Thomas STEPHENSON…




1831 Aug 8


 Not in Bk # 834, 835, 837 – finally got lucky: 874

Btw Joseph MARTIN of Ballybay, Co. Monaghan Gent of the one pt. James McCULLAGH of Ballybay Gent of the other part  Reciting an indenture 1787 Mar 1 btw Thomas TENNISON the elder & Thomas TENNISON the younger only son & heir both of Castle Tennison, Roscommon Esq did release to Joseph McCARTER late of Ballybay Aforesaid deceased town and lands of Anninees [Barony of Cremorne, Co. Monaghan]then in the possession of said Joseph McCARTER and as formerly held and enjoyed by James McCARTER the father of the said Joseph McCARTER.  To hold to the said Joseph McCARTER his heirs and assigns for the natural life of James McCARTER brother of the said Joseph McCARTER the lessee. Joseph MARTIN then aged nine son of William MARTIN of Ballybay & Robert MITCHEL 3rd son of Owen Blayney MITCHEL of the town & Co of Monaghan… and that James McCARTER one of the lives having died the said Joseph McCARTER paid fine  for another life to be added… the said Joseph McCARTER by his last will and testament devised and bequeathed to Joseph MARTIN his freehold property Anninnes & interest in his dwelling house in Ballybay… subject to… payment of six pounds  to James McCULLAGH & Thomas McCULLAGH… in consid of sum of 1,303 pounds paid  to the said Joseph MARTIN paid by  James McCULLAGH & Thomas McCULLAGH… lands of Anannines transferred…. NOTE: A Sally McCARTER (1746-1816) was a wife of James McCULLAGH (d bef 1840) of Shantoagh, Co. Monaghan. James’ brother was Thomas McCULLAGH (Abt 1765- Abt 1849)




1794 May 1

JACKSON-REEVES Names Index 1794-

Btw Barnaby JACKSON Esq of Co Tipperary &Francis REEVES of Tulilinbo  Queens Co Gent




1792 Mar 3

JACKSON - GREENE Names Index 1786-1794

Thomas JACKSON of Collierstown, Co. Dublin but now of the City of Dublin Gent of the 2nd pt… in 1740 land was set to James JACKSON then late of Eadestown but then of Spinians Co. Wicklow, farmer all that part of the town of Spinians then in possession of James JACKSON in occupation of  Thomas SHERLOCK… 111a… to Thomas JACKSON son of James JACKSON… renewal granted to Thomas JACKSON in 1783… and then toThomas GREEN




1812 Apr 4

McCULLOGH Jas to DUFF 1810-1812 (1812)

James McCULLOGH of Dublin, Carpenter. Lease of house … description




1817 Oct 23

Indentured Deed btw James JACKSON of Kiltatown, Co. Dublin  Esq. of the one pt & James JACKSON jr of City of Dublin, China Merchant son of the aforesaid James JACKSON. Reciting lease of Feb 21 1814 the Rt Hon Lord Mayor Sherrifs Commons & Citizens did demise to Jacob JACKSON of Essex Street in the City of Dublin China Merchant all that and those the plots or pieces of land..on the north side of Essex Street in the City of Dublin Nos 23 & 24  containing in front to Essex Street 57 feet in front to rere 69 feet & in breadth in the rere 56 feet or thereabouts.. bounded on the south by Essex Street on the North by the Intended Quay called Wellington Quay and on the West by the Castle Hotel & on the east by premise belonging to Joseph WRIGHT hatter… to hold to Joseph JACKSON for a term of 80 years at the yearly rent of £120 sterling…




1824 Jan 22

JACKSON-McELWAINE Names Index 1822-1824

Indenture btw Richard JENNINGS of Downpatrick, Co. Down, carpenter Benjamin McIVER of Downpatrick of the other pt. NOTE: There were several SAULs mentioned, but no Catherin JACKSON. Perhaps the memorial left that out.




1812 Jan 21

 Susannah JACKSON then of City of Bath, Great Britain widow & relict of George JACKSON formerly of Glanbeg, Co. Waterford Esq deceased & Joseph Henry BENNETT formerl Joseph Henry JACKSON of Ballymore, Co. Cork eldest son of the said George & Susanna of the 1st pt. Christopher ALLEN of the City of Dublin of 2nd pt Gent & Peter BAKER of City of Dublin of 3rd pt….




1791 Sept 30

JACKSON - GORDON Names Index 1786-1794

Alexander GORDON of City of  Dublin, Merchant demised to Richard JACKSON of the same City Gent part of the lands of Fairview in he Parish of Drumcondra Barony of Cooloch, Co. Dublin… bordered by a road from North Strand to the houses of Fairview..




1794 Nov 11

JACKSON-BLACK Names Index 1794-

Btw Andrew JACKSON of the townland of Ballygranny, Co. Down, Gent of the 1 pt &  the Rev Robert JACKSON of the City of Londonderry of the other part whereby after reciting that James JACKSON of Newtown in Co. Down Surgeon & apothecary  in consid of 250 pounds  had granted in mortgage to the said Andrew JACKSON the premises… grant lease and confirm to said Robert BLACK in his actual possession by virtue of a sale made by said Andrew JACKSON for one whole year… assigned entire moiety of the lands of Moygmman together with full and Entire half … of said water courses thereunto belonging… was in possession of Joseph BLACK and afterwards  Robert and Margaret BLACK undertenants…




1812 Sep 7

Thomas OLIVER of City of Cork – didn’t need




1812 Nov 9

Btw William DAVIS of Killeagh Co Cork & Benjamin Murdock JACKSON of Town of Youghall,Co. Cork Esq…. land in the town of Youghal ranging on the west in a parallel line with the wall built by Joshua JACKSONMerchant and on the East side between his concern and BROWNEs extending from sd Western bourndary to low watermark bounded on the north by land owned by Edward GREENE… Roger GREENE-  more description ….






