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The information in this table comes from "Register of The Royal School of Armagh" compiled by Major M.L. Ferrar and published in 1933. He counts himself as a "non-historian" working from "a disheartening dearth of material" and handicapped by the fact that a proper School Register wasn't kept until 1849. He turned to other sources: the Registers of Trinity College Dublin (TCD in the notes) and to the ledger cards kept by "Mr. Couser", the School Outfitter on English Street, Armagh - an ingenious source. He also researched the registers of Queen's College, Belfast (QCB in the notes) and the India Office. He also mentions that Canon Leslies's books on Armagh and Clogher were quite helpful as were the "Memoirs of Armagh Cathedral" by Rogers. The book is goldmine to contemporary researchers of this class of male student. Unlike most local schools, the pupils of RSA attended from all over Ireland and came from families of the Landed Gentry. This included fathers who were clergymen, lawyers, doctors, military men, gentlemen farmers and merchants. NOTE: As is typical of the time, there is no mention of mothers - in fact, no mention of any women at all.

I have worked from the original, and although parts were once on-line, they are not in 2018. Emerald Ancestors has some of the names.
For a contemporary look at the school, the school has a link at: http://www.royalschoolarmagh.com/portal.aspx
Update: October 24 & 25th: Additions are in red.

Student Name Father's Name/Place Birthplace/date Notes
Barclay, John Barclay, Joseph b. 1809 Born in Armagh, son of Joseph BARCLAY, M.D. Armagh Co. Infirmary. T.C.D., July 1826, age 17
Barclay, Joseph Henry Barclay, Joseph b. 1802 Born in Tyrone, brother of John BARCLAY. T.C.D. October 1820, age 18; B.A. 1826; M.A. 1832. Died 2th March 1873. Buried St. Patrick's Churchyard, Armagh.
Bell, James Crooks Bell, Matthew b. 1816 Born in Armagh, younger son of Matthew BELL, merchant. T.C.D. 1833, age 17; Gray's Inn, January 1839; Irish Bar, 1841; Solicitor in Armagh, 1872. Died at the Mall, Armagh, 7th January, 1893.
Bell, Thomas Gillespie Bell, Matthew 27 July 1855 Son of Matthew BELL, merchant, Armagh. January 1873-April 1875 Q.C.B. 1878; M.D. M.Ch. 1882; Medical Doctor at Bournmouth NOTE: This must be a different generation than James Crooks BELL above.
Bell, Robert Bell, Robert Dr. b. 1835 At school in 1849, came from Armagh; entered T.C.D. in 1850, aged 15
Birch, Charles Birch, Robert 1762 Born in Dublin, son of Robert Birch
TCD July 1778, age 18. BA. (NOTE: We have many Birches of this era.)
Birch, George Watson Birch, Rev. George 1801, Co. Down TCD Nov 1819; Impropriate Curate of Comber, 1828-30. Died at Glebe House, Comber in his 30th year, 18th September, 1830 "universally beloved in life and regretted in death by all who knew him" (B.N.L.) (NOTE: brother of Robert Johnston BIRCH beneath)
Birch, Robert Johnston Birch, Rev. George 20 July 1799
Glyn, Co. Antrim
TCD July 1817, Cadet, Bengal Army, 1819; Ensign, 3rd April 1820; Lieut. 1823. Died at Arkan, 20th August 1825 (NOTE: Brother of George Watson BIRCH above. Nephew of Thomas Ledlie BIRCH b 1755)
Bradford, George Bradford, Robert 17 Feb 1914 Eldest son of Robert BRADFORD, Grantham Villas, Armagh. April to December 1926
Brown, George Brown, Thompson 23rd July 1877 Of Killenure House, Armagh. September 1891-June 1894
Brown, Robert Brown, Samuel, J.P. Drumfaldra House 9 June 1893 Ballybay, Co. Monaghan. September 1905 At the Ford of the Birches. Samuel BROWN, Drumfaldra, died March 14, 1911 age 68 years. His wife Elizabeth died 6th February 1934. Their sons Robert died 1918 aged 25 years. Alexander died 4th February 1971 aged 84 years. His wife Isobel LOCKART died 4th April 1963 aged 77 years.
Brown, Thomas Jackson Brown, Thompson 19 June 1879 September 1891-June 1894; living at Killenure NOTE: same dates as his brother George above who was older by two years. Thomas Jackson BROWN was my grandfather.
Brown, Thomas Jackson Brown, Thomas Jackson 7th November 1909 Came from Ardglass. September 1922 to April 1923; Went to Canada. NOTE: This was my Uncle Tom.
Browne, Charles Hawthorne Browne, Montague, Col.   Son of Colonel Montague BROWNE 24th foot. At School 1879. Drowned whilst skating at Scott's pond, Castledillon Road, Armagh in 1879.
Browne, J.G.     At school 1880-1882; 2nd Senior School Exhibition, 1881; Junior, Intermediate Exhibition, 1882.
Browne, William   b. 1865 At School August 1872-April 1876, age 11. Day boy.
Calvert, Harold Edward Calvert, James E. 16 August 1895 Son of James E. CALVERT, Darkley House, Keady. April 1906-1908; Linen trade, Messrs William Kirk & Co.
Calvert, Herbert James Calvert, James E. 16 Dec 1893 Born at Keady; brother of Harold Edward CALVERT; April 1906-1908;Served in the ranks of the 9th Battn. Royal Irish Fusiliers. Killed in action at Thiepval, 1 July 1916 NOTE: He was a Lance Corporal.
Cleland, Samuel Jackson Cleland, John 1808

