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In time, I will link several of the items to the full transcriptions. A huge thanks to Wendy Jack who spent the time transcribing pages and pages of these articles that this chart relies on.I have listed all the names mentioned so that others can see at a glance if any persons of interest to them are mentioned.
Sharon Oddie Brown. September 18, 2008

BRADFORD & Co. Louth Newspaper mentions.


For the most part, I have made notes instead of full transcriptions. Thanks to Wendy Jack for the initial transcriptions.





1850 Nov 7

Samuel DICKIE; James O'Hanlon, Rev. Mr. Lennon, Michael Kelly, William M'Gauley, Peter M'Mahon, Charles M'Evoy, Thomas King, James M'Ardle, Samuel Bradford, Joseph Cartin, James R. Bexter


RE: plans for a meeting, the 5th December.

  "That the secretaries be requested to invite Mr. Crawford, M.P.; Mr. M'Cullagh, M.P.; Rev. Mr. Rogers, Rev. David Bell, Rev. Daniel Gun Browne, Dr. M'Knight, Mr. Hamilton M'Math, J.P.; Mr. C. G. Duffy, and Mr. Shea Lalor, as guests to the dinner on the evening of the day of the meeting, and that they be requested to attend the meeting also. - Louth Advertiser.

1850 Dec 6

Samuel Bradford

An account of the meeting referred to in the previous article.

1851 Jul 21

Patrick Jennings, Robert Dickie, Nicholas Callan, Charles Markey, Jos. O. Kelly, Samuel Bradford, Russel Patteson, Peter Russell, Thomas Dowhurst, John Patrick Kelly, Thomas Bradford, Alex. M'Evoy.


1866Apr 6

Right Hon. Lord Clermont

Sir John Robinson, Bart.

Samuel Bradford, jun.,


DUNDALK.- At a meeting of the Board of Guardians on Monday last, the Right Hon. Lord Clermont, chairman; Sir John Robinson, Bart., vice-chairman; and Mr. Samuel Bradford, jun., deputy vice-chairman, were unanimously re-elected as such for the ensuing year.

1869 Apr 5

Russell Patteson (foreman), Geo. Grendall Robson, Henry Backhouse, John Moore Nugent, Joseph Farrell, Nicholas Arthur, John Dickie, Robert Dickie, Thomas P. Callan, John Semple, Samuel Bradford, jun.; Frederick William Kidd, Alexander M'Cracken, Samuel Bradford (Cavananore), Richard Bell, James Campbell, Frederick Gilmer, Thomas Connick, and Alexander Watters.



Grand Jury Members:-


1870 Jan 29


Samuel Bradford, jun, P L G, Dundalk Union


Samuel Bradford, sen, P L G, Dundalk Union





  We, the undersigned, convinced that an equitable settlement of the Land Question is essential to the peace and prosperity of this kingdom, that it would tend to eradicate disaffection, promote industry, and give increased security to property, request a MEETING of the Landed Gentry, Clergy, Members of Both Houses of Parliament, and Municipal and Poor-Law Representatives of Ireland, on an early day, at the MANSION HOUSE, DUBLIN, to confer as to the most effectual means of rooting the Irish race in the Irish soil by securing the property of the Tenant Farmers from being absorbed by unfairly increased rents, and by protecting their right of continuous occupancy from capricious violation, without infringing on any of the just rights or legitimate influences incident to the enjoyment of landed property:

1870 Apr 30


Captain Coote, R.M.;

R. Henley, Esq.;

W. Robson, Esq.;

M. Kelly, Esq.;

B. Coleman, Esq.

James M'Ardle, of Shanmullah

Patrick Brennan, of Shanmullah and his wife Catherine Brennan

Hugh M'Entaggart

John Rea

Mr. Denvir

Mr. [James] Carroll

Ann Duffy


 A farmer named James M'Ardle, of Shanmullah, in this county, was charged with forging and falsifying two voting-papers at the late Poor-law elections.


1870 May 21

WM. ROBSON, Esq., J.P., Chairman;


M. KELLY, Esq., J.P.; and BERNARD COLEMAN, Esq., J.P.

Mr. Samuel Bradford, sen, Cavananore

Hugh M'Enteggart

John Rea

Mr. Denvir

James M'Ardle, a bailiff, in the service of a gentleman living in Dublin, and owning a small estate composed of four or five townlands in this neighbourhood

Mr. Kelly

Mr. Abel Dickey, of Rochdale

Mr. Carroll.