This was a JACOB not a JACKSON





JACKSON-BATT Names Index 1794-

Wrong ref




1791 Nov 16

JACKSON - MOORE Names Index 1786-1794

Jane JACKSON otherwise HUSTON of Larne, Barony Glenarm, Co Antrim of one pt & Thomas MOORE of Larne of the other part… she demised lands in the New Town of Larne, the front house in possession of Con O’NEIL, another in possession of John WHITE weaver, one in possession of Jane GAULT




1784 May 30

JACKSON-JACKSON Names Index 1794-

BTW Joanna JACKSON of Dublin widow of Peter JACKSON Gent decd & Edward CLARKE of the City of Dublin Gent two of the surities and executors of Peter JAKCSON of the one part. Peter JACKSON eldest son & heir of the said Peter JACKSON Gent of the 2nd part & Henry Vincent JACKSON 2nd son of the said Peter JACKSON deceased of the 3rd pt. James O’BYRNE & Mary O’BYRNE orse JACKSON daughter of the said Peter JACKSON deceased and wife of the said James O’BYRNE of the 4th pt.. in consid of 5s pd by James O’BYRNE and the sd Joanna JACKSON further consideration of the sum of 200 pounds pd to her… parcel of ground formerly inhabited by John CLARKE apothecary on the East side of Capel St within the [Liberties?] of the City of Dublin being No 96 and containing from North to South in front of the said Street 37 ft 4 in & from east to west in length 1030 ft and on the north by the lot then of Sackville GARDINER in possession of Jeffrey PENDERGAST Gent  and on the south to other lot of Sackvill GARDINER then in possession of Peter JACKSON. And Jeffrey PENDERGAST… held under leas of Apr 14, 1764 Hon Francis Lord [Maguire?] to the said Peter JACKSON deceased for life of Joanna JACKSON…




1802 Jan 29

McCULLOGH Jane & ors – Marr. Articles 1800-1809  (1802)

Between William OLIVER of the City of Armagh Soap Boyler and chandler of the first part and Jane McCULLAGH of Lisnasudy Co. Armagh of the other part the said Wm OLIVER did demise to the said Jane McCULLAGH all that part of the town and lands of Brootley In the County of Armagh in his possession held under the Representatives of the late Robert Maxwell Esq. deceased containing 53 acres English Measure paying interest yearly £32 Sterling did also demise, grant to said Jane McCULLOUGH and his [sic] assigns all that dwelling House Offices and garden in new Street in the City of Armagh held under the representatives of the late William JOHNSTON Gent of which said leases and lands are held in perpetuity which said indenture of the 8th day of July above……  .. Benj OLIVER of Ennislare in said County Gent. NOTE: There are other transcriptions echoing this. I believe that William OLIVER is the older brother of Jane McCULLAGH, and they are both siblings of Benjamin OLIVER (1765-1831). I suspect that by the time of his death, he had retired to the farm at Brootally.




1810 Jul 13

WESTBY as Mastr to McCULLOUGH 1739-1810 (TI Bk 45)

Very hard to read… pd Thomas McCULLAGH of Derryvally Co. Monaghan Esq. f 4th pt… granted to Thomas MCCULLAGH in his actual possession … town and lands of Drumgristen, Co. Monaghan




1793 May 16

Marriage bond William TIGH of Woodstock, Co. Kilkenny & Daniel GAHAN of Rathbride Co. Kilkenny… Thomas BLIGH was involved.. & Hannah BUNURY [BUNBURY?] ors GAHAN




1811 Jan 2


… land near Coleman’s Brook, City of Dublin





1785 May 3

OLIVER, Andrew-WILLIS1786-1793

Andrew OLIVER of Newtown Hamilton, Co. Armagh, Gent of the one pt & David WILLIS of the same Shopkeeper. OLIVER demised land adjoining Newtown Hamilton bounded on the East by the Dundalk Road on the South by Alexander McCRORY’s holdings on the West by Moses McCAMMONs holdings and on the North by Francis PALMER’s holding all that Field called the mearing house field excepting and reserving  as in said lease is excepted and reserved… and John OLIVER son of Andrew OLIVER then about 11 years old. WITNESS: Gavin SHAW & Alexander McILROY both of Newtown Hamilton Co. Armagh Gents




1791 Mar 22


 Lease btw  Andrew Oliver of Newtown Hamilton  in Co.of Armagh, Gent of the 1 pt & David WILES  of the same shopkeeper .. part of the land adjoining Newtownhamilton afsd bounded on the east by the Dundalk Rd. on the South by Alexander McCRORYs holdings on h west by Moses McCAMMONs holding on the North by Francis PALMERs holding and that field called the mearing house field… for natural lives of the sd David WILES the lessee & his son a child and John OLIVER son of sd Andrew OLIVER then aged about 11 years old.. WITNESS: Gavin SHAW & Alexander McILROY both of newtown Hamilton.




1792  Oct 6

JACKSON - LALL Names Index 1786-1794

Btw Henry JACKSON of French St., City of Dublin Esq of 1st pt &  John Hubert MOORE Esq Barrister of law 7  George SALL, merchant oth of City of Dublin of 2nd pt & Abigail CROOKSHANK of Kildare St in City of Dublin widow of 3rd pt. Recited that a marriage was intended btw the said Henry JACKSON & Aigail CROOKSHANK and that said Henry JACKSON was seized of lands of  Lisdooney & Clonboniff in Kinggs Co. y virtue of a lease made by Sir Wm PARSONS Bar deceased unto Robert JACKSON late of Grange in Kings Co Esq. deceased father of the said Henry for the lives of  sd Henry 7 George HOLMES late an Ensign in the 44th Reiment of Foot & that said Abigail CROOKSHANK  was then by virtue of her marriage arts made  Sept 20 1782 made upon her marriage with the late George CROOKSHANK late of sd City attorney at law deceased… tenements in Dolphins Barn & elsewhere. Property of Wm SALL [or SALE} of said City merchant, deceased,  & father of Abigail… George CROOKSHANK and Aigail SALE had one child, George, an infant under age 21 & Abigail was now possessed of her house in Kildare St. commonly known by #31….




1811 Apr 20

Several KEATING familymembers of 1st pt; William JACKSON of Youghall Esq & Benjamin JACKSON eldest son and heir of 2nd pt & Benjamin Murdock JACKSON Esq of 3rd pt… land on Stran St where Josiah COOKE formerly lived.. in own of Youghall… more description




1791 Mar 22

James JOHNSTON – JOHNSTON   1786-93

James JOHNSTON of Snowhill, Co. Fermanagh & & William JOHNSTON Esq Lieut in his Majesty’s  63rd Regiment of Foot… Skefflington HAMILTON of Cope Street bankrupt, Chapman dealer in Exchange




1810 Jun 1

Indented Deed of Mtg btw Thomas BUNTEN of Island Bridge & Samuel JACKSON of Leask Street, both in the City of Dublin, Calico Printers of the other pt & Thomas BEASLEY  of New Market in sd City Clothier of the other pt. citing Lease & release  Mar 21 1794 made btw William WORTHINGTON of the 1 pt & Thomas HARPER of Dolphins Barn Co Dublin, Calico Printer of the other pt..




1794 Jun 24

JACKSON-REYNOLDS Names Index 1794-

Btw James JACKSON & Christopher ANTISELE both of the City of Dublin devised to Patrick REYNOLDS land in Birr in Kings Co,







Wrong #




1786 Mar 10

OLIVER,William-FRAYNEY 1786-1793

William OLIVER of Mt Laban Co. Wexford farmer…. Lands of 66 acres…..during the natural lives of said William OLIVER, John OLIVER, Thomas OLIVER all sons of John OLIVER of Templeodigan….





