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This History of the Jackson Family was compiled by AMY LLOYD,
a daughter of Sir Thomas Jackson. It was done in 1951 and is regrettably without sources (for the most part). I have copied only the portions which have not been superceded by other research.
This is the second such section.
NOTE: I am unsure who wrote this section compiled by Amy Lloyd, but it would seem it was written by Louisa Carolina DARE, a daughter of Phocian DARE - who according to a family tree done by Brian MacDonald was indeed the third son of Thomas DARE & an Unnamed ROSE.

from Amy Lloyd’s Jackson Family History

The DARES were originally of the Noblesse of France in Languedoc. our ancestors fled to England with 49,000 emigrants in the year 1685 when the Edict of Nantes persecution of Huguenots took place. Our ancestors brought their money with them, settled and became a leading county familv in Dorsetshire .

My grandfather Dare married about the year 1759-60 a Miss Rose, first cousin of the Duke of Bedford, grandfather of the Earl of Russell. On the birth of my father (the 3rd son of the Dare-Rose marriage), the Duke was Godfather and gave him the name of Phocian*. He lived at Woodford Park, Dorset. In those days Politics ran very high - my father was a Tory and the other a red hot Whig. This severed the connection, and so it remained. My Grandfather had no profession. My father was a doctor.

Phocian Dare married a sister of William John Julius of Richmond Palace, called Louisa Caroline. William Julius was a physician to the King. Phocian was born in March 1763 and died in 1824. His wife died in 1845. They had six children: Jane Adelaide, born 1797, died 1872. William, born 1798, died in Bengal, 1820. Louisa Caroline, born 1802. Fanny born 1803, died 1825. John Julius born 1805, married 1840, died 1850. George Julius born 1807, married 1839, died 1856, buried Nuns 11 . Head Cemetary, Upper Clacton. He was the father of Amelia Lydia Dare who married Thomas Jackson. The above Louisa Caroline Dare married William Loader 1800, and had one child, a girl Louisa Augusta 1822 who married Digby Gerahty,1851. Louisa Caroline Dare married for a second time Paul Mildmay Pell. (Copy of letter to George Dare [brother of Amelia Lydia Jackson] by "Aunt Pell". ) MY NOTES: I assume this to be Louisa Carolina, b. 1802, d.1878. Also, with respect to: "The above Louisa Caroline Dare married William Loader 1800" - I suspect this date to be a typo in Amy LLOYD's original document. The date of 1820 would be more logical (thanks to Wendy JACK for pointing this out to me. Update: The date is actually March 28, 1821.).

Doctor John Julius Dare was the elder brother of George Julius who was the father of Amelia Dare. He married Antoinette St. Felix, daughter of a French émigré, after the French Revolution. He was physician to the King of France. They had two sons, John and George, and three daughters, Sarah, Louise and Jane. John had one son and two daughters; he and his son after him had business in Demerara. George had one son and one daughter and had business in Singapore. George Julius Dare married Sarah Shrieve Parke in 1839. He was in the Royal Navy and when his ship was in Capetown, met Sarah Parke of Newlands, Rondebosch. She and her sister were married on the same day, the sister to Captain Sedgwick of the ship "Addingham”. Among the visitors present were Sir Harry and Lady Smith. Soon after his marriage, George Julius left the Navy to command a ship in the fleet of his uncles who were trading in the East. He became a partner and his headquarters were in Singapore. When they had two children, his wife went out to join him in the sailing ship "Viscount Melbourne", she was the only woman on board. A few days out from Singapore the ship was wrecked on the Luconia Shoal in the China Sea. Everyone abandoned ship in rive boats. They were attacked by pirates but managed to get away, and after great hardships in an open boat for thirteen days, were picked up and brought to Singapore. The youngest son, Julius, was thought dead and nearly dropped in the sea but the ship came just in time. Years after in Japan she died nursing him of cholera end both were buried in the Cemetary at Yokahama in 1879. The family returned to England from Singapore when Captain Dare was suffering from severe blood poisoning of the hand. They lived at Upper Clapham till he died. His widow then went back to South Africa with seven of her children, leaving George and Julius the two eldest who were at school, with their Aunt Pell. They afterwards went out to Singapore in business , and later to Japan where their mother and remaining unmarried children joined them.

Children of George Julius and Sarah Shrieve
1. George Mildmay -married Dorothy Erskine.
2. Julius John -unmarried
3. Louisa -married Capt. Charles James Bolton. died at sea. One son survived.
4. Blanche -married William Ramsay Scott. 9 children.
5. Sarah married Jock Abell. 1 son, 1 daughter.
6. Annie -married Whitworth Allen. 6 children
7. Amelia Lydia -married Thomas Jackson. 9 children
8. Alfred -3 sons, 1 daughter.
9. Florina* -married Dr. William Hartigan. 1 son 1 daughter. *MY NOTE: Also known as: Florence Gertrude Dare

Alfred had 3 sons, Julius, Norman and Harold. Julius had 2 sons, 1 killed flying in war. Harold had a son, George, by first marriage, and two sons by second marriage. All living.

From Anglo--American Records Foundation –New York “The first American born of English parents was Virginia Dare born Virginia on August 18th, 1587.”

The Story of SARAH SHRIEVE DARE (born Parke) returning from her visit to South Africa on board the ship “Elizabeth Martin”

The crew mutinied and put the captain in irons. Her English nurse, Caroline, remonstrated furiously with the crew and said: “You can have as many mutinies as you like later, but I will not allow a mutiny when MY babies are on board.” This so amused the crew that they made terms and the mutiny ended.


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