Catherine Brennan

Mr. Henry Fortescue

Patrick Walsh bailiff for Mr. Callaghan, in Rassan. 

James Connolly

James Joyce, sub-manager of the Bank of Ireland

James Carroll,

Patrick Fee

Patrick Brannigan

Ann Duffy



A follow up on a case where the previous Poor Law Governors had been tossed out of office – allegedly on the grounds of election shenanigans and illegalities.




Thomas Dolan,

Samuel Bradford,

James Holland,

Alexander Young,

James Campbell,

Wm. Legatt,

Alex. Murdoch,

P. Moore,

John Bradford,

Nicholas M'Keown,

Thomas Little,

John N. Doran.

Jury Members(exact date of news not recorded)

1874 Feb 3


Mr. Fortescue

Mr. Coffey

John Taaffe, Esq., D.L. Smarmore Castle,

Finley Chester, Esq., J.P.,

P. M'Loughlin

George Baylan, Esq., J.P

Samuel Bradford, Esq

Michael Kelly, Esq., J.P


“…a really influential assembly of the leading Liberals of Louth, many of whom, it was rumoured, had gone over to the Home Rule candidates.” 



1874 Nov 4

Mr. G. H. Kirk. 

Samuel Bradford, Esq., P.L.G., Carnbeg



1875 Jan 21 Samuel Bradford LOUTH TENANTS' ASSOCIATION.
Dundalk, Wednesday.
  A meeting of the Louth Tenants' Defence Association was held on Monday, Mr. Samuel Bradford in the chair.  The principal business discussed was the case of the tenants now subject to eviction for refusal to pay an increased rent on the Dartrey and Hall estates, and very strong feeling on the subject was evinced by all the members present. ...
(From our Correspondent.)
  The fortnightly meeting of this body was held on Tuesday, Mr. Samuel Bradford presiding. ...
1875 May 27

Mr. Samuel Bradford. 
Rev. J. Crofton, Rector of Dunleer;
Messrs. O. J. Caraher, Cardistown;
P. Leggett, Dundalk;
R. M'Ardle, do.;
W. Taaffe, Ardee;
P. Taaffe, Dromin;
J. Feehan, Carlingford;
G. Smyth, Muff' &c.

Dundalk, Wednesday.
  A special meeting of the Executive Committee of this association was held yesterday, Mr. Samuel Bradford presiding.  Others present - Rev. J. Crofton, Rector of Dunleer; Messrs. O. J. Caraher, Cardistown; P. Leggett, Dundalk; R. M'Ardle, do.; W. Taaffe, Ardee; P. Taaffe, Dromin; J. Feehan, Carlingford; G. Smyth, Muff' &c.
  The Chairman introduced the subject of the disputes existing between the Rev. Mr. Crofton and his tenants in Westmeath.

1879 Mar 10


Right Hon. Robert Earl of Roden



Lot 4 - Part of the lands of Ballynahattan, containing 101a. 0r. 21p. statute measure, and producing a net annual rental of £65 6s.  Tenement valuation, £103.  Sold to Mr. Samuel Bradford for £1,560.

 Lot 6 - Part of the lands of Sportsman's Hall, Balriggan, and Moorland, containing 127a. 0r. 27p. statute measure, and producing a net annual rental of £256 13s. 1d.  Tenement valuation, £177 15s.  Sold to Mr. Samuel Bradford for £6000.

1879 Mar 27

Samuel Bradford, jun.,

Joseph Maxwell



In the Dundalk North Ward, which has been for several years represented by Mr. Samuel Bradford, jun., Mr. Joseph Maxwell also contested the seat against the outgoing guardian, but was defeated by a long majority, the numbers being -

  Mr. Bradford  ... ... ... 83

  Mr. Maxwell   ... ... ... 18

1879 Apr 1

Michael Kelly, Esq, J P,

 E Tipping, J P;

P M'Caul,

D Lockhart,

J Malone,

J M'Alister,

N Byrne,

P Sellars,

J F Booth,

J Feehan,

O Quin,

J Ward,

A Dickie,

P O'Hagan,

 J Johnston,

L Feehan,

N M'Ardle,

 P Callan,

E M'Mahon,

H Haroed,

Samuel Bradford. 

