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My reason for posting this is to see the context of the one JACKSON listed - an unnamed Mrs. JACKSON. Hopefully others will find it useful too.
Sharon Oddie Brown. May 20, 2010

Co. Cavan

SOURCE: Statistical Survey of the County of Cavan. Sir Charles Coote, Bart. Graisberry and Campbell. 1802 p280.

Adams, Cosby Esq.

Adams, James Esq.

Adams, O'Reily Esq.

Adams, Rev. Allen Noble .

Adams, Rev. Benjamin

Adams, Stewart Esq.

Annesley, Rev. Dean

Annesley, Right Hon. Earl of

Armstrong, Esq.

Baker, John Esq.

Baker, Robert Esq.

Barry, Colonel John

Barry, Thomas, Esq.

Battersby,. , Esq.

Bell, Andrew Esq.
Bell, Richard Esq.
Benison, John Esq.
Berry, Thomas Esq.
Betty, William, Esq.

Blackwood, James Esq.

Blackwood,, Richard Esq.

Blashford, Esq.
Booth, Richard Bell Esq.
Brooke, Rev. Richard
Brunker, Thomas Esq.
Burrowes, Alexander Esq.-
Burrowes, Robert Esq.

Caldwell, Sir John Bart.

Campbell, Wm. Esq. representatives of,
Canning, George Esq.
Carson, Thomas Esq.

Clements, Henry Esq. , '

Clements, Theophilus, Esq.

Coghill, Sir Baft..

Coote, Charles Esq.
Copeland, John Jones Esq.
Corbet, Patrick Esq.

Corlismore, Esq.

Corry, Thomas Charles Stewart Esq.

Cosby, Major

Cottingham, Reverend Doctor

Crawford, James Esq.

Crofton, Sir Hugh Bart.

Davenport, Simon Esq.

Dawson, Townly, Esq. representatives of,

Dease, _____, Esq

De Blaquiere, Right Hon. Lord

Doughty, Robert Esq.

Doyle, George, Esq.

Elliott, John, Esq.

Ellis, ____ Esq.

Ellis, Gore, Esq.'

Enery,- , Esq.

Ennis, Thomas, Esq.

Faris, Alexander-Esq.

Faris, ——- Esq:

Farnham, Right Hon. Earl of

Fleming, Arthur Esq,

Fleming, Thomas Esq-

Fleming, __________, Esq.

Foster, Henry Esq..

Gaven, —Esq.
Gosford, Right Hon. Lord
Griffon, William, Esq.

Harman, Ralph, Esq.

Harman, William Esq.

Hassard, Jason Esq.

Headford, Most Noble Marquis of

Hinds, Walter Esq.

Hodgson, Sir Robert Bart.

Hume, Robert Esq.

Jackson, Mrs.

Jones, Humphrey Esq.

Jones, John Moutray Esq.
Irwin, Richard Esq.

Irwin, William Esq.

Kellet, Robert Esq.

Kilmore, Rev. Dean of

Kilmore, Right Reverend Bishop of

Lanause, ______, Esq.

Lanesborough, Right Hon. Earl of,

M'Cartney, Miss

M'Cartney, Mrs.

Magrath, Luke Esq.
Maxwell, Henry Esq.
Mayne, Edward Esq.

Mee, _____ Esq.

Montgomery, George Esq. representatives of

Moore, Garrett Esq.

Moore, William, Esq.

Morton, Charles, Esq.

Nesbitt, Colonel Thomas

Nesbitt, Rev. Albert

Nixon, George Esq.

Nixon, Humpjrey Esq.

Newburgh, Arthur, Esq.

Newburghs, Mimors Esq.

Nugent, Christopher, Esq.

Nugent, Col

Nugent, Oliver, Esq.

O'Reily, Anthony, Esq.

O'Reily, James Esq.

O'Reily,, ____ Esq:

Pallis, Christopher Esq.

Percival, _____ Esq.

Pleydell, Jonathan Morton Esq.
Powell, Thomas Eyre Esq.
Pratt, James Esq.
Pratt, Rev. Joseph r .

Radcliffe, ____. Esq.

Richardson, Sir Wm. Bart.

Richardson,, Wm. Esq.

Roberts, Rev. Edward S.
Ruxton, Wm. Esq.

Saunders, Major
Saunderson, James Esq. ,

Saunderson,  Francis Esq.

Saunderson, Robert Esq.

Singleton, John Esq.

Smyth, Mrs. .

Sneyd, Nathaniel Esq.

Sneyd, Rev. William

Somerville,______  Esq.

Southwell, Hon. Colonel

Spencer, Joshua Esq.
Stanford, John Esq.
Staples, Sir Robert Bart.
Stephens, William Esq.
Story, Rev. Joseph

Tatlow, John Esq.
Thornton, Perrott Esq.

Veaitch, John Esq.

Veaitch ________ Esq. representatives of

Waterford, Most Noble Marquis of
Whyte, Francis Esq.

Wills, Esq.

Wynne, Owen Esq. .

Young, James Esq. , John Esq.




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