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This is the first 4 pages out of 40 of the Coroner's Casebook that belonged to Dr. Robert Hamilton REED (1847-1881)
NOTE: I donated the original to the Monaghan Archives.
Sharon Oddie Brown October 4, 2006


Starting February 20, 1876.



N 1-1167. Distance traveled 17 miles- towards burying her and a coffin 3p

Held on the view of the body of Jane HOLLAND 22 February 1876 in the townland of Donagh, Parish of Donagh. Barony of Trough. Isabelle DUNLOP. Deposed was sister to deceased an old woman of 75 years of age. And living alone in a small house and was caretaker to a farmer named TREANOR[?] and receiving help occasionally from a daughter.  For some days past she was suffering from a stuffing and shortness of breath. For the past few days I was with her from early morn till late at night when quitting her on Sabbath evening she requested me not to be late in coming next morn and I was with her early but on entering the house and speaking to her found she was dead.

John McCAHER[?] Saw deceased on Saturday even last. She had been caretaker and till lately when she had become feeble had minded his business well being called on by Mrs. Dunlop on Monday morn to go with her to see deceased -- did so and on entering the house found deceased dead.

Verdict -- death on night of Sabbath 20 February 1876 from old age and infirmity.

N2-1168 distance traveled –8 Miles. Fee to Dr. ADAMS of the infirmary ₤1.1.0; paid for care of both 3/ ;- coffin for 5/; interring of body 5/;  Paid 3 witnesses 3.0

Held on view of the body of Catherine BYRNE 24 February 1876 in the town of Monaghan, Parish and barony of Monaghan.

Anne BRENAN. Deposed to seeing deceased on Monday evening last and in company of a young man but who he was has no knowledge and has not seen her since a live.  Saw her when taken out of the parish dead.

James McDONALD. Deposed that on passing on the canal yesterday morning saw cloths on the water on my return saw them there still on this. Went to my house and got a pole with which on moving them saw a hand and on this went and gave the police word and returned with them and then saw the body which during my absence had been taken out of the water.

PatrickMcENERY.  Desposed as seeing persons yesterday evening running down the canal birth I followed to see the course.  Seeing the body of a woman -- with a rope I got it out to the bank when with help twas got out on the bank and at which time life was quite gone.

Bessie WHITE was acquainted with deceased, who on Monday last came to me in my house at 7:30 p.m. -- we had some drink together and then we went up street as far as McKNIGHT's corner and after a little we parted and since then I never saw her alive and the body now of of this inquiry I have seen and tis that of the person I was with on Monday even.

Dr. John ADAMS of Monaghan's infirmary has examined the body of deceased which possesses no marks of injury. There are some slight scratches on her hands and face but of no importance. I consider her death the result of suffocation by drowning.

About 4:30 p.m. deceased body was brought to the infirmary and at the time quite dead and might have been so for 24 hours.

Verdict. Death on the night of 21 February 1876 -- by drowning but under what circumstances she was in the water the Jury have had no evidence to show..

6th Inquiry ₤1.0.0

Attended at Monaghan Asylum this 25 of February 1876 to inquire into the death of Peter CALLAGHAN for nearly 4 years an inmate of that establishment and whose illness was near two years previous to his death which arose from abdominal disease.  Note in addition to the above are numbers 14, 15, 16, 17 and 18 in the last book to be put into next application for payment at ensuing summer Asizes.

7th Inquiry ₤1.0.0

On this 11 March 1876, I attended at Monaghan Asylum to inquire into the death of Edward O’REILLY for upwards of three years an inmate of said establishment and whose illness was from his admittance and whose death arose from disease of the heart.

8th Inquiry ₤1.0.0

On this 13 March 1876.  The report of the death of June BROWN reached me.  I tended to inquire into the case, for nearly 2 years she was an inmate of the Asylum.  Her death arose from exhaustion, exhaustion with diarrhea.

No 3-1169

Fee to Dr. Andrew JOLLY ₤1.1.0

Distance travelled – 14 miles.

Killed on view of the body of Francis LEE 16 March 1876 in the townland of Doohat, Parish of Aghabog & Barony of Dartry.

Thomas LEE of Doohat.  Deposeth that deceased was his father and about 55 years of age of general good health.  On the morning of 15 inst. in the act of leaving the house he gave a groan which we thought to proceed from toothache of which he had suffered from some time past.  On hastening to him he appeared as if going to fall on which I caught him in my arms and we carried him into the open air hoping it towards revive him but it had no effect whatever.  On this he was carried to and placed on his bed and during all this time -- he showed no signs of consciousness.

Dr. Andrew JOLLY of Drum.  Disposeth to examine body of deceased from which and the evidence now educed considers his death as resulting from the rupture of a blood vessel producing apoplexy.

