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There is a lot more work to be done with these deeds, but I would encourage others who have an interest in this to follow the names of specific properties, for example "Dolfins Barn" or specific occupations, for example "tanner" or "baker". These will help you to link to many lines of JACKSONs that are customarily linked to other counties. It is also profitable to track the locations of the properties mentioned. A great help is the 1798 Map of Dublin. Jackson's Alley meets Pimlico, and is a continuation of Cole Alley. The fact of being a neighbour does not mean they were related, but it ups the odds.
I have included deeds where the JACKSON person referenced is "of Dublin" or else, the property that they held was in Dublin even though they may have been resident elsewhere.
There will be more to come.
Sharon Oddie Brown. July 5, 2012
NOTE: Where transcriber is noted, there will be notes on Nick Reddan's site. It may be best to check his site as well in case I have made an error in transcription.
Updates August 25, 2012 are shaded light yellow.
Update September 5, 2012. To save myself work, I have just put these above the previous table.
SEE ALSO: Dublin Deeds in Bks 1-150 1709-1725 Updated July 24, 2018


Jackson Memorials and Deeds Mentioning Dublin


September 5, 2012 Additions

Book Pg # Date Notes




1728 Jul 5

Plunkett PLUNKETT, Esq. of Rathbeil Dublin, to Henry JACKSON, Cordwainer of Dublin City of Flemingstowne & subdivision thereon "Weatherstown" then in tenure of Martin GRANT & James GRANT, 1 May then last past, for lives of Henry JACKSON, Margaret JACKSON & Thomas JACKSON, renewable for ever, £80 ster pa 1st yr, £100 afterwards, £20 fine on renewal. Deputy Registrar: William PARRY. WITNESSES: Daniel McDANIEL, drawer to Laughlin KEIGH, Vintner of Dublin City & William MUNKITTRICK [M`KITTRICK, clerk to John SMITH,  notary of Dublin City.

NOTE: Fanningstowne is in Co. Kilkenny, in the parish of Kilcoan, Barony of Ida. It is south of Carlow & close to the border of Wexford.

Thanks to Michael Stewart for notes.




1728 Dec 14

BILLING Book Index 1708-1729

Dublin merchant, mtg Batchelors walk in suburbs of Dublin

Thomas JACKSON, merchant of Dublin to Robert BILLING, jeweller of Dublin of 2 plots demised him by John ARMSTRONG, Gent, then only intermeddlling exec'r of Richard SPAN, late of Dublin city; dec'd,  2 Sep last past, 157 yrs 3 mos, rents ment'd: 1 on Jervis Quay ats Batchelors Walk, subs Dublin city (21'3"x25' bnd by gr'nd demised by John ARMSTRONG to Thomas JACKSON and by gr'nd of Walter PETERS; 2nd plot on same. Deputy Registrar: William PERRY. Witnessese: Benjamin JOHNSTON, notary public of Dublin City & Thomas MONTGOMERY, clerk to Benjamin JOHNSTON.

Thanks to Michael Stewart for notes.




1728 Mar 6


For £100, Rev. Thomas SHERIDAN of Dublin City to Rev. William JACKSON , of St John the Evangelist parish, Dublin city, Trustee for the poor boys of the parish,  of Enaugh als Enagh in Co Cavan [67ac2r22p] for 99 years 1 peppercorn rent pa, void on repayment to Rev. William JACKSON of £100 + £6 and 10s ster per Hundred, pa, on 5 March 1729. Deputy Registrar: William PARRY. WITNESSES: Charles PHIPPS, Gent of Dublin City; William HALE, Gent of Dublin City; Richard BARTLETT, clerk to William HALE. Thanks to Michael Stewart for notes.




1729 May 21

JACKSON-HANDCOCK Book Index 1708-1729

Nathaniel JACKSON, merchant of Queens Co. to Joseph HANDCOCK, linen Draper of Dublin City of Drinagh Gorran in Rossanalis (pa) Queens in possess'n of Erasmus JACKSON + Derrapaloney Clonaghgallagh in possess'n of Erasmus JACKSON, son of Robert JACKSON situate in North part of Derrygale  [1882r30p] + 200 acres of Bog in patent of Corporation of Gloster for lives of Nathaniel JACKSON, John JACKSON, sons of Robert JACKSON & Robert JACKSON, farmer of Mountmelick, Queens; dec'd for ever to hold unto Joseph HANCOCK in trust for Timothy FERRES, merchant of Dublin City but redeemable on payment of £756

Thanks to Michael Stewart for notes.




1729, July 1

WHITE Book Index 1708-1729

Dublin merchant signed over houses including one house late in possession of Rev. William JACKSON.

Thomas JACKSON, Merchant of Dublin City for £132 18s. 9p unto Caspar WHITE, Merchant of Dublin City a lot of ground let him by Plunkett PLUNKETT, containing a number of houses, 1 being in possess's of Thomas JACKSON bnd by dwelling house of Richard MEREDITH, 1 house late in possession of Rev. William JACKSON, 1 house adjoinging now in tenure of John MADDEN , 1house lately in tenure of Richard CO___, Apothocary + lot of ground let by Henry SEAGRAVE, Esq all in Dublin city, for terms as held by Thomas JACKSON subject to redemption. Deputy Registrar: William PARRY. WITNESSES: Alexander CARROLL, Merchant, Dublin City; James PLUNKETT, clerk to Alexander CARROLL. Thanks to Michael Stewart for notes.




1728 Apr 4

D’APREMONT Book Index 1708-1729

Dublin merchant to Honorable Brigadier Francis D’APREMONT – Jarvis Quay

JACKSON-APREMONT. Pieces of adjoining ground on Jervis Quay als Batchellors Walke in suburbs of Dublin city [21' 3"x75' + 21' 3"x69'] bnd by holdings of Mr. Walter PETERS on west of first mentioned, as demised to Thomas JACKSON, ,ercvhant of Dublin City  by John ARMSTRONG, Gent for 17 yrs 3 months from 24 June 1727, now made over to Honorable Brigadier Francis D’APREMONT for £200 for residue of terms redeemable on repayment + interest. Deputy Registrar: William PARRY. WITNESSES: Thomas MONTGOMERY, & Thomas RICE clerks to Benjamin JOHNSTON; Benjamin JOHNSTON, notary public of Dublin. Thanks to Michael Stewart for notes.




1729 Jul 12

TAYLOR Book Index 1708-1729

Henry JACKSON, farmer of Blackall, Co. Kildare to John TAYLOR, Brewer of Dublin City  of sd lands for remainder of term, void on repayment of £68 ster + interest. In 1712 June 11, Murrough BOYLE, Rt. Hon Lord Viscount Blessington  to Henry JACKSON part  of Blackall in Co Kildare, then in possess'n of Henry JACKSON on road from Rathmore to Ballymore Eustace, bnd by lands of Punchestown and of Walshestowne, Royalties & cert'n Rights excepted, 24 years at £8 ster pa.Deputy Registrar: William PARRY. WITNESSES: William MUNKITTRICK & Robert BOYTON, Clerk to BOYLE & John SMITH, public notary of Dublin City. Thanks to Michael Stewart for notes.








1 191 117 1708 Sep 26


Lease and release from James PETTCREW, merchant of Dublin City, of lands in Drinagh & Garoon 180 acres plantation measure the lands of Clonehaen now in possession of Robert JACKSON, farmer of Mountmellick, Co. Laois, Queens Co. in the parish of Rosenalis except oak tree with rights of harvest for lives [Robert’s sons: Richard, Nathanial & Erasmus] with renewal with the fine of £35 per life. WITNESSES: John CONNELL & Edward DALTON clerks of Bruen WORTHINGTON, Public Notary, all of Dublin City & P.G.P. SKINNER [aka Pan Gran Parabow SKYNNER]. Nick Red




1708 Dec 18

James KING of 1st part-Edward SWAN of 2nd part. Reciting an earlier deed 1703, July 10. William KING, Lord Archbishop of Dubin, by lease dated 10 Jul 1703 let house etc, in New Street, suburbs City of Dublin, to James KING, merchant of Dublin for 40 years, 40s pa. James KING borrowing £150 on the lease. WITNESSES: Robert JACKSON drawer at Three Tuns tavern in Essex St.; Francis ANDREWS, attorney at Queens Bench; John CONNELL. AnneChamney




1708 Jan 11


Between Winfield ATTKINSON of Crooked Staff and Liberty of Thomas Court & Donore, Dublin Merchant & Anne BEYSLEY of Delfins Barn [AKA Dolphins Barn], widow exec of Sir Edmond BEYSLEY late of Delfinsbarne dec’d…, reciting that George BLACKHALL, City of Dublin GENT did by indenture of lease dated Jan 23, 1706  demised to Winfield ATTKINSON all those houses tanyards, backside gardens, backhouses, stables & Appurtenances held by George BLACKHALL on the south side of the Upper Comb in the Liberties of Thomas Court & Donore, Dublin,  containing breadth in the front 93 ft or thereabouts, in the r.. and in depth to Mutton Lane of 312 ft… during natural lives of Dorcus JACKSON []aka Darcus JACKSON], wife of the late Francis JACKSON & Jane her daughter, wife of the said George BLACKHALL & Mary JACKSON grand daughter to the said Francis JACKSON.

Darcus JACKSON Mortgage Life Francis JACKSON deceased mentioned, George MECALFE clothier of the one part & John WINTERBOTTAM and An BEYSLEY, Jane JACKSON daughter of said Dorcas Jackson & now wife of George BLACKHALL Mortgage JACKSON Mary granddaughter of said Francis Jackson Mortgage MOS This may be the Francis JACKSON (b 1632) in the Coleraine line. Since he was a clothier, this may be a fit:


If this is the case, then they would also likely connect to Robert JACKSON, tanner of Crooked Staff: http://www.thesilverbowl.com/history/JACKSONs-CrookedStaff.html
NOTE: Jane JACKSON wife of George BLACKHALL died intestate 1718




1708 Jan 12


Between Johnathon DODDRIDGE of the Liberty of Thomas Court & Donore, Co. Dublin, Brewer & Mary BROOKS als DODDRIDGE wife of the said Jonathon exec of Thomas BROOKS, Tanner late of the aforesaid Liberty & whereas DODDRIDGE assigned to Robert JACKSON of Liberty of Thomas Court & Donore  the lands formerly in possession of Thomas BROOKS on the other side of the river on Crooked Staff in the Liberty of Donore with a Tanyard  and Tanfatts thereunto belonging as also a tan house and dwelling house for 81 pounds 4 shillings...  & JACKSON Robert Tanner Thomas Court, Donore, Dublin Mortgage WITNESS: Francis CHARRIER of City of Dublin, Gent

See: : http://www.thesilverbowl.com/history/JACKSONs-CrookedStaff.html




1709 Aug  20


Land in Church Street in suburbs of Dublin, bounded on the North side by a house in the possession of John CANE Innkeeper,  and belonging to ____ JACKSON Gent Church Street, Dublin in adjoining property MOS




1710 Jun 6


Assignment .Reciting an earlier deed of October 3, 1698

William BARRY, Scrivener of Dublin City Witness. John BROOKES, deceased tanner; Thomas BROOKES, deceased, tanner; Jonathon DODDRIDGE, brewer  & Mrs, Mary DODDRIDGE, ors BROOKES, administratrix of said Thomas Brookes,  of 1st part; Robert JACKSON, tanner of Thomas Court, Donore, Dublin City of 2nd part.messuage on other side of river at Crooked Staff, Donore, Dublin The assignment is on the back of a Mortgage dated 30 June 1708

Richard MARPLES also described as a Notary Public. WITNESS: Jeremiah VICARS, Tanner. MOS




1709 Oct 1

Robert BRIDGES stable formerly assigned to him, now in possession of said Isaac MANLY; Edward CLARKE of Blind Key, Dublin. Thomas COOKE, Notary Public of Dublin City mentioned; Jonathon JACKSON of Blind Key, Dublin Roth JONES of Blind Key; James KNIGHT, Gent of Dublin City, former lease granted by said Robert Molesworth & now vested in said Philip RIDGATE, Isaac MANLEY in possession of stables formerly held by said Robert Bridges; Hon Robert MOLESWORTH of Breckdenstowne Privy Councillor in Ireland, Dublin of 1st part; Arthur NEWCOMEN Esq.of Chester City, Witness; Robert PEPPARD, Esq., deceased erected house near Blind Key, Dublin, now possessed by said Philip Ridgate; Hugh RIDGATE, deceased; Philip RIDGATE Esq. of Dublin City of 2nd part as granted house in Molesworth's Court, Cork Hill, Dublin City, by said Robert Molesworth; John SMITH Esq. & John SMITH clerk, witnesses. MOS




1711 Oct 15


NOTES: Indenture between Robert AYES in the City of Dublin, weaver & Elizabeth AYERS also OLIVER his wife of the one part and Elizabeth JACKSON of the City of London spinster of the other part. Description of land near St. Patrick’s church that was leased to Henry OLIVER (late of Patrick’s Close, Dublin) on 1 May 1696. In his will of 6 Dec 1707 this land was bequeathed to Robert AYERS and Elizabeth (OLIVER) AYERS his wife. It seems that they are now leasing it to Elizabeth JACKSON. SEE FTM Jacksons of Coleraine for EYRE-JACKSON link




1710 Aug 27


plot of ground "gibb and Gom" nr Dublin city, with holdings of [William HARTFORD?] to the east, as demised by Christopher JOHNSTON of Killtearnan to Erasmus TAYLOR, Glazier of Dublin City, from Erasmus TAYLOR, to James JACKSON, Gent of Dublin City for remainder of term and rents as mentioned, subject to redemption of £56 5s ster with 8% interest. Earlier deed 1704 Aug 9. WITNESSES: William HARTFORD of Dublin City; Richard HALL of Dublin City; Robert BARRETT;.

Thanks to Michael Stewart for these notes..




1708 Jun 22

Will of Michael LEEDS, Dublin, merchant. Codicil February 23, 1708. Probate 14th of May 1711. My wife Anne LEEDS als CASTLETON. My mother. Son Nathaniel and daughter Sarah and Nancy, under age. Cousins Catherine ALDRICH, William ALDRICH, Thomas MEAGHER. Nephew William ALDRICH. My cousin Michael LEEDS in London. Aunt Langham. £10 to my cousin John Jackson for the use of Santry church. Codicil says wife then enceinte. Real and personal estate. Witnesses: Ald. William GIBBONS, Edward BUTLER, gent, and Jane GIBBONS, spinster, all of Dublin. Witnesses to codicil: Avia CASTLETON, Catherine MEAGHER, Catherine MARTIN, all of Dublin. Memorial witnessed by Henry BUCKLEY, John CONNELL, clerk to Bruin WORTHINGTON. William ALDRICH seal. Note: This ties into the Santry JACKSONs included in Derbyshire tree: http://www.thesilverbowl.com/familytree/JACKSONs-DerbyshireOutline.html




1710, March 8

JACKSON-MEAGHER & ors Book Index 1708-1729

Between Rev. John JACKSON of Clanshough in the County of Dublin Clk & Anne LEEDS of Castletown, his widow, late widow & relict of Michael LEEDS of the City of Dublin Merchant deceased & daughter & heiress of Ald Phillip CASTLETON of the one part & Thomas MEAGHER Gent. & William ALDRICH Merchant & Gent  Executors of the last Will and Testament of the said Michael LEEDS of the other part. The said Deed of release Witnesseth that the said John JACKSON and the said Anne LEEDS at Castleton his wife in consideration of the sum of one thousand pounds sterl and interest to them in hand paid by the said Thomas MEAGHER and William ALDRICH ....

More detail from Michael Stewart:

Nathaniel LEEDS, eldest son of Michael LEEDS; Michael LEEDS, youngest con of Michael LEEDS; Sarah LEEDS, eldest daughter of Michael LEEDS. Avis CASTLETOWN, mother-in-law of Michael LEEDS

Thomas Amory was now in possession of Lot 60, Oxamantown Green, Dublin.

lands, house garden in Finglass town, now vested in John JACKSON, bound on West by Unnamed DILLON of Kippocks lands. Corpus Christi Fraternity, Master & Warden Brothers & assistants referenced as assignee in 1667 Sept 28 deed. WITNESSES: James GRATTEN, Doctor of Physik, Dublin City; William WHITEING, Gent, Dublin City; John GRATTEN.

Note: This ties into the Santry JACKSONs included in Derbyshire tree: http://www.thesilverbowl.com/familytree/JACKSONs-DerbyshireOutline.html




1711 Mar 26


John BOUTAND, stocking weaver of Dublin City  to James JACKSON, Gent of Dublin City of indenture of lease by Daniel ZOUCH, founder and freeman to Thomas RAILINS, carpenter of Dublin of parcel of ground on King Street in Oxmantowne in suburbs of Dublin city, for 59 years from 25 March next at 6 (?) pounds together with instrument on bach [?] 1 Feb 1707 where Thomas RAILINS assigned to Henrietta BOUTAND, widow and executrix of Stephen BOUTAND, merchant, late of Dublin, deceased. sd lease, + deed 11 June 1709 from Henrietta BOUTAND to John BOUTAND (by name of youngest son of Stephen BOUTAND)assigning all rights for rest & residue of term, to be fully completed. WITNESS: Owen ROCHE, yeoman, Dublin City. Referencing an earlier deed of 1701 March 24.

Thanks to Mike Stewart for these notes.




1711 Feb 23

Book Index 1708-1729

His will. A Memorial of the last will and testament of Robert JACKSON late of Crooked Staff in the Liberty of Donore and County of Dublin Tanner deceased bearing date the Twenty-third day of February 1711, whereby the said Robert JACKSON (inter alia) did devise unto his beloved wife Joyce JACKSON the front tenement in Crooked Staff sett to several tenants being part of the holding he therein after Bequeathed to his son Robert JACKSON [eldest son] for his use “for ever of his Dwelling House, Tan Yard, Tan House, Bark House, Mill and other Buildings and Improvements made thereon Excepting the passage or Gateway backward from Chambre Street which he did will and declare to be part of the Holding bequeathed to his son William JACKSON...” sons John JACKSON & Thomas JACKSON son-in-law Jeremiah VICKERS. Witness Abraham SPENCE, Dublin City Brewer David CARTON Dublin City Clothier John BLAND servant of Joseph MARRIOT, Gent of Dublin.NOTE: Robert JACKSON m Joyce SHAW 1680. SEE: : http://www.thesilverbowl.com/history/JACKSONs-CrookedStaff.html




1710 Jan 22


November 23 1710 (note Registry date is correct – old calendar) In the presence of Richard JACKSON and Thomas JACKSON of the City of Dublin Esq.  And John Shaw and Roger GAUGH of the said City Gents made between Walter STEPHENS of the City of Dublin Esq. And Thomas BUNBURY of Killerick in the County of Catherlough Esq.... demise of lands ... Mansion House at Littlecott... lands of Clogna...at Waltertown als Ballywalter... more lands... for 41 years to commence after the expiration of a leasemade by Sir Richard STEPHENS late of Lincolns Inn Kinght Dec’d to Benjamin BUNBURY late of Killerick in the County of Catherlough Esq. Dec’d bearing date the 8th day of June 1696... signed in presence of Thomas JACKSON & Thomas WICKSED.


JACKSON, Thomas City of Dublin. Lease of properties in By & Co Carlow, 41 years after the termination of the lease dated 8 Jun 1696 from Sir Richard STEPHENS late of Lincolns Inn to Benjamin BUNBURY late of Killerick, Co. Carlow, which will be 25 Mar 1716, £200 pa. Mention of Richard JACKSON. Will.  AnneChamney




1705 Feb 25

JACKSON-LECOGGI Book Index 1708-1729

John JENNETT of Kinnure, Co. Dublin Gent. Edmond KELLY, City of Dublin, Gent & Margrett KELLY als HEYLAND als JENNETT wife of the said Edmond of Richard JACKSON of the said city carpenter in consideration of Thirty-five Shillings Sterl paid to him by John LeCOCQ of Dublin Gent (tenancies in Little Butter Lane) in suburbs of Dublin.




1707 May 22

Thomas JACKSON, gent of Dublin, witnessed the memorial of Sir Richard KENNEDY, Co. Wicklow, Bart.




1713 Aug 14

JACKSON-PALMER Book Index 1708-1729

Indenture relating to the marriage of Michael JACKSON of the City of Dublin clothier of the first part. Enoch PALMER of the said city Founder of the second part & Mary McCRACKEN of Carrickhill in County of Dublin spinster niece to the said Enoch of the third part. Whereby the said Michael in Consideration of a marriage intended to be had between him and the said Mary and of a marriage protion he is to receive with her doth Grant Bargain and Sell unto the said Enoch that new house with the Garden Backsode and appurtenances wherein the said Michael now lives situate in St. Thomas Court in a lane leading from Pimlicoe to the Tenterfields …NOTE: St. Catherine Parish BMDs.




1713 Jun 6

BELLEW, John-JACKSON NOTES in 2009 diary. 1708-1729

Between John BELLEW of Castleballin, Co. Galway of 1st part & William JACKSON of Killmainhorn, Co. Dublin, Tanner ... lands known as Farley’s holdings in town of Killmainham.




1713 Jan 23


WITNESS George JACKSON, Gent, City of Dublin Property not specified. Lease Lives Athanasius, Catherine & James CUSACK £62 pa AnneChamney




1714 June 2

JACKSON-TUCKER Book Index 1708-1729 Lease of 91 years

William JACKSON bricklayer of Dublin City Deed of Mtg to Martin TUCKER Ballybough Lane in Dublin Wm JACKSON [his mark] illiterate. WITNESS: John MOLLOY & Alexander McDONNELL




1714 Jul 30

John BILLOP’s Will

John BILLOP of Pimlico in Liberties of Thomas Court & Donore City of Dublin Merch will dated June 12 1713, wife Katherine BILLOP... 25 pounds for her natural life... son Josiah BILLOP Witness: JACKSON Michael Weaver Dublin City




1710 July 6

JACKSON-SHARPLES Book Index 1708-1729

Robert JACKSON of Mountmellick, Queens County, farmer with Thomas BEWLEY of Bigbutter Lane (near City of DUBLIN)  tallow Chandler & Lancelot SIMPSON (James St. near Dublin City) of the one part & James SHARPLES of Rousk, Parish of Ballymackwilliam, Kings Co. (farmer) leased land called “Rourk”[?] in Lannanamarran Parish of Ballmackwilliam, Kings Co.

