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These are the names of JACKSON men who were granted land in post-Cromwellian Ireland and were often known as "Adventurers". This was the investment system whereby wars were bankrolled by a mixture of either money or service (being a soldier). There are other records that include more names and/or other details. I have some on an earlier page called In the Beginning that I did years ago and which could benefit from an update.
Sharon Oddie Brown. December 3, 2011


Calendar Of The State Papers Relating To Ireland Preserved In The Public Record Office. Adventurers For Land. 1642—1659.
Edited By Robert Pentland Mahaffy, B.A. of the Inner  Temple, Barrister  At Law.
Published By The Authority Of The Lords Commissioners Of His Majesty’s Treasury, Under The Direction Of The Master Of The Rolls.


NOTE: I have not taken the time to annotate all the names mentioned – only the ones that are likely to help me pursue the back stories of JACKSONs in Ireland.


Name &




Joseph Jackson, sherriff


1642 July 19

Receipt by the Treasurers under the arrangement between the King and Parliament for £500 from Richard Vicaris[1], Joseph Jackson[2], Hugh Browne[3], Arthur King[4] and Benjamin Whetcombe[5]. [Note they were sheriffs from Bristol]


Alexander Jackson,



13 July. 1642.

Receipt by the Treasurers under the arrangement between the King and Parliament for £100, from Alexander Jackson[6], of London, goldsmith.

P. 4. Endd. Ibid. 62.


Thomas Jackson, pewterer

23 March. 15 June, and 16 July.

Three of same by same, in all for £100, from Thos. Jackson[7], in

the Old Jewry, London, pewterer.

Each p. 2/3, one endd. Ibid. 219-221.


Alexander Jackson, goldsmith

18 April. Receipt by the Treasurers under the arrangement between the

King and Parliament for :—

£175 from Sir John Wollaston, Alderman of London.

£50 Richard Gibbes, of Hogsden [Hoxton].

£50 Thomas Ainer, of London, goldsmith.

£50 Francis Ash, same.

£25 Wm. Daniel.

£50 Humphrey Beddingfield, same.

£50 Wm. Gibbes, same.

£25 Dr. John King[8], of St. Albans.

£25 Richard Morell[9], of London, goldsmith.

£25 Francis Wolley and Francis Archer, of Loudon, haberdasher.

£50 John Johnson, of London, merchant-tailor.

£25 Alexander Jackson, of London, goldsmith.

P. 2/3. Endd. S.P Ireland 295, 191.


Abraham Jackson, Clerk

1649 July 6

Certificate by Lord Mayor Andrewes

Abraham Jackson[10] late of Newington, clerk, deceased, advanced £300 for the Irish Adventure and paid it in four instalments. He is asked to make this certificate by Mary[11], widow and Administrix of the goods of Abraham Jackson

P. ½ Signed  Ibid  111.


1649 July 25

Assignment by Mary Jackson as above, and William her son. Assigning their interest, as stated in the foregoing certificate, to John Peacock, of London, Merchant. Usual covenants. P . 1.

Signed by the assignors before witnesses and endd. with note that the

sum has been allowed to Thomas Moon, of Hartswood, in Surrey,

and Susan his wife, late wife of John Peacock, to and for the use of

John Peacock an infant, and son and heir of the aforesaid John

Peacock. Ibid. 112.


Alexander Jackson

... the barony of Navan [Co. Meath].

North-East Quarter :—Clement Spilman ; Richard Lloyd ;

Thomas Barnardiston for his children, Thomas Vincent assignee

of Beale (?), Philip Tandy, Ambrose Moore.

South-East Quarter:—Major Will. Cadogan, assignee of Blunt

Sadler; Richard Castle, James Wainwright, Thomas Juxon[12],

Alexander Jackson.

South-West Quarter :—John Tillett, Thomas Vincent (2); Robert

Seymour, assignee of John Hall.

North-West Quarter:—Lady Harrington, Thomas and John

Taylor, John Soowin, John Parker, Thomas Pearce, Henry Burton,

Ann Ballard, John French, Thomas Cocke.

With note signifying that other names are to be drawn for this


P. 1/2, in all p. 1. Ibid. 141.


Joseph Jackson sherrif f of Bristol

Copy of similar letters by Lord Inchiquin to the Commissioners

[Committee of both Houses] for Irish affairs.

(a) A letter similar to the last but one and with copy of the

certificate of Col. Gower and George Hartwell, as above, and with

attestation of Richard Aldworth Mayor, and Hugh Brown and Joseph Jackson sheriffs, of Bristol.



[1] Richard VICARIS, Sherriff of Bristol

[2] Joseph JACKSON, Sherriff of Bristol

[3] Hugh BROWNE, Sherriff of Bristol

[4] Arthud KING, Sherriff of Bristol

[5] Benjamin WHETCOMBE, Sherriff of Bristol

[6] Alexander JACKSON (d. 1670), a well known goldsmith of his day in London. His father was Robert JACKSON of Staffordshire. Details from his will indicate that he had a son named Abraham JACKSON. NOTE: I will be posting more about him in the near future.

[7] Thomas JACKSON (1600-1680) I have posted his will, and also a piece on my blog site.

[8] Dr. John KING of St. Albans

[9] Richard MORELL, of London, goldsmith

[10] Rev. Abraham JACKSON. NOTE: The fact that he came from Devonshire may indicate a relationship with Thomas JACKSON, pewterer. SEE: Jacksons of Devonshire tree on my Silver Bowl web site.

JACKSON, ABRAHAM (1589-1646?), divine, born in 1589, was son of a Devonshire clergyman. He matriculated at Oxford from Exeter College on 4 Dec. 1607 (Or/. Univ. Reg., Oxf. Hist. Soc., vol. ii. pt. ii. p. 299); graduated B.A. in 1611; became chaplain to the Lords Harington of Exton, Rutland; and proceeded M. A. when chaplain of Christ Church in 1616 (ib. vol. ii. pt. iii. p. 303). In 1618 he was lecturer at Chelsea, Middlesex. On 18 Sept. 1640 he was admitted prebendary of Peterborough (LE NEVE, Fasti, ed. Hardy, ii. 546), and apparently died in 1645-6.

Jackson wrote: 1. ' Sorrowes Lenitive; an Elegy on the Death of John, Lord Harrington,' 8 vo, London, 1614. In dedicating it to Lucy, countess of Bedford, and Lady Anne Harington, Jackson observes that he has addressed them before in a similar work. 2. ' God's Call for Man's Heart,' 8vo, London, 1618. 3. ' The Pious Prentice . . . wherein is declared how they that intend to be Prentices may rightly enter into that calling, faithfully abide in it,' &c., 12mo, London, 1640. [Wood's Athense Oxon. ed. Bliss, ii. 267-8; Bodleian Libr. Cat.] G. G. SOURCE:  p.87 A Dictionary Of National Biography. Ed. Sidney Lee Vol. XXIX. Inglis-John. Macmillan And Co. London: Smith, Elder, & Co. 1892


[11] Mary JACKSON – I have yet to learn her maiden name and anything about her children.

[12] Thomas JUXON aka Thomas JACKSON, the pewterer.



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