Born in Co. Down, eldest son of the Rev. John Cleland, Precentor of Armagh.
T.C.D. as Fellow Commoner, July 1826, age 18. B.A. 1830.
Killed by the fall of a wall which he had been removing at Stornmount, Belfast, 20th May 1842. Monument in Dundonald Cemetary.
NOTE: His mother was Esther Maria JACKSON b. 1785, daughter of Samuel JACKSON (1737-1816) and Sarah VAUTEAU of Dublin.

Deane, Hugh Alexander Sharp   27 November 1890 Born at Hong Kong, son of Alexander Sharp DEANE F.R.C.S.I., Chinese Customs Service. October 1901; to Portora, September 1904 to July 1909. Died at East Grove, Mafeking, South Africa, 6th November 1918.
Dobbin, Alexander John Dobbin, Leonard 23rd June 1840 Born in Dublin; sixth son of Leonard DOBBIN, solicitor, Dublin. January 1851-October 1857; T.C.D. Exhibitioner 1857; B.A. 1861; M.A. 1864; Curate of Killeavy (Armagh) 1863. Died at 27 Gardiner's Place, Dublin 7th July 1880.
Dobbin, Charles Edward Dobbin, Leonard 11th April 1846 Born in Dublin, brother of Alexander John DOBBIN; June 1857-Oct 1863; T.C.D. October 1863; B.A. 1867; M.A. 1873; Solicitor. Died at 27 Gardiner's Place, Dublin 14th June 1879.
Dobbin, Henry Brooke Dobbin, Leonard 21st March1842 Born in Dublin; brother of Charles Edward DOBBIN; January 1853-October 1858; T.C.D. 1859; M.A. L.L.B; Barrister-at-Law. Died at Delgany, Co. Wicklow, 22nd July 1873.
Dobbin, Leonard Dobbin, Leonard b. 8 March 1825 eldest son of Leonard DOBBIN, lawyer of Woodpark, Armagh. T.C.D. October 1841; B.A. 1846. Of the Inner Temple. Died in London, 8th November 1848; buried in St. Mark's Armagh.
Dobbin, Thomas Dobbin, Robinson b. 1816 Born in Armagh, T.C.D. June 1835, age 19. Sizar; Scholar 1837. B.A. 1839; L.L.B. 1846.
Dobbin, William Dobbin, Leonard 24 May 1837 brother of Henry Brooke DOBBIN. January 1849-Midsummer 1853; Solicitor; Clerk of the Crown for Armagh. Died at Woodley Park, Dundrum, CO. Dublin, 27th July 1875.
Donaldson, Francis Donaldson, George   Born in Armagh, 1844, son of George DONALDSON, merchant. At School, January 1856-October 1863. T.C.D. October 1863.
Donaldson, Oliver Donaldson, George b. 1757 Born in Monaghan, son of George DONALDSON, merchant. T.C.D., July 1775, age 18; B.A. 1780.
Donaldson, Randall Donaldson, John b. 1706 Born at Glenarm, Co. Antrim, son of Capt. John DONALDSON of Castledillon, Armagh. T.C.D., as Fellow Commoner, July 1722 age 16; entered Middle Temple, 1725; B.A. 1726; Irish Bar, 1734.
Dunwoody, William Dunwoody, Foster   Blackwater Vale, Monaghan, October 1903. Went to Australia (NOTE: possible link to Frances DUNWOODY wife of Samuel ALEXANDER)
Fortescue, Chichester Fortescue, Chichester 1797 Born in Dublin, son of Rear Admiral Sir Chichester Fortescue, Knt. Ulster King-at-Arms.
In Cousers Books, 1810. T.C.D. as Fellow Commoner, May 1812, age 17. Lt. Col. of Louth Militia. Died 1876.
Gibson, Alexander Gibson, Alexander b. 1839 Second son of Alexander GIBSON of Armagh. January 1851-October 1858; T.C.D. Exhibitioner, 1858. Head of a classical and modern language school at 8 Market Street, Armagh up to 1900. Died 13th January 1903. Buried at St. Marks.
Gibson, John Gibson, James, Rev b. 1804 Born Co. Cavan, son of the Revd. James GIBSON. T.C.D. October 1821, age 17.