Verdict.  Death on 14 March 1870 6 -- from rupture of a blood vessel on the brain producing apoplexy.

No 4-1170

Distance travelled 11

Fee to Dr. BURGESS ₤1.1.0

Held on view of the body of Daniel CASEY 16 March 1876 in the townland of Donagh, Parish of Donagh, Barony of Trough.

Edward McDERMID.  Deposed deceased was about 15 years of age and in my service -- early on yesterday I left home about eight o'clock and deceased cutting brambles.  I was home about one o'clock heard while away all of what occurred and found deceased dead when I returned.

John McMURRARD[?] was engaged yesterday carrying to the brambles deceased cut into the house was so engaged solid deceased suddenly stagger and fall on this I caught him up and assisted in carrying him into the house of his master where we laid him down and while raising and carrying it into the house he never spoke a word he breathed a little but spoke none.

Dr. BURGESS of Glasslough (acting for Dr. STEWART) Deposed that on yesterday I was called to see deceased promptly attended but on reaching deceased found he was dead and for perhaps [?] four. Heard he had received a blow of a stone and the appearance of the part fully sustained the statement and death was a result as the base of this goal a hind the left year was fractured.

Verdict.  Death from misadventure of Daniel CASEY on the 15 day of March 1876 from the stroke of a stone thrown by James McDERMOTT but without the slightest desire to do him an injury.

No 5-1171

Distance travelled 15 Miles

Held on view of the body of Mary CRAWFORD 27 March 1876 in the townland of Toneycoogan, Parish of Donagh & Barony of Trough.

Mr. William CRAWFORD.  Deposed that deceased was his wife and of about 60 years of age.  On Saturday 25 Inst - she had been in her usual health and actively engaged at her usual household duties in the even and about 7 o'clock having been employed baking bread and while in the act of making bread to put it on the fire she with the exclamation “the Lord have mercy on me” staggered and was falling when witness caught her in his arms and holding her to my breast her head leaning back she departed life without words or struggle save two or three heavy belches she departed life.  I spoke to my wife but received no answer.

Verdict.  Death on Saturday 25 March 1870 6 -- from apoplexy or heart disease.

9th Inquiry ₤1.0.0

On this 27 day of March 1876 I attended at Monaghan Asylum to inquire into the death of Catherine CONNOR for nearly 6 years an inmate there.  Her illness terminating in death continuing for six months and her death resulting from exhaustion from [?]

10th Inquiry 1.0.0

On this 31 of March 1870 6 -- I attended at Monaghan to inquire into the death of Anne McCORMICK aged 59 years an inmate of Monaghan Asylum for nearly 14 months.  Her illness continued for one year previous to death and which was the result of consumption.


Distance travelled 18 miles

Held on view of the body of Catherine BRADLEY 1 April 1876 in the townland of Mullen, Parish of Errigal & Barony of Trough.

Mildred BRADLEY.  Deposed was daughter of deceased who was about 60 years of age.  Her employment was housekeeping for her three daughters who were regular workers in the Mullen Flax spinning mills -- earning 16 shillings a week.

Deceased enjoyed a generally good health on Thursday night about one o'clock I was awake as was also mother.  I soon dropped over a sleep but about 30 o'clock I was again awake -- on speaking to mother and receiving no answer I put my hand over on her.  When such was the coldness I experienced it struck me she might be dead.  On this I woke my sisters and then a neighbor woman.  We use all endeavors in hopes of restoring animation but in vain as life was gone.

Margaret McCOMB.  Deposed that on morn of 31st March was awoke to see deceased who her daughters thought to be in a faint but the moment I saw her I knew life was gone.

Verdict.  Yes on Moran of 31 March 1876 by the visitation of God.

No 7-1173

Distance travelled 15 miles

Paid for care of body for 3 days 5/

Held on view of the body of Peter KAGAN to April 1 April 1876 in the townland of Curraher [?], Parish of Aughnamullen, Barony of Carmorne

Susan WELSH.  Deposed that on third instant was the last time I saw deceased alive living in his bed -- in Bernard WELSH's barn.  He kept his bed on second instance but taking his food as well as usual.  What able to work he supported himself by his own industry.  When unable to work he got on the relief fund (outdoor) receiving 1/6 a week which with help from his neighbors kept him afloat. Of late he complained much of shortness of breath.

Dr. MARTIN of Ballybay was out to see him on third instance as recipient of outdoor relief but ere his arrival arrival deceased had departed life.  On third instance when brought him his breakfast, he took it with satisfaction and died about three o'clock same day.  His age was about 70 years old.

Verdict.  Death on Monday 3 April 1876 from old age and other natural causes.




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