NOTE: 1714 Sep 28 JACKSON Robert Farmer Mountmellick, OFF holds letter of Attorney from said George Bewley dated 1706 Roz McC

Term 77 years. WITNESS: Thomas COULTON, Innkeeper & Thomas HEACOCKE, Perukemaker & Thomas CURTIS blacksmith.




1714 Jan 15

JACKSON-LATOUCHE Book Index 1708-1729

William JACKSON of City of Dublin Baker of 1st part & David LATOUCHE of Dublin, Merchant of other part ... JACKSON set to LATOUCHE one dwelling House & the house wherein Jonathon WOODALL lately dwelled situate in Mark Alley in St. Francis Street, Dublin ... term of 23 years rent of £9.5. WITNESS Nathaniell TAYLOR & Abraham LYON both of City of Dublin.




1711 May 16

Book Index 1708-1729

Lease between Robert JACKSON of Crooked Staff, Co. Dublin, Tanner of the one part & Arthur POTTER of Chamber ST, of said Co. Weaver. Of the other part. JACKSON demised to POTTER Dwelling House in Chamber ST. Incl benefit of the pump. Witnessed Jeremiah VICARS, Robert JACKSON jr. & William CARLING all of the Liberties of Thomas Court & Donore in Co. Dublin, Tanners. SEE: http://www.thesilverbowl.com/history/JACKSONs-CrookedStaff.html




1714 Feb 25

JACKSON-SCOTT 1708-1738 Book Index 1708-1729

Adam JACKSON of Pimlicoe in the Liberty of Thomas Court and Donore and Co. Of Dublin, weaver of one part & Nicholas  SCOTT, City of Dublin, victualler [ see deed 23-5-12243 for more details on land]




1715 Jul 14

Deed of Assignment made by Bernard BROWNE of City of Dublin Esq. & Nathaniel TUMBALE of the same city, clothier of house & Tenement late in possession of Thos PARENCE, south side of Cork St in Liberty of. Thomas Court & Donore which had been held for lives of  sd Bernard BROWNE, Isaac ROBERTSON, of Roger ROBERTS of Thomas Court Inn holder & Philip MARTIN of Plimlicoe, merchant... The said Nathnaiel TUMBALE did in consideration of 50 pounds sterling pd by William JACKSON of Thomas COURT and Donore in Co. Dublin, Gent assign the premises to Wm JACKSON. Witnessed  John BOOKER, City of Dublin, Looking Glass maker; Jeremiah VICKERS of the same City, Tanner; and William BARRY of the same, scrivener.




1715 Jul 6

DAVIS et al to GOWER. JACKSON-GOWER Book Index 1708-1729

Peter DAVIS of City of Dublin, ??ingmaker; William JACKSON of the same City of Dublin Bricklayer. & Thomas GOWER of sd City Gent.for 100 pounds pd by Thomas GOWER lease dated  June 8,1683made by Elizabeth WHITE, widow exec of Henry WHITE dec’d to Patrick STANTON joiner a plot of land in Anglesey’s St.,in suburbs of City of Dublin ... lease assigned to Wm JACKSON  and afterwards by the Sherriffs of the County of the City of Dublin by virtue of a writ of Tier[?] issued out of the Court of Common Pleas. At the suite of Francis MATTHEWs Innkeeper to the said Peter DAVIS. Witnessed by Peter DALY of Dublin, Gent; Elinor JACKSON wife of the said William JACKSON and Thomas MEREFIELD of Dublin, notary.




1715 July 1

1715 Sept 2

Book Index 1708-1729


Memorial of an Indenture of Lease dated 5 July 1715, between Joyce  JACKSON widow and relict of Robert JACKSON late of the City of Dublin Tanner deceased, and  John  JACKSON and Thomas  JACKSON sons of the said Robert JACKSON of the one part They had rented to Jeremiah VICKERS “all that house or tenement  situate on the south side of Chambers Street  in the Liberty of the Court of Donore and County of Dublin next adjoning to Jeremiah VICKERS on the east and to the west to Mr. PORTERs dwelling house together with the backside house of Ease  and all other the apputenances ...” for the yearly rent of £8.10s . Witnesses: Robert JACKSON a Dublin tanner. William  JACKSON of Dublin, gentleman. And Robert WALLIS and William BARRY scrivener. ... delivered 1 Sept 1715 at 9:15 AM

SEE: http://www.thesilverbowl.com/history/JACKSONs-CrookedStaff.html




1716 Jun 2

JACKSON-CLAYTON 1708-1738 Book Index 1708-1729

Between Joyce JACKSON of City of Dublin, widow of 1st part & the Rev Stafford LIGHTBURN of the 2nd part & Rev John CLAYTON, Dean of Kildare & Prebend of St. Michans of the other part. Complicated lease involving lands of Hodgestown, Barony of Moyfenragh, Co. Meath.




1715 Feb 20

JACKSON-WILLS 1708-1738 Book Index 1708-1729

William JACKSON, City of Dublin, baker & Anthony WILLS, of the Comb, Co. Dublin Clothier.... transfer of house in Marks Alley in suburbs of City of Dublin. Lease and release 1710 Nov 8. Wm JACKSON [his mark] SEAL.




1716 Jul 19&20

JACKSON-BILLOP NOTES in 2009 diary Book Index 1708-1738

Marriage between Michael JACKSON of City of Dublin, Clothier of 1st part & Katherine BILLOP of same city the widow & relict of John BILLOP her late deceased husband & sole executrix of Josiah BILLOP her deceased son. Michael JACKSON to Katherine BILLOP land on the west side of Pimlicoe bouding on the east to the Watercourse running by Pimlicoe on the west to the [?]ale holding of the widow EASTWOOD & partly to the Tenter Fields lately belonging to Joseph THOMAS of Millstreet, Miller on the North (more description). WITNESS: Patricia WARREN & Bartholemew RIVERS, City of Dublin Merchants & William SUMNER Clerk to Thomas COOKE, Dublin Notary Public.




1709 Jan 26

WITNESS: Rev. William JACKSON, then curate of St. Michaels. RE: House in Trapper Lane formerly held by Alderman Charles FOSTER relating to a trust for the Parish of St. Michael the Archangel, Dublin. NickRed




1716 Sep 27 & 28

JACKSON-MITCHELL NOTES in 2009 diary Book Index 1708-1738

James JACKSON of City of Dublin, Gent of 1st part & James MITCHELL of same Joiner ... corner plot of land on north side of St. Stephens Green.




1716 Mar 15

JACKSON-TAGG [or SAGG] NOTES in 2009 diary Book Index 1708-1738

Between Joseph JACKSON of Cork St. & Daulphins Barn Lane, Co. Dublin, weaver of 1st part & John TAGG of Meath St. In Liberty of Thomas Court & Donore in said Co. Weaver ... description including Magpie House, Ropers Rest House Limekill House ... term 500 years at a peppercorn & annual rent. WITNESS: Benjamin JOHNSTON Clerk to Edward DALTON, notary.




1717 Mar 29

The will of Catherine BILLOP, city of Dublin, widow. Executors Richard HANNA, Dublin, butcher, Michael JACKSON, Patrick WARRREN, Patrick WARREN, Tenant in High St., Dublin. Rev. Joseph BOYCE’s son. William and James sons of Michael JACKSON, Clothier. A legacy to her old servant Rebecca LAMBERT without the intermingling of her husband. Witnesses: Roger PARKER, gent, Samuel COOPER, Shoemaker, and John SMITH, public notary, all of Dublin. Memorial witnessed by: John SMITH, Luke WALL. Patrick WARREN seal. Michael JACKSON seal.




1716 Dec 12

JACKSON-BANKHEAD Notes in 2009 diary Book Index 1708-1738

James JACKSON of City of Dublin, Gent & James BANKHEAD of Coleraine, Co. Londonderry Merchant of the other aprt. James JACKSON let to James BANKHEAD 11/6 part of freehold alled Clanlary, Parish of Camassmacasque, Co. Londonderry. WITNESS: Benjamin JOHNSON, Clerk & Edward DALTON, Notary.




1717 Mar 15

Joseph  JACKSON to McCULLAGH Book Index 1708-1729

Lease between Richard RUCKMAN of Cork Street at Dolphins Barn Lane – Co. Dublin and Joseph  JACKSON (same address) weaver. House signed over to  JACKSON. William McCULLAGH of Dublin, Merchant of “Magpie House”? “All that the Corner House in Cork Street over against the house called the Magpie House leading from the Street to Ropers Rest Home on the North Side the said lane with the Backside behind the said house and the little house in the Backside called the Limekilnhouse …”




1718 Nov 26


£468:15s for property at the Crooked Staff, with the house built by Henry LITTON, builder, plus other properties on S side of Upr Comb, Liberties Thomas Court & Donore, Co Dublin, with 2 leases to Winfield ATKINSON, Clothier of City of Dublin, one by Samuel CARD, for the lives of John SHAW, Henry SHAW + Ralph CARD renewable, the other from George BLACKALL, for the lives of Mary JACKSON, George BLACKALL + Winfield ATKINSON, renewable.  WITNESSES: Simon ANYON; James HAMILTON, & Edward CHALLONER, all of City of Dublin. AnneChamney




1718 Dec 18

JACKSON-REILLY Book Index 1708-1729

Deed: Thomas  JACKSON with Henry ARKWRIGHT

Henry Arkwright of  City of Dublin Esq & Thomas JACKSON same Esq of the second part and John Reyly of the same Gent of the third part. Proper Lane in Oxmantown ...witnesses Whitfield Doyne, Richard JACKSON,  of the City of Dublin  & by Michael Doyle and Thomas Cook of Dublin.





1718 Oct 10

JACKSON-BONYNG Book Index 1708-1729

1718 Nov 19 Adam JACKSON of Pimlicoe in the Liberty of Thomas Court and Donore and Co. Of Dublin, weaver. & John BONYNGE of ?abaragh of said Co. Esq. Rect. Joseph BILLOP, late of the City of Dublin merchant dec’d  by his lease 1713 Sept 23  demised all that piece of ground lying in alley on the west side of Pimlico aforesaid leading to the tenter fields of Joseph Thomas bounded on the east with backsides  of two houses belonging to the said John Thomas, on the south to the holding of John Buckley on the west to the holding of Michael Jackson... NOTE: earlier Michael JACKSON marriage to BILLOP




1718 Mar 18

JACKSON-USHER Book Index 1708-1729

Richard JACKSON of the City of Dublin Gent of the oe part & Peter USHER of same City Founder of the other part. ...demised a house in Kings Street Dublin to USHER.




1718 Feb 24

Lease of 184a, By Portnahinch, Queen’s Co, formerly in the possession of Francis BROWN, lives of William MASON of Rathereden, CO. Dublin, Martha WALLER ow QUINN (wife of Ropbert WALLER of Cloonany, Queens Co.) + Edward ITCHINGHAM son of Richard ITCHINGHAM, deceased late of Ballymelick, Co. Wexford renewable, £55:4s pa. WITNESSES: Francis GROSEVENOR, brewer of Black Pitts, CO. Dublin; James JACKSON NP.; Edmond DEMPSY of The Poddle, Co. Dublin




1719 Dec 24


Bequeathed to his wife Mary MITCHELBOURE, als JACKSON during her natural life the town and lands of Ballyarthur, and the Mansionhouse thereon and after her decease he devises the said house and lands to his sister  Mrs. Rachel SUNDHAM and his niece Mrs. Elizabeth SYMS and her heirs., and if no heirs to Law CROW  eldest son of cousin Jane CROW, and if no heirs to Richard LAMB, 2nd son of his cousin William and Ann LAMB … NOTE: A Col John MITCHELBURN also married a Susan JACKSON née BERESFORD.


Perhaps they were related.




1719 Nov


Assignment of judgement. Ann GREENLAGH, spinster of Dublin City, who obtained judgement in Court of Common Pleas, IRE, Mich`s term in 3rd yr of HM`s reign against Thomas CROSBIE, Esq. of Ballymague, KERR in amount of £400 + £1.13s.4p. costs did assign sd judgement to John JACKSON, Clerke, Rev of Cloonsaugh, DUB  for £207.19s.3p. ster.REGISTRAR: William PARRY. WITNESSES: George JACKSON; Charles GODDARD.




1719 Nov 2

Rev. Jasper BRETT, Chancellor of Connor unto Richard JACKSON, Esq. of Dublin City of town & lands of Ballynewport alias Newportstown in Lecale (bar.) DOWN [term and rents not mentioned]. Michael WARD Esq. of Dublin City mentioned; REGISTRARS: Charles CHURCH; James BATEMAN, mayor and JP, Coleraine; George HAMILTON, JP of Co. Limerick. WITNESSES: Rev William BOYD, Vicar of Ramoan, ANT; Magnus PRINCE, Doctor of Phisik, Lisburne, Antrim; John ALLEN, servant to Michael WARD; Edward BRUMHALL[?].

Notes thanks to Michael Stewart





1719 Feb 29

JACKSON-PILKINGTON Book Index 1708-1729

Adam JACKSON of Mount Down in the Parish of Tallow and Co. Of Dublin, clothier of the one part  & Thomas PILKINGTON of Dolphins Barn, Co. Dublin, Miller, lease of tuck mill or Fulling [Tulling?] Mil on the lands of Mountdown in the possession of said Adam JACKSON with the Dam and Banks thereof... with 4 ft of ground on each side of the stream that runs on the south side of the banks ...term of 36 years from March 26th

Additional parts thanks to Michael Stewart:

Adam JACKSON of Mount Down in the Parish of Tallow and Co. Of Dublin, clothier to Thomas PILKINGTON Miller of Dolphins Barn, Dublin of tuck or fulling mill on Mountdown, then in poss of Adam JACKSON, with dam, banks + 4ft on both sides of stream + cabbin & piece of ground + use of road & grazing of 1 horse for 36 yrs form 25 Mar next at £28; As mill is to be demolished under Act of Parliament for cleansing & repairing the watercourse from River Dodeer to Dublin, Adam JACKSON to make a corn mill in replacement + within 2 yrs a 2nd mill




1720 May 6

JACKSON-HUME Book Index 1708-1729

Between Adam JACKSON of Pimlico in the Liberty of Thomas Court & Donore, Co. Dublin, clothier of the one part & Gideon HUME CIty of Dublin Gent of the other. Reciting lease Aug 6, 1718  by Peter SHARPE jr. Of Templeoge, Co. Dublin, farmer to the said Adam JACKSON all that part of the Lands of Templeoge formerly in the possession of Richard SCOTT incl abt 20 acres... between the water course and the great ditch




1720 Aug 2


Walter PURCELL, of Crumlin, Dublin to Thomas JACKSON, tydewaiter of said city did set tenement, Francis St., Dublin. Thanks to Linde Lunney.




1720 June 23

JACKSON-DUNLOP Book Index 1708-1738

 Btw Michael JACKSON City of Dublin Clothier & Thomas DUNLOP of same City Gent. House on west side of Pimlicoe in Liberties of Thomas Court & Donore, City of Dublin

29 486 18415 1711 Apr 3 Oliver TALLANT, Esq. of Dublin City to Richard JACKSON, Carpenter of Dublin City of parcel of ground in Bell ally in Golden Lane Suburbs of Dublin City wherein 2 ruinous houses 42x27 feet bnd  on north by holding of John ROGERS, Ale Draper of Golden Lane  and where Folio MAYNARD lived on south - 41 years from 1 May next at £4 ster pa. Deputy Registrar: William PARRY. Witnesses: John WARREN Gent of Dublin City; Richard FLANIGAN, sadler of Dublin City; Isaac PARKER & William ELLIOTT, taylor of Dublin City. Thanks to Mike Stewart.




1721 July 22

JACKSON-LITTON Book Index 1708-1738

Deed Wm JACKSON baker of city of Dublin & Joseph LITTON of same, reciting earlier lease of Nov 8 1710,  where Robert HEATH demised to William JACKSON merchant. House mtg. By JACKSON. Notes by Mike Stewart: Wm JACKSON baker of city of Dublin to Joseph LITTON, Merchant of Dublin City of sd  premises for £20  - redeemable. Joseph LITTON declares the £20 to be proper money of Thomas LITTON and the deed was made by Joseph LITTON in trust for Thomas LITTON. Other names: Jonathon WOODALL; Charles SCOFFET; Brien ROONY; Jacob WEST. Deputy Registrar: Thomas PARRY. Witnesses: Thomas CRINGWOOD, clerk to William BARRY, scrivener – also witness.

30 423 19028 1720 Nov 8 Robert HEATH, merchant of Dublin City to William JACKSON, baker of dwelling house of William JACKSON & house wherein Jonathn WOODALL lately dwelt bnd by house of Jonathon SCOFFET, house of Bryan ROONEY and tenement of Jacob WEST in Mark's Alley adjoinging to St Francis St Subs of Dublin city from 29 Sept last for 23 years at £9 5s. Ster pa.. Deputy Registrar: William PARRY. Witnesses: Richard WHITTMORE, merchant of Dublin City; Richard WEST, merchant of Dublin City & Thomas QUIN. Notes thanks to Mike Stewart:





1721 Sep 22

JACKSON-HUMPHRIES Book Index 1708-1738
Memorial of deed 7 Dec 1715 between John JACKSON of City of Dublin, Linnen Draper and Ann HUMPHRYS also JACKSON his wife of the one part & Elias HUMPHRYS of said City Painter of the other part. In 1695 deed to Elias HUMPHRYS demised house called Court of Guard near Young’s Castle in Oxmantowne. Now Elias, father of said Ann JACKSON died intestate  on or about 1707 but letters of Admin inttitled Anne to 1/5 part & since Jane HUMPHRYs, another daughter of Elias died about 1711 minor and under age 21, her portion is divided equally (lots more if this proves of interest).
Mike Stewart’s notes: John JACKSON of City of Dublin, Linnen Draper & Ann HUMPHRYS also JACKSON his wife for £15 ster from Elias HUMPHRY grant Elias HUMPHRY their rights & portions of house "court of Guard" nr Young's Caste in Oxmantown for remaining years.
Grantors in 1695 Oct 18 included: William WATT Esq. Rt. Hon Lord Mayor of Dublin  ;Andrew BRICE Esq. Sherriff of Dublin; William STOWELL, Sherriff of Dublin; & citizens of Dublin unto Ellis HUMPHRY, smith of Dublin city; died abt 1707 intestate – also father of Elias HUMPHRY & Ann HUMPHRY  of house "court of Quard" nr Young's Castle in Oxmantown formerly in lease to Alderman Daniel BETTINGHAM  and afterwards Sir Daniel BETTINGHAM  and lately surrendered to the treasurer of Dublin by Richard BETTINGHAM, son & heir of Sir Daniel BETTINGHAM, 66x20 ft for 61 years at £7;  that John JACKSON became intitled to 1/5 share; that John JACKSON became entitled to 1/4th share including 3 houses built in possess'n of Thomas JONAS. Depiuty Registrar: William PARRY; Witnesses: James SOMERWELL, Gent of Dublin City; Steevens STEEVENS, Gent of Bony Batter, Dublin; Mary [COSION?]




1721 Sept 25

JACKSON-JACKSON 1708-1738 Book Index 1708-1729

Lease between Nat JACKSON of Mountmellick, Queens Co., Merchant & Timothy FORBES & said release being tripartite between Nat JACKSON of 1st part & Thomas JACKSON of City of Dublin Merchant of 2nd part & T. FORBES of 3rd part etc.




1721 Oct 2


Mtg release. Nat JACKSON of Mountmeillick, Co. Queens, Merchant of the one part & Thomas JACKSON of City of Dublin merchant of the other part. Mention of mill & being son of Robert JACKSON as well as Erasmu & Isaac.




1721 May 16


Deed 31 Mar 1721 between Mary SMITH widow & relict of John SMITH  late of Kevin Street, Co. Dublin Gent. Deceased. John LANGLEY of City of Dublin, Merchant [?] Nicholle widow & relict of John NICHOLLE late of Great Forrat, Co. Dublin Gent deceased. The Rev John JACKSON of Clonshagh Co. Dublin, Clerk .... to John JACKSON part of town and lands of Clanasnaugh, Parish of Santry, Barony of Coolock, Co. Dublin (long complicated deed).




1721 May 12

Deed of Indenture. Mary ALLASON, widow & executor of John ALLASON deceased of 1st pt leased to CThomas KIRKWOOD, & Samuel ALLASON both Merchants, City of Dublin of 2nd pt premises and ground on Capell Street demised to John ALLASON by Isaac POLLARD for 98 years. This property was included in the marriage articles of Isabella Whiteside ALLASON and Joseph ALLASON, son of Mary ALLASON, both deceased. Should Mary ALLASON die, the rent will go to Mary Allason TUMOR and Elinor ALLASON, daughters of Isabella Whiteside ALLASON and Joseph ALLASON & the only issue of them. WITNESSES: Thomas JACKSON, Gent; Olivia DARBY & James MOORE, all of Dublin. Dawn




1721 May 20


Richard JACKSON of City of Dublin carpenter of the one part & Eliz WHITE of sd. County, spinster reciting lease of 3 April 1711 by Oliver TALLANT, Esq., to sd. Richard JACKSON of “all that part and parcel of ground in Bell Ally in Golden Lane in suburb of Dublin”




1717 Sep 9


*Pages are incorrectly numbered; this is the second Page 164 in this book. Marriage to be solemnized between William LEESON, Distiller of City of Dublin and Martha JACKSON, daughter of Thomas JACKSON, Sadler of City of Dublin.William LEESON agreed 100 pounds would be taken from his goods and chattle in trust for Martha JACKSON, and in case of her death, the sum would be given to her children. WITNESSES: John EMERY & Matthew MAGEE. Dawn




1721 Sept 26

JACKSON-FORBES Book Index 1708-1729

A Memorial of two deeds of lease and one of release. One of the leases dated  22 Sept 1721 between Robert JACKSON of Mountmellick, Queens Co.  Gent of the one part  & Timothy FORBES of said City Merchant  of the other part  and the other lease dated 22 Sept 1721 made between Robert JACKSON and Thomas JACKSON of the City of Dublin, merchant of the one part and the said Timothy FORBES of the other part and the said release being Tripartate  23 Spt  between Robert JACKSON of the first part and Thomas JACKSON of the second part  & FOBES of the 3rd part confirming the sale to FORBES of the town and lands of Dunagh and Garoon contianing by estimation 180 acres plantation measure and also 125 acres in Clonkeen formerly in the possession of Robert JACKSON  in the Parish of Rosenallis Barony of Tinahnch, Queens Co.  together with all the buildings orchards Gardens Lands and Tenaments Meadow Pastures Feedings Comons Comon of Pasture and all other appurtenances.  To hold for the natural lives of Nathanial JACKSON. Erasmus JACKSON and Isaac JACKSON sons of the said Robert JACKSON  [lots more] ... Lands of  Derrygile in Barony of Portnahinch and Queens Co.... delivered 25 Sept 1721.