Lord Clermont,

Mr. Bernard Coleman, J P,

DUNDALK UNION.- The first meeting of the newly-elected board was held.


1879 Apr 15

Samuel Bradford, Esq., D.V.C.,

DUNDALK UNION. - A motion to reduce the salaries of all the officers of the union by 7½ per cent was carried.  The collectors were reduced one penny in their poundage, with the exception of the collectors in the Dundalk district, whose poundage is reduced by only one halfpenny.

1879 May 20

Samuel Bradford, Esq, D O C Messrs E Tipping,

J P; A Byrne,

P Hughes,

H Harold,

N M'Ardle,

E M'Mahon,

A Dickie,

W M'Alister,

J Ward, J Greene,

B Byrne,

D Lockhart,

P Callan,

P O'Hagan,

J F Booth,

O Quinn,

J Feehan,

P Sellors. 


  A meeting of this board was held to-day, , in the chair.  Also present - With reference to the general reduction of 7½ per cent in the salaries of the officers of the workhouse the following resolution was adopted:-

  Resolved - That having taken into consideration the letter of the Local Government Board of the 10th inst we regret to find they still decline to approve of our resolution of the 14th ult, reducing the salaries of the several officers of this union; we delegate and appoint Mr E Tipping, J P; Mr J F Booth, and Mr S Bradford, to proceed to Dublin and hold an interview with the Local Government Board in the hope that they may, even now see their way to assent to the proposed reduction, and thus obviate the painful necessity of our calling the attention of the House of Commons to the matter and asking them for redress.

1879 Dec 17

Samuel Bradford, of Carnbeg

Mr. Edward Carleton, proprietor of the Dundalk Herald

Mr. James Murphy, Q.C.;

Dr. Arthur Houston, LL.D.;

Mr. T. L. O'Shaughnessy (instructed by Mr. Donaldson),.  Mr. A. M. Porter, Q.C.;

Dr. Walter Boyd, LL.D.; Q.C.; and Mr. T. A. Curran (instructed by Mr. Moynagh)



 The jury found for the plaintiff - £5 damages.


1880 Feb 4



Samuel Bradford, Esq., J.P., Deputy Vice-Chairman of the Dundalk Board of Guardians, has allowed the tenants on his estates a reduction of 15 per cent on the half-year's rent due last November.

1880 Feb 18

Edward Henry Macardle, Cambricville, Dundalk, Esq. Samuel Bradford, Carnbeg, Dundalk, Esq.


 The following gentlemen have been appointed to the Commission of the Peace:-

 County Louth. -

1881 Mar 29

Dr. Boyd, Q.C.;

Mr. Kisbey, and Mr. John M'Lean (instructed by Messrs. M'Lean, Boyle, & M'Lean).

Mr. Andrews, Q.C.,

Mr. Monroe, Q.C.; and Mr. Orr (instructed by Messrs. Johns, Hewitt, & Johns).

David Lockhart

Samuel Bradford


The action was brought to recover damages for breach of duty in the management of the Belfast port and harbour, and for negligence of the same, whereby the plaintiffs' vessel was injured. 

1881 Sept 10


Samuel Bradford, Esq., J.P.

Professor Baldwin


A FEW days ago we had the privilege of examining a number of extensive improvements effected by on his Dowdall's Hill farm.  We have been in the habit for some time past of reporting on agricultural and other buildings, but anything to equal those at present under notice we have not met with.  For substantiality, convenience, and effect they stand unique.  Space will not enable us to give a detailed description of the premises, but we may observe that Mr. Bradford, who farms extensively at Carnbeg, retains the Dowdall's Hill farm for hay and grass exclusively.  [description of the premises, which cost £1,400]

1887 Oct 14

Samuel Bradford, Carnbeg Alexander Dickie, Rochdale

A list of the valuers nominated by the Irish Commission for aiding County Court Judges ...  The following have been nominated for Ulster up to the present.

1889 Nov 1


Judge Kisbey

Samuel Bradford, J.P.,

Mr. P. H. Campbell, Barrister-at-Law (instructed by Mr. Corr, Crossmaglen),

Rogers & MacGeagh, solicitors



The plaintiffs sued, as trustees of the lands of Cavananore, situate two miles from Dundalk, Mr. Samuel Bradford, J.P., for loss and damage sustained by reason of the defendant cutting down and converting to his own use twenty-seven trees, which grew along the avenue leading to the mansion or dwelling-house in said lands.  Damages were laid at £50.  There was a second process for a like number of trees cut down by the defendant, and a like amount of damages was claimed.