Gibson, John Gibson, Alexander 1842 brother of Alexander GIBSON; August 1864-1867 Medical Doctor. Died in the United States.
Gibson, Samuel Gibson, Alexander b. 1826 Born in Armagh, son of Alexander GIBSON, money lender. T.C.D. November 1844, age 18; Scholar 1847; B.A. 1849; M.A. and M.B. 1851; Asst. Surgeon, 12th Royal Lancers, 23rd November 1852. Out in 1867. Served with the Saugor and Nerbudda Field Force in the Indian Mutiny, and was present at the storming of the heights of Punwarree and several minor affairs (medal)
Griffiths, Charles Huston Griffiths, William James of Dean's Bridge, Co. Armagh b. 18 Oct 1879 Born at Killenure, Co. Armagh, 18th October 1879.
September 1892 to December 1896. Manager of Standard Bank at George, Cape Colony.
Griffiths, William Aubrey Griffiths, William James of Dean's Bridge, Co. Armagh b. 19 November, 1882 Born at Killenure, 19th November, 1882, brother of Charles Huston GRIFFITHS. August 1893 to December, 1900; Linen Business
Jackson, Andrew Jackson, George b. 1799 Born in Co. Mayo, fifth son of George JACKSON of Enniscore, Co. Mayo. Colonel of the North Mayo Militia. 1813 T.C.D., October 1816, age 17 as fellow commoner; B.A. 1821; Curate of Crossmolina, Co. Mayo. Died 16th April 1840.
Jackson, Henry     At school January to December 1849, age 14. Came from Ballinderry.
Jackson, James Vaughan Jackson, William 1869 Born 26th October, 1869, son of the Very Revd. William Jackson Dean of Killilea.
Lower 2nd Form, April 1881, Class List.
Died 31st December 1870.
NOTE: He was was part of the family of the JACKSONs of Enniscoe and Carramore, Co. Mayo and was a son of the Very Rev. William JACKSON, Dean of Killalla who died Aug 4,1885 at Killauley, Co. Sligo.
NOTE: The birth and death dates are exactly as shown on page 120, but they are clearly in error. There was a James Vaughan JACKSON born in 1869 at the Killanly Vicarage, and who died at 14 months (Castleconner Parish Records) - therefore the December 31st death date fits - but this was eleven years before he supposedly attended the school.
hanks to the eagle eyes of Jan Waugh.)
NOTE: Since the supposed brother, William Vaughan JACKSON was born 1867 and was in the 4th form, it is likely that this James Vaughan JACKSON was also born about 1869, but was from another family.
Jackson, Robert Jackson, Robert b. 1700 Born Ballynick, Co. Armagh, son of Robert JACKSON, farmer. T.C.D. May 1719, age 19; Sizar; B.A. 1723. M.A. 1728. NOTE: There is no Ballynick in Co. Armagh. Ballynichol is in Co. Down, a place where there was a significant JACKSON presence. It is on the eastern border of Ballywilliam One possibility is Ballynichol House, Comber.
Jackson, Sidney Jackson, William   [Brother of James Vaughan JACKSON.]
Junior boy in April 1881. Class List.
NOTE: He was not the Sidney JACKSON of Castleblayney, County Bank Manager.The father of that Sidney JACKSON was a John JACKSON.This Sidney JACKSON was part of the family of the JACKSONs of Enniscoe and Carramore, Co. Mayo and son of the Very Rev. William JACKSON, Dean of Killalla who died Aug 4,1885 at Killauley, Co. Sligo.
Jackson, William Jackson, William
Forkhill, Co. Armagh
TCD June 1726; Scholar, 1728; BA 1730: MA 1733: father of Richard JACKSON of Forkhill, founder of the Forkhill Charity
Jackson, William Vaughan Jackson, William 1867