JACKSON-SIMMONS Names Index 1794-

Wrong ref.




1786 Jun 17

KNIPE, Rev E.-NUGENT 1786-1793

…Land of  Summertown,.. [Not pert]





Mar 17

JACKSON-SAVAGE Names Index 1794-

Btw James JACKSON of Newtownards Co. Down Surgeon of the one part and James SAVAGE of Ballyliedy Co Down of the other… lease for a year, townland of Ballysallagh Major, Parish of Bangor,Co. Down cont 70 acres…




1787 Aug 11

BRADSHAW Names Index 1786-1794

 BtwThomas GREER the Elder of Dungannon, Co. Tyrone Linen Draper & Thomas GREER the younger of Dungannon eldest son and heir apparent to Thomas GREER the elder of the 1st part. William JACKSON of the Combe, City of Dublin Clothier & Elizabeth JACKSON spinster and only daughter of William JACKSON of the 2nd pt &  Noble BRADSHAW & Samuel RUSSELL other of the City of Dublin Gent of the 3rd pt… reciting that a marriage was intended shortly to be had and solemnized between the said Thomas GREER the younger and Elizabeth JACKSON.. lands of Dungannon as marriage portion [lots of description and notes]… NOTE: Elizabeth JACKSON daughter of William JACKSON (1727-1823) – is in the Quaker tree.




1795 Aug 8

JACKSON-ROGERS Names Index 1794-

Richard JACKSON of the North Strand, Co & City of Dublin demised to Lawrence ROGERS of the North Strand dwelling house outhouse & stable late in the possession of Richard CAMPBELL and then in the possession of Lawrence ROGERS situate on the North Strand containing in the front of the Strand 20 feet and in front of the rere to Montgomery Street 23 feet 9 inches and in depth 72 feet 11 inches… bounded on the North by holding in possession of Rev. Joseph FITZPATRICK on the south by holding in possession of John PRICE and on the West by Montgomery Street…




1811 Mar 12

MCCULLOGH Jas to McCULLOGH 1800-1809 (1811)

Deed of Asignment btw James McCULLOUGH of Aghaboy Co Antrim of the 1st pt & William McCULLOUGH his son, carpenter, … description of land and transfer…of the 2nd pt






William M’CULLOCH of Killmore Co Dublin




1810 Nov 9

Stephen DICKSON City of Dublin Esq Barrister at Law of 1st pt & Jackson Wray ATKINSON of Cangort, Kings Co Esq Lieut Col  of the Kings Co Regiment of Militia in 2nd pt Mary CODD wife of Wm CODD of City of Dublin Gent of 3rd pt & John ALLEN of Clare St City of Dublin esq of 4th pt… lands in Tpperary




1795 Jul 24

JACKSON-ATKINSON Names Index 1794-

Btw John JACKSON of Rich-hill in Co. Armagh, Linen draper & Richard ATKINSON of Ballytre[?] in said Co Linen Draper… Jackson is now possessed of 27a 2r 15p in Mullaletra Co Armagh by lease of lives from William RICHARDSON to John ROUNTREE dated 1747 assigned to Jane ROUNTREE his daughter who intermarried with the said John JACKSON is also possessed of 9a 3r 10p in Mulladry in said Co. by virtue of a lease from said William RICHARDSON which he holds under the will of his mother…




1794 Dec 10

COULTER, John-BRICKELL 1794-1799

 John COULTER, Grocer of Capel St. – trustee…






William M’CULLOCH of Kilmore in Co. Antrim of the one pt & Joshua M’GEOGH of Armagh of the other part. Reciting that James M’CULLOCH of Piedmont, Co. Antrim Esq. deceased reciting deed Feb18, 1744 granted let and set to Thomas TIPPING late of Castletown, Co. Louth since deceased….lands of Tullyallen Cunningham cont 80 acres or thereabouts, Barony of Fews, Co. Armagh…Fen 18 1744 set to Joshua M’GEOUGH set lands of Tullyvallen Cunningham 109 acres 1 rood 18 perches WITNESS: Daniel BROWN attorney at Law, Dublin & Dorothea M’CULLOCH.




1817 Feb 28


Anne CRAWFORD of Paradise Row Co. & City of Dublin widow of 1 part & John JACKSON of Paradise Row aforesaid Gent of other part…. Dwelling house and premises of No. 30 Paradise Row… Anne CRAWFORD granted to James JACKSON all the new Brick Dwelling house with the yard and garden behind the same situate out to South Wes side of Paradise Row known by No 30 bounded on the North East by Paradise Row aforesaid on the South West by a yard in the possession of Matthew WILLIAMSON on the North West by Arthur WILLIAMSON’ holding which said house and premises are situate lying and being in the Parish of Saint Mary Lordship of St Mary’s Abbey & County of the City of Dublin… [lives were all names of royalty]. WITNESSES Frances WIGGINS of Golden lane, City of Dublin grocer.. John PERDRISAT  of Rathfarnham & John COLE of Rosanna Place both in the City of Dublin, Gent




1795 Apr 27


I suspect this was a JACOB that I had thought was a JACKSON. There was no mention of JACKSON.




1794 Jul 24

JACKSON-HANSARD Names Index 1794-

Also: PRONI T808/8253

Volume 484 page 293 number 307899 Memorial registered 24 July 1794 of deed of 21 July 1794. Henry JACKSON of Newpark, County Wicklow Esq. to Richard Massey Hansard of Mistrim in County Glanmorgan Esq. as to tenements in Dolphins Barn and in Dublin city and elsewhere assigned by JACKSON's present wife Abigail by her marriage settlement on her marriage with him to trustees John Hubert Moore and George sall or a lall in trust for herself and for one Richard Cruickshank and if latter should die for JACKSON during her life. With Mrs. Eugenia JACKSON widow and Benjamin Kearney gent, both of Dublin city who both signed Memorial along with Henry JACKSON.

