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This shows the COULTER family resident at Cavananore in 1775 and indicates some of the family ties through legacies. The legacies relate to the will and the death of Andrew COULTER late December 1775
Sharon Oddie Brown. June 17, 2005
Updated March 19, 2010 errors corrected.
Updated: April 17 Samuel TIPPING info.

Recits of Lagacies

Cavananore [1] Decr 29th 1775 five---------
Received from Messrs Sam [2] & Tho. [3] Bradford four pounds eleven shillings, a legacy left me by the late Mr. Andrew Coulter [4] ,
Robert Drummond [5] [?]
₤4,,1,,0 At the same time Recd one pound two shill & nine pence to be distributed among the poor of the Congregation, a legacy by the said Mr. Coulter. Robert Drummond [?]

Jany 4th 1776 Seventy Six then recd from Mssr Thos & Sam Bradford Execrs of Andrew Coulter Leat of Cavananore Decd ten pounds Sterl on acct of a Bequeath Made to us by the Sd Andw Coulter recd as [?] by us

Adam Leadley [6]
Elizabeth Leadley [7] (her mark) 

Janry 4th  1776 Seventy Six then Recd from Messrs Thomas ans Saml Bradford Exector of Andw Coulter Leat of Cavananore deceased Ten pounds Sterl: on the acct of a Bequeath made to us by the Andw Coulter, recd as assorsd by us

Geo Murray [8]
Shusana Murray [9] (her mark)

Mr Murry Due 0-4 9

January the 17th 1776 Six Recd from Saml and Thom Bradford five pounds Ster. On accompt of Lagacie Left by Mr Andrew Coulter of Cavananore Decd [?] of Jany 1776.

₤5-0-0 present Samuel Tipping [10]                       Mary Tipping [11] (her mark)

Decr 1776 Six Recd from Mssrs Thomas and Sam Bradfords fifteen pounds Ster Being in full of one years Sallery of money Bequeathed By Mr Andrew Coulter Late of Cavenore [12] Deceasd. I say Recd By us

Due ₤0 0 6

Geo Murray
Shusana Murray (her mark)

 In the Goods of Thomas Bradford late of Cavananore in the County of Louth Gent decd

Proctors retaining fee

₤        6:0

 [?] for C[?] to Swear the Ad

₤     2:4:0

Entering and retracting Caveat

₤     :14:4

Admon under Seal


To the Judge

₤     1:3:6


₤    10:10

Act [?]

₤       :3:6

Marshall Oath & Reg [?]

₤     :5:11

Stamp Duty

₤     :10:0


₤       :2:0

Sollicitation Fee

₤     2:5:6


₤     :10:0


₤ 8:16:10

Recd the contents from John Murphy Esqr this 30th day of March 1791
John Cooke Rogers [13]

Amount within _____________________ 8:16:10

Entering Caveat in Armagh____________   :14:4

Entering Do in Drogheda______________   :14:4


Recd the contents from Mrs Elizabeth Bradford [14] the 6th April 1791

John Murphy [15]

[1] Cavananore: A townland of 219 acres in Upper Dundalk, Co. Louth.

[2] Samuel BRADFORD (1739-1818) twin of Thomas BRADFORD beneath,  husband of Margaret HENRY (1774-1846) and son of  John BRADFORD (1705-1789) & Barbara COULTER (1721-1795)

[3] Thomas BRADFORD (1739-1790) husband of Elizabeth BREAKEY (1758-1845)

[4] Andrew COULTER brother of Barbara COULTER, he died late December while resident at Cavananore. His will was proved December 27, 1775.

[5] Robert DRUMMOND Presbyterian Minister.

[6] Adam LEADLEY aka LEDLIE husband of Elizabeth COULTER

[7] Elizabeth LEADLEY née COULTER, wife of Adam LEADLEY

[8] George MURRAY, AKA “MURROW”, husband of Shusanna (AKA “Susannah”) COULTER

[9] Shusanna MURRAY sister of Andrew COULTER

[10] Samuel TIPPING Husband of Mary TIPPING. NOTE: There is a Samuel TIPPING in the 1766 Survey at Sherriff (Tichburn) which is in the Parish of Newtownhamilton. SOURCE: The History of the Parish of Creggan in the 17th and 18th Centuries. Author(s): L. P. Murray, Isaac Dobson, Wm. Frankland, J. Southey. Journal of the County Louth Archaeological Society, Vol. 8, No. 2 (1934)

[11] Mary TIPPING, née COULTER,  sister of Andrew COULTER

[12] “Cavenore” alternative spelling of “Cavananore”

[13] John Cooke ROGERS. A Mary COULTER (b 1759) married in 1791 a James ROGERS – but there may not be any connection. She was the daughter of Thomas COULTER of Carnbeg – the line of COULTERs that may connect with this line. There is a John Cooke ROGERS who was a Proctor in Dublin at 100 Capel Street. Since this may have been a legal capacity that he was acting in here rather than a familial one, this is likely. As well, a man of that name was the author of Thoughts for the restoration and permanent establishment of peace in Ireland published in 1823.

[14] Elizabeth BRADFORD

[15] John MURPHY


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