Born at Ballina, 22nd August, 1867, brother of above [Sidney JACKSON]
In upper 4th Form, April 1881, Class List
Died in Dawson Street, Dublin 29th Oct, 1893
NOTE: Ballina is near Enniscoe in Co. Mayo, and given the name middle name of Vaughn, I suspect this student is part of the JACKSONs of Enniscoe and Carramore, Co. Mayo. His obit in the Nov 1, 1893 Cork Constitution says that he died of pneumonia, age 26 and was of Curroy, Co. Mayo, and was the last surviving son of the Very Rev. William JACKSON, Dean of Killalla who died Aug 4,1885 at Killauley, Co. Sligo.

Johnston, Adam Blair Johnston, Randall W. April 1808, Glynn Madras Cadet, 1825; Ensign, 8th January, 1826; Lieut., 46th Madras N.I. 5th September 1827. Died at Vepery Madras, 26th November, 1828. (NOTE: Randall William McDonal JOHNSTON married Isabella Anna Jane BIRCH and their son, Adam Blair, died unmarried as indicated above. SOURCE: Burke's Genealogical and Heraldic History of the Landed Gentry of Ireland, 4th Edition (London: Burke's Peerage Ltd., 1958) p. 396) Thanks to Wendy Jack for this.)
Johnston, George Johnston, George 1687 TCD June 1706, age 19 (NOTE: we have a George JOHNSTON b.1698, son of John JOHNSTON)
Johnston, George Birch Johnston, George Birch 28 September, 1866 Of Glynn, Co. Antrim. At school in 1882.
Kelly, Daniel Kelly, Daniel b. 1804 Born in Co. Roscommon, Eton School list, 1820; T.C.D. as Fellow Commoner, 1822 age 18. Was of Cargins, Co. Roscommon
Kelly, Thomas   1790 Baptised at Armagh, 24th November 1790, nephew of Revd. Daniel KELLY, Rector of Killeshill, Co. Armagh. Madras Cadet 1807. Dismissed for getting his appointment by improper means, 12th May, 1809; reappointed a Cadet, 1809; Ensign, 16th Madras, N.I., 11th February, 1811. Died at Bangalore, 8th June 1813. SEE: Will of Jane KELLY
Knipe, John Knipe, Charles W. 1910 Born at Maghery, Co. Armagh, 15th December, 1910, son of Charles W. Knipe, Bryandrum, Markethill.
September 1923 to July 1927
Knipe, William Knipe, Charles W. 1914 Born at Maghery, 24th August, 1914, brother of above (John KNIPE)
September 1927 to Juy 1930.
McBride, John McBride, Robert b. 1814 Born in Armagh, son of Robert McBride, merchant. T.C.D. July 1831, age 17.
McKean, Edward ???? 1801 Born in Armagh, 1801. Of Farmacaffrey, Co. Armagh and father of Edward McKean 1851 [q.v.]
Date at school not known.
Died at Benburb, 23rd February, 1865.
McKean, Edward McKean, Edward 1843

Born 1843 at Ballyharridan, Co. Armagh, son of Edward McKEAN of Farmacaffley, Co. Armagh. (q.v.)
June 1857 to Midsummer, 1862; Q.C.B. October 1862; B.A. 1865; Consular Service, China, by competition; Commissioner, Chinese Maritime Customs Service; Mandarin of 3rd Civil rank; 2nd Assistant, 28th July 1879; resigned 30th September, 1872.
Died at Roseville, Fortwilliam Park, Belfast, 19th July, 1928.
NOTE: Sir Robert HART of Portadown was the Inspector General of the Chinese Maritime Customs Service.