Extra notes:George SALE… tenements that Abigail was then possessed of of City of Dublin, Dolphins barn and elsewhere… for life of said Henry JACKSON.. signed in presence of Eugenia JACKSON…




1816 Mar 29

Deeed of Assignment & release btw Samuel JACKSON of Cork Street in the City of Dublin Cotton Manufacturer of the 1 pt & John Birch Wilson MILLS and  Hall Chambers of Dublin merchants, and partners in trade  trading under the firm of Birch Mills & Chambers of the other part… land on the north side of Cork Street in the Co of Dublin together with the Dwelling House  thereon and which Joseph BOARDMAN  deceased lately resided together with the gardens and offices and  and buildings erected on said land for the purposes of carrying on the Cotton & Calico  printing business… in as full and ample a manner as Joseph BOARDMAN deceased enjoyed …& as Beasly BOARDMAN & Joseph BOARDMAN lately held and the sd Samuel JACKSON held & enjoyed the same and also one undivided third part share or proportion of the lands of Parsonstown, Barony of Carbury Co. Kildare… [more description]





1804 May 1

LESLIE-BROWN Book 45 (1739-1810)

Btw Charles Albert LESLIE of Gilford, Co. Down & Richard BROWNE of Magherana in said Co Down, Linen draper executor of John BROWN late of Maghera in the said Co. Down, linen draper. Deceased of the other part.. Whereby  after reciting as in  said deed is recited in bonds of the sum of £2000 sterling to said Charles Albert LESLIE  did grant bargain sell assign transfer and make over to said Richard Brown his exors admons and assigns all that and those the lands of  Aughnetray Angaise Ballyellyan  Carricknaneagh Clogher Cowlerannan Corfait Corkerran Cornahow Derryalubina Derryvalley Drumar Drumbo Drumgole Drumlane Drumhowen Drumerrusk Edynanian Edergool Greagh Kennupat Kenorkavaddy Larrah MonartonTanmucknell Tonyglasen Cornamucklish Terrygreham Ballybay Newstreet and Coothill & by whatever name or names… lying and being in the Barony of ____ and Dartey in Co. Monaghan.. term of time and space of 2000 years …. WITNESS [one illegible] William CROZIER 




1792 Apr 27

JACKSON - LUCAS Names Index 1786-1794




1795 Feb 10

JACKSON- her will. Names Index 1800-1809

Mary Ellen Jackson otherwise BLAIR of Blairmount Co Antrim 1795 Feb 10 to infant daughter an undivided moiety of lands of Killiglen otherwise Blairmount… lands of Deaines & Dromain & Loughduff all in Co. Antrim…Aunt Mary HOW otherwise STANNIS…NOTE: I assume Mary’s husband has predeceased her. I also suspect a link with the JACKSONs of Steeple.




1825 Apr 8

JACKSON- JACKSON. Names Index 1825-1829

Col George JACKSON of North Mayo regiment stationed at Athlone, Co. Westmeath of the 1 pt & George JACKSON son of said George JACKSON reciting May 4 1804 marriage of Sidney VAUGHAN to George JACKSON… William ORME…




1790 Apr 5

JACKSON - WHYTE Names Index 1786-1794

Richard JACKSON of Melmount Kings Co to John WHITE of Monasteris Kings Co.




1787 Aug 17

BYRNE Names Index 1786-1794

Indenture of Lease John JACKSON & Thomas O’BRIEN in the City of Dublin exors of  Samuel EDWARDS deceased demised to Jeremiah BYRNE of Dublin carpenter piece of ground situate in Tuckers Row  formerly Elephant’s lane  near Drogheda St lately in the possession of John JACKSON & Thomas O’BRYAN as exors of EDWARDS




1794 Apr 7

JACKSON-MAHON Names Index 1794-

Btw William Marcus Jackson of Attorbury, Co. Clare, Gent of the one part & James Mahon of the City of Limerick, merchant of the other…. Set to Mahon all the lands of Moylish, Parish of St. Munchin




1811 - 1812


Green Dragon. Co Carlow

Robert JACKSON of Graigue, Queens Co. Esq. of 1 pt & Samuel SCOTT of other.. lands in Springhill, Queens Co… long lease.




1821 Jul 20

Thomas OLIVER to POLLOCK 1819-1821

Thomas OLIVER of Climtogh, Co. Down, Farmer of the 1 pt… Elizabeth OLIVER his sister




1816 Oct 3


 Deed of conveyance btw John McCULLAGH senior then late of Clady but then of Kearny Hill in Co Armagh Gent of the 1 pt & John McCULLAGH junior eldest son of said John McCULLAGH sr. of the other part. Reciting that Samuel CAMPBELL of that part of Newry which is situate in Co Armagh, merchant and Thomas GRAHAM of Gortgranagh Co Monaghan Gent and David BELL of that part of Newry which is situate in Co Down Esq by indenture under their respective hands and seals bearing date  Oct 10  1787 in consid of £1,400 sterling granted to Samuel McCULLAGH his heirs and assigns all that land in the townland of Shanecrackenmore formerly in the possession of John LAWSON and then in occupation of  Samuel FERGUSSON John McALEXANDER and Andrew McCLAGHLEY together  with the townland of Derryhora reputed to be three quarters thereof all lands in  manor of Teemore, Co. Armagh. Also reciting tht the sum of seven hundred pounds being one half of the sum of one thousand four hundred pounds was the proper money of said John McCULLAGH senior who was naturally concerned with said Samuel McCULLAGH in the purchase of said premises and that upon a division of said premises and lands in Shanecrackenmore became the property of the said John  McCULLAGH senior and that said Samuel McCULLAGH by indented deed bearing date Oct 15  1787 conveyed said lands of Shanecrackenmore unto John McCULLAGH sr. and by said deed of which this is a memorial the said John McCULLAGH sr conveyed his interest in Shanecrackenmore unto his eldest son John McCULLAGH jr. for 3 lives [all royalty]




1810 Jul 1

 Deed of Mtg  btw Alexander STEWART  of Ards, Co. Down Esq of the 1 pt & Samuel JACKSON of Mount Pleasant Co Down of the other pt Alexander STEWART for the consideration therin mentioned granted to Samuel JACKSON town and lands of  Drumalleeormon [?] or Marybrook in Baron of [L]inacearty [?] parish of Kil[?] OC Down containing by est 707 acres Cunningham Measure together with buildings, barns, mills stables gardens etc River if Lough Waters [?], trees woods, underwoods,, crops, mountains, WITNESSES: James HUME & Robert HAMILTON both of the City of Dublin attornies at law & James VANCE




1787 Aug 20

ANDERSON Names Index 1786-1794

Richard JACKSON of Castlehamilton  in Co. Cavan Esq demised  to George ANDERSON of Killishandra in sd Co. Gager, … decription of land




1794 Mar 27


Samuel Browne, Merchant of Armagh – land sold to him in Moy, Co. Tyrone  – other names Mary Eccles & Taylor.




1814 Dec 1

JACKSON-. Names Index 1813-1815 why was this under JACKSON?

Elizabeth IRWIN of Belfast, widow & Administrator of John IRWIN late of Belfast deceased… 64 poiunds sterling pd by William M’LOUGHLIN of Ballymaconnelly, Parish of Rasharkin, Co. Antrim, farmer.