1721 Nov 8

JACKSON-MARTIN Book Index 1708-1729

Memorandum or agreement bearing date of 24 Oct 1721 between Robert JACKSON of Woodtowne, Co. Meath Farmer and George MARTIN  of the City of Dublin Doctor.. Robert JACKSON for £90 sold to George MARTIN his interest  in the lands of Woodtowne. In presence of John RYAN of Dublin Gent. Henry JACKSON father of the said Robert JACKSON & John WILSON near Tallow, Co. Dublin Gent.




1721 Aug 19

JACKSON-JACKSON Book Index 1708-1729

Memorial of a deed of assignment 14 July 1721 annexed to a lease dated 14 March 1709 made by William POLE to Robert JACKSON of Mountmellick in Queens Co. ... lands of Derryclony, Clonaghgally,  then in he possession of Robert JACKSON and his undertenants together with 219 acres of bog  for £100 granted to Thomas JACKSON City of Dublin, Merchant. For the lives of Nathaniel and Erasmus JACKSON sons of Robert JACKSON (NOTE: Isaac is missing off list of sons).  Witness Thomas Bolton Smith  & Lawrence Maguinness Collner both of Mountmellick. Thomas JACKSON [SEAL]





JACKSON-STURGES Book Index 1708-1729

Dwellings in Marks Alley, Dublin.




1718 Aug 6

JACKSON-LEESON Book Index 1708-1729

Btw Peter Sharp jr of Templogue, Co of Dublin, FARMER & Adam JACKSON of Pimlico in the Liberty of Thomas & Donore, City of Dublin  clothier  .... lands of Templogue that Adam JACKSON had demised to Hugh LEESON of City of Dublin, abt 20 acres.




1721 Jan 21

Wil of Enoch PALMER, City of Dublin, Founder.

Registry of Deeds, Abstracts of Wills mention of Samuel OATS. Enogh PALMER. Mary JACKSON, wife of Michael JACKSON & niece of Enoch PALMER 4 children Transcribed thanks to Dawn Lowe

NAMES: Enoch PALMER of Dublin; Sarah BOYTON; Mary JACKSON; Elizabeth MAKINGS; Enoch MAKINGS; Josia(s) JONES; Mt [Mr?] ARMSTRONG; William PALMER; Michael JACKSON; Mr. MEREDITH; Samuel PALMER; Ambrose BRUFF [BRUSS?]; Peter CILLARD; Michael BOYTON; James CLARK; Samuel OATES; John SMITH; Alexander McPHERSON; William PARRY. PLACES: St. Mary's Abbey, Dublin.





1721 Feb 27

JACKSON-SWAN Book Index 1708-1738

JACKSON Michael clothier Dublin, exor of Enoch PALMER indented lease house in Brooke Lane Dublin nickred




1722 Jun 2

Witness: JACKSON Margaret of Rings End

Parcel of ground adj to holdings of Georg PHILIP, part of Gordan's land [4a 2r 20p] reserving 2r 2p; 1 close of land [1r] part of Rose's land; 1 close park or piece of ground part of Parson's freehold [1a 20p] in Hoy's(?) Park; and 1 parcel of lane in the Galls [1a 1r 6p] all in Crumlin, from Walter PURCELL to Garret TENCH for 24 years from 25 March last @ £2 ster per acre yearly rent from Walter PURCELL to Garrett TENCH. VancouverMike




1721 Jul 18

JACKSON-MALONE Book Index 1708-1738

Between Richard JACKSON of City of Dublin Esq. & Edmund MALONE. Of sd City Esq. – rent of a messuage in Church St. bordered by messuage of Col Theophilus JONES containing one dwelling house wherein the said Richard Jackson and his family and after him Col GODBY lately dwelt. Also one yard brewhouse  and stable in the said yard...

Mike Stewart added to my notes: For consids Richard JACKSON untoEdmund MALONE of messuage in Church street, Dublin city, lately lived in by Richard JACKSON & his family, then by Col GODBY, adjacent to messuage of Col Theophilis JONES + one yard, 1 brewhouse & stable for 61 yrs - from 17 July 1721 at £24 payable half yearly. WITNESSES: John Anderson, Apothocary of Dublin City; Francis RAYNOLDS, Drawer of Fountain Tavern, Christ Church Lane; Richard ARCHDEKON [Archdeacon?]; Michael CANNON, servant to Edmund MALONE.




1720 Sep 25

JACKSON-ROCHE Book Index 1708-1738

 A 3 page lease. Tripartite deed of settlement Katherine KENT als WILLIAMS als JACKSON als GRAHAM, widow of Alexander KENT.... Richard ROCHE of City of Dublin Esq. & others..... 600 pounds ... lands in Macetown...abt 100 acres.... Painestown, formerly the lands of Theophilis JONES... Eliz CONLEY als CHEEVER.. term of 500 years.[This is very long lease & I couldn’t capture all of it. Lots of CHENEY details] Between Katherine KENT als WILLIAMS als JACKSON als GRAHAM, widow relict of Alexander KENT dec. Andrew Francis CHENEY of Macetowne Co. Meath & Mary CHENEY his wife, daughter of the sd. Katherine of the first part




1722 Jan 10

piece of ground on Cork Street, Liberty of Donore, bound on east by other grounds to Jacob POOLE by Thomas WESTON; on north by garden of George CULLEN, from 29 Sept then last, for life of [Widow] SMITH; Hannah SMITH, daughter of widow SMITH; Michael SMITH, son of widow SMITH at £2 ster yrly rent, forever, £2 fine on fall of every life. Joseph JACKSON of Cork Street, Liberty of Donor, Dublin is the second party along with Jacob POOLE. REGISTRAR: Bruen WORTHINGTON; WITNESS: William BARRY.

Thanks to Mike Stewart for notes.




1742 Apr 18

JACKSON-BOYTON Book Index 1708-1729

Michael JACKSON of Pimlicoe in the Liberty of Thomas Court & Donore Co Dublin, Clothier & Mary JACKSON als MEEKING his wife of the 1st part; Michael BOYTON of the City of Dublin Feltmaker of the other.leased house late in the possession of Enoch PALMER late of the City Founder, dec’d and then in possession of Samuel SWAN Tallow Chandler... incl malthouse situate in  in Boot lane Oxmantown, Dublin

The following is added thanks to Michael Stewart:

Michael JACKSON of Pimlicoe in the Liberty of Thomas Court & Donore Co Dublin, Clothier  & Mary JACKSON als MEEKING [or MECKIN?] his wife to Michael BOYTON of the City of Dublin Feltmaker of one undivided 3rd pt of house late in poss. of Enoch PALMER late of the City Founder, dec’d now in poss. of Samuel SWAN Tallow Chandler with backside, garden formerly in poss of Francis GEOGHEGAN, then in poss. of CHAMBERS + malt house maltroom & backrooms with piece of ground being pt of D's garden, situate behind house built by Eunoch PALMER & in poss of Richard FERRAL + Stable & coach house in poss of I, all in Boot Lane in Oxmantown, DUB, subj to £30 being 2/3 rent & subj to £12 or 2/3 rent to J during his life




1722 Nov 26


Thomas BUNBURY, Esq. of Choghner, CATHERLOGH [Carlow] & Thomas BUNBURY the younger, son & heir to Thomas JACKSON, Esq. of Dublin City, trustee & Franks BERNARD, Gent of Clonmuske, CATHERLOGH £800 in trust. Thomas JACKSON & Frank BERNARD to invest to satisfy Thomas BUNBURY jr. during life of Thomas BUNBURY sr., such sums as lands of Cranavolan, Idrone, (Bar) Cath are insufficient to make up yrly rent charge of £100. Remaining interest to be pd to Thomas BUNBURY sr. and on his death to Rose BUNBURY & on her death the £800 + inter due to Thomas BUNBURY j.  for life. For better securing rent charge, Thomas BUNBURY sr. to Thomas BUNBURY jr.  of sd rent charge out of sd lands during life of Thomas BUNBURY sr., with clause of distress in charge unpaid. REGISTRAR: Bruen WORTHINGTON. WITNESSES: James REILLY, Gent of Dublin City & Henry DIM, taylor of Dublin City.

Notes thanks to Michael Stewart.

SEE: http://www.thesilverbowl.com/familytree/JACKSON-Coleraine-tree.html




1722 Dec 14

JACKSON-GLOVER Book Index 1708-1729

Indenture of lease between Richard JACKSON of the City of Dublin Gent and Farmer GLOVER of the same City Esq. Of the other part. Whereas Richard JACKSON demised all that house or tenement where James ROBBIN lately dwelt situate in or near Kings Street in the suburbs of Dublin with the stable on the east side built by Samuel JACKSON Esq. Decd. [NOTE: he may be the Samuel JACKSON who died 1706] For term of 50 years rent of £26. Witnessed Lewis JONES City of Dublin &  & John PURCELL now of the City of Corke Gent & William BARRY of City of Dublin

ADDITIONAL: Richard JACKSON to Farmer GLOVER of house wherein James ROBBINS lately dwelt on or near King Street in suburbs of Dublin city, with stable on east side built by Samuel JACKSON + lge garden on south side of house & stable, also tenement on east side of garden + liberty of egress & regress through passage from premises to King Street, as demised by Samuel JACKSON to James ROBBINS, from 29 Sept then next for 50 years at £26 ster rent. WITNESSES: Lewis JONES, Esq. of Dublin City; John PURECK, Gent, now of Cork City; William BARRY Scribe of Dublin City; John SMITH, Notary Public of Dublin City.

Additional notes thanks to Michael Stewart.




1722 Dec 15


Mtg piece of ground on Barry St., Oxmantown + piece of ground in Whinrip Alley near Bury st., with 2 houses thereon, from Thomas DIXON, Mathematical Instruement Maker, exec'r of last will of William DIXON (Bricklayer, late of Dublin City, deceased) of  Dublin city; to James JACKSON, Gent of Dublin City for £50 from henceforth during residue of terms of 71 and 60 yrs subject to redemption on repayment of £50, 15 March ensuing. WITNESSES: Barry GORDON & Philip GIBSON, clerks to Samuel COTTON, Notary Public.

Notes thanks to Michael Stewart.




1722 Nov 30


Lease & release for £900 Francis DUGGAN, Esq of Ballygriffin, Co. Dublin unto Thomas JACKSON, Esq. of Dublin City forever of Ballygriffin, Coolock (bar.) DUB [560 acres profitable plantation measure] + Castlewood Fermoyle Garranmaconty & Raheend in Queens Co. for life of And "his sons"; also Ballinstown [120 acres likewise] for life of Richard DUGGAN, Gent Charles DUGGAN, Gent & Thomas BANNS, Gent, subject to redemption 1 June 1723 and to sum of £27 twice yearly till sd sum is paid. WITNESSES: William RYVES, merchant of Dublin City; John HARVEY, servant to Chief Justice DOYNE; & Edward DELANEY.

Notes thanks to Michael Stewart.




1723 Jun 20


for £50 Patrick DOWLING, timber merchant of Dublin City to James JACKSON, Gent of Dublin City of plot of ground in Oxmantown near Dublin, bound on north by house wherein Joseph SOUTHERN, grantor, lately dwelt and lately lett to George DEESON; on south by  Mr.NUGENT's holding; Drewhouse [brewhouse?] of Mr. READ on west, also brickhouse erected by A on sd land, henceforth for residue of term of 31 years granted by Joseph SOUTHERN to Patrick DOWLING, subject to redemption. William PARRY, Deputy Register. WITNESSES: Charles MEARES, Gent of Dublin Coty & William HARBORNE, clerk to Charles MEARES.

Notes thanks to Michael Stewart.




1722 Jul 4


John WHINREY, Stone Cutter of Dublin City to Michael JACKSON, Gent of Dublin City of piece of ground in possession of Michael JACKSON 13 feet in breadth on back of Abby street lying contiguous to ground of John WHINREY, from 25 Mar then last past, for 51 and a half yrs at 7 shillings 6 pence yrly rent.William PARRY, Registrar. WITNESSES: John BRIGGS, Stonecutter of Dublin City & John SMITH, Public Notary of Dublin City. Alexander McPHERSON, clerk to John SMITH.

Notes thanks to Michael Stewart.




1722 Aug 20

JACKSON-SCHULDHAM Book Index 1708-1729

Rev William JACKSON

NAMES: John USHER of Dublin; Rev. William JACKSON; Rt. Rev. Dr. William MORETON, Lord Bishop of Meath; Dame Mary JONES; Edward SCHULDHAM; William BARTON of Thomastown, Co Louth; Michael SCRIVENS; John KEARNEY; John MOFFITT; Richard TERRY; Registrar: William PARRY. http://www.thesilverbowl.com/misc/whatsnew.htm




1722 Jan 11

JACKSON-GILL Book Index 1708-1729

Joseph JACKSON, Cork Street, Liberty of Donore, Dubin, weaver

NAMES: Joseph JACKSON; Joseph GILL; Mr. POWER; Thomas WESTON; Jacob POOLE; George CULLIN; Rebecca SMITH; Michael SMITH; Michael SMITH jr.; Hannah SMITH; Joseph ROSE; William BARRY; Bruen WORTHINGTON. PLACES: Cork St, & Earl St. both in the Liberty of Donore, Co. Dublin. http://www.thesilverbowl.com/documents/1722Jan11JACKSON.html




1723 Oct 30

Henry ASTON, Esq. of Dublin City Grantor to Elizabeth JACKSON, widow of Dublin, grantee of house "Flying Horse Inn" stables yard on south side of Temple Barr St Andrew's parish, Dublin city Suburbs, then in possession of Elizabeth JACKSON, adjoining holdings of Ambrose LANCE of Mr. KELLY, for lives of Samuel & Henry SANDWITH &Thomas JACKSON for ever, renewable, at £30 for first 7 years, £35 for next 7 years & £40 after.




1723 Jul 31

Jacob POOL, Clothier of Dublin City, Grantor to Michael JACKSON, Clothier of Dublin City of parcel of ground on north side of Mill Race or water course in Morrowlane in Liberty of Thomas Court, Co & city of Dublin, bound on north by land to be called Roberts Street, on east by land let by Isaac ROBERTS to Jacob POOL, with privileges as granted Jacob POOL by Isaac ROBERTS, for ever, from 24 June last for lives of Isaac, Mary & Lydia ROBERTS at £7 12s with £3 16s. fine on renewal. Thanks to Mike Stewart for notes.




1723 Jan 21

LECKY to  JACKSON Registered the 21st of January 1723 at 4 a clock in the afternoon


NAMES: James LECKY of Kilnock, Co. Carlow; Thomas JACKSON, merchant of Dublin; Walter BAGNELL of Parish of St. James, liberty of Westminster; Ralph CRUTCHLY; John WILLIAMS; Robert DENT; William PARRY. OTHER PLACES: Rathcrogue, Co. Carlow.

This Deed involves the transfer of land from a Thomas JACKSON, a merchant of the City of Dublin to a James LECKY. The land in question is in the townland of Rathcrogue, Co. Carlow. Although hunches may prove to be red herrings, this may still turn out to be one of the missing links to the JACKSONs who preceed our last known relative, George JACKSON (1718-1782).

NOTE: Rathcrogue Townland was 422 acres in Co. Carlow, Barony Carlow, Parish Tullowmagimma, PLU Carlow, Province, Leinster.




1723 Oct 3

JACKSON-SIDEBOTHOM Book Index 1708-1729

Joseph JACKSON, Cork St., Liberty of Donore, Dublin, weaver

Land from Cork Street leading to Dolphins Barn

NAMES: Joseph JACKSON; Joseph SIDEBOTHOM; Mr. POWER; Thomas WESTON; Jacob POOLE; George CULLIN; Rebecca SMITH; Michael SMITH; Michael SMITH jr.; Hannah SMITH; Matthew PAGEITT; Patrick HAMILTON; Edward DALTON; William PARRY. PLACES: Cork St, in the Liberty of Donore, Co. Dublin. http://www.thesilverbowl.com/documents/1723Oct3JACKSON.html




1724 May 4

Will of Edmond Francis STAFFORD, deceased of Brownstown, Co. Meath; Isabella STAFFORD, wife of Edmond, deceased; Ann STAFFORD, daughter of Edmond Francis STAFFORD; Henry STAFFORD; Kennedy STAFFORD, eldest son of Henry STAFFORD; Cousins of Edmond Francis STAFFORD= Bartholemew, Rowen, Dr. Alexander  & Edmond McNAUGHTEN. Lands in Antrim. WITNESS: Thomas JACKSON. Esq of Dublin witness in 1722.




1724 June 24


Deed 23 March 1723 Wm VESEY & wife demised to Thomas JACKSON of City of Dublin Esq.  Town and lands of Barrystown & Grantstown, Barony of Dargy, Co. Wexford  311 acres. For lease of 41 years.




1724 Sept 12

JACKSON-THOMAS Book Index 1708-1729

Michael JACKSON of Dublin Clothier to Josua THOMAS City of Dublin Clothier  “All that new House or tenament with the large backside behind the same situate on the north side of the Mill Race or watercourse in Marrowbone Lane in the Liberty of Thomas Court Co. Dublin.




1725 May 7

JACKSON-JACKSON Book Index 1708-1738

Indenture May 6, 1724 Wm. JAMES of Athy. Co. Kildare, Tanner did demise & set to Robert JACKSON of Crooked Staff in Co. Dublin Tanner and Josiah JACKSON of Glassholly, Co. Kildare Farmer lease of house in Athy from Robert JACKSON to Josiah JACKSON for 22 years




1704 Dec 31


John HAYES , merchant of Dublin City to Thomas JACKSON, merchant of Dublin City of 4 houses in Fishamble Street Dublin as held by John HAYES for term as held by John HAYES except for last 2 years, at £73 from 25 March next. Note the date reads "One thousand seven hundred and four [small space] four"

Thanks to Mike Stewart notes.




1726 Apr 2

JACKSON-JACKSON Book Index 1708-1729

Btw William JACKSON of the Liberty of Donore and Co of Dublin Gent of the one part & Robert JACKSON of Crooked Staff in the Liberty of Thomas Court and Donore and County of Dublin, tanner. Robrt pd William 60 pounds for lease of house on south side of Cork St.in Liberty of Thomas Court & Donore... to hold for natural lives of Bernard BROWN; Isaac ROBERTS son of Robert ROBERTS of Thomas Courts Innholder and Philip MARTIN of Pimlico Merchant.

Mike Steward added to my notes:

For £60 to be pd by Robert JACKSON, William JACKSON releases unto Robert JACKSON house & backside lately in possession of Thomas [PARENCE?] on Cork St in liberty of Thomas Court & Donore, DUB, [16x85 ft] bound by holdings of MATTHEWS on south, of  Bernard BROWN & Isaac ROBERTS on east, for lives of Bernard BROWN Isaac ROBERTS & Phillip [MARSIN?] at rent and renewal fines mentioned in deed.

SEE: http://www.thesilverbowl.com/history/JACKSONs-CrookedStaff.html




1736 Dec 30-31


John BALL of Loghross, Co. Armagh, Esq. of 1st part & Thomas JACKSON of City of Dublin Esq. Of the other part ... sell to Thomas JACKSON all that tate of the old Castle of Creckstown & 106A 1R 34P of the land thereunto adjoining in the Barony of Ratbath, Co. Meath. WITNESS: William CHURCH of Coleraine, Co. Londonderry, Gent; John DOWNING of City of Dublin, Gent; Henry ARKWRIGHT, City of Dublin.




1724 Jul 30-31


Between James FARRELL of Cooltimore, Co. Sligo, Gent of 1st part & James FARRELL of City of Dublin, Esq of other part & release being Quinquepartite & made between James JACKSON, City of Dublin, Gent of 1st part Elizabeth JACKSON spinster, daughter of the said James JACKSON of the 2nd part. Said James JACKSON of Cooltimore of 3rd part ... Randal DONALDSON




1726 Mar 23

JACKSON-JACKSON Book Index 1708-1729

Wm JACKSON Liberty of Donore, Co. Dublin Gent of 1 pt; Robert JACKSON of Crooked Staff, Liberty of Thomas Court and Donore, Dublin, tanner of the other pt.  Wm JACKSON in consid of 220 pounds  pd by Robert JACKSON transferred slip of land near Crooked Staff bounded as follows: on the East joining to another holding of Robert JACKSON deceased in partly  with the holding of of Edward COLGAN on the West. Partly to the holding of Timothy EMERSON and partly with the holding of David CARTON on the North fronting Cork Street and on the shouth  fronting Chambers Street and containing in breadth to the front of Cork St 28 ft or thereabouts and in breadth in front Chambers St. 38 ft or thereabouts  except the gateway as it was then leading  in the of said Robert JACKSON dec’d other holding and in length from North to South  218 feet or thereabouts on that end the said piece of Ground near Chambers St the said Robert JACKSON dec’d had one new large dwelling  house on the other and fronting  Corke St. James WHITELL carpenter tenant to the said Robert JACKSON dec’d  had built one other new large dwelling house… To hold for the lives of John SHAW, Henry SHAW &  Ralph CARD. WITNESSES: Boyde & John SHAW of City of Dublin

SEE: http://www.thesilverbowl.com/history/JACKSONs-CrookedStaff.html




1728, Apr 19

JACKSON-CORNEILLE Book Index 1708-1729

Mortgage between Thomas JACKSON of City of Dublin, merchant of the one part & CORNEILLE of Dublin Esq. Of the other part. Mortaged for [pounds] 100 to John CORNEILLE land on the north side of Polebegg St(?) 17’8”X1’8” & front to rear 56’. Terms of 37 years (also involves leases of Joshua CROWTHER & Elizabeth JOHNSON) Witness: Benjamin JOHNSTON.