  From the evidence it appeared that the defendant, who holds a very large quantity of land as owner and tenant, took a twenty-one years' lease of the mansion and lands of Cavananore, in February, 1876.  Said lands were owned by relatives of defendant, and he was the owner in fee of lands adjoining.  Before the lease expired defendant took advantage of the amended Land Act of 1887, and having made the requisite application to the Sub-Commission Court was transformed into a tenant from year to year, and a judicial rent fixed.  Defendant then proceeded to cut down the trees on the lands he occupied as tenant as well as upon the lands of which he was the owner.

 The jury found for the plaintiff, and assessed the compensation at 10s per tree, or £26 in all, with costs.

1890 Feb 17

Samuel Bradford


(Before Mr. Justice Litton and Mr. Commissioner Fitzgerald, Q.C.)


Samuel Bradford, tenant; Trustees of Bradford, landlord.

  In this case the old rent was £247 and the judicial rent £185, which the Court confirmed.

1890 Mar 7


Justice GIBSON

Samuel Bradford, J.P., Carnbeg, Gilmore

Mr. Dodd, Q.C. (instructed by Mr. Rogers), Mr. Gordon (instructed by Mr. Mcynagh) Mr. J. H. Campbell (instructed by Mr. W. R. Corr, Crossmaglen)

Miss Oliver


Crown Court of the County Courthouse, Dundalk,

From the evidence now given on appeal, it appeared that one Arthur Coulter Bradford died possessed of a large farm and residence at a place called Cavanamore, about four miles from Dundalk.  By his will Arthur Bradford directed the farm and residence should be let for a term of twenty-one years, in order to pay some annuities and encumbrances, and trustees were duly appointed to carry out the provisions of the will.  After the residence and farm had been in the possession of a Miss Oliver for some time, it was finally leased to the appellant for twenty-one years.  The offer of appellant, although not the highest, was accepted because he was a cousin of the deceased owner.  A covenant in the will specially reserved the growing timber on the land.  Appellant then held extensive lands adjoining on lease, but which he has since purchased, and became the owner in fee.  After the passing of the recent Land Act, appellant served notice to fix a judicial rent, which was opposed by the trustees on the ground that it was a residential holding.  But before the question was settled appellant commenced to cut down the trees on the land, especially those growing along the avenue - in all sixty-seven trees were cut down.  …

The decrees of the Court below were confirmed, with costs.

1891 Jan 31

County Court Judge Colquhoun, Q.C.,

Mr. Samuel Bradford, J.P., Carnbeg,

Mr. Brown, Barrister-at-Law (instructed by Mr. R. G. O. Johnston, solicitor, Newry), appeared for the plaintiff, and Mr. Wilson, Barrister-at-Law (instructed by Mr. Carey, solicitor to the Newry Town Commissioners)

Mr. Gault, a flaxbuyer in Belfast

Samuel BRADFORD of Carnbeg successfully sued Newry Town Commissioners for 8 shillings worth of market tolls concerning flax sold at Carnbeg.


1895 Mar 4

Mr. O'Shaughnessy, Q.C.,

Samuel Bradford

Thomas Callan

Mr. J. Gordon, Q.C. (instructed by Mr. Macmahon)

J. B. Reilly

R. P. T. Logan, C.E

William Coulter

Mr. Gaskin


… the case of the claims of Mr. Samuel Bradford for the malicious burning of his stables and farm buildings at Dowdallshill,

 William Coulter stated he was caretaker for Mr. Bradford.  He lived a short distance from these premises.  He was working about the place until five o'clock on the day the fire occurred.  There were other men of Mr. Bradford's working with him and getting in hay.  None of the men smoked while working about the place.  At half-past eight o'clock he went to look at the place, and everything was all right; he went home after that, and was called by Mr. Gaskin about a quarter-past one in the morning; the place was all burning at the time, and they directed their attention to trying to save the horses.

  After the several counsel had addressed the jury and a careful charge by the Chief Baron, the jury retired, and after an absence of a quarter of an hour returned a verdict that the fire was not malicious.

  The premises were insured.






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