1810 Apr 26

 Deed of Mtg btw Frances JACKSON of Randlestown Co Antrim, widow and Archibald DOUGLASS of the same place Gent son-in-law of sd Frances JACKSON of the one pt & Henry JOY of the Lodge in Co Antrim Esq & henry JOY of the City of Dublin Esq of 2nd pt. Whereas  Archibald DOUGLAS for and in consideration of the sm of  £1100 granted to Henry JOY & Henry JOY town and lands of Whopstown [?] in Parish of Connor, Barony of  Antrim, Co. Antrim formerly in the possession of William JACKSON deceased & then in possession of Frances JACKSON & Archibald DOUGLAS… 26 acres 11 perches in Randalstown, Co Antrim & Dwelling House offices and yards and land with the new erected Paper Mill & other Edifaces formerly in the possess of Robert REAY farmer and then in possession of Frances JACKSON and Archibald DOUGLAS in Aughaboy near Randlestown & lands in Ballygrully adjoining said town of Randalstown Co Antrim as the same were in possession of Francis JOY deceased and then in possession of said Frances JACKSON and Archibald DOUGLAS… Hugh JOY & Henry JOY…




1791 Dec 23

JOHNSTON Names Index 1786-1794

Btw Margaret JOHNSTON of Mullaghbrack Co. Armagh Spinster of the one pt & Robert JACKSON of Woodvale Co. Armagh Esq. of the other pt… part of the lands of Mullaghbrack, Co. Armagh held under Robert JOHNSTON… Witnessed by Margueretta JOHNSTON of Aughnacloy & Robert BURKE, both in Co. Armaggh




1828 Dec 13

Humphrey JACKSON 1828-32

Articles of Agreement btw Humphry Thompson JACKSON of the City of Dublin Esq. of the 1 pt & Rev. Edward Hamilton JACKSON [I wonder if this was a clerical error and should be Rev. Edward HAMILTON]  of Phillistown in Kings Co. Clerk of the other pt. Whereby  after reciting that John HAMILTON late a captain inf the Downshire Regiment of Militia  deceased by his last will and testament  bequeathd to the said Edward HAMILTON  a legacy of 200 pounds sterling & appointed Humphry Thompson JACKSON and Edward HAMILTON exors. And the sd John HAMILTON was entitled at the time of his death to 700 pounds issuing and payable out of the lands of Dunganstown… and other townlands all in Co. Wicklow. NOTE: This is Humphry Thompson JACKSON (abt 1790-aft1834) of Ballybay & Dublin. He had no children.




1828 Aug 21


John JACKSON of Armagh & William McWILLIAMS part of townland of Ballinahonebeg upwards of 46 acres previously held by Arthur OLIVER dec’d containing one half of the said lands of Ballynahonebeg and before that in possession of Charles SEAVER dec’d  and that part of the said moiety called the Northern Division containing twenty three acres two roods and also that farm  a part of said Moiety called  the Bleach green containing about ten acres and a half with all waters, Water courses Weirs, Mills, Dams Houses Buildings and Improvements  formerly in possession of John OLIVER Mary OLIVER & Elizabeth OLIVER John JACKSON held these leases under  the Lord Primate... witness Alexander John DOBBIN Gent one of the attorneys and Andrew MAZIERE Apothecary both of the City and County of Armagh.




1793 Aug 13

JACKSON - CURTIS Names Index 1786-1794

Btw Samuel RUSSEL of Crooked Staff Co Dulin Clothier & William JACKSON of the Combe in the County of Dublin, Clothier of the one part. Richard CURTIS  of the City of Dulin tanner of the other … demised property on the south side of St. James St. together with the backside garden and tan yard …




1796 Oct 10

JACKSON-REA Names Index 1794-

Wm JACKSON of Youghall, Co. Cork Esq. & Catherine REA said town widow of the other… John REA late of Youghall decease… plot of land adjoining the Clock Castle




1794 Aug 14

JACKSON-ONEIL Names Index 1794-

George BINNS, James JACKSON & Joshua CONNOLLY executors of last will and Testament of John CONNOLLY late of Dublin… assigned to John NEIL.. Dwelling House on Upper Ormond Key.




1795 Sep 22

McCULLOGH Edwd to RICKARD 1794-1799

Edward M’CULLAGH of Ballycorna Co. Kilkenny, Gent of the one pt.





It should be a partition of ROCK There is a #446310, but it bears no relation .

Wrong #




1816 May 4

 Deed btw Richard JOHNSTON  of Leitrim in Co of Londonderry  of the one pt & John JOHNSTON of Castledawson in Co. Londonderry Clerk of the other pt….




1817 Nov 1

Memorial of an Indented Deed btw Andrew JACKSON of Ballygreny Co Down Esq. & Mary JACKSON otherwise GREER his wife of 1st pt & James BIRCH of Ballybeen House co Down, Esq of the other part. Whereby reciting the sd Indenture witnessed that in pursuance of the Agreement  therein stated of & in consideration of £2,300  sterling to the said Andrew JACKSON and of ten shillings  sterling to the said Mary JACKSON by the said James BIRCH… acknowledge therefor the sd Andrew JACKSON & May JACKSON sold to the sd James BIRCH in his actual possession then being by virtue of a lease for a year… formerly in the possession of Andrew ALLEN the younger and his undertenants & theretofore possessed and enjoyed by  the sd Andrew JACKSON and his undertenants by estimation containing 23 acres Cunningham Meaure or thereabouts… together with the field adjoining the farm  formerly in the possession of Robert KYLE the elder and commonly called and known by the name of the  horse park containing by estimation one half acre… also with the bog & moss quarter reciting earlier lease made by Robert KYLE the Elder and Robert KYLE the younger  to Andrew ALLEN Aug 18 1759. All situate and being in the Ballybeen Parish of Cumber 7 Co. Down to hold to the sd James BIRCH and his heirs & assigns. WITNESS: rev George BIRCH of Cumber, clerk & George CROZIER of Banbridge attorney at law. NOTE: The names index says she was Mary JACKSON orse GREER.




1810 Feb 24

JOHNSTON-McCULLAGH. Names Index 1810-1812

Benj JOHNSTON is of the 8th pt… lands to Thomas McCULLAGH in his actual possession town and lands of Lisnagonorty otherwise Lisnagarvey or Lisnagonway, Co. Monaghan






Wrong book




1811 Apr 16


Charles Dean OLIVER  - incl in list of legacies




1795 Jan 16

JACKSON-KEARNY Names Index 1794-

James JACKSON of Birr, Kings Co




1804 Feb 4





1795, Jun 13

JACKSON-DEANE Names Index 1794-

Made by Charlotte SEAVER then of the City of Dublin spinster one of the younger children of Rev Jeremiah SEAVER Clerk deceased of the one pt… lands of Trugh in Parish & CO. Armagh… Jeremiah SEAVERs wife was Ann Maria COURTNEY NOTE: JACKSON was not mentioned in the abstract, but may be in the deed itself.