1727 Mar 3

Thomas  JACKSON, merchant in Dublin bought house known as “Tea Tubb” PATESON to  JACKSON





JOHNSTON Book Index 1708-1729

₤23.10 indenture to JOHNSTON, Dublin




1720 Oct 25

CARMICHAEL Book Index 1708-1729

₤40.00 indented to CARMICHAEL, both Dublin merchants




1728 Oct 26

JOHNSTON Book Index 1708-1729

Dublin merchant to JOHNSTON mtg land at Jervis Quay, Bachelors Walk




1727 Mar 11


Between Thomas CARRICK, City of Dublin, watchmaker son & heir of Marke CARRICK late of Dublin Cardwinder dec’d by Mary TAYLOR als CARRICK als EUSTACE mother of Thomas ... & James JACKSON of City of Dublin, Gent ... town & lands of Cappage ... 380A near Ringlass, Parish of Castleknock, Co. Dublin ... leave for 90 years from death of Mary EUSTACE.




1728 Jun 6


Richard WORKMAN of City of  Dublin goldsmith & Mary WORKMAN als JACKSON his wife of 1 pt. & George DUFFIELD of town & Co. Antrim Innkeeper of other part ...

58 74 38637 1728, Sep 9

John ARMSTRONG, Gent, Only acting executor of Will of Richard SPAN, Esq. late of Dublin; Dublin city to Thomas JACKSON, Merchant of Dublin of piece of ground on Jervis Quay ats The Batchelors Walk in suburbs of Dublin city from 24 June last past for 157 years at £8 pa.Registrar: William PARRY. Witneses: Pollex SEN Esq. of Dublin City; Thomas JOHNSTON, Notary Public of Dublin City and his clerk Thomas RICE. Thanks to notes by Mike Stewart

58 74 38639 1728, Sep 9

John ARMSTRONG, Gent, Only acting executor of Will of Richard SPAN, Esq. late of Dublin; Dublin city to Thomas JACKSON, Merchant of Dublin of piece of ground on west side of Batchelors Lane on Jervis Quay ats  Batchelors Walk in suburbs of Dublin city 135x45 ft, bound on west by concerns of Walter PETERS from 24 June last past for 157 years & 3 months at £5 pa. Registrar: William PARRY. Witneses: Pollex SEN Esq. of Dublin City; Thomas JOHNSTON, Notary Public of Dublin City and his clerk Thomas RICE. Thanks to notes by Mike Stewart.




1728 Feb 10

JOHNSTON Book Index 1708-1729

Dublin merchant indentured to JOHNSTONE more land at Batchelor’s Walk




1728 Sep 23

JACKSON-VICKERS Book Index 1708-1729

Rev. William JACKSON of Clonmell, Co. Tipperary to Jeremiah VICARS, Co. Dublin, Tanner. Crooked Staff in Liberty of Thomas Court and Donore, Dublin where Robert JACKSON lived. NOTE: One of the daughters of Robert JACKSON married Jeremiah VICARS. SEE: http://www.thesilverbowl.com/history/JACKSONs-CrookedStaff.html




1728 Dec 14

BILLING Book Index 1708-1729

Dublin merchant, mtg Batchelors walk in suburbs of Dublin




1729, July 31

WHITE Book Index 1708-1729

Dublin merchant signed over houses including one house late in possession of Rev. William JACKSON.




1728 Apr 4

D’APREMONT Book Index 1708-1729

Dublin merchant to Honorable Brigadier Francis D’APREMONT – Jarvis Quay




1729 Feb 28

JACKSON-PIPPARD Book Index 1708-1729

A Memorial of a certain Deed Poll bearing date the twenty fifth day of February 1729 whereby the Revd Robert JACKSON Rector of Fatham of Lancashire  did agree with all covenants speed to perfect a lease to John PIPPARD of the City of Dublin Esq. Of Castletownmoore and the land thereunto belonging  with all its appurtenance  in as full and  ample manner as then enjoyed  enjoyed by the present tenant Matthew BARNWELL Esq. For the term of 31 years  ... for the yearly rent of £80... to which said deed Poll Richard JACKSON of the City of Dublin Esq. By virtue of a power or authority from the said Robert JACKSON recited in the deed poll hath subscribed the name  and affixed the seal of the said Robert JACKSON and the said John PIPPARD hath subscribed his name  and affixed his seal in the presence of Charles HIGGINS of the City of Dublin Gent and James GILLESPIE Servant to the said Richard JACKSON and this Memorial inspected by  the said John PIPPARD in the presence of  Charles HIGGINs & Benjamin JOHNSTON Public Notary in the City of Dublin.  Etc. Benjamin Johnston was my 5x g.grandfather we don't know much about him except that he was a Notary Public in round about  the 1720s in Dublin. He lost his first wife and all their 5 children, he then married Mary Weld, my 5x g.grandmother,  and went on to have at least 9 more children. Email Sally Lloyd Mar 2, 2009 NOTE: There is a Rev Robert JACKSON of Tatham aka Totham, Lancashire mentioned in the Coleraine JACKSON tree.




1730 Jul 20

WITNESS: James JACKSON, public notary, to will of Robert DOUGATT, Chanter of St. Patrick’s. Dublin.




1730 Feb 23

BALL, John & wife-JACKSON [NOTE: Coleraine JACKSONs]

NAMES: John BALL of Three Castles aka Bannough, Kilkenny; Thomas JACKSON of Dublin; Dorothy BALL née JACKSON; John HAMILTON; John DOWNING; William PARRY.





1731 Apr 12

Rev William JACKSON of St. John’s Dublin, trustee of Thomas PROBY, deceased.




1730 Feb 23

BALL, John-JACKSON NOTES in 2009 diary. 1730-1745

John BALL of Three Castles in Co. Kilkenny Esq. & Richard JACKSON of City of Dublin, Esq. John BALL and wife Dorothy sold to JACKSON towns and lands of Bannanaugh commonly called and known by the name of Three Castles lying in the Co. Kilkenny … 449 acres for pmt of £1000 & interest WITNESS John HAMILTON of City of Dublin, Gold Smith & John DOWNING of City of Dublin, gent.

Except for mention of Richard JACKSON Looks the same as: http://www.thesilverbowl.com/documents/1730Feb23-BALL-JACKSON.html




1731 May 24

JACKSON-D’APPREMONT Book Index1730-1745

 Thomas JACKSON, City of Dublin re: two lots of land at Jervis Quay





HOUSE Book Index 1730-45






POOLE Book Index 1730-45





1732 Oct 27

Rev. William JACKSON, D.D. was one of the trustees overseeing will of Elizabeth BYRNE of Dublin, spinster, and her lands in Co. Wicklow, rents to benefit Protestant charities.




1730 Jul 6

MATHEWS & ors- JACKSON1733 Jul 6 Book Index 1730-45

Btw Rev John JACKSON of Clonshagh, Co. Dublin & Edward MATTHEWS of City of Dublin... town and lands of Hollywoodrath, Co. Dublin. It seems that Hans BAILIE of City of Dublin Merch holds the lease – fines and such discussed.





BURKE Book Index 1730-45

Rev William JACKSON was one of the trustees for Thomas PROBY, late of Dublin,Gent dec’d.




1737 Jun 17

JACKSON-MERCER NOTES in 2009 diary. 1730-1745

Thomas JACKSON of City of Dublin, Merchant for £121.9.2 ... granted to Luker MERCER, City of Dublin, Gent  ground on North ide of Colebegg [Polebegg?] Street in Liberties of City of Dublin 17’X56’ ... for 37 years.




1736 Apr 13

Lord SANTRY-JACKSON NOTES in 2009 diary.

Rt Hon Henry Lord Baron Barry of Santry of 1 part & Henry JACKSON of City of Dublin Cordwinder of the other ... ground on North side of Pill Lane formerly in possession of John BURGES ... 25’X130’ .. Cow Lane on north (more description) ... 31 years.




1738 May 6

GRATTAN Book Index 1730-45

Between Rev Daniel JACKSON of City of Dublin Admin of Goods etc of Edward DEERING late of Dublin dec’d of the 1 pt  & the Rev Robert GRATTAN of City of Dublin of other pt... in consid of 350 pounds pd to Rev Daniel JACKSON by Robert GRATTAN & also in consid of the sum of 10 shillings to the said Henry DEERING did transfer large park of Coleraine contain by estimation Five Acres the Tirnup field thereto adjoining cont by est 7 acres, the Ash Grove cont 6 acres, two small meadows next adjoining amounting to the number of 22 acres of the lands of Great Clonshaghin in the Barony of Coolock & Co. Of Dublin ... more plots of land in Dublin described .. Witness Rev John GRATTAN od Dublin & Joseph LANDERS of same publ.




1738 Jul 3

BOND Book Index 1730-45

Lease – Michael JACKSON of City of Dublin, Clothier for 20 pounds sterling pd by Edward BOND of Bonderill, Co. Armagh demised Coach house & stable in Bootlane in Oxmantown, City of Dublin... for 52 years





HELSHAM & ors Book Index 1730-45





1738 Jul 3

JACKSON-BOND Book Index 1730-45

Michael JACKSON of City of Dublin clothier for 130 pounds pd by Edward BOND of Bondville, Co. Armagh Esq  made over tenement situate at Boot Lane, Dublin... term of 91 years




1738 Jan 8

JACKSON-HANLON Book Index 1730-45

Henry JACKSON City of Dublin Gent demised to Caleb HANLON of City Mergh tenement lately built by Henry JACKSON on North side of Thomas St, City of Dublin... one of witnesses was John EVERS wine cooper.




1738 Jan 8

JACKSON-HANLON Book Index 1730-45

Henry JACKSON City of Dublin Gent demised to Caleb HANLON of City Mergh tenement lately built by Henry JACKSON on west side of St. John’s Lane in St. Thomas St




1738 Jun 29

JACKSON-PALMER Book Index 1730-45

Btw Rev Daniel JACKSON of Tullamore in Kings Co clrk of 1 pt & Amos PALMER of Newtown in Queens Co & Robt DROUGHT of Park in said Kings Co Gent of other pt reciting whereas the Ld Montague Lord Visc BLUNDELL did demise to Rev John JACKSON of Clonshagh in Co Dublin... tithes...Territory of Tecall & Barony of Ballyboy Eglish & Ballycowen situate in Kings Co ... more details on tythes.




1739 Jun 6

JACKSON-COAD Book Index 1730-45

Marriage Art: btw William JACKSON of Kilmainham in Co of Dublin Tanner  of 1 pt Ralph CARD of the City of Dublin Esq. & John LOWTON of the same city clothier of the other part. Whereas a marriage btw Wm JACKSON & Ann HUNT dau to John HUNT late of the City of Dublin, clothier dec’d 200 pounds to be paid to Wm JACKSON as a marriage portion




1739 Mar 6

JACKSON-LODGE Book Index 1730-45

Made betw John BOURKE, Robt FRENCH, Boleyn WHITNEY, Wm COOPER, RObt ROBERTS. Thomas CUFFE, Robert ROSSE jr., Richard WARBURTON sen, & Thomas JACKSON Esq. Ald Richard DAWSON Ald Nathanial PEARSON, Isaac DOBSON, William LINGEN & Caesar COLCLOUGH Esq. Of the one part & Tras  Lodges of the City of Dublin Esq. Of the other part... it seems they were trustees of lands of Coolecullen.




1737 Oct 8

JACKSON-JACKSON Book Index 1730-45

Deed dated Aug 14, 1713 from Enoch PALMER to Michael JACKSON of all that new brick house Messuage or tenement then lately built by the said Enoch PALMERsituated on the West side of Boot Lane in the said city [Dublin]... term 99 years assignment to Michael JACKSON  of the City of Dublin, Gent in consideration of 10 pounds sterling did assign and make over to James JACKSON of the said city Tapeweaver the aforesdaid premises.. witnessed by Elizabeth MATTHEWs wife of John MATTHEWS of the City of Dublin Cordwainer [?] BOWLES, of the City of Dublin spinster. Memorial is witnessed by said John MATTHEWS; John DEVALL of the City of Dublin, Gent. Will JACKSON [SEAL] signed Feb 14 1739.




1740 May 21

JACKSON-SAMPSON Book Index 1730-45

Same set of names as in 97-275-68300




1740 May 22

JACKSON-CUCKMORE  or CUDMORE? Book Index 1730-1745

Same set of names as in 97-275-68300




1741 Mar 31

JACKSON-DeLANDRE Book Index 1730-45

Assignment from Thomas KENNAN of Diswelstown, Co Dublin Gent to Adam and Christopher JACKSON of Lackwood als Castagobb, Co Dublin, clothiers all that part of the land of Astagobb commonly called Guns Island and also all that part of the land of Lackwood als Castagobb aforesaid with teh two tuck of fulling mills with the four stocks and four houses there namely the dwelling house Corning House Stove and Composition House and also all that part of Diswelstown aforesaid commonly called the Mill Island ... make over to Barthomew DELANDRE of the City of Dublin Gent for tem of 25 years....




1741 Dec 23


John MATTHEWS of City of Dublin Cordwainer & Elizabeth JACKSON otherwise JACKSON his wife... did sign to Nicholas GIBTON of the same City Currier all that brick house & tenement built by Enoch PALMER Founder and situate of the west side of Boote Lane in said City...




1741 Oct 9

DONNELL & others-WHITE Initially I had #72599 – may need to double check


Deeds of lese betw Elizabeth DONNELL otherwise DOBBINof the City of Dublin, widow; Richard JESSON of Dundalk in the Co of Louth Gent & Mary JESSON otherwise DOBBIN his wife Ann CRAVEN otherwise DOBBIN of Dublin widow which said Elizabeth Mary & Ann are sisters  & heis at law of James DOBBIN late of City of Dublin Gent and Arthur CRAVEN of City of Dublin Esq. Admin of the said James DOBBIN and devisee in fee simple of John DOBBIN of City of Dublin who was brother and heir of said James DOBBIN dec’d of the one part & Mark WHYTE of the other part of City of Dublin Esq.... deed of release ... names of 1st part; Revd George JACKSON of Ardpatrick, Co Lowth and Anthony FOSTER of City of Dublin Esq. Admin with the will annexed  of the Rev Peter JACKSON dec’d ... complicated memorial ...




1741 Nov 21

JACKSON-HEARNE .. KEOWN Book Index 1730-45

Lease made bet Ellen JACKSON of City of Dublin widow and relict of  Revd William JACKSON late of City of Dublin & Revd William JACKSON of Rocksavage, Co Cork only son and heir at law of sd Wm JACKSON dec’d... in consi of 1624 pounds sterling pd to Ellen by Daniel HEARN townlands of Streamstown cont 389 acres... many lands ... Barony of Moycashell, Co Westmeath




1742 June 3

JACKSON-JACKSON Notes in 2009 diary Book Index 1730-1745

Anne JACKSON of City of Dublin spinster made over to William JACKSON of same City merchant ... dwelling house & tenement on West side of Bootlane Dublin late in possession of Gen FAIRFAX & also memorial of assignment 20 Nov 1745 whereby said William JACKSON did make over to his father Michael JACKSON. WITNESSS: Susan BOWLES, City of Dublin, spinster; John DEVALL of Dublin, Gent.




1742 Oct 9

MATTHEWS-JACKSON Notes in 2009 diary

Between Enoch PALMER of City of Dublin of one part & Michael JACKSON of same city clothier of the other part for house lately built by Enoch PALMER on West side of Boot lane, Dublin ... 91 year lease yearly rent 40s ... by which assignment John MATTHEWS of City of Dublin [?] & Elizabeth MATHEWS otherwise JACKSON his wife did make over their title to said Michael JACKSON [NOTE: Was Elizabeth the sister of Michael?] WITNESS: Susannah BOWLES City of Dublin, spinster; John DEVALL of Dublin, Gent & John MATHEWS




1742 Nov 20

JACKSON-GIBSON Notes in 2009 diary

Michael JACKSON of City of Dublin, clothier to Nicholas GIBSON [much detail echoes two earlier deeds] WITNESS: Mary DALTON of Cabbragh Lae, Dublin, spinster; John DEVALL, City of Dublin, Gent.

108 226 76108 1742 Mar 18

NAMES: Henry DEERING & Mary DEERING of Dublin; Bishop Mordecai CARY & wife Catherine CARY & daughter Catherine CARY, all of Killala; Rev. Daniel JACKSON of Tullamore; Rev Theophilus BROCAS of Killala; Robert FRENCH; Charles DEMPY; Rev. Samuel VIRCASEL [?]; Bartholemew DELANDRY. It is a marriage agreeement between Henry CARY & Mary DEERING. The JACKSON connection is to Rev. Daniel JACKSON (1687-1772). His ancestry can be seen at JACKSONs of Derbyshire This line includes the JACKSONs of Santry.

108 227 76317 1743 Apr 23

This is a marriage agreement between Vere HUNT & Catherine CHADWICKE. NAMES: Vere HUNT [both sr. & jr.]of Glanagoole, Tipperary; Jeremiah aka Jeremy JACKSON of Fanningstown, Limerick; Richard HAMERSLEY of Holy Cross, Tipperary; William CHADWICKE of Ballinard, Tipperary; Catherine CHADWICKE John SABLIER [?]. OTHER PLACES: Poyntstown, Garryclogh, Ballyconry, Shronell, Kilmagoning, Ballynard.




1723 Mar 24

JACKSON-SALE Book Index 1730-45

Ann JACKSON of City of Dublin widow of 1 pt & Catherine SALE of City of Dublin widow of Edward SALE Esq edc’d doctor of Laws. For 443 pounds did make over  land known by the name of Sandymount Park cont 10 acres in Manor of Mount Kennedy Parish & Barony of  Newcastle, Co Wicklow




1743 Jul 22

BUNBURY to DESBRISAY Book Index 1730-1745

Lease btw Thomas BUNBURY of City of Dublin Esq eldest son and heir of Thomas BUNBURY late of same City dec’d Rose BUNBURY otherwise JACKSON mother of said Thomas & widow & relict of Thomas BUNBURY dec’s Henry BUNBURY of Johnstown in Co. Carlow Esq. & Edward FOLEY of City of Dublin Gent. Of 1 pt & Thephilus DEBRISAY of said City of other part... lease & release  in consid of 608 pounds...to DEBRISAY town and lands of Moygany otherwise Morgany otherwise Moygna cont. By est 140 acres in Barony of Kilkea and Moone in Co. Kildare... in presence of William BUNBURY of Lisnevagh in Co Carlow Esq. & Charles MEARES of Dublin Gent ...




1743 Dec 1

JACKSON-RORKE Book Index 1730-45

Between William JACKSON of City of Dublin Gent of 1 pt & Patrick RORKE of same City Clothier of other part in consid of rents, JACKSON demised to RORKE house or tenement situate on the West side of Pimlicoe with the backside behind the same and Dye House in said backside and being on the Court and Liberty of the Court and Donore and County of the City of Dublin  bounded on the last to the Kings pavement on the West to Mr. Martin holding on the north to Mr Harvey holding on the south to Mr Dunlops holding.... term of thirty one years... said lease is witnessed by Michael Jackson of Pinlicoe afiresaid Gent and Francis Nugent of Rasevaugh County of Westmeath.




1743 Jul 16

MAURICE Book Index 1730-45

Btw Richard DAWSON of City of Dublin Alderman & Rev Daniel JACKSON of Tullamore in Kings Co admin of Edward DEERING... house on south side of High St Dublin... witness Hans BAILIE of City of Dublin Merchant & Richard BARTLETT of the said city Gent....




1743 Dec 9


Between Thomas BUNBURY of City of Dublin Esq. Eldest son & heir of Thomas BUNBURRY late of the city & Ann BUNBURY his wife & Rose BUNBURY otherwise JACKSON of the city, widow & relict of the sd Thos BUNBURY/ to Richard STEEL rector of Church of Killenure otherwise Killenor ... Co. Wexford, Wicklow & Catherlogh...




1743 Nov 25

JACKSON-STEEL Notes in 2009 diary 1730-1745

Edmund BUNBURY attorney... Thomas BUNBURY his father & Rose BUNBURY otherwise JACKSON her assigns ... natural lives of said Thomas BUNBURY & Benjamin BUNBURY the second son of Thomas BUNBURY late Cloghno Esq. Deceased who was grandfather of the said Edmond BUNBURY ... townland of Carnavonan was made by James BUTLER late of Garryhundon Esq. Since deceased to said Thomas BUNBURY Esq. Since deceased ... Edmond BUNBURY paid Richard STEELE £1474 to Thomas BUNBURY (father of Edmond) for absolute purchase .... of 3 rectories of Killpipe, Killinue & Kiltegan. WITNESS: James CANE & John ALLEN both of City of Dublin, Gents.




1743 Mar 24

JACKSON-DEAKER or DEACON Notes in 2009 diary 1730-1745


Between Richard JACKSON Esq. Only son & heir of Richard JACKSON late of City of Dublin Esq. Esq. Deceased of 1st part & William DEAKEN of City of Dublin ... former lease made by Richard JACKSON deceased [?] of same city Esq. ... held lease of 50 years 29 Sept 1708 for yearly rent £26 the lease since legally come to William DEAKEN ... re: Glovers Alley near Kings St., Parish of St. Peters Co. Dublin ... egress to the Sugar House ... lease Vicars Chorall of St. Patricks Church, Dublin ...WITNESS: John DEAKEN City of Dublin, Gent & Gilbert ALLASON  Thomas CONWAY Servent to William DEAKEN.




1744 Jun 3

JACKSON-HOGGART Notes in 2009 diary Book Index 1730-45

Between Thomas JACKSON of City of Dublin Glasssgrinder of 1st part Thomas HOGGART of same City Clothier & Anna HOGGART spinster his daughter of 2nd part. James BIBBY of same city Gent & William DONALDSON of same City brewer of 3rd part. Marriage intended between Thomas JACKSON & Anne HOGGART ... £500 ... WITNESS: Nathaniel PROCTOR, City of Dublin, Gent Matthew PAGEITT Clerke to Ben JOHNSTON




1743 Oct 3

JACKSON-THURGOOD Book Index 1730-45

Wm JACKSON of City of Dublin, Gent for 100 pounds made over to [Startup] THURGOOOD of same city Upholder land in  Abbey St in City of Dublin... and also piece of land  late in possession of Michael JACKSON father of William at the back of Abbey St. Demised to the sd William JACKSON by Michael JACKSON ...




