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NAMES: John COULTER; Andrew COULTER; Francis HALL, deceased; John JOHNSTON; Samuel BRADFORD; Mary TIPPING nee COULTER; PLACES: Moybane; Clarenagh aka Claranagh.
Sharon Oddie Brown, June 6, 2005
Updated footnotes: October 2, 2009.

Rec d from the Representatives of Mess John [1] and Andrew Coulter [2] Thirty one pounds ten Shillings Ster in Full of half a years rent  Fees due to the Heirs of the Late Francis Hall [3] Esqr the first of May last for their holding in Moybane [4] December 5th 1787 Seven.

₤31:10                                                                         Jno Johnston [5]


Recd from the Execors of the late Mr John Coulter [6] Thirty Four Pounds Seven Shillings and ten percent ˝ Ster: in Full of half a years Rent due Mrs Tipping the First day of May last for the holding of Clarenagh [7] . December 5th 1787 Seven

Jno Johnston

₤34:7:10 ˝



Recd from Samuel Bradford [8] Sixty five pounds Seventeen Shillings and tenpence ˝ Ster: in Full of half a years rent due Mrs Tipping [9] at the first day of May last for his two farms in Moybane & Clarinagh [10] recd Same the 22nd of December 1791 One

 31:10: -

 34: 7:10 ˝

₤65:17:10 ˝

Jno Johnston

[1] John COULTER. This is most likely the John COULTER (d. 1774), brother of Andrew COULTER and husband of Martha COWEN and father of Joseph COULTER.

[2] There is an Andrew COULTER (d 1775) of Cavananore, a brother of Barbara COULTER

[3] Frances HALL. His was named Rebecca as was one of his daughters. He had no sons. His daughter Catherine HALL married Edward TIPPING of Mounthill, Co. Louth and many of the HALL family holdings passed to him.

[4] Moybane, a townland of 342 acres in Creggan Parish, Co Armagh

[5] John JOHNSTON (1729-1816). He was probably the father of John, Thomas & James JOHNSTON. SOURCE: Creggan guide to Creggan Church and Graveyard. Kevin McMahon and Jim Murphy. Page 32: Here also lieth the remains of the said John JOHNSTON, who departed this life the 12th day of December 1816 aged 87 years. He was the third son of the infamous or legendary John JOHNSTON of The Fews. Johnathon JOHNSTON of Woodvale sent a letter acknowledging payment for an identical amount in 1795 that I haven’t transcribed. Woodvale is in the Townland of Ducavan, Parish of Roche. Ducavan is a townland of 99 acres with Shortstone East and West on its southern border, Ballinbinaby on its western border and Edenkill on its northern and eastern border.

[6] John COULTER – I assume this is the same one as above, but don’t know. It is on the same piece of paper.

[7] Claranagh, a townland of 357 acres in Creggan Parish, Co. Armagh

[8] Samuel BRADFORD (1739-1818) of Cavananore, the son of John BRADFORD and Barbara COULTER (1721-1795)

[9] Mrs TIPPING is probably Mary COULTER (d. 1803) the sister of Barbara COULTER (1721-1795). A Samuel TIPPING was present at the signing of earlier receipts.

[10] “Clarinagh” is an alternative spelling of “Claranagh”, a townland of 357 acres in the Parish of Creggan.


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