1790 Nov 13

BROWNE & wife to WILSON1739-1810

(TI Bk 45)

John BROWN Co Limerick & Catherine BROWN otherwise GREEN of the other part…




1802 May 12

McCULLOGH Jas to McCULLOGH 1810-1812 (1812)

Deed of Conveyance btw James McCULLOUGH of townland of  Fernagh, Co. Antrim farmer of the one pt & John McCULLOUGH farmer of Fernagh, Co. Antrim of the other… 15 acres




1807 Feb 7

Marriage arts. Names Index 1816-1818

Marriage settlement between William MOUNSELL of City of Limerick & Eliza JACKSON daughter of William Marcus JACKSON… William Devereaux JACKSON son and heir at law of William Marcus JACKSON… lands in Limerick




1787 Sep 11

JACKSON Names Index 1786-1794

 Indenture btw William Marcus JACKSON of City of Limerick gent confirmed to Wm HENDERSON of sd City Gent an annuity payable out of the lands of Moylish situate in the North Liberties of the City of Limerick & Clounlara situate in the South Liberties of sd City




1825 Sep 27

JACKSON-PRICE. Names Index 1825-1829

George JACKSON of Mountain View Co Carlow, attorney at law and Richard PRICE  town of Carlow, County Carlow Stationer and Bookseller lease of town and lands of Bullock park..




1708 Feb 5

McCULLOCH John – his will

John McCulloch of Town of Antrim Surgeon and Apothocary.. wife Margaret McCullogh or Shaw… part of the tenement which I now occupy with the lower part of the back house now occupied by Mrs. Nixon and the Stable called my own stable with the loft over it for offices with one cows graizing on the land which I hold with said tenement… som William mcCulloch… daughter Dorothy Morton or McCulloch left shop and utensils in tenement in Antrim now occupied by her husband Mr. John Morton and her with the backhouse they now occupy… daughter Victoria Jackson or McCulloch – rents of tenement now occupied by Mrs. Nixon with the house called my turf house and loft above… and if she shall have lawfulissue…… daughter Jane Walker… tenement now occupied by James Malone at end of Massareene Bridge to daughter Jane Walker or McCulloch… Cabins in Bowlane… there was 350 left by my late father-in-law Captain McCulloch on his estate in trust for my late wife & me over which I was to have distributive power to our issue and one hundred pounds was left to myself by Captain McCulloch and whereas there is an unsettled amount between William McCulloch Esq. my brother-in-law in whose hands Capt. McCulloch’s estate now is, I request he may settle…… son Henry McCulloch viz Margaret… profits to my sister Elizabeth M’Kinlay or McCulloch… granddaughters Margaret and Jane (presumably not children of Victoria … John Kerr & Robert Young Postmaster to be executors…





Marriage Settlement. Names Index 1800-1809

Margaret TIMON orse IRWIN. Not relevant




1786 Aug 12

McCULLAGH, Rev. James – McCULLAGH 1786-1793

Rev James M’CULLOCH of Cokeman, Co. Antrim of one part & John M’CULLOCH of Larne, Co. Antrim Gent and Patrick M’CULLOCH of Larne nehew of said James M’CULLOGH… demised farm of North Ballyruther… 60a… Parish of Caincastle, Co. Antrim.. WITNESS: Samuel FERRIS of Larne, Co. Antrim Surgeon & William JACKSON Surgeon in his Majesties Navy . John M’CULLOSH




1785 jan 24

JACKSON - BLEST Names Index 1786-1794

Martha JACKSON formerly BELL heir of Thomas BELL late of Town of Sligo.




1995 May 1

JACKSON - EDWARDS Names Index 1786-1794

Not useful




1787 Sep 19

McCULLOCH David & Samuel  McCULLOCH both of Ballynease, Co. Londonderry 1786-1793




1792 July 16

Marquis of Drogheda-JACKSON Bk 16

To Nathaniel Jackson of Mountmellick.




1791 Jul 1

OLIVER, John- PHELAN 1786-1793

John OLIVER of Harristown  Co. Kildare, Yeoman of the one pt & George PHELAN of City of Dublin, Gent… John OLIVER demised House & tenement with the yard and shed ..known by the name number 6 then in possession of Charles ALTON.. on the north side of Cole Alley in the Liberties of Thomas and Donore..290 years unexpired in lease




1794 Jul 23

JACKSON-HUTTON Names Index 1794-

Richard JACKSON of the City of Dublin, leather tanner seller of the one part & Bartholomew HATTON of New Row in the Poddle in the Co of Dublin tanner of the other part…. Plot of land on which is erected a Dwelling House known by #35 situate on the South side of High Street in the City of Dublin containing in breadth in the front to High Street 15 feet 7 inches in breadth in the rear, 15 feet 3 inches and in depth front to rere 43 feet 5 inches




1812 Jun 10

LEET, William-JACKSON 1810-1812

Btw William LETT Merchant’s Quay, City of Dublin Merchant Taylor of the 1 pt & William JACKSON of Backlane in sd CityTaylorof the other part…. House on North side of Dame St….




1796 Mar 25

JACKSON-CASEY & ORS Names Index 1794-

John JACKSON of Kilbrush, Co. Clare Gent of 1st pt… demised pt of Ballynareissan held by James CASEY parish of Killinard barony  of Clondoralaw




1794 Sep 9

JACKSON-WHITSILL Names Index 1794-

Btw Joseph JACKSON of Ellegish, Co. Monaghan,  Gent & Christopher JACKSON eldest son & heir apparent of the 1st pt  & James WHITSITT of [?] Co. Monaghan




1811 Sep 30

 Deed btw Joseph Devonshire JACKSON of  City of Dublin of 1 pt & Mary JACKSON widow of said City of other pt… lease on east side of Leeson St with coach house stable & offices… more desc… NOTE: presumably this is his mother, Mary COUZENS




1794 Sep 30

O’NEIL-JACKSON 1739-1810

 Rev James Terrence O’NEIL priest of the Parish of Ballymacknale, Co Armagh of the 1 pt & Robert JACKSON of the City of Armagh of the other in consid pof 600 pounds demised all the farm of lands of Tandragee, Co. Aragh lately possessed by Robert WILSON




1792 Oct 19

JACKSON - SMART Names Index 1786-1794

Indenture of a lease btw Richard Jackson of the North Strand in the City of Dublin Gent of the one part and John Smart of the City of Dublin architect of the other part.. for 20 pounds the land in the Strand containing in front of said North Strand 60 feet and in depth to a stable lane at the rere about 48 feet bounded  on the south by land belonging to [Hallam?] and on the North by a stablelane, also the loft on parcel of ground in the stable lane at the rere [unsure about meaning of a reference to Bachelors Lane]




1723 Mar 1


 [See #527657 above for history] Shanecrackenmore demised by John McCULLAGH of Kearney Hill, Co. Armagh, Gent to Moses WRIGHT of Donaghhaddie, Co. Down Gent of the other pt




1811 Sep 7

Robert REEVES 7 Thomas OLIVER of Cork




1790 Aug 8

McCULLOCH William to WILLSON 1786-1793

William McCULLOUGH of Ballygelly, Co. Antrim to Thomas WILSON of Ballygelly, Co. Antrim




1794 Mar 5

JACKSON-WHITE Names Index 1794-

Thomas JACKSON of Edenderry, Kings Co., Shopkeeper and farmer of the one part and John WHITE of Monasteroris, Kings Co. of the other part…Land in Coolistown, Kings Co.