1744 Dec 7

JACKSON-BARCOFT Book Index 1730-45

Deed – James JACKSON of City of Dublin Tapewinder for 30 pounds conveyed to his brother William JACKSON of the same City Gent... holdings on or near Pimlico  in the Liberties of Thomas Court & Donore, City of Dublin.. annuity was devised by Michael JACKSON father of James late of the City of Dublin, Clothier bearing date 1740.




1745 May 11

JACKSON-NOWLAN Book Index 1730-1745

Richard JACKSON of City of Dublin Esq. Grant to Denis NOWLAN of said city victualler, land formerly in possession of David OLIVER Sawyer, dec’d ... on the North side of King Street near Stephens Green.




1745 Sept 4


Deed between Richard JACKSON of City of Dublin Gent & Amy JACKSON otherwise MURPHY his wife of the part & John TOTERALL of sd city Gent ... townlands of Three Castles in Lordship of Blessington Co. Wicklow....




1748 Apr 16

Capel Street houses – WITNESS: William JACKSON, Gent of Dublin City





1747 Sep 7


Edward WALSH,to David ONGE both goldsmiths  of Dublin. A 24 year lease for a house on the North side of Plunkett Street.  John P. JACKSON, apprentice to Edward WALSH SW




1747 Oct 8

Christopher JACKSON, Tuckmiller of Chapelizod, Dublin  to Clement DAWSON, Gent of Chapelizod, Dublin lease 41yrs "The Corner House" next to School house & the School house. Mary DUGGAN- possible school matron. WITNESSES: James KANNING, Gent; Francis McCARTHY, grocer; William BARKER, Gent, all of Dublin. SW

132 11 88231 1747 May

John ESPINASSE, Sheriff of Dublin city; Esq. +Andrew MURRAY Sheriff of Dublin city; Esq. to Albert NESBITT, Rev. Clerk Dublin City, grantor  [William JACKSON, grantee]  of 4 houses in Jackson's Alley, Lib of Thomas Court Dublin city in possess'n of Joseph BROWNE, Widow DUNLAP, Henry HEPHENSON, Patrick ROURKE, John CORMISH, John MARTIN, George ROBINSON, Widow KINLY, + 4 houses in Marrowstone Lane in same place on possess'n of Abraham ROBINSON & Thomas GAMBLE + 1 house on St Mary's Abby in Dublin city in possess'n of Henry MEREDYTH Esq. + 2 houses in Petticoat lane in Dublin city in possess'n of Walter RUSSELL and William HERON. Registrar: James SAUNDERS. Witnesses: John BYRNE, Gent of Dublin City & Charles MEARES, Notary Public of Dublin City.
Notes thanks to Mike Stewart.
NOTE: Jackson’s Alley was in Parish of St. Catherine. It  intersected the northern end of  Pimlico and was an extension of Cole Alley.SEE: http://dublin1798.com/dublin15.htm

132 12 88232 1748 Apr 28

William JACKSON, Gent of Dublin City, for consids assigned William REED , Gent of Dublin City, plot of grnd in Abbey St in lib of Dublin city (24x82 ft] next to house built by John WHINERY late in possess'n of Samuel BAKER and of ground of Christopher TAYLOR + piece of grnd back of Abby street formerly in possess'n of Michael JACKSON from 25 March last past for remainder of terms of 75 & 51 one half yrs, freed of mortgages recited. Deputy Registrar: James SAUNDERS. WITNESSES: John BYRNE, Gent of Dublin City and Charles MEARES, Notary Public of Dublin City.
Notes thanks to Mike Stewart




1747 Oct 14

Jacob JACKSON, gent of Dublin was a witness along with Richard MAGENIS & Samuel WALLACE, Dublin gents of the will of Dame Jane GORE, alias WORTH, (daughter of Richard SAUNDERS, late of Saundergrove, Co. Wexford) wife of Sir Arthur GORE of Newtowngore, Co. Mayo, Bart. Narrate 23 May 1749




1750, Sept 14


Richard JACKSON of the City of Dublin Esq.  Of the one part and Wm. LENNOX  of City of Dublin Esq. Gent For the sum of 5000 pounds - Literally dozens of townlands in the Barony of Orier, Co Armagh were transfered [too many names and variants of names to list]




1754 Aug 2

Major Walter WOLFE of Dublin City  to Thomas JACKSON, glassgrinder of Dublin City house east side Whitefriars St, Dublin, held by WOLFE from Elizabeth SMITH, widow  1 May 1745.





1755 May 13

JACKSON-VICKERS Book Index 1758-1768

Lease btw Micajah JACKSON of City of Corke Merchant of 1 pt & Jeremiah VICARS of Co Dublin Tanner of other part. Micajah devised tenement where VICARS dwelt at Crooked Staff in the Liberty of Thomas Court & Donore, City of Dublin for term of 99 years. NOTE: One of the daughters of Robert JACKSON married Jeremiah VICARS. SEE: http://www.thesilverbowl.com/history/JACKSONs-CrookedStaff.html




1753 Dec 14

JACKSON-ROCHE Book Index 1758-1768

Henry JACKSON of City of Dublin did demise to Henry ROCHE of City of Waterford Merchant dwelling house etc on Georges St. In City of Waterford. Descry....




1754 Jul 2

JACKSON-SCHULTS Book Index 1758-1768

Rev George JACKSON of City of Dublin granted to Nicholas SCHULTS of City of Dublin, Rockmaker waste ground in Pollbegstreet & Georges Street otherwise Stocking Lane in the suburbs of Dublin




1755 Mar 18

JACKSON-KIRWIN Book Index 1758-1768

Henry JACKSON, High Constable of City of Dublin demised to Pierce KIRWIN, merchant tenement on the east side of Church St in the Parish of New Saint Michans, Dublin




1756 Jan 10

JACKSON-LAND Book Index 1758-1768

Rev John JACKSON of Clonshagh in Co of Dublin for 300 pounds pd by Henry LAND of City of Dublin Gent 50 acres of CLansagh, Parish of SAntry, Barony of Coolagh, Co Dublin




1756 Apr 19

JACKSON-LANCAKE Book Index 1758-1768

Isaac LANCAKE of City of Dublin, Carpenter to Thomas JACKSON of the same City, Glass seller... ground on west side of Frederick St, Parish of ST. Anne Dublin




1756 Sept 1

JACKSON-HAUGHTON Book Index 1758-1768

Temperence JACKSON spinster of Wood Roof in Co. Tipperary of one pt & Joseph HAUGHTON of Meath ST Co & City of Dublin Tallow Chandler of other pt....demised house in south side of Cork ST in Liberty of Thomas Court & Donore & City of Dublin... details.




1757 Feb 14

WYNNE-ENRAGHT Book Index 1758-1768

Rev John WYNNE of City of Dublin of 1 pt & Rev John ENRAGHT of Bettiville, Co. Carlow Clerk of other pt... lots of names incl Rev. Daniel JACKSON Clke of 3rd pt.... lands in Dublin




1757 Feb 12

BEVER & ors-JACKSON Book Index 1758-1768

Rev John JACKSON of Clonsagh, Co Dublin... lots of description




1757 Jul 25

JACKSON-WARNER Book Index 1758-1768

Thomas JACKSON of City of Dublin, Glassgrinder demised to George WARNER of same City Shoemaker sop on North side of the common entry of the House called the St. James Coffee House formerly kept near Essex Bridge Dublin with the little room behind the said shop and also the diningroom over that shop late in possession of Mr. DONALDSON... more descry...




1757 Jul 18

JACKSON Book Index 1758-1768

Marriage William JACKSON- Elizabeth GEORGE

for £40 ster William JACKSON, farmer of Killemarcule(?), Tallow (pa) Dublin, & Elizabeth JACKSON orse GEORGE, wife of William JACKSON unto Isaac JACKSON, Stationer of Meath Street, Dublin of several parcels of land in Rosebushfield in pa & man'r of Crumlin, Dublin, formerly in possession of Elizabeth JACKSON [15a 2r 8p] for remainder of 31 year term, subject to redemption on date mentioned. WITNESSES: Thoms RICHEY & Mathew DANIEL. NOTE: Isaac is most likely the book publisher [1705-1722] but I can’t yet place this William JACKSON.

Thanks to Michael Stewart for notes.




1758 Jul 28

FIELDING Book Index 1758-1768

Richard JACKSON Esq. of Ballriggan [Balriggan, Parish of Faughart], LOWTH of 1st part & William FIELDING, merchant of Dublin City of 2nd part.

Messuage in Church Street Dublin city adjoining to North West to messuage formerly in possession of Col. Theophilus JONES, now in possess of MESS'R SHERWAND COMPANY containing 1 dwelling house in which Richard JACKSON, Esq. Dec’d formerly dwelt and lately in possess of George, Prince of Wales, in manner as held by Richard JACKSON, then George, Prince of Wales, from 28 March last for lives of William Henry DRURY, son of Richard DRURY, Richard DRURY, silk truster of Drazers Hill [aka Lazer’s Hill] & Edward DRURY nephew of Richard DRURY at £18 Ster with renewal for ever on payment of 1 peppercorn. George Edward HOWARD [aka Gorges Edmund HOWARD] executed deed by letter of att'y from Richard JACKSON. WITNESSES: John GRANT, Merchant of Dublin City; Henry Humphrey ADAMS, attorney HM Court of Exchequer; John WOODS.

Thanks to Michael Stewart for notes.




1758 Sep 6

ROCHFORT-BARRE Book Index 1758-1768

Btw George ROCHFORD & Theobald WOLFE of City of Dublin Esq. & Robert CLIBBORN of City of Dublin Merchant assignees appointed by act of parliament for the relief of creditor of the bank lately kept by John WILCOCKS & John DAWSON and so forth and Thomas JACKSON of Marrowbone Lane in Co & City of Dublin, Linen weaver of 1st pt... ground fronting Robert Street in Liberty of Thomas Court & Donore... John DAWSON oldest son of Benjamin DAWSON ...complex...




1759 Feb 23

HARE & ors Book Index 1758-1768

Intended marriage (since taken place) – Micajah JACKSON intended groom of Cork covenants that if Catherine HARE spinster & intended bride of Cork  to survive him, his Executors will pay Catherine & Richard & Russell HARE & William PERRY £800 ster & further sums over and above the £500 she is entitled to receive on the death of any of her brothers/sisters under the Will of her father William HARE, upon trusts [education & maintenance of Children ... details stained]; Micajah JACKSON releases to Catherine & Richard & Russell HARE & William PERRY 5 houses in Dublin city in trust in case his fortune is deficient. Thanks to Mike Stewart for notes.




1757 Dec 31

BOURSIQUOT Book Index 1758-1768


Dwelling house then in occupation of Peter BOURSIQUOT (Also spelled as BOURSIQUET), on the back quay "Back of the Blind Quay" facing Anna Liffey River in Dublin city, bound on west  by holding of Widow GREEN, on east by holdings of Francis BOOKER & Thomas JACKSON, both glass merchants, from Francis BOOKER & Thomas JACKSON unto Peter BOURSIQUOT, to hold from 5APR1761 for 30 years at £27 ster. Deputy REGISTRAR: James SAUNDER. WITNESSES: James BIBBY, James SAUNDER, Gents of Dublin & James BOURSIQUOT, son of Peter BOURSIQUOT. Thanks to Mike Stewart for notes.




1759 Aug 10


Green HOWES & ors Book Index 1758-1768

Part of Cooleer [aka Coolcor, Parish of Ballybury, Barony of Warrenstown, Kings Co.]] in Warrenstown Co Kings [92a14p including 11ac 16p coarse pasture] adjoining Loghnashead, plus priviledge of great bogg of Cooleer, assigned by Thomas JACKSON, farmer, of Monastroris,Kings Co,  to William GREENHOWE, Timber merchant, trustee of  Dublin City & Joseph INMAN, farmer of Ballybritain, Kings Co., trustee for lives [Isaac & Joseph JACKSON] mentioned in deed from Thomas WAKELY, Esq. of Ballybunley [aka Ballyburly], Kings Co. Grantor in 1734 in trust for several uses. William JACKSON, Cloathier, son of Thomas JACKSON intended groom & Sarah COWMAN, spinster of Dublin City intended bride. WITNESSES: Samuel RUSSELL, Clothier of Dublin City & Christian ROEDER, clerk to Thomas MULOCK, Public Notary of Dublin. Thanks to Mike Stewart for notes.




1759 Jul 26

JACKSON marriage

In consideration of 5s & intended marriage of Jane JACKSON, intended bride and eldest daughter of Ann ROBINSON & Rev. George PHILIPS, Vicar of Rathcoole, and intended groom and with consent of George PHILIPS, Jane JACKSON unto Daniel JACKSON Rev. Clke of Tullamore, trustee & Francis EVANS, Esq of Dublin City, trustee of her 1/2 undivided part of Markhell orse Marahill [NOTE: There are three townlands named Marahill – parishes: Kilmore, Enniskeen, and Balintemple]+ Domlloman orse Drumlomman [aka Drumloman, parish of Crosserlough] in Co Cavan, plus her entitlement under will of Ann ROBINSON deceased of Dublin City on death of John JACKSON late of Clonsagh, Dublin deceased without male issue, to hold upon several trusts. WITNESSES: Frances JACKSON, spinster of Dublin City & Hugh NEIL, Gent of Dublin.




1759 Sep 7

William HIGGINSBOTHAM, farmer of Castlerudary , Co. Wicklow unto James JACKSON of Barrenstown , Co. Wicklow of Cleightowne Rooten Knocknamuck Kill Springfields & big Hill adjoining Knocnamuck being pt of lands of Ballinura in lordship of Baltiglass Wicklow [296a & 1/2, plantation measure]  + mansion house of Castlerudery lately in poss of CMr. John OXFORD + parcel of lands of Castlerudery [121a 20p] in Donaghmore (ba) Tolbotstone (ba) WIicklow, for live of William HIGGINSBOTHAM & Margaret HIGGINSBOTHM (wife of William) and Elizabeth HIGGINSBOTHAM (daughter of William & Margaret), for ever, subj to redemption on payment of £200 & int. WITNESSES: Henry BROMER, Gent of Dublin City & John Richard BROUGHTON, Gent of Dublin City.

200 347 133444 1759 Sep 9

Jacob POOLE, Brewer of Blackpitts, Dublin of 1st part to William JACKSON, Clothier of Upper Comb in Liberties of Thomas Court & Donore Dublin Dwelling House Out Houses Backside Back House Garden Crane Loft wherein Jacon POOLE formerly dwelt & lately in occupation of William WHITLING, on s. side of said Upper Comb st. with liberty of sewer running in premises from other holdings of Jacob POOLE and of Jacob POOLE's rights of adjoining  properties unto Jacob POOLE, from 29 inst Sept, 41 years, £34 ster. WITNESSES: Joseph DOYLE, Carpenter of Cole Alley, Dublin; Arthur SHEPHEARD, Public Notary of Dublin City; Michael CARROLL, Joyner of Dublin City. Thanks to Mike Stewart.




1759 Nov 29

JACKSON Henry. assignment . high constable of the city of Dublin endorsed on a lease dated 18/3/1755 from Henry JACKSON to Pierce KIRWAN, merchant  of all that dwelling house or tenement then in the tenancy of the said Pierce KIRWAN situated on the east side of church street in the parish of now Saint Michans Dublin. house bounded on the north with another house built by Henry JACKSON then in the tenancy of one RIVORS on the south a house …with liberty of egress and regress from said premises through the gateway or passage at all times and to keep a key to the gateway in common with the other tenants of Henry JACKSON in an ample manner Pierce KIRWAN. Pierce KIRWAN …paid by Edmond MURPHY, Gent of Carrowbeg, Co. Mayo. Aoife




1760 Jan 3

Front House in Pill lane, Dublin City made over by Joseph REID, bricklayer of Dublin City to Joseph JACKSON, merchant of Dublin City from Feb 9 then next for remainder of term. WITNESSES: Samuel PORTER, Gent of Dublin City; Samuel RATHEENS, notary & John BAYLY, clerk to RATHEENS. Thanks to Mike Stewart.




1757 Jun 13

JACKSON –Edward RANSFORD (eldest son & heir apparent of Edward RANSFORD, deceased, late of Dublin)  + Isabella RANSFORD had raised £400 mortgage with Ann ACKLAND, who subsequently married William DEACON, merchant of Dublin. They sold the mortgage to Elizabeth BAKER (ors LANGLEY). Bulkley HARRIS buying the mortgage & granting £200 to D. Numerous properties in & around the suburbs of Dublin, [occ by McDANIEL through MORTIMER ] Martha RANSFORD, spinster, youngest daughter of Edward RANSFORD, deceased,  making over her portion under her father’s will, £400. Lease & Release AnneChamney




1759 Sep 19

JACKSON-CREBESSAC Book Index 1758-1768

From John HUTCHESON of City of Dublin Merchant to Joseph JACKSON of same City Merchant of Alley Sugar House & offices late in the occupation of Thomas LEESON sugar baker situate in Hanbury Lane in the liberties of Thomas Court & Donore Co Dublin... for 66 years to Peter CREBESSAC of City of Dublin Sugar Baker.... Thanks to Mike Stewart.




1757 Oct 12

HADDEN & ors-BRYAN & ors

Btw Jane HADDEN otherwise JOHNSTON of Old Aberdeen, Scotland  & Josiah BRYAN & Wm BRYAN of City of Dublin Merch of other pt & release made btw sd Jane HADDEN of 1st part Wm JACKSON of sd city Gent & Mary JACKSON otherwise AICKIN otherwise PAINE his wife of the 2nd part...sd Jane HADDEN heir at law of John JOHNSTON late of Butler’s Lane, City of Dublin  by assignment of lease by Alice JOHNSTON his widow... George AICKIN father of Francis AICKIN... Townlands of Westpaldstown, Co. Dublin...




1760 Aug 8

A conveyance from Mary VINCENT, widow of Dublin City to Alexander McMAHON, merchant of Dublin City. WITNESSES: Robert CALDERWOOD, Goldsmith of Dublin City; Joann JACKSON, daughter of Mary VINCENT & Thomas McLORINAN, Gent of Dublin City.

205 406 136735 1760 Sep 6

Mary VINCENT, widow of Dublin City. Conveyed lands WITNESSED by Joann JACKSON daughter to said Mary VINCENT. Lands on Capel St.

206 431 136737 1760 Aug 6

BRENAN Book Index 1758-1768
William DONALDSON of Lucan, Dublin; Anne JACKSON, widow née HOGGART
NAMES: William DONALDSON of Lucan, Co. Dublin; Isabella DONALDSON née HOGGART; Anne JACKSON; Anthony KING; Thomas HOGGART; Alexander BRANAN; Agmondisham VESEY; John CALDWELL; William CALDWELL; Samuel CALDWELL; James DONALDSON; Elizabeth DONALDSON; Jonathon NIXON; Jonathon SHEPHEARD; Philip EMER; Francis ALLEN; Patrick TANNIN; Edward HENDRICK; Charles FARRAN; Arthur SHEPHEARD; William HALL. PLACES: East Cold Blow [Dublin?]; Dodsfarm; Esker; 3 Parks; Petty Canons House.




1761 May 26

JACKSON-WHYTE Book Index 1758-1768

William JACKSON of City of Dublin Gent demised to John WHITE of Dolphins Barn in Co of Dublin Tanner holding in Dolphins Barn




1763 May 12

COCKING & wife-GOODBODY Book Index 1758-1768

Btw Rev Ralph COCKING of Rakeny Co Dublin & Ann COCKING otherwise JACKSON his wife one of the daughters and coheir of Thomas JACKSON late of Creeckstown, Co Meath deceased of the one pt transfer lands in Creekstown, Barony of Ratoah, Co Meath




1764 Jan 8

Richard JACKSON, Doctor of Laws, Dublin was a witness to the will of Robert READING, of Dublin, Esq., who died Jan 8, 1764. Lands in Kings Co.




1763 Nov 4

JACKSON-BIGGS Book Index 1758-1768

Joseph JACKSON of City of Dublin, Merchant to Thomas BEGGS house situate in Pill Lane in City of Dublin... earlier assigned by Joseph REID Bricklayer to Joseph JACKSON...




1763 Dec 2

PALMER-JACKSON Book Index 1758-1768

Btw Roger PALMER of City of Dublin & George JACKSON of Prosepect, Co Mayo Esq. Reciting lease & release made bwt Roger PALMER  & Roger PALMER the younger of Ballyshannon Co Kildare  of the one pt & sd George JACKSON of the other.... dispute over lands of Killroe




1765 Sep 3

JACKSON-GIBBONS Book Index 1758-1768

Rev George JACKSON of Strabannon, Co Louth & Elizabeth JACKSON otherwise TAYLOR his wife... Andrew GIBBONS of City of Dublin, baker... land on South side of Poleabbey, Parish of St. Mark, Co & City of Dublin...




1764 Apr 11

JACKSON & wife-PRENDERGAST Book Index 1758-1768

Btw Peter JACKSON of City of Dublin Hacklemaker & Joanna JACKSON otherwise VINCENT his wife of the 1st ... house in Caple ST # 16 on east side of Caple St.... descry & other signees....signes Peter JACKSON




1763 Apr 2

JACKSON-CUSTIS Book Index 1758-1768

Henry JACKSON late of his Majesties Bargemen of Malahide in Co of Dublin & Edmond CUSTIS of City of Dublin, Bridlecutter... demised to Henry JACKSON part of the lands of Portmanoch in Co of Dublin & Barony of  Cooloch formerly in possession of  Thomas DOBBIN & then STEPNEY...




1764 Aug 24

MITCHELL-WRAY & ors Book Index 1758-1768

Henry MITCHELL of City of Dublin Esq & Richard JACKSON of Forkhill, Co Armagh  of 1 pt & Jackson WRAY of Ballycastle, Co Antrim Esq. & John GODLEY of City of Dublin Esq of other part... 2,600 punds....long list of lands all in Barony of Orier, Co Armagh incl “Manor of Stonebridge”, otherwise Forkhill




1764 May 1

JACKSON-ROBINSON Book Index 1758-1768

Btw Mrs Elizabeth JACKSON of Bolton St, City of Dublin & Mrs. Mary ROBINSON of same transfer of dwelling house where Elizabeth JACKSON then lived & all furnishings...




