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There are some good clues here, but probably also some red herrings. Since this material is unsourced, I approach it with caution.
First, the son "John" JACKSON b 1624 may very well turn out to be a "Robert". This conjecture of mine is based on a deed (that I only have my notes of - I have not transcribed it):
DEED: 25-57-13497 1714 Dec 13: Between John JACKSON of Ballyreagan, Co. Of Dorone Gent. Of 1st part & Thomas JACKSON of same, Gent of the other part... refers to a 1 Nov 1677 deed between James ROSSE of the one pt. & the said John JACKSON lands of Ballyreagan formerly possessed by John DENHAM & all land of Ballyreagan formerly possessed by Robert JACKSON father of said John JACKSON, Parish Dundonald, Co. Dorone ... Thomas JACKSON. WITNESS James RATCLIFFE of Belfast, Co. Antrim, clothier; Andrew WALKER of Dundonald, Co. Down, yeoman; Richard LOWDER of Belfast, Gent. Thomas JACKSON [SEAL]
Second: The ancestry of President Andrew JACKSON is not proven and others have created trees that show his grandfather to be named Hugh.

NOTE: See also 1711 Deed of James JACKSON - who was likely the unnamed son of "John".
Sharon Oddie Brown. July 4, 2010
Thanks to Tim Boddy for sharing this with me.


The Jackson Family Genealogy and history

By William Ross Cooper and Frances Jackson Baldwin. 19??

SOURCE: Library of Congress Microfilm 86/6192 (C)





The sons of Sir Anthony Jackson who moved to Ireland in 1649 were:

A. John (?) Name uncertain, born about 1624, joined the Presbyterian Church.

B. Richard, born about 1626, joined the Irish Quakers.

C. Anthony, III, born about 1628, joined the Irish Quakers.

The eldest son (per Derry County wills):

5. John (?) Jackson, joined the established church of Scotland, the Presbyterian per old Quaker record stating that he was the ancestor of Pres. Andrew Jackson of the US. The name of his wife is unknown. His will mentions two sons and a daughter living at the time of the will was made, of whom the youngest son:

6. John Jackson born 1667, died 1725. He was the owner of the estates of Ballyreagan of 885 acres in the parishes of Dundonalds and Newtownards, County Down, Ireland, about 5 miles southeast of Belfast. He inherited a leasehold on Ballynisca from his older brother who died without issue. He married Katherine McKinney, member of a prominent family of Dundalks parish (per wills of himself and of his wife). His will mentions their children:

a.      Joseph, born about 1690, died about1765 – 7

b.     Thomas

c.      James

d.     John, born about 1710, died 1789. (Line of the Gamble family.)

e.      Mary [NOTE: He uses the English system of listing the sons first and then the daughters]

f.      Martha

g.     Rachel.

The eldest son: Joseph Jackson, and his brothers became noted physicians and surgeons. They all practice in the vicinity of Belfast in Carrickfergus, Ireland. Joseph practiced first at Carrickfergus, then it Belfast, and later moved to Londonderry and Limavady, County Derry. He married, first, Elizabeth Vance of the noted Vance family of Scotland and Ulster, Ireland. There were several children of this marriage, of whom:

A.    Hugh, an officer with Braddock, and with Wolf to Québec.

B.    David, born 1730, died 1818. Came to Pennsylvania, 1762.

C.    Robert came to America. Descendents untraced.

D.     Andrew, 1739 -- 1767 (father of Pres. Andrew Jackson.)

E.     Elizabeth married James Crawford. To the Carolinas. Perhaps other daughters.

Dr. Joseph Jackson married secondly lady Mary (Carr) Jackson a widow with a son, Hugh, who came to America. Their daughter: Margaret Jackson...[more details on her]


Vance family details.




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