McKean, William Kirk McKean, Edward 1836

Born 1836, brother of the above.
August, 1849 to October, 1856; T.C.D. Exhibitioner, 1856; Asst Master at Portora, R.S.
Died at Farmacaffley, Co. Armagh, 1st February, 1859

Menary, James Menary, William 6 April, 1902 Of Ballyheridan House, Armagh. September 1914-July 1915; Proprietor of Picture House, Bangor, Co. Down
Menary, John Reginald Menary, John 1 July 1921 Son of John MENARY, Ballinagallia. September 1933.
Mitchell,     At school in January 1849. Came from Armagh. Went to Australia (NOTE: Can't be James Alexander MITCHELL (b. c1854) whose son, George Anderson MITCHELL married Mary Ione WHITESIDE.
Noble, Cinnamond Noble, Joshua Thomas   Born 1837, son of Joshua Thomas Noble, estate agent, Armagh. At School January 1851-December 1852. Died in Dublin 28th July 1904.
Noble, John Crosthwaite Noble, Thomas b. 1826 Born in Dublin T.C.D. January 1843, age 17
Noble (possibly William Henry) Noble, (possibly son of Revd. Mungo Henry NOBLE and grandson of Primate Newcome) b. 1793; d. 1837 In COUSERs books 1806
Oliver, Charles Deane Oliver, John b.1771 Born in Co. Cork, third son of the Venerable John OLIVER, Archdeacon of Ardagh. T.C.D. October 1788, age 17; lived at Rockhill Lodge, Co. Cork. Died 15th February 1829.
Pillow, Jackson Pillow, Robert b. 1850 Son of Robert PILLOW of Kildarton, CO. Armagh. At school August 1862-Sept 1865; emigrated to the USA.
Pillow, Jackson Pillow, Henry b. 1827 Born in Co. Armagh, son of Henry PILLOW, farmer of Altaturk, Kildartan, Co. Armagh. T.C.D. July 1847, age 20; B.A. 1852. Died 8th March 1905. NOTE: In 1775 an Elizabeth Jackson married a Thomas Pillow in Armagh.
Pooler, James Galbraith     Born in Newry, fourth son of Robert POOLER of Tyross, Co. Armagh. T.C.D. November 1840, age 17; Scholar, 1844; B.A. 1848; M.A. B.D. and D.D. 1877; Incumbant of Hillsborough, CO. Down, 1854; Vicar of Grey Abbey, Co. Down, 1854-63; Recotr of Newtownards, 1867; Canon, St. Patrick's, Dublin 1881; Chaplain to the MArquis of Londonderry. Died at the Rectory, Newtownards, 5th March 1896.
Rainsford, Charles   b. 1851 Came from Dublin. At school September 1862-Midsummer 1865, age 14. Went to Australia.
Reed,   b. 1836-37 At school from March 1849 to December 1850, age 13. Came from Carrickmacross.
Reid, Arthur Hamilton Reid, John Hamilton 1st April 1866, Born at Holmston, Kingston. September 1881-July 1884, TCD, October, 1884
Reid, Charles William Forster Reid, Captain William 2 August 1907, Enniskillen M.C., D.C.M. Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers. January to December 1921
Reid, Henry William Francis Reid, Thomas E,.M.B.E. J.P. of Little Castledillon 14 October, 1910 Armagh May 1923 - July 1928; Clerk in Colonial Office
Reid, J.R. Reid, Capt., Newtownards   June 1921-1922; TCD., BA
Reid, Joseph Alexander Reid, James 10th September 1914, Armagh Scotch Street, Armagh. September 1929
Reid, Robert Ian Gillespie Reid, Thomas E., M.B.E. J.P. of Little Castledillon 4 February 1903, Salter's Grange, Armagh January 1916-July 1921; TCD, September 1921; BA 1929; MB, B. Ch., B.A.O.; Medical Officer, Armagh Schools
Reid, Richard Oliver Deacon Reid, Thomas E., M.B.E. J.P. of Little Castledillon 10 June 1915, Armagh January-July 1925
Reid, Thomas Bertram Wallace Reid, Thomas E., M.B.E. J.P. of Little Castledillon 10 July 1901, Armagh September 1914-October 1918. Jun. Intermediate Exhibition, 1916; Sen. Intermediate Exhibition, 1917 and 1918; TCD, 1919; BA, MA, LLB; FoundationScholarship in Modern Literature TCD 1921; Asst. Lecturere in French, Manchester University
Reid, William F. Reid, Robert   Father was Manager Provincial Bank, Armagh. At school before 1914; 2nd Lieut., 9th Battn. R.I. Rifles, 22nd May, 1915; attached ti Indian Army, 22nd February, 1917.