1791 Oct 24

OLIVER,Thomas-ROGERS 1786-1793

Thomas OLIVER of the City of Bristol, Kingdom of Great Britain  Esq of 1 pt land in Parish of Charleville, Barony of Orery Kilmore in the several counties of Cork and Limerick…




1790 Sep 2

COULTER, George-DICKENS 1786-1793


John COULTER & George COULTER of Drogheda




1786 May 5

MARTIN Names Index 1786-1794

Richard JACKSON of Forkhill, Co. Armagh demised lands in Killeshandra, Co. Cavan…




1803 Jun 22

McCULLOGH William to DEEGAN 1800-1809 (1803)

Wm McCULLAGH Gent of City of Dublin & Thomas DEGAN of City Piublican. House for lives of  James McCULLAGH, William McCULLAGH & Benjamin BROWNE




1801 Spet 21

Marriage settlement  btw Joseph Devonshire JACKSON of City of Dublin Esq of 1st pt & Henry ADAIR  Deputy Warren [sic?] of City of Dublin Esq of 2nd pt & Sarah Lucinda CLARKE daughter of Benjamin CLARKE of Cullenswood in Co Dublin merchant of 3rd pt … details




1794 Jul 31


Ann JACKSON of City of Dublin, Widow & Lucas Hunt JACKSON of Baltinglass, Co. Wicklow, Gent of the one part. & Rt Hon Earl of Alderborough of Belan in Co, Kildare of the other part whereas an indentured deed of agreement was made between John JACKSON of Corrageen, Co. Kildare Esq of the other part who did agree to take the dwelling house occupied by Lucas JACKSON in the town of Baltinglass with a field behind it during the term of three lives… late in the possession of Lucas JACKSON Gent deceased…. Then unto Lucas Hunt JACKSON, for lives of Lucas Hunt JACKSON, William Jacob JACKSON his brother & Dorothy DROUGHT daughter of John DROUGHT then late of Plunketstown, Co. Kildare… John JACKSON uncle of Lucas Hunt JACKSON was dead and by his will became vested in Anne JACKSON during her natural life and after her decease to Lucas Hunt JACKSON….




1796 Oct 2


Btw Joseph JACKSON of Ellegesh Co. Monaghan gent and Catherine JACKSON otherwise WRIGHT his wife & Christopher JACKSON his eldest son an heir apparent of the 1st part. And William WHITSETT the elder of Kileren Co Monaghan aforesaid Gent of the other part.. Joseph & Catherine sold part of the lands of Ellegesh otherwise Allegesh otherwise Legesh = 61s 37p Plantation Measure. WITNESS: Blayney Owen MITCHELL Attorney Dublin & William Owen MITCHELL Attorney at Law & & Joseph WHITSETT….




1811 Sep 28

Indenture of lease btw James JACKSON of City of Dublin, Merchant of the 1 pt & John JOHNSTON of Birr in Kings Co. of the other… leased part of the lands of St. Sepulchers situate in the parish of St. Kevins & Co. Dublin… description of house.




1826 Apr 15

JACKSON-JACKSON. Names Index 1825-1829

 Btw George JACKSON of Artnagullen, Co. Antrim Gent of 1 pt & Luke JACKSON & George JACKSON the younger  both of Artnagullen, Co. Antrim sons of the aforesaid George JACKSON…. Reciting a lease to lands of Loonburn 167a  3r 39p and also part of lands of Corncoule situate in Parish of Connor, B of Antrim Co Antrim con 9a 2r 33p…




1795 Oct 22

JACKSON-CLEERY Names Index 1794-

Btw John JACKSON of Newtown, Co. Down, Innkeeper of the one pt & Hugh CLERY of the Town of Belturbet, Co. Cavan Merchant of the other… JACKSON assigned front shop on the North Side of Front Street in the town of Belfast with the back apartment behind the same and also the store or warehouse on the East side of the entry adjoining said front shop commonly called the Mussenen’s entry… WITNES: Daniel Moore ECHLIN of City of Dublin Esq. Attorney.




1794 Sep 25

DUNWOODY-TRENER Book 45 (1739-1810)

George DUNWOODY of Drumban Co. Monaghan farmer of the 1pt & Edward TRENER of Town & CO. Monaghan Innkeeper of the other part.




1786 Jan 20

John JOHNSTON – JOHNSTON   1786-93

John JOHNSTON of Town & City of Antrim, Carpenter of the 1 pt & Samuel & Thomas JOHNSTON both of City of Antrim of other part… dwelling houses offices bleaching Lapping…water & water courses for term of 31 years [but where?]




1799 Oct 25


John Coulter of town of Drogheda, merchant




1764  Oct 27

JACKSON Names Index 1786-1794

1764 May 1. Between Anne WHITE Joseph BOARDMAN and Thomas JACKSON executors of the last will and testament of  William WHITE late of Harristown, Co. Meath deceased. Of the one part and Isaac JACKSON of Coolegegan, Kings Co., farmer of the other part… demised to Isaac JACKSON all the lands of Drehilt orwise Drehid as then in possession of said Isaac JACKSON containing by estimation 113 a & 2 roods in Barony of Carberry and Co. Kildare… lives of Joseph Knott then of Edenderry, Kings County, Wool comber Thomas Smith the eldest and only son of William SMITH of Athy in Co. Kildare, gent & Joseph BOARDMAN eldest son of Joseph BOARDMAN of Ballygurtain Kings Co., farmer, then aged about 18 years… rent 102 pounds sterling… Deed is witnessed by  Samuel EVES late of Edenderry Kings Co since deceased, Joseph CHURCH of  City of Dublin, Merchant,




1794 Oct 22

RADCLIFFE Names Index 1794-

PRONI T808/8253

volume 484 pages 522 number 30 and 9478. Memorial registered 22nd of October 1794 of agreement of 16 August 1793 by John Hubert MOORE barrister and George Sall merchant both of Dublin city trustees of marriage settlement of Henry JACKSON of Dublin city and his wife Abigail Cruickshank and said Henry and Abigail to John Radcliffe of Dublin city barrister as to lease of 9 November 1791 to said Abigail then Abigail Cruickshank of Dublin city widow by Sarah Chambers of same, of the tenement 20 x 36 on Westside of Kildare Street near Molesworth street opposite the Duke of Leinsters stables in Dublin, bounded on North by Edmund Child, on south by widow Coddington, on east by Kildare street and on West by Mr. Monsell's garden. To hold for 27 1/2 years at £45.10 shillings which they now assigned to Radcliffe. Witnesses Samuel Barry of Dublin city Gent and Anne Fraser. Memorial signed by A JACKSON. NOTE: She also had lands in Dolphins barn, Dublin.