1764 Jan 15

CLARKE Book Index 1758-1768

For 61 years at yearly rent of 60 pounds sterling, Peter JACKSON, Smith of Dublin demised to Jonathon CLARKE, Apothacary of City of Dublin a house on the east side of Caple Street, Dublin, known as the Bank House formerly held by Anthony MALONE and Company. Dawn




1766 Sep 29

STEWART Book Index 1758-1768

Formerly Hacklemaker, now Blacksmith. There was mention in the index of Rev. Peter JACKSON and others.




1743 Jul 25

GORGES & ors Book Index 1758-1768

NAMES: Richard GORGES; Elizabeth FIELDING; Hamilton GORGES; Right Honorable William Lord Baron of Howth aka William St. LAWRENCE; Thomas JACKSON; Gorges Edward HOWARD; John SMITH; George LOWTHER of Kilbrew, Co. Meath. I have not followed up on the huge number of townland names included.






EVANS Book Index 1758-1768
There was mention in the index of Rev. Peter JACKSON and others.





Trinity College Dublin Book Index 1758-1768

 There was mention in the index of Richard JACKSON and others.




1766 Nov 6

ROCK, Patrick-JACKSON 1730-1745   Notes in 2009 diary

Vicars Choral of Cathedral Church of St. Patricks, Dublin of 1st part & Richd JACKSON of Forkhill lodge, Co. Armagh Esq. demised to JACKSON land south of Kings Street near St. Stephens Green als Hoggin Green 285’ on North to Kings Pavement 250’ on east & 306’ on south to Rapparce Alley for Richd. Richard JACKSON. Witness Samuel AIKIN, Wm SANDERSON servant, Francis WHYTE of Redhills, Co. Cavan, Esq.





STEWART Book Index 1758-1768

 There was mention in the index of Rev. Peter JACKSON and others.





1767 Oct 9

BLIGH-JACKSON Book Index 1758-1768

Btw Rev Robert BLIGH of Barrys Hall, Co Cork of one pt & Rev Daniel JACKSON of Tullymore in Kings Co Francis EVANS of City of Dublin Esq  and Frances JACKSON of City of Dublin, spinster of the other part ... and Rev George PHILIPS of City of Dublin Vicar of Rathcoole & Jane PHILLIPS otherwise JACKSON his wife of 3rd pt & Rev John JACKSON of Clonsagh Co of Dublin guardian of Edward BEVOR minor eldest son of MaryASHENHURST otherwise BEVOR otherwise THOUGLEY who was the widow of Samuel BEVOR Esq & the daughter of Abraham SHRIGLY dec’d who was the eldest son of Folliot SHRIGLEY Esq of 4th pt... lots of lands mentioned.
SEE: JACKSONs of Derbyshire tree




1760 Nov 26

JACKSON-BEALY Book Index 1768-1776

Btw Micajah JACKSON of City of Cork Merch of 1 pt & Robert BEASLEY in Chamber St, City of Dublin, Clothier of other pt... dwelling house north side of Chamber st... for naural life of Samuel VICKERS of City of Dublin Merch... Witness: Thomas VICKERS ...





WHITTHORNE Book Index 1758-1768

 There was mention in the index of Rev. Peter JACKSON and others.




1768 Feb 19

GROLLIER & wife-SMYTH Book Index 1768-1776

Bt Charles GROLLIER of City of Dublin hosier & Elizabeth GROLLIER otherwise JACKSON his wife, Adminsitrix of the goods and chattels of Thomas JACKSON late of the City of Dublin dec’d of the 1st part & Edward SMYTH of the said city Esq only son of Sheffington SMITH late of the City of Dublin esq dec’d by Mary his late wife of the 2nd pt... more SMYTH & GORE relations..... lands in Queens Co & Kings Co.




1768 Jul 28

Joseph HONE-Elizabeth JACKSON

intended mariage of Joseph HONE, the younger, Clothier of New Market, Dublin & Elizabeth JACKSON, spinster, daughter of William JACKSON, farmer of Mill Street, Dublin; portion of £1500 from William JACKSON  to Joseph HONE; Joseph HONE the elder, Clothier of New Market St., Dublin to Joseph HONE the younger £1000 + a bond. REGISTER: Chareles MEARES; William HUNT, Clothier  of Chambre Street, Dublin, named to act with Joseph HONES the younger’s executors to ensure articles of agreement are enacted. WITNESSES: Peter VATEAU, Tanner of Dublin City; Robert TOWERS, Public Notary of Dublin City & Robert JONES, Publis Notary of Dublin City. Notes thanks to Mike Stewart.




1770 Aug 30


Cruicetown orse Cruestown orse Cruisetown, MEATH; Carrick Desart [40 acres 34 perches], MEATH; Piggshill orse Poeggshill & Rossboy orse Rushn__ee. NOTE: The convergence of names here is intriguing: Charles WALKER, Esq. Of Dublin City of 1st part; William Henry FORTESCUE, Rt Hon Lord Claremount, eldest son of Thomas FORTESCUE; Thomas FORTESCUE, Esq., late of Dillonstown, Lowth, deceased; Cadwalder, Rt. Hon. Lord Blaney, Baropn of Monaghan; Oliver PLUNKETT, Esq; commonly called Lord Lowth, of Lowth Hall, eldest son of Matthew PLUNKETT, late of Lowth Hall, ; Matthew PLUNKETT; Gorges Edward HOWARD, Esq. Of Dublin City; Matthew PLUNKETT, 2nd son of Matthew PLUNKETT; Suzanna PLUNKETT, late mother of [?]; Mabella PLUNKETT, spinster, deceased, late daughter of Matthew PLUNKETT; Susanna PLUNKETT, spinster, of Dublin City, daughter of Matthew PLUNKETT Jane PLUNKETT, spinster, daughter of Matthew PLUNKETT; Plunkett Henry TALBOT, Esq. Of Dublin; Elizabeth TALBOT orse PLUNKETT, wife of Plunkett Henry TALBOT & daughter of Matthew PLUNKETT; Maybella TALBOT, spinster of Dublin City; Henry CONYNGHAM, Rt. Hon Lord Viscount; Gustavus LAMBERT, Esq of Beaupare, Meath; Francis GORMAN, Esq. Of Dublin; John O’NEIL, Esq. Of Shanes Castle; Charles O’NEIL, Esq. Of Shanes Castle; Thomas QUILSH - held part of lands of Carrick Desart Co Meath [40 a 34 p]; Hamilton GORGES, Esq. Of Catherine’s Grove; WITNESSES: Patrick DUIGENAN, Doctor of Laws, Trinity College; John ATWAY [aka OTWAY?], mercer of Parliament St., Dublin; William JACKSON, Gent, of Dublin City ; John WADDY; REGISTER: John BURTON. Notes thanks to Mike Stewart.




1769 Jul 1


pt of Clonsagh, Santry (pa), Coolock (ba) Dublin (50 acres) in pursuance of Court order and consids was released by Robert ORMSBY as Guardian of George LAND, unto Rev. John JACKSON  of Clonsagh, Dublin as demised and granted by lease from Anne FOSTER [FORSTER?], widow of Richard FORSTER late of Dublin city, Dec`d & Hon John FORSTER, Esq. of Dublin city, then of House of Commons, Ireland unto Rev. John JACKSON son of ?, to hold unto Rev. John JACKSON  of Clonsagh, Dublin henceforth for natural lives of John ROCHFORD, second son of Robert ROCHFORD, John JACKSON, Nicholas EVANS for ever. Notes by Michael Stewart




1771 Aug 3


Isaac D’OLIER, Gent of Dublin granted to Rev. Daniel JACKSON of City of Dublin and Francis EVANS, Esq of Dublin, Trustees named in settlement of marriage between George PHILLIPS and Jane JACKSON, ground in County Dublin. NOTE” This is part of Santry JACKSONs]. Dawn




1770 Feb 10

KING-QUIN Book Index 1768-1776


Margaret & Mary KING daughters & Heirs of Maxwell KING late of Dublin Esq dec’d of 1st pt....Richard JACKSON of Forkhill, Co Armagh Esq Richard JACKSON of Colerain in Co Londondery Esq & Thomas BALL of Seapark Esq Co Wicklow of 5th pt... transaction had consent of the 2 Richard JACKSONs...




1771 Mar 29

JACKSON-QUINN Book Index 1768-1776


Richard JACKSON of Forkhill, Co Armagh Esq Richard JACSKON of Colerain in Co Londondery Esq & Thomas BALL of Seapark Esq Co Wicklow Continuation of above




1771 Mar 9

Will of Joseph Smith, Tigh St., Dublin, ale Draper. His daughter Jane Jackson. His son John SMITH executor. His sister Jane JACKSON The house with a lease thereof he then possessed in Tigh street. His daughters Jane JACKSON and Mary COWLEY. His son-in-law John COWLEY executor. Simon SHIPTRAP’s two daughters Anne and Mary. Witnesses Robert BABCOCK, Tighe St., Clothier. William WILLS, Stonybatter, Oxman town, schoolmaster. Memorial witnessed by Robert BABCOCK, Richard KEAN, Dublin, gent. John COWLEY seal.




1772 Jul 7

ACKSON William Gent Dublin City Gorges Edward HOWARD Esq. Dublin City for £900, lands of Great Ballynasse, Wexford, with condition of redemption. Cornelius GROGAN, Dublin City – grandson and heir of Andrew KNOX; John GROGAN , Johnstown, WEX– executor of Andrew KNOX; Andrew KNOX, deceased, Rathmacknee, WEX; John CARROLL, Gent, Dublin City; John KEOGH, Gent, Dublin CIty    Roz McC




1772 Nov 2

Book Index 1768-1776


 Betw Peter JACKSON of City of Dublin, Gent & John WARD City of Dublin, dealer… land on west side of TS. Patricks St., Dublin…descry. ..




1772 Nov 20

MIDDLETON Book Index 1768-1776

part of the lands of Kilnamanner Timmon and Sneuls Stall, County Dublin, 11 acres, late in possession of William JACKSON, deceased husband of Elizabeth JACKSON. Whereby Elizabeth JACKSON, Robert ALLEN, Clare Jackson ALLEN wife of Robert ALLEN, & Margaret Fisher JACKSON agreed to demise to William MIDDLETON part of the lands of Kilnamanner Timmon and Sneuls Stall, County Dublin, 11 acres, late in possession of F. Dawn




1772 May 8

JACKSON-O’BRYAN Book Index 1768-1776

Henry JACKSON of Francis Street, Dublin paper merchant for consid  demised to Daniel O’BRIEN of the same hosier... land on east side of Francis ST.




1775 Dec 4

JACKSON-SHERLOCK Book Index 1768-1776

Richard JACKSON of Forkhill Lodge, Co Armagh Esq demised to Thomas SHERLOCK, Brewer land in Glovers Alley near Stephens Green, City od Dublin witness Edward TIPPING of Mounthill, , Co Armagh, Esq. & Jackson WRAY son of Jackson WRAY of Ballycastle Co Antrim Esq & William JACKSON of City of Dublin, Gent




1774 Jul 12

CROSBY Book Index 1768-1776

Ann JACKSON, widow of Swords, Co. Dublin out of natural love and affection to Danile CROSBY, Brazier of City of Dublin  made over to him 2 houses and land in Pill Lane, Oxmantown, County Dublin, for residue of term of 90 years. Rev William NOWLAND of Tipperary, Co. Tipperary deeded the property to Richard CONSTANT, Stone Cutter of Tipperary, Co. Tipperary 18 Feb 1725, when the plot contained a ruinous Tenement, since replaced with 2 new dwelling houses. Dawn




1775 Apr 11

EDWARDS Book Index 1768-1776

new dwelling house on Meath street,[Dublin City] now in possession of William Edwards, was leased by Robert Jackson to William Edwards for 30 years form 1 June then next at £27.10 ster rent. WITNESSES: James ROBINSON, Esq. Of Dublin City; John CAHILL, Gent of Dublin City

Notes by Mike Stewart




1775 May 20

John BOURKE, Druggist of Dublin City and Rachall NEEDHAM orse JACKSON, widow of Dublin City to marry shortly; Rachall NEEDHAM seized of considerable fortune.  If Rachall NEEDHAM to die before it, it shd be lawful for her to dispose of £150 for purposes she shd think ift & in case she does die, same amt to go to child of marriage, if none, WITNESSES: Thomas BRENNAN, carpenter & wife Margaret BRENNAN; William KELLY, Gent.

NOTE: 6 Feb. 1769. Married Mr. James Jackson of Spinans, co. Wicklow, to Miss Rachael Needham. She died 1779.




1776 Feb 1

JACKSON-MAGUIRE Book Index 1768-1776

William JACKSON of City of Dublin, painter




1777 Jan 1


 Lands in possession of John JACKSON in Liberty of Court of Thomas & Donore, City of Dublin... indenture of lease to Michael JACKSON... George ROBINSON of City of Dublin




1777 Jan 1

JACKSON-ROBINSON Names Index: 1777-1785

John JACKSON of City of Dublin, Gent




1777 Feb 27

JACKSON-COPE & & BINNS ors Names Index: 1777-1785

Btw Sarah JACKSON admin of Joseph MASON & James JACKSON of Co & City of Dublin, silk weaver, husband to said Sarah of 1 pt... Brick dwelling houses on noth side of Tythe St...




1775 Dec 15

LaTOUCHE Book Index 1768-1776

William MAGRATH, Gent eldest son & heir of Mark MAGRATH Esq, deceased of Cavan leased to David LaTOUCHE Esq. of City of Dublin lands of Rathfyan, Parish of Drumlane, County Cavan. In this Deed, Jane MAGRATH, widow of Mark MAGRATH & his son James MAGRATH & daughter Deborah MAGRATH & Richard BOLTON esq husband of daughter Jane MGRATH & Henry JACKSON, Merchant of City of Dublin & his wife Elizabeth MAGRATH asserts that all legacies in the Last Will and Testament of Mark MAGRATH have been discharged, and that I and his heirs may freely take possession of this property. Dawn




1777 Jun 30

WATSON Names Index: 1777-1785

Ann JACKSON widow of William JACKSON of Mill Street, Dublin, Tanner, lands of Raheny.

NAMES: James HAMILTON, Right Honorable Earl of Clanbrassill; Thomas TUCKEY; William HUNT; Anne JACKSON née HUNT; William JACKSON; James WATSON; Thomas SMITH; Thomas BRADBURN; William DUDLEY; Thomas CULLEN; James ASHE; Alice BRYAN; Luke KELLY; William KELLY; James SHEIL. PLACES: Dublin & Raheny.

Thanks to Dawn Lowe.




1777 Mar 17

Will of Patrick STAFFORD, Four Courts Marshalsea, Dublin, gent. TO his wife Sidney STAFFORD otherwise JACKSON, otherwise CROWE, all his real and personal estate. Said wife & Thomas O.BRIEN, tobacconist, exors. Sidney STAFFORD seal.




1777 Feb 15

JACKSON Names Index: 1777-1785

Transcribed by Dawn Lowe.


NAMES: Francis EVANS of City of Dublin; Rev. George PHILIPS; Jane PHILLIPS née JACKSON; Frances JACKSON; Rev John JACKSON; Edward BEVER; Mary SHERIGLEY; Abraham SHERIGLEY; Samuel BEVER; Falliot SHERIGLEY of Windmill House & garden part of Felbrim, Parish of Kinsale; William COLEMAN; George PARK; James DODD; Christopher TAYLOR; John BRISCOE; George BRADWELL; Hugh Gillespie PEAFIELD; WIlliam WILSON; John GARSLIN; William SHANAGHAN; John McCABE. OTHER PLACES: Mabestown, Parish of Kinsale; Baron Mills; Clondalkin.




1778 Nov 24


John PHEPOE, Esq. of Forklicks Grove, Dublin, only son of Richard PHEPOE, then of Dublin, since deceased  mortgages Marshallsrath Co. Louth; Newtown Corduff, Dunganstown, New Haggard, Robswalls, __ Curragh Co. Dublin; Skeen MEA; Butcherstown Dublin& plots in Dublin city for £1700 at 6% to Anne JACKSON of Chambre St., Dublin, widow due 24 May 1779. Sd lands had been granted by Lease&Relase (regarding marriage of John PHEPOE & Jane TAYLOR, then spinster of Dublin city) by John PHEPOE  to Rt. Hon John BERESFORD for use of John PHEPOE for his life and on his death if Jane TAYLOR to survive, subject to jointure of £400 p.a., for issue of the marriage.

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1778 Dec 17

JACKSON-BALLIN Names Index: 1777-1785

Btw William [KEWNT?] Clothier  & Anne JACKSON widow both of Chambers St, Co of Dublin exors of last will & test of William JACKSON late of Mill St. in the Liberty of Thomas Court & Donore, City of Dublin, tanner dec’d of the one part... William JACKSON bequeathed by his will 1500 pounds to Ann JACKSON




1778 Dec 1

EVANS-D’OLIER Names Index: 1777-1785

Isaac D’OLIVER sen of Dublin, Gent for 650 pounds mtg  of Rev George PHILIPS & Jane PHILIPS otherwise JACKSON his wife pd by Rev Daniel JACKSON of Dublin & Francis EVANS... land on Great Britain St, Dublin...




1777 May 18

NORRIS Names Index: 1777-1785

In view of pending marriage both parties [Thomas NORRIS, tanner of Dublin City and Anne JACKSON, widow of Dublin City] covenant that on their own death, their property to the other. WITNESSES: Elizabeth BROWNE, spinster of Paradise Rd., Dublin & William O’BRIEN, gent of Dublin City.

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1779 Jun 5


3rd party Anne JACKSON, widow of Dublin City. lands of Ballywoodick, Cloonevan & Baltivonny, Co. Wexford Roz McC




1780 Jan 28

DUNN Names Index: 1777-1785

Lease 8 Oct 1772. Thomas RYAN, Taylor, City of Dublin neighbour demised to Peter JACKSON (sen) Gent of City of Dublin house east side of road from Dublin to Milltown, pt lands of Cullinswood, Bar. Uppercross, co Dublin, bounded on north by Thomas RYAN then inhabited by Widow PLUKENETT, and north-east to the Mearing Ditch of Willow Brook now called Renolagh or Ranelagh Gdns. Peter JACKSON sr.  demised to James DUNN, Paper Stainer, City of Dublin. Johanna JACKSON, wife of Peter JACKSON sr.; Peter JACKSON jr., son of Peter and Johanna JACKSON. WITNESSES: James O’BYRNE & wife Mary O’BYRNE; Edward MULLIGAN; Arthur DUNN, Gent of Dublin. SW




1806 Jun 3


1756 May 3: In oder to pay off £2000 as part of indebtedness to Samuel STOCK, Gent of Dublin City, Luke STOCK, Hosier of Dublin City for £110 advanced by Samuel STOCK, assigned Samuel STOCK the 2 sd leases in which he was vested.

Sarah SYM orse ROSE Sarah SYM, Spinster John FERGUSON, Merchant & Anne FERGUSSON, wife of John FERGUSSON unto Luke STOCK of shop under which William BEBBY then dwelt, lately in poss of Thomas ROSE, on west side of street leading to Essex Bridge & south side of Back Quay "Caple Quay" suburbs of Dublin with bak front & 3 sets of stairs of William BEBBY's house, with wareroom cellars being in back pt of Mr. NIXON's house on sd Quay from 15 July then last for 62 years at £33 ster.

1780 Dec 6 Charles WARNER, Shoemaker unto William Duke MOIRE, Jeweller new dwelling house with vault on west side of street leading to Essex bridge bound on north & west by house of Samuel STOCK, on east by Kings pavement, on south by house of JACKSON, in manner as lately held by Mr. Isaac NEWTON and now held by Charles WARNER, to hold unto William Duke MOIRE from 25 March then next for 36 years at £70 ster rent

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1782 Jan 27

JACKSON Ann Chamber St Anne JACKSON of Chamber Street to Martin HOYLE lands at Raheny late in possession of Thomas TUCKEY from 1/11/1782 for 47 years + 6 months. Brian




1773 Nov 9

Richard William JACKSON of Dublin was a witness to the will of Edward DON(N) of Thoronmoor, Kings Co., famer.




1782 May 1

JACKSON-COUGHLAN Names Index: 1777-1785

Richard JACKSON of Forkhill Lodge Co Armagh demised to Michael COUGLAN of City of Dublin, Timber Merchant, lands on east side of Church St. With a stable and forge for lives of Richard JACKSON and his sister Suzanna BARTON, widow & Julian Eliza BARTON her daughter, spinster Witnessed by Reily Right TEMPLETON & Hugh Mill BUNBURY both of City of Dublin, Gent.




1750 Jul 4

JACKSON & ors Names Index: 1777-1785

Sir Anthony KING, executor of estate of Thomas HOGGART, Clothier, deceased of Dublin sold to Richard JACKSON, Merchant of City of Dublin and John SUTTON, Merchant of City of Dublin ground in the Tenter Fields near Crooked Staff, County Dublin for the residue of a Term of 41 years. Ann JACKSON, Widow & daughter of Thomas HOGGART. WITNESSES: Henry BETAGH & Thomas ARMSTRONG, clerk to Henry BETAGH. Dawn

NOTE: One of the daughters of Robert JACKSON of Crooked Staff  married Jeremiah VICARS. SEE: http://www.thesilverbowl.com/history/JACKSONs-CrookedStaff.html





HARPUR Names Index: 1777-1785
There was mention in the index of Peter JACKSON and others.




1776 Jul 15

Will of Prudence COOTE, Dublin Widow. One of the witnesses was Peter JACKSON, Dublin, Esq., Attorney of H.M. Court of King’s Bench in Ireland.




5 May 1785

Miles NORTH & wife Susannah NOTE: Connections of NORTH family to JACKSONs




1785 Sep 16

JACKSON Henry decd; Cordwainer Swords, Dublin left said 2 houses to wife Ann, & after her death to said Wm Bettridge, George & John Fellowes

JACKSON Ann decd; Mrs mentioned. widow of said Henry Jackson Roz McC




1785 Jul 12

St COMRS Names Index: 1777-1785

Paul Isaac Vateau-Samuel JACKSON of Dundonald

NAMES: Paul Isaac VATEAU of Dundonald, Co. Down; Peter VATEAU aka de VATEAU, VOTO, VAUTEAU; Samuel JACKSON of Dundonald; David FITZGERALD; Timothy FITZGERALD; John FORSAYTH; Peter JACKSON of Dublin; John MOORE - Registrar. OTHER PLACES: East Side of George Lane, Dublin. Transcription thanks to Dawn Lowe. http://www.thesilverbowl.com/documents/1785Jul12JACKSON.html




1785 Dec 9

ALLEN Names Index: 1777-1785

Anne JACKSON of Summer St. widow and sister & executor of William HUNT of Chamber St, Dublin, Clothier, decesased.

