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These are notes are only of the portions of this document that are of interest to myself and those looking at similar names: OLIVER & JACKSON as well as townlands connected to them in some way.
Sharon Oddie Brown. November 2, 2011


View Of the Archbishop of Armagh

PRONI T848/1 DATE: 1703

View of the Archbishopric of Armagh by Thomas Ashe.


Page 6 Co. Armagh

Lease John BLYKE Gent for 21 years from 1st Nov 1691

Mullintur. It contains  80a 3r  Irish Plantation Measure. It is very good land.  William, Mary & Jane OLIVER are tenants and each have a farm house ut supra.  This is Lyme Stone Land and bears good Corne.

P8 Co Tyrone

Wm Ld Viscount Charlemont

Mullagrewan Mr Robert Walker and Mr. Thomas CARR are tenants. Note In the survey this is called Cleggan and in the country called Donaghmore. Here it was that the famous Dr. Walker dwelt. I say famous because of his great services at Derry in the last rebellion, the Rebels burnt his house here, and his sonn Mr. John Walker is now rebuilding of it, and the present Lord Primate for his Encouragement gave him what Timber he desired for that use. This contains 116 acres 1r 24p Irish plantation measure.  There is a great deal of good meadow belonging to this and  on this farm is a very good corn mill built with Lyme and stone.

P18 Town of Armagh

Walter DAWSON, Gent

One tenement with a garden in English St.. This is now divided into two small tenements and to one of them belongs a small stable John Jackson and James Ekinare tenants.. This is bounded by the road Leading from Armagh to Char[?] & North East & West & one of Capt. Chambers Tenements South.


Robert MAXWELL, Gent.

Ballerea & Tullamore Vingola – no mention of OLIVERs.

Tullamore Vingola: John FISHER, John CLEARK & John JACKSON tenants.


Robt. Montgomery Gent &

Alex Brown Farmer

Mullaghbrack 135 acres James Montgomery sr, Widow Montgomery & Sanders Montgomery are tenants.

P35 Thomas Pooler Gent





Jonat Powell, Gent




Ballinahonebeg: 120 acres 1rood Irish Plantation Measure… James 7 Thomas OATS each have a small Farm House with a barn stable cow house and garden and to James OATS’ house is a small orchard…

NOTE: no mention of OLIVER – although the OATS married into the OLIVERs, who I suspect were already present there at this time.




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