Seaver, Jeremiah Seaver Jonathon 1727 Born in Co. Armagh, son of Jonathon Seaver of Trea, Co. Armagh. T.C.D. July 1746 age 19; B.A. 1751; Vicar of Kilbrenny (Dromore), 1757-65; Vicar of Tullylish (Dromore), 1785. Died in Newry 13 October 1775.
NOTE: His mother was Bridget PATTERSON.
Stewart, Robert - The Hon. Marquis of Londonderry 18 June 1769
The only surviving child of the second Marquis of Londonderry. Known till his father's death (8 April 1821) by the courtesy title of Lord Castlereagh (which ties into our BIRCH story). At school 1777-1781. In his first letter from school he said, "I am highest in my class - no boy shall get above me. I am resolved to study very close when at my book and play briskly when disengaged." St. John's College, Cambridge, 1786-88; MP Down, 1790; Secretary for Ireland, 1798-1801; President Board of Control 1802-5; Secretary for War, 1805-6, amd 1807-9; Foreign Secretary, 1812-1822. COmmitted suicide in a fit of insanity at Foots Cray, Kent, 12th August, 1822.
Synnot, William George   26 June 1859 2nd son of Parker George SYNOTT (sic) of Lurgana, Newtownhamilton. January 1873-December 1876. Died at Ipswitch, 31 August, 1920. NOTE: Sir Thomas JACKSON's parents suggested a son of Parker George SYNNOT for HSBC. There is no sign that he was accepted.
Tipping, Edward Tipping, Francis b. 1804 Born in Louth. T.C.D. as Fellow Commoner, January 1821 age 17; was of Bellergan Park, Co. Louth.
Tipping, Francis Hall Tipping, Francis b.1804 Born in Louth, brother of Edward TIPPING. In Cousers books 1820; T.C.D. October 1822, age 18; B.A. 1829; M.A. 1832. NOTE: A Samuel TIPPING married a Mary COULTER, likely of Cavananore (sister of Barbara COULTER). He would likely have been of their generation.
Trimble, John Trimble, Matthew 1808 Born at Cookstown, Co. Tyrone, son of Matthew Trimble, innkeeper T.C.D. June 1843, age 35; B.A. 1847
NOTE: A Margaret TRIMBLE (1925-1997) married Thomas Sharman OLIVER (1921-1991) of the Parish of Tynan, but there are some very close DNA connections between OLIVERs and TRIMBLEs that predate this.
Waddell, Alexander Woodall Waddell, George William, Northern Bank Banbridge 1st August 1900 September 12-July 1917; 2nd Lieut., Indian Army 24th December, 1920; out in 1924; now in Alberta
Waddell, Charles Douglas Waddell, George William, Northern Bank Banbridge 20th February, 1896 September 1907-December 1913; Capt., 1st XV., 1913; Primate's medal, 1914; Lieut., 4th Battn. R.I. Rifles, 1916; M.C. 1917; Capt., Trench Motar Battery, 1st May 1918.
Waddell, William Reeves Waddell, George William, Northern Bank Banbridge 19 March, 1904, Randalstown September 15-April 1922; TCD 1922. Died before July 1924
Wilson, John Wilson, John 6th April 1850 Born at Caledon, son of John WILSON of Caledon; August 1863- Midsummer 1864; Medical course at Q.C.B. 1867.
Wright, Herbert Mongomery Wright, James Falls 12th January 1862, Dublin September 1874- July 1879; TCD., Octber 1879; BA. 1884; Capt of TCD, Rowing Club 1884. Stockbroker, Dame Street, Dublin; see under NIXON "500 miles in France on Bicycles" by H.M. Wright, BA and H.C.Nixon (who died at Denman Island, British Columbia, 5th August, 1915.)
Wright, William Wright, John Rev. b. 1803 Born in Co. Monaghan, son of the Revd. John WRIGHT T.C.D. November 1819, age 16. Died at his residence, Hockley, Armagh, 28th October 1878.
Young, Robert Alfred Le Ban Young, Rev.d Cannon Augustus Blayney Russell Rector of Ballybay 20 April 1885
Ballybay , Co. Monaghan
December 1901 to July 1904. Employed with the Canadian Pacific Railway Co. Served with the Canadian Contingent in the War. 1916-1919



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