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1785 Nov 17

JACKSON-FAIRBROTHER Names Index 1786-1794

Marriage settlement:

Robert JACKSON cornet in his Majesties 4th Regiment of Horse in Ireland of 1st pt & Mary CARROLL of City of Dublin Spinster of 2nd pt Wm FAIRBROTHER of Willsborough Co Wicklow & Coote CARROLL of City of Dublin Esq of 3rd pt & James JACKSON of Birr & John DROUGHT of Whigsborough both in Kings Co. Of 4th pt. Marriage btw Robert JACKSON & Mary CARROLL... demised townlands of Grange & pt of townlands of Balltmac macmurragh & the great and small tythes of the townlands of Grange Hall situated in Barony of Ballybrot, Kings Co.... Mary’s brother George CARROLL




1786 May 13

CORNWALL-WALKER House in Vicar St., Dublin

WITNESS: JACKSON William Gent Dublin City Roz McC




1786 Nov 22

JOHNSTON Names Index 1786-1794

Robert ALLEN of Killemana, Dublin, Tailor; Clare ALLEN née JACKSON, his wife




1787 May 30

From William ESDALL, Silversmith, City of Dublin, heir of George ESDALL, deceased of Raheny and Mary ESDALL, otherwise HIDE, widow of George ESDALL to Samuel DICK all dwelling houses, outhouses, gardens + fields part of Raheny lately occupied by Sir Ulick Blake + then Geo. ESDALLand other land. WITNESS: Peter JACKSON Brian




1787 Oct 20

JACKSON-DIXON Names Index 1786-1794

Ann JACKSON of Dublin widow of 1 pt & James DIXON of Kilmainham of City of Dublin Tanner of other pt... land and tenement on Kings High Road... parcel of ground in town of Kilmainham, DUB  - 76' 3" in front & 179' 4" backwards to river, upon which James DIXON recently built a dwelling house, bounded on south & east by Kings High Road, on west by house in possess of John BROPHY and on north by River Cammog,  in possess of James DIXON, from Richard JACKSON to William CODD from 1 May then past for 90 years, rent and covenants as mentioned. WITNESSES William BOLGER (?) Gent and Robert AL___., leather seller.. Additional detail thanks to Mike Stewart.




1788 Feb 20

TOMMINS Names Index 1786-1794

Indenture of Lease. Reference earlier deed 1766 Dec 13. James HAMILTON Chief Rememb' Exchequer Crt IRE, aka Earl of Clanbrassil, made decree 21 January 1788 that premises were to be lett – John TOMMINS,  of 1st part, Merchant of Dublin City bid £250 and was declared purchaser. Of 2nd part: Henry JACKSON, Merchant of Pill Lane, Dublin, & James WILLIAMS, Coachmaker & Richard BOLTON Esq. & Benjamin BALL Esq. Of Season Place, Carlow, for consids granted TOMMINS house in Dublin suburbs for residue of 999 yr lease subj to yearly rent. TOMMINS had bid £250 and was declared purchaser by Court of Exchequer.

House with yard stables coach houses out offices bound on south by Kings pavement, and on north by Mary Street in suburbs of Dublin city, granted by William BURGH unto Lewis Burnwell MARTIN to hold for 999 years from 1 December then inst at £65 rent, became vested in Richard HARWOOD, ironmonger late of Mary Street, Dublin City, who later became bankrupt.

Sir Nicholas FORSTER lately dwelt in sd house in Dublin suburbs. Sir Marcus Lowther CROFTON was in possession of dwelling to the east of sd house in Dublin suburbs. Mr. Edward CROKER occupied house to west of sd house in Dublin suburbs

John MACARTN signed deed on behalf of James HAMILTON under a power of attorney. John MOORE, Registrar & William Leeson WALL Gent of Dublin City & Henry VERNON, Gent of Dublin City, witnesses. Thanks to Mike of Vancouver.




1787 Feb 1

SEAVER Names Index 1786-1794

James JACKSON, Glass & Delftware seller of Dublin City of 1st part & Mary SEAVER, widow of Dublin City of 2nd part. Sir James Stratford TYNTE, grantor & John STRAFORD Esq, grantee 58 acres plantation measure in Dublin from TYNTE to SEAVER as held by James CARNEY; hold from 25 March then last lor lives of John STRATFORD, James CARNEY & Lorrison STRATFORD or for 61 years which ever thelonger subj to rent + proviso of redemption, which lease became vested in James JACKSON. Witnesses: William JORDAN, scrivener; Christopher WARD, writing Clerk. John MOORE, Registrar. Thanks to Vancouver Mike.




1788 Sep 5

LD BELMORE Names Index 1786-1794

Richard MAGENNIS sr. of Warrenpoint, Co. Down, his wife Elizabeth MAGENNIS & Richard MAGENNIS, the younger of Dublin City, Esq., eldest son of them. Marriage intended between Richard MAGENNIS jr. & Elizabeth COLE, 2nd daughter of Willoughby COLE, Lord Viscount, Enniskillen. Released to Armar CORREY, Rt. Hon Lord Baron of Belmore and William HOEY, Dunganstown, Co. Wicklow, Gent,

Townlands: Ballybreagh & Dromell, Armagh; 

Finn/, Moybrick, Lamer, Drumbeg, Corcreeny, Magheragh, Magherana, Croroge, Tulyherin, Co. Down;

Clanchy [ow Landry], Ballynamony, upper Ballynamony, lower Ballynamony, , Enagh, Landhead, Drumskea, Correalleagh [or Carneally or Corneally], Collintaft [ow Collinla ow Collinlammy] Leekowlack, Ganaway [ow Ganaly ow Ganwaly] Ballynamavagh [ow Ballynamengh ow Harperstown] Carnanny [ow Carnany], Canreagh [owCarronreagh], Knocking [ow Knockren] upper Dovial [ow Dera], lower Dovia [ow Dera], Long Mullens, Broad Mullens, Cullefachan, Caigair, Scotch Craigs [ow Irish Craigs] Lary [ow Lacy] & Tullockers [ow the Eight Quarters [ow the Thirteen Quarters], Co. Antrim.

Keelinarge [ow Kellencargill ow Kellincargatt ors Kellincrgitt ow Kellenargett ow Kellinorgett ors Silverwood] together with 5 acres pt of Tegnevan and a tenement in Lurgen called Bells tenement bounded by tenement leased to John PORTER on the one side of Derrybeg at the lower end & by tenement leased to John TURNER commonly called Thorn Treehouse on the other side containing about 5 score & 4 ft of front, together with gardens & houses, Co. Armagh.

To hold uto Armar COREY & William HOEY during respective lives named in leases or to be added and Anne HILL [Viscountess Dungannon, widow & relict of Arthur HILL], Harvey [?] Hon Lord Viscount McMorres, Hon John O’NEIL of Shanes Castle, Antrim, Rt. Hon Richard JACKSON of Coleraine, Londonderry, Edward KINGSMILL, formerly Edward BRICE of Belfast...

NOTE: This references an earlier Deed dated December 26, 1761.




1789 Jan 8

GARDINER Names Index 1786-1794

£200 marriage portion for Joseph BOARDMAN, a gardiner of Marrowbone Lane, Dublin, father of the bride to Samuel JACKSON, a cotton manufacturer of Dolphins Barn, Dublin, intended groom; Samuel JACKSON agrees with Joseph BOARDMAN & Thomas BEASLEY, clothier of Newmarket on The Combe: that if Ann BOARDMAN  survives him, Ann BOARDMAN  to receive £200 for her sole use and if he dies first or is bankrupt, Joseph BOARDMAN & Thomas BEASLEY may lawfully file judgement against goods of Samuel JACKSON  to recover sd sum. WITNESSES: William JACKSON, cotton manufacturer of Dolphins Barn & Michael HAGGERTY, Writing Clerk, Dublin. John MOORE, Dep. Registrar. Notes by Mike Stewart.




1789 Jan 10


Remainder of lease to parcel of ground on Lazor Street, suburbs of Dublin city, on the suit of Elizabeth JONES, widow, was sold by Thomas TWEEDY & Jeremiah DOLIER, both High Sheriffs of Dublin to James JACKSON, merchant of Dublin City,  as highest bidder, for reside of 99 year lease, provided Elizabeth WALSH, wife of John WALSH, Carpenter of Dublin City should live so long, subj to rent and covenants in lease, and sub to lease by John WALSH to Charles LILY. Lucy STERLING grantor in Nov 16, 1767 deed  to Robert LEIGHTON, Carpenter of K_van St., Dublin  of parcel of ground on Lazors Hill, suburbs of Dublin city, from 29 Sept past for 99 years fully to be completed, at £5 ster rent.  Parcel then willed by Robert LEIGHTON to Elizabeth WALSH for her life - and John WALSH subsequently leased it to Charles LILY. WITNESSES: Anthony BYRNE, Gent of Dublin & Thomas WITLEY, Gen of Dublin City. John MOORE Registrar. Notes by Mike Stewart.




1789 Jan 10

JACKSON-JONES Names Index 1786-1794

Remainder of lease to parcel of ground on Lazor Street, suburbs of Dublin city, now legally vested in James JACKSON, merchant of Dublin City, for consids assigned by James JACKSON unto Elizabeth JONES, widow of Dublin City, provided Elizabeth WALSH orse LEIGHTON shall live so long, and subject to lease made by Robert LEIGHTON, carpenter of Kevin [?] St., Dublin to Charles LILY, carpenter.

Citing Nov 16, 1767 deed : parcel of ground on Lazor Street, suburbs of Dublin city, from Lucy STERLING grantor and widow of Dublin City to Robert LEIGHTON 16 Nov 1767 for 99 years at £5 ster. Parcel then willed by Robert LEIGHTON to Elizabeth WALSH for her life - and John WALSH subsequently leased it to Charles LILY. WITNESSES: Thomas WHITLEY & Edward GUINESSS, noth Gents of Dublin City.

Notes by Mike Stewart.




1789 Apr 23

JACKSON-EVANS Names Index 1786-1794

William JACKSON of Dublin, Gent ... lands in Galway...




1789 May 13

JACKSON-LaTOUCHE Names Index 1786-1794

Btw Ann BINNS widow, Andrew MOLLER Merchant, William PIKE, Plumber, James JACKSON, Glass and Delph Ware seller all of City of Dublin.... last will and testament of Jonathon BINNS late of City of Dublin... piece of land near paper mill..




1784 Nov 4

COULTON-CROSSWAITE Names Index 1786-1794

Btw Edward COULTON of City of Dublin Timber Merchant of 1st pt & John CROSSWAITE of City of 2nd pt & Sarah JACKSON daughter of sd Edward COULTON and wife of Matthew JACKSON of City of Dublin Gent.... transferred in trust house in Marrowbone Lane in Co & City of Dublin




1791 Aug 2

JACKSON-VALLENS Names Index 1786-1794

Thomas JACKSON of City of Dublin, Stationer of 1st pt & Wm VALLENS of King St, City of Dublin Gent shopback office and first floor at 23 Parliament... for the business of his circulating library and stationary business




1792 May 5

JACKSON-BAYLES Names Index 1786-1794

Luke Richard JACKSON of City of Dublin, Engraver to Agnes BAYLES spinster land lately in possession of  John PRICE ...Strand to Mongomery St. Situated on North Strand, City of Dublin.




1792 Apr 10

JACKSON-CARROLL Names Index 1786-1794

Richard JACKSON of the North Strand of 1 pt & Robert CARROLL of Sumerhill in sd City .... land from Customs Bridge in Parish of St. Thomas, City of Dublin.




1792 Dec 13


Btw Thomas DRY of Weavers Sq. Co Dublin Clothier & Mary DRY otherwise JACKSON his wife & John DRY of Weavers Sq Dublin, Clothier  and Jane DRY otherwise JACKSON his wife ... said Mary & Jane are two of three children of Alexander JACKSON formerly of Strabane, Co Tyrone, Gauger dec’d of 1st pt Harvey FAIRBROTHER of Sweeneys Teneters in Co of Dublin woollen stover & Scourer & Mary FAIRBROTHER otherwise JACKSON relict of sd Alexander JACKSON dec’d of 2nd pt & Thomas RORKE of Meath ST City of Dublin Wool Merch of 3rd pt...reciting deed 1771 Nov 25  James JACKSON of Spinans Co Wicklow did demise to sd Alexander JACKSON son of James... town and lands of Eadestown154 acres Plantation Measure, Barony of Talbotstown, Co Wicklow... for lives of Hannah DAWSON otherwise CRAWTHORNE otherwise JACKSON wife of Richard JACKSON of Baltinglass, Co Wicklow farmer & Mary Anne PARKE otherwise CRAWTHORNE wife of Robert PARKE Tallow Chandler & James JACKSON grandson of afssd James JACKSON dec’d




1793 Feb 28

HARTE-LATOUCHE Names Index 1786-1794

Btw George HARTE of City of Dublin  Esq. Eldest son of Henry HARTE late of the City Alderman of 1st pt & David LATOUCHE of Dublin of 2nd pt & George JACKSON of Jackson Hall, Co Londonderry, Esq. Eldest son of Rt Hon George JACKSON dec’d of 3rd ptRt Hon John NEAL of Shanes Castle Co Antrim of 4th pt & John LATOUCHE of City of Dublin of 5th pt.... lots of lands in Co Londonderry.




1793, Aug 7


A Meml of a mortgage bearing date the Seventh day of August one thousand seven hundred and ninety three from James Greig of Thomastown in the County of Kilkenny Merchant to Thomas JACKSON of Parliament Street in the City of Dublin Gent. Whereby the Sd James Greig in considern of the sum of three hundred pounds Sterg to him in hand paid by the said Thomas JACKSON all that and those the dwelling house and grist mill then in the possession of the said James Grieg and the two townlands and Cabbins lying between Patrick Bergin’s house and Cody’s Bridge then under lease from Michael Laughnan to John Brereton together with the piece of Ground that lies between  said Mill Pond and to within twelve feet of the small road leading to Joseph KELLY’s Mill and between the west side of Cody’s Bridge  and Joseph KELLY’s Garden As same was marked and painted out by said Michael Laughnane  in presence of James McENERY and George MINCHIN and also a small island or spot of waste ground at the South East side of Cody’s Bridge and adjoining  said Bridge containing in front of said Bridge  thirty feet over towards the stream that runs under the second Arch next Monteen of said Cody’s Bridge which said premises  and lotts of ground are part  of the holding called Monteen being part of the Corporation Lands of Thomastown Situate lying and being in the barony of Goran and County of Kilkenny aforesaid the said premises to be subject to the same Reservations Savings Clausees and Covenants  that the same Michael Laughran is bound by lease to Mr. John Davis  of Summer Hill  and County aforesaid. To hold to the said Thos JACKSON Exors admors and Assgns for the residue of the term of forty-one years therin mentioned which Commenced the twenty-fifth day of March one thousand seven hundred and ninety three being the term granted therof to the sadi James Greig by lease from said Michael Laughnan subject to the yearly  rent and covenant in said lease mentioned and subject also to Redemption upon payment of said three hundred pounds and lawful interestas therin is also mentioned which  said dee and this meml thereof are executed by the said James Greig in presence and witnessed by Pierce Dillon and Andrew Buck both of the City of Dublin Gentleman




1792 May 1

JACKSON-LOW Names Index 1786-1794

Btw Richard JACKSON of  North Strand in Co & City of Dublin  of 1 pt & Robert LOW of Montgomery, City of Dublin, Carpenter.




1794 Jul 26

CALLAGHAN Names Index 1794-

PRONI T808/8253

Volume 475 page 571 number 307935 the memorial register 26 July 1794 of assignment of 12 May 1794 by Henry JACKSON of  Newpark, County Wicklow Esq. and his wife Abigail JACKSON alias SALE or LALL to Joseph Callaghan of Dublin city carpenter. Premises at Dolphins Barn Dublin to be held for three lives one being Cruickshank's.




1795 Sep 30

SIMSON, John-JACKSON 1794-1795

John SIMSON Serjent of 35th Co. Of Portsmuth Marines sell to William JACKSON of the Coomb, Clothier .... 2A 3R 4P of lands of Templeoge, Co. Dublin ...




1794 Jul 24

JACKSON-HANSARD Names Index 1794-

Also: PRONI T808/8253

Volume 484 page 293 number 307899 Memorial registered 24 July 1794 of deed of 21 July 1794. Henry JACKSON of Newpark, County Wicklow Esq. to Richard Massey Hansard of Mistrim in County Glanmorgan Esq. as to tenements in Dolphins Barn and in Dublin city and elsewhere assigned by JACKSON's present wife Abigail by her marriage settlement on her marriage with him to trustees  John Hubert Moore and George sall or a lall in trust for herself and for one Richard Cruickshank and if latter should die for JACKSON during her life. With Mrs. Eugenia JACKSON widow and Benjamin Kearney gent, both of Dublin city who both signed Memorial along with Henry JACKSON.




1794 Oct 22

RADCLIFFE Names Index 1794-

PRONI T808/8253

volume 484 pages 522 number 30 and 9478. Memorial registered 22nd of October 1794 of agreement of 16 August 1793 by John Hubert MOORE barrister and George Sall merchant both of Dublin city trustees of marriage settlement of Henry JACKSON of Dublin city and his wife Abigail Cruickshank and said Henry and Abigail to John Radcliffe of Dublin city barrister as to lease of 9 November 1791 to said Abigail then Abigail Cruickshank of Dublin city widow by Sarah Chambers of same, of the tenement 20 x 36 on Westside of Kildare Street near Molesworth street opposite the Duke of Leinsters stables in Dublin, bounded on North by Edmund Child, on south by widow Coddington, on east by Kildare street and on West by Mr. Monsell's garden. To hold for 27 1/2 years at £45.10 shillings which they now assigned to Radcliffe. Witnesses Samuel Barry of Dublin city Gent and Anne Fraser. Memorial signed by A JACKSON.




1796 May 19

JACKSON-OLDHAM Names Index 1794-

Charles JACKSON of City of Dublin Gent of 1 pt & John OLDHAM ...reciting deed of 1789 where Patrick CLANCEY[?] demised to Charles JACKSON part of town and lands of Castleknock....




1790 May 30

JACKSON-OLDHAM Names Index 1794-

Charles JACKSON, Gent, City of Dublin… lands of Castleknock.

NAMES: Charles JACKSON of Dublin; John OLDHAM; Patrick CALLAGHAN; John WARREN of Carroduff, Dublin; Lawrence PEARSON; Terence KELLY. PLACES: Lands of Castleknock, Dublin.





1797 Feb 8


Between Richard JACKSON of the North Strand near Summerhill in Co. & City of Dublin, Gent & Thomas DICKINSON of Caroline Row in City of Dublin, Gent. Richard JACKSON leased to Thomas DICKINSON land front to the Circular Road leaing from Summerhill down to the Strand 67’ ... border on each by Clarence Street on north to hodling in possession of Thomas DICKINSON & on south by house and garden now in possession of John FITZPATRICK. WITNESS: Humphry HOLDING & Edgar DICKINSON of City of Dublin, Gent.




1797 Apr 29

JACKSON-SEAFORT Names Index 1794-

Richard JACKSON of City of Dublin, Engraver & Frederick SEAFORD... from JohnPRICE on the Strand next Montgomery St... enclosed with a wall and Chines Pallisades...




1797 Dec 1

COSGRAVE-CLINTON Conveyance btw William COSGRAVE & William CLINTON Reconveyance of Mortgage on ground in Fire Vilne, Clonturk, DUB Richard JOHNSTON, Clonturk, Dublin, near neighbour.

Witness, George JACKSON Gent Dublin City





1798 Jan 9

JACKSON-Dissolution of partnership Names Index 1794-

Dissolution of partnership between Henry JACKSON, merchant of Dublin City & Robert SMITH, merchant of Dublin City & Mary DELANY, spinster of Kilkenny City. MOS




1798 May 16

JACKSON Margaret Servant Eccles Street, Dublin servant to said Major Faviere MOS




1799 Apr 19

PRONI T808/8257 Groves  Manuscripts

Memorial of assignment of mortgage of 13 April 1799 for £1200 by Henry JACKSON of Dublin City, merchant to John STOKES & William Southwood of same merchants. Mill & Mill holding of Clonskeagh, Co. Dublin with its dwelling House, Iron Mill, Engines, Forges &c & 7 acres to hold for life of Hugh JACKSON son of said Henry or for 99 years from March 1789 & 18 acres in Roebuck held for 31 years. WITNESSES James JOHNSTON & Jacob William JACKSON of Dublin City attorneys. Memorial signed by Henry JACKSON.





JACKSON-MITCHELL Names Index 1794-

For 136 pounds Jackson released to William MITCHELL lands of Ballyshane known by the name of Beedles Holding 5-6 acres in Barony of  Ballybrill, Kings Co. WITNESSES: Henry HARDING 7 Peter JACKSON both of Dublin Gents.




