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These census records came to me thanks to the hard work of John McAnally. They are the start of tring to find the acnestors of John W. Jackson, who wrote a letter in about 1900 to Sir Thomas JACKSON.
Sharon Oddie Brown. January 15, 2011


British census John N JACKSON


This is a bit of detective work to go along with the letter from John William JACKSON to Sir Thomas Jackson, likely sent in 1899. I am majorly indebted to John McAnally -he did all the spade work.


1901 Co. Lancashire, Parish of Rochdale, Ecclesiastical Parish Castleton, St. Martins[1], Borough of Rochdale, Ward of Castleton Moor, Parliamentary Division of Middleton, Village of Castleton[2].

John N. [sic] JACKSON, head of household, age 43, Railway Port Collector[3]. Born Lancashire.

Jane JACKSON, wife age 37. Born Ireland.

Florence JACKSON[4] daughter age 20, cotton worker. Born Ireland.

Henrietta, daughter, age 14, piece worker. Born Lancashire.

Thomas, son, age 18 [13?] worker. Born Lancashire.

Emily, daughter, age 10. Born Lancashire.

John A. JACKSON, son, age 8. Born Lancashire.

William JACKSON, son age 6. Born Lancashire.

Albert, son age 4. Born Lancashire.


1891 Co. Manchester, Parish of Manchester, Municipal Ward of Harpurkey, 59 Newburgh Street. North Manchester, Ecclesiastical Parish of St. Augustines.

John William JACKSON, head of household, age 33, Railway Points Shunter. Born Lancashire.

Jane JACKSON, wife age 26. Born Ireland.

Florence JACKSON daughter age 10. Born Ireland.

Henrietta, daughter, age 4. Born Lancashire, Saltford.

Thomas, son, age 3. Born Lancashire, Saltford.

Emily, daughter, age 7 mo.. Born Lancashire, Miles Platting.

Alice JACKSON[5], mother, widowed, age 49. Born Ireland.

James JACKSON, brother, unmarried, general labourer, age 26, born Lancashire, Liverpool.


Since the widow Alice JACKSON says in the 1891 census that she was born in Ireland, we look then for her name and find the following:


1871 Census Royton, Borough of Oldham, District of Royton, Ecclesiastical District St. Paul’s.


Thomas JACKSON, Head, age 50, Farmer 10 acres Pasture. Born Royton.

Alice JACKSON, wife, age 50, housekeeping. Born Royton.

Amelia JACKSON, age 22,Weaver. Born Royton.

Betty JACKSON, age 17, Weaver. Born Royton.

John William JACKSON, age 15, milk boy. Born Royton.

Alice JACKSON, age 13, weaver. Born Royton.

Harriet Greaves, Daughter, Widow, age 26, weaver. Born Royton.

James Greaves, Grandson,  age 5, loom jobber. Born Royton.


1841 Census Borough of Oldham, Township of Royton,


Thomas JACKSON, Head, age 20, Cotton Worker. Born Royton.

Alice JACKSON, wife, age 52, Cotton Weaver. Born Royton.

James JACKSON, age 1.



NOTE: I have a picture of a Mrs. JACKSON of Dublin & Janie. It was in the collection of Thomas JACKSON of Bangor, Co. Down. She may or may not be related.

SEE: http://www.thesilverbowl.com/images/UnknownPeoplefromTJACKSON/UnknownPhotos-ThomasJACKSONCollection.html

[1] St. Martins Church is less than a kilometre south east of the rail station.

[2] Castletown. It is about 1.2 miles south-south-west of Rochdale and is part of Greater Manchester, although it was historically considered to be part of Lancashire. It merged with the County Borough of Rochdale in 1900. It was a cotton mill town, and grew rapidly in the 19th Century. A local church is St. Martin’s Church of England. SOURCE: Wikipedia.

[3] The Castelton-Manchester rail is a likely neighbourhood to look for him. There is a Jameson Street which is only a cople of blocks long and is about a kilometre west of the station.

[4] NOTE: The only JACKSON I could find with that birth date in Ireland was a daughter of Isaac JACKSON & Sarah PIERSON of Co. Cavan b. 30 Jan 1881 — Raberlan, Cavan, Ireland

[5] Alice JACKSON. There are dozens of JACKSONs in Manchester records. There is a grave for an Alice JACKSON at Gorton Cemetary, Nonconforming Church, right beside a Charles JACKSON. She was buried April 20, 1914.



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