1815 Apr 24


Btw Christopher JACKSON of Hacketstown, Co. Carlow, farmer of the 1 pt &  & Martha THOMAS of Hacketstown, widow of Francis THOMAS late of Hacketstown reciting a deed made Sept 30  1800 btw Francis THOMAS of the 1st pt & William JACKSON of said town & county, farmer did demise to said William JACKSON house and backyard adjoining TAYLORs lane as far as the gateway going into the said Lieutenant THOMAS  yard next adjoining to it… more detail..




1817 Mar 4

 Btw Robert McCULLAGH sr. of Cladymore, Co. Armagh gent of the 1 pt; and Samuel McCULLAGH McCULLAGH of Cladymore sr aforesaid and John McCULLAGH sr of Kearney Hill both in Co. Armagh Gent and both brothers of Robert McCULLAGH of the other part. Reciting that the said Robert McCULLAGH was leased several real freehold and personal estates and properties  considting of Lands Tenements heritments  in the towns and lands of Cladymore Carrickbreagh Letmacallen Drumorgan Leneylea Raven Hill and Kilbereery in Co Armagh and all money and securities  for money to a considerable amt that said Robert McCULLAGH had a wife and six children by her then living, namely Margaret McCULLAGH sr. his wife John McCULLAGH jr, Samuel McCULLAGH jr and Elizabeth McCULLAGH Anne MCULLAGH Margaret McCULLAGH jr and Martha McCULLAGH and that said Robert McCULLAGH sr alsohad a natural son named Robert McCULLAGH jr and in order to make a settlementof his estates and properties between his said sons to secure portions for his said daughters and a jointure for his wife said Robert McCULLAGH senior vested all his  said estates and properties  in his said two brothers Samuel McCULLAGH and John McCULLAGH sr…..details of how it is to be parceled out




1807 Jul 22

Will of Peter JACKSON, or will of John JACKSON of City of Dublin [???]- His will. Names Index 1813-1815 NOTE: This is an odd one. It starts out saying it is the will of Peter JACKSON and switches to John JACKSON. It seems most definitely to be the will of John JACKSON.

Nephew Warren Hastings Rowland JACKSON is appointed executor; two nieces, Frances & Sarah sister of the said [Warren Hastings Rowland JACKSON] … witness El SALL of City of Dublin, spinster]




1793 Mar 9

JACKSON-HILL Names Index 1786-1794

George JACKSON of Jacksons Hall, Co Londonderry Esq.  Gent then of City of Dublin Esq of the 1 pt and Sir Henry HILL of the City of Derry Bt of the other.. Jackson did confer the dwelling house of Jackson Hall with all the offices houses gardens and pleasure ground thereunto containing 15 acres Plantation measure in Liberties of Colerain, Co. Londonderry with the use of all fixtures goods and furniture of every kind for yearly rent of 56 pounds… NOTE: This is George JACKSON (1776-1840) – one of JACKSONs of Coleraine..




1793 Sep 6

JACKSON - HARRIS Names Index 1786-1794

Richard JACKSON of the North Strand in the City of Dublin Gent.. parcel in front to the Circular Road  leading from Summer Hill down to the North Strand.. bordered on North by Limekiln Lane… NOTE: description in other deeds – ran out of time.




1795 Sep 1

JACKSON Names Index 1794-

 Joseph JACKSON of Tincurry, Tiperary Gent of 1 pt & Marcu JACKSON of [Seart?] in said Co Gent of other pt. … town and lands of Seart… details Barony of Iffa and Offa…




1826 Sep 11

JACKSON-McDOWELL. Names Index 1825-1829

 Tw Joseph CUNNINGHAM of Crieve & John JACKSON of Drumfaldra Co Monaghan Esqs of Monaghan executors of will of John JACKSON sr. Late of Crieve Esq deceased. Of first part. Hugh JACKSON of Derryagooney of said Co Esq eldest son of said John JACKSON deceased… & Frances JOHNSTON otherwise JACKSON daughter of John JACKSON and wife of Rev John JOHNSTON of the 6th pt





JACKSON Names Index 1794-

Wrong number




1816 May 10

BARRETT to COULTER 1811-1820 (TI Bk 81)

 Deed of Mtg btw John BARRET & Turner BARRETT both of Dowdalls Hill in Co Louth of the 1pt & Thomas COULTER of the City of Dublin Esq. of the other part… part of the lands known as Mullaghadowdall or Tallanscossway and then known by the name of the Red cow lands as also all that part of Dowdallshill thereunto adjoining  both in their actual possession containing  by survey76A 3R 8P Irish Plantation measure bounded on the north and north east by lands called the Red cow the lands of Faughart and Navan and in the west by the lands of Ballynahallen and on the south by Dowdalls hill in parish of Dundalk, Co. Louth for pmt of £350. WITNESSES: Edward TOWNLEY of Dundalk Watchmaker & George KENNEDY of the City of Dublin Mail Coach Guard & Thomas McKEON of Capel Street City of Dublin writing clerk.




1790 Oct 27

JACKSON-PHILLIPS Names Index 1794-

Wrong number 327622 was in the index book– I changed it in my notes to where I found it,

Indent deed of Surrender of lease btw Richard JACKSON of North Strand City of Dublin Gent,  of one pt & Henry PHILLIPS of Cardland town City of Dublin… pt of land containing in front to the Circular Road leading from Sumner Hill down to the North Strand cont 35 feet in front and depth of 170 feet… bounded on the west to the Circular  Road aforesaid to the East to a lane leading to a Lime Kiln from Summers Hill on the North to a holding then in possession of John FOREST on the south by a garden now in possession of John FITZPATRICK of Dublin…




1787 Oct 8

 Deed of Conveyance btw Andrew OLIVER of Newtownhamilton, Co Armagh, Gent of the 1 pt & Lucinda SWANZY otherwise BOLTON widow of Samual SWANZY lately of Brook in the parish & Co. Monaghan of the other part… part of town of Newtownhamilton in possession of Andrew OLIVER and lately in possession of Lucinda SWANZY released for 20 guineas to Lucinda SWANZY. William BOLTON was a witness




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