1799 Nov 11

JACKSON-HUGHES Names Index 1794-

Richard JACKSON Esq. of North Strand, City of Dublin demised to Patrick HUGHS of City of Dublin Gent all that and those new dwelling houses on North Strand leding from the Custom House to ballybough Bridge formerly in possession of rev. Dr. [Bowning]




1800, Aug 1

BALL-JACKSON Townland Bk 2 1739-1810

A Memorial of a Deed of a Lease bearing date the first day of August 1800 made between Thomas BALL of Cullihanna in the County of Armagh Esq. Of the one part and John JACKSON of Liscolgat in the Said County of Armagh farmer of the other part. Whereby the said Thomas BALL for the Consideration therein mentioned did Demise Grant Set and to [farm?] Let Release and Confirm Unto the Said John JACKSON (then being by virtue of a Lease for a year as therein mentioned & to his assigns all that and there that part of the Lands of Urker known by the name of the Charter Lands then in the possession of the said John JACKSON Containing by estimation 29 acres, two roods or thereabouts be the same more or less which is [_arly] described in a map or [__rchart] there of thereunto annexed situate lying and being in the Parish of Creggan Barony of Upper Fews and County of Armagh Excepting and Reserving out of Said demise unto the said Thomas BALL his heirs and assigns as therin is Excepted and Reserved to hold said Demised premises with the appurts unto the said John JACKSON his heirs Exors Admons and Assigns for and during the natural life and lives of the said John JACKSON the lessee then aged about nineteen, Margaret and Barbara JACKSON twins sisters of the said John JACKSON both aged seventeen years thereabouts & the [?____?____] of them as for and during the term of twenty four years to be computed from the 21st day of November then last which ever of said term for lives or years should last the longest at and under the yearly rent of [pounds] 34..16..7p in which said lease is contd sevl clauses & covts in the said John JACKSON his heirs, Exors, Admins, & Assigns to be done & performed & in case the said John JACKSON his heir Exors, Admins & Assigns shall perform & fulfill said Covenants and Clauses then said yearly rent of [pounds] 34.16.7 should be reduced to [pounds] 32.9.4 and no more which said deed was duly executed [?/?] therto in presence of and witnessed by Saml BALL of Urker in the County of Armagh Esq. & Patrick KANE of Coolderry in Said County and [?] this Memorial was also duly Exed by the said John JACKSON in presence of the said Patrick KANE & George JACKSON of the City of Dublin Attourney at Law, John JACKSON [SEAL] Signed Sealed and Delivered in presence of Patrick KANE came this day before me & made oath & saith he is [?] Witness to & saw the Original Deed of which the above writing is Memorialized duly.

Executed by the parties thereto & also save the above memorial duly executed by the above named John JACKSON and saith the name Patrick KANE [?] as a witness to said [?] & Memorial [....] proper name & handwriting Patrick KANE sworn before me at Dundalk in the County of Louth the 29th day of December 1800 by Virtue of a [?] to me directed for taking ...[hard to read legal bits]





1802 May 10


Memorial registered 10 May 1802 of Deed of Assignment of … June 1798 from Eugenia JACKSON widow & sole executrix of will dated 22 March 1781 of Robert JACKSON of Grange in Kings Co., Esq. deceased to Henry JACKSON 2nd son of Robert & Eugenia. Tythes of St. Keran Parish. Tythes of Knockarley, Newtown & Lowhollen in Roscennor Parish lands of the Glebe of Upper Ballyshane.

Tythes of Upper Ballyshane Tulla Ballynalek Ballym’Murragh Glenfilly 100 acres Kilnitty & Castletown in Kilnitty Parish all in Balycritt Barony in Kings Co. Recites that Robert by his will left 1s. to each of his children and all residues of his property to Eugenia to be divided among them as she should think fit. That by Deed of 15 July 1791 she appointed to Henry a lease of Lisclooney & Clonbanniffe which was afterwards evicted so Henry brought a Chancery suit & got a Decree in pursuance of which he gets £564 and above assignment. WITNESSES: Joseph CURTIS of Bath in England & Henry Vincent JACKSON of Dublin, City attorney. Memorial signed by Eugenia.




1802 Dec 31


Memorial registered 31 December 1802 of Deed of 14 October 1802 between Robert JACKSON late of Grange in Kings Co. now of Dublin City Esq. eldest son of Robert JACKSON of Grange Esq. deceased & Coote CARRELL of Templehouse, Co. Sligo Esq. both of 1st part Eugenia JACKSON late of said Grange in Kings Co. now of Bath in England widow of said Robert JACKSON Esq. deceased & mother of above Robert JACKSON of 3rd part James Ruddock GRAY of Ballineer in Kings County Esq. husband of Henrietta a daughter of Robert JACKSON deceased and now also deceased of 2nd part. To Joseph CURTIS of Bath in England Esq, of 4th part lands and tythes of Grange & Contourt in Ballymoney 17 acres 2 r 22p plantation. Robert JACKSON’s will dated 1781 Eugenia sole executrix. Deed 10 Nov 1785 Eugenia to her eldest son Robert JACKSON of above lands subject to £150 yearly to Eugenia & to £2000 for Henrietta RUDDOCK which last has been since paid off. MARRIAGE SETTLEMENT 17 Nov 1785 of said Robert JACKSON & Mary CARROLL spinster since his wife and now dead. Robert JACKSON was then a coronet in 4th horse in Ireland. The trustees were said Coote CARROLL & William FAIRBROTHER of Willsborough Co. Wicklow Esq. since dead; said Mary CARROLL alias JACKSON died leaving no son & only one daughter Henrietta JACKSON now about 14. Now all sell to CURTIS for £6366. WITNESSES Rev Richard GRAVES D.D. Richard BIRCH attorney & Peter JACKSON attorney, all of Dublin City. Memorial signed by Robert JACKSON.




1805 Jun 3

JACKSON-BALL. Names Index 1800-1809

Btw. John TUCKER  of Co. Dublin Gent & Elizabeth TUCKER otherwise ALYBYRNE his wife of 1st pt & Wm JACKSON of City of Dublin, Gent  of 2nd & Henry BALL  of Camden St., Dublin .. transfer to Jackson of property on Little Butter Lane now called Drury Lane. NOTE thanks to Dawne Lowe, have complete transcription

NAMES: John TUCKER of Dublin; Elizabeth TUCKER als ALYBYRNE; William JACKSON; Henry BALL; Mary NEWLAND; George BLAKE of Drury Lane; James DILLON, Dr.; Robert BLAKE; John BALL; Robert BALL; John AYLBURNE of Stillorgan;John GRIFFIN. http://www.thesilverbowl.com/documents/1805Jun3JACKSON-BALL.html




1814 Nov 3


Memorial registered 3 Nov 1814 of mortgage of 28 Oct 1814 for £3000 by Henry JACKSON of Patrick Street Dublin, Gent to Richard WORNELL of Portobello, Co. Dublin, Gent. Premises on East & West sides of Patrick Street & at Ranelagh & on East side of Great Georges St & at Old Merrion & at Chancery Lane & at Patrick St. all in Dublin City or County. WITNESSES George IRWIN attourney; John WILSON Gent both of Dublin. Memorial signed by JACKSON.




1811 Jun 17


PRONI T808/8259 Groves  Manuscripts

Memorial registeres 17 June 1711 [sic] of Deed 18 June 1811 by Henry JACKSON of Clonskeagh, Co. Dublin Esq. to George THOMPSON of Roebuck, Co. Dublin Esq. Mill & Mill holding 7 acres of Clonskeagh leased by Lord Trimleston to said Henry JACKSON for life of his son Hugh JACKSON or for 99 years. 18 acres of Boebuck leased 24 Dec 1788 by Lord TRIMLESTOWN to M M’CAR for 31 years and also leased 29 Sept 1803 by William C. HAGAN of Dublin City to above Hugh JACKSON to commence from 29 September 1819 for 69 years. The quarry & Limekiln &c 1 acre at Clonskeagh held for 87 years at 1s by lease from William C. HOGAN to James WOODMASON dated 4 Feb 1802 all which are now the property of above Henry JACKSON who now assigns to THOMPSON for £3500. WITNESSES: James JOHNSTON of York St.; Francis GREGG of Blackhall St. both Attourneys, Dublin. Memorial signed by JACKSON.





Will of Peter DICKSON,,, will of John JACKSON of City of Dublin [???]- His will. Names Index 1813-1815

Nephews Warren HASTINGS, Rowland JACKSON




1813 Jul 23

JACKSON-. Names Index 1813-1815

Elizabeth VILLIERS als JACKSON wife of John VILLIERS, City of Dublin, land in Stephen’s Green [5 pg deed] reciting will of Edward VILLIERS. Witness: Joseph Devonshire JACKSON of Dublin. NOTE: Joseph Devonshire JACKSON, was the son of Strettell JACKSON. His sister, Anna Strettell JACKSON married John TUTHILL whose father, George TUTHILL took on VILLIERS name as a result of his uncle Edward VILLIERS. There were other TUTHILL-JACKSON marriages. This is all still a mystery to me.




1815 Sept 2


Memorial registered 2 Sept 1815 of Partnership Deed of 31 August 1816 between Hugh DOWNEY of Dublin City salesmaster & Henry JACKSON of same victualler. Memorial signed by DOWNEY




1816 Mar 3


Memorial registered 3 March 1816 of Dissolution of partnership Deed of 27 Feb 1816 Hugh DOWNEY of Brunswick Street Dublin & Henry JACKSON of said Brunswick Street Dublin victualler. Deed of partnership of 31 Aug 18156 Memorial signed by both JACKSON & DOWNEY




1816 Mar 16


Memorial registered 19 March 1816 of Deed of 16 March 1816 by Henry JACKSON & Peter WORNELL of Dublin City to Phillip MOLLOY of Old Merrion, Co. Dublin 5 ½ acres at Old Merrion, Co. Dublin leased for 43 years at £100 rent in 1796 by T.M. WINSTANLEY to John EGAN who mortgaged to John ECHLIN who 2 May & 28 Oct 1814 & 6 Feb 1816 assigned to JACKSON & WORNALL. WITNESSES: Edward KEATING of Patrick Street, Dublin




1816 May 6


Memorial registered 6 May 1816 of lease of 20 April 1816 by Henry JACKSON of Ranelagh, Co. Dublin Gent to Thomas FENNELL of Patrick Street, Dublin. Premises on East side of Patrick Street, Dublin.




1816 May 6

PRONI T808/8262

Memorial registered 6 May 1816 Deed of 19 April 1816 by Henry JACKSON of Ranelagh, Co. Dublin gent & Richard WORNALL of Partobello, Co. Dublin, Gent to Edward KEATING of Patrick Street, Dublin, victualler. Premises on East side of Patrick Street Dublin leased 17 April 1805 to James FARRALL by said Richard WORNALL.




1817 Mar 21


for consids, Andrew JACKSON, baker of Ballsbridge to William COLVILLE & William Chaignean COLVILLE, both merchants and co-partners, resident in City of Dublin -  of tenement on n.e. side of High Road from Ballsbridge to Booterstown late in possess of James MURPHY, then in possess of Andrew JACKSON, sit in manor of Baggobrath, Dublin city, for residual of 35 year term of lease dated 26 Oct 1816, subject to redemption. WITNESSES: William McDANIEL, bookseller of City of Dublin & Robert NEWELL, Attorney of City of Dublin.

Thanks to Mike Stewart of Vancouver.




1817 Feb 4


William JACKSON Esq. of Coombe, Dublin, now vested in tenament on n. side of Cole Alley, Liberty of St Thomas & Dronore, Dublin city,as granted in release 9 Jan1793 by John SMITHSON, Builder of Earl St., Dublin City unto William ALEXANDER, Gent of Richmond Place, Dublin, for consids releases William ALEXANDER of the obligation of rents and arrears as requested by William ALEXANDER.

tenament on n. side of Cole Alley, Liberty of St Thomas & Dronore, Dublin city, that was bound on n.&w. by concerns of Thomas BEWLEY, on west by holdings of Hugh STRAHAM and on s. by Cole Alley, with two rooms that go into concerns of Hugh STRAHAM, were granted in release 9 Jan1793 by John SMITHSON unto William ALEXANDER from 1 Nov then last for lives of King George III, Prince George of Wales & Bishop Frederick of Osnaburgh & others under perpetual renewal, at £34.2.6 Thanks to Mike Stewart.




1817 Apr 26


William CODD, for £154.15.10 ster the remaining due to William JACKSON of Coolee [probably Coombe], Dublin by Richard CODD, late of Killiskillan MEA, dec'd, and for £495.4.2 to William CODD,Attorney & Gent, late of Killiskillan MEA, now of Upper Dominick St, Dublin city, younger brother & heir at law to Richard CODD jr., then lent to William CODD by William JACKSON totalling £650 & being the true settlement of mortgage, & for 10s to Richard CODD, Margaret Anne CODD & Anne CODD children of William CODD by William JACKSON; William CODD Richard CODD, Margaret Anne CODD & Anne CODD according to their respective rights, unto William JACKSON of Killuri_ in ba of Geaskall KINGS + Killiskillin Carrigeen & Kilnagloouagh in Mayfourth ba, MEA [266 acres] (as in leases to George CODD by Rt. Hon. Lord DIGBY + annuity of £80 chargeable on lands of Killuri_ payable by William CODD to William JACKSON. NOTE: This likel ties into the CODDs of Lanark, Ontario, Canada.

Thanks to Mike Stewart for notes.




1817 Jun 10


Dwelling house formerly in occupation of Jacob POOLE, brewer deceased and William WELLING, clothier, then in possession of William JACKSON, Gent of Coombe, Dublin by virtue of a lease for 1 year, in South side of Upper Combe, in Liberty of Thomas Court and Donore, Dublin, DUB for considerations from William JACKSON unto Humphrys MANDERS, builder of School St., Dublin  for 950 years from 1 May last at £50 rent. Thanks to Mike Stewart for notes





1817 Jun 10


piece of field [2 roods] on East of Marrowbone lane in liberties of Thomas Court & Donore in Co & city of Dublin, then in possession of Humphrys MANDERS, builder of Dublin by way of a lease for 1 yr, as lately held & occupied by William JACKSON, Gent, from William JACKSON unto William MANDERS for lives of John BEWLEY ,son of Thomas BEWLEY, merchant of Edenderry, Kings Co., & Edward MANDERS, son of Humphreys MANDERS; perpetual renewal; £30 rent; located to east of other part of field demised by William JACKSON to James ROGERS and John ROGERS and to the north by representatives of James HORAN. Thanks to Mike Stewart for notes.




1817 JAug 1


for £1000 Humphreys MANDERS, builder of School St., Dublin grants William JACKSON, Gent of Coombe, Dublin in mortgage: piece of field on Marrowbone Lane in Liberties of Thomas Court & Donore in Co. & city of Dublin [2 roods] as released to him by William JACKSON 10 June1817; a dwelling house on South side of Upper Combe as granted him by William JACKSON 10June1817; and parcel of ground on west end of old Custom House, Dublin city as leased to Humphrey MANDERS by Charles Henry CASTLE POOLE, Lord, Rt Hon, HM Comm of Customs & Port duties in Ireland; John Orsby WYNNE, Abrahams Augustus Hely HUTCHINSON; John Jocelyn Henry HAMILTON, Rt Hon, HM Comm of Customs & Port duties in Ireland & KING-SMITH, HM Comm of Customs & Port duties in Ireland 5Feb1817. Subj to redemption. Thanks to Mike Stewart for notes.




1817 Jul 1


Parcels of lands called Giffords and Smallys holdings [24a 2r 26 p plantation measure] in city of Dublin formerly in possession of Francis GIFFORD, now in possession of John MOWLDS, Gent of Rathmines, Dublin, granted by John MOWLDS to John JACKSON, Gent of Dublin for 1000 years from date of deed, subject to redemption upon repayment of £812 to John JACKSON. Thanks to Mike Stewart for notes.




1818 Jan 23

JACKSON - SINNOTT.Names Index 1816-1818

PRONI T808/8256 Groves  Manuscripts

Memorial registered 23 Jan 1818 of Deed of 3 January 1818 by Margaret JACKSON alias KEATING widow & administratrix of Edward KEATING of Patrick Street, Dublin to James SINNOTT of Patrick St. butcher. Premises leased 17 April 1805 to or by Richard WORNALL of Patrick Street, mortgage 28 Oct 1814 Henry JACKSON Deed 19 April 1816 Henry JACKSON & Richard WORNALL.




1818 Jan 28

JACKSON- PRONI T808/8265 Groves  Manuscripts

Memorial registered 28 January 1818 of mortgage of 28 January 1818 by Robert JACKSON late of Grange in Kings Co. now of Dublin & his only child Henrietta JACKSON both of 2nd part Joseph CURTIS of Mossfield in Kings Co. Esq. & his wife Eugenia Maria CURTIS alias JACKSON both of 3rd part & George MEARES, John DROUGHT of Glencarrig in Kings Co. Esq. deceased of 1st part. To Benjamin KERNEY of Dublin City Esq. for £3000 of 4th part as trustee for Anne WYSE of Dublin City, widow as to £1000 & for Charles MOLLER Esq. a late Lt. in 18th Dragoons as to £2000 Grange & Cantourt lands & tythes in Ballybritt Barony in Kings Co. WITNESSES: John JONES; Patrick WOODS both of Dublin. Memorial signed by both Robert & Henrietta JACKSON.




1818 Jan 28

JACKSON- PRONI T808/8256 Groves  Manuscripts

Robert JACKSON of Grange in Kings County now of Dublin City Esq. And his only daughter Henrietta JACKSON spinster to Joseph CURTIS of Mossfield in Kings Co. Esq. & his wife Eugenia CURTIS alias JACKSON to Timothy DRISCOLL of Dublin City Esq. One of his Majesty’s Counsellors at Law. Refers to deeds of 11 & 14 Oct 1802 as to Tythes & Lands of Grange & Contourt in Ballymony in Ballybritt barony in Kings County. WITNESES: John JONES & Pat WOODS mem signed by both Robert & Henrietta.




1818 Jan 31


PRONI T808/8256 Groves  Manuscripts

Reconveyance by Lancelot FISHER of Dublin City attourney to Robert JACKSON of Dublin City, Esq. & his only daughter Henrietta Ruddock JACKSON. Mortgage was dated 26 January 1810 by said Robert & Henrietta on Grange in Kings Co. for £1000. WITNESES: John JOHNSTON & James HASMELL both of Dublin, Clerks of said FISHER who signed memorial.




1818 Jan 31

JACKSON- Marriage arts. Names Index 1816-1818

David MORGAN of Patrick St., Dublin Victualler of 1 pt; Wm KEATING of Bull Alley, Dublin, Victualler acting executor of Henry JACKSON late of Ranelagh Green deceased, and one of the guardians of the fortune of Ellen JACKSON daughter of Henry JACKSON deceased. Of 2nd pt…. bond of 500 pounds.





1818 Sep 18

JACKSON- Marriage arts. Names Index 1816-1818

Nathaniel JONES & Anne JACKSON, daughter of Samuel JACKSON sr. of Cork St, Co. Dublin Cotton Manufacturer Joseph JACKSON eldest son & Samuel JACKSON 2nd son

NAMES: Nathaniel JONES of Lower Sackville, Dublin; Anne JACKSON of Cork St., Dublin; Samuel JACKSON sr.; Samuel JACKSON jr.; Joseph JACKSON; Benjamin Nun STEPHENS; Sarah STEPHENS; Francis ARMSTRONG.





1822 Jan 22


Between John JACKSON of Grafton St., Dublin, China Merchant of 1st part & William JACKSON & Jane JACKSON of Grafton St. Brother and sister of James JACKSON of other part ... reciting deed of 15 Mar 1817 re: tenement on Grafton St. With ware room, offices & yard ... description...




1823 Oct 4

JACKSON-Eugenia ors CURTIS marriage

PRONI T808/8255 Marriage settlement Eugenia Maria JACKSON of Grange – CURTIS

volume 785 page 109 number 53104 for Memorial registered 4 October 1823 of marriage settlement of 14 June 1822

Henry LANAUZE junior of college green Dublin stockbroker of second part the bridegroom Elizabeth Eugenia Curtis only daughter of Joseph Curtis of Mossfield in Kings County Esq. and his wife Eugenia Maria Curtis alias Jackson, spinster of third part. Said Joseph & Eugenia Maria Curtis of first part. Rev. Thomas LANAUZE [AMBA? – was he at Killeshandra?] in county Cavan  clerk. Thomas Lewis of Cornhill London city Esq. Timothy Joseph Jackson Curtis of Mossfield in Kings County Gent and Garrett Moore of Carrickonsuir, County Tipperary Esq. all the fourth part. Refers to marriage settlement 4 July 1797 of brides parents between Eugenia Maria Jackson daughter of Eugenia Jackson then late of Grange in Kings County widow and of Robert Jackson deceased both of second part. Joseph Curtis eldest son of Timothy Curtis of Hackney County Middlesex Esq. and said Timothy both of first part. Richard Massey Hansard of Miskin, Co. Glamorgan Esq. James Ruddock Gray of Ballyneer in Kings County Esq. Thomas Plummer of London city merchant. George Curtis of Fitzroy square  Fitzroy St., County Middlesex all the fourth part. Of which new trustees were afterwards appointed viz James Ruddock Gray; Thomas Curtis and Charles Bendrick Curtis. Bride is over 21. Her brothers are Joseph Jackson Curtis; Robert Roddick Curtis; and John William Grady Curtis. She is legatee of will of 14 February 1804 of her grandfather Timothy whose trustees were his brother Sir William Curtis Baronet Thomas Plummer and Richard Henry Clark. LANAUZE settles two policies of insurance. Witnesses J. pellott, Ironmongers Hall, London. St. George Gregg College Green Dublin. Robert Jones and John Jones Of Peter St., Dublin; Thomas Little of Anglesey, St., Dublin.

Memorial signed by bride and both her parents and by bridegroom.




1823 Oct 3

JACKSON-PEPPER Names Index 1822-1824

Btw Thomas JACKSON of Upper Bridge in City of Dublin, Linen Draper & John PEPPER & William LOCKE of  North Ann ST, City of Dublin, merchants...




1826 Apr 11

Pre-marriage William ABBOTT Registrar of the House of Industry in Dublin. Charge on property in Birr to be married to Elizabeth CRANFIELD, daughter of  Rev Thomas & Sarah CRANFIELD of Co. Wexford.  John JACKSON Esq Dublin City of the House of Industry of 4th pt. Witnesses: Charles Croker KIN; Samuel Croker KING; William REID Esq of Dublin City & Sarah USHER of Co. Wexford.  Roz McC




1828 Sept 8

KIRKMAN-JACKSON-MORELL Names Index 1828-1832

Between Ellen KIRKMAN ors JACKSON usually of Nashville Tenesseee, North America, but then of the City of Dublin in Ireland daughter of James JACKSON formerly of Ballybay of Co Monaghan, Gent. Of the 1 pt & Rev James MORELL of Fairview near Ballybay, Co Monaghan Presbyterian Minister ... in consid of 690 pounds pd & released townd Cadagh & Cadahroe, Barony of Cremorne, Parish of Tullycorbet... lives of David HOLMES George RUTHERFORD & Joseph RUTHERFORD... witness James HORNER  & Wm NEILSON....




1817 Feb 28


Anne CRAWFORD of Paradise Row Co. & City of Dublin widow of 1 part & John JACKSON of Pardise